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39148Raw manga What sites do you use to get raw manga? Sites can be for reading, or downloading.[View]
38837Japanese memes What are they like? Especially their political ones equivalent to the goldmine that was Trump memes.[View]
38555 >gets laid[View]
38541Demon Slayer Watched the movie but did anyone here got to watch any episode? Are they worth being looked for?[View]
37930 Is the anime hime-chan no ribbon any good? It looks really cozy and cute. I really dig the design of the maim character.[View]
34372 So, I'm almost done downloading monogatari... is this show worth it or is it a big waste of my time?[View]
34283Connichi Online This years anime convention connichi (germany) will be held online because of this virus pandemic. it appears that everyone will be free to watch the stream for free. I am not sure if they will block IP adresses from outside germany from watching it.[View]
33976Love Live https://bilibili.com/video/BV1vV411z7f2?p=2[View]
32562Escaflowne Escaflowne thread?[View]
294703x3 Thread Create yours here: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
23424 Do you ever watch shitty/obscure/forgotten anime just for the hell of it?[View]