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I now consider researching conspiracy theories to be a hobby of mine. Of course, as a hikki, this information is of literally no use to me whatsoever, and I do not have the charisma to "educate" others. It is simply a pastime.
Many people act like simply researching these very alternative ideas is damaging in and of itself. Popular on wizchan youtuber named "K9 Aversion" recently announced she will no longer be creating content simply because people among her fanbase were discussing 5G towers and anti-vaxx ideas within her communities. Discussion alone is so offensive? Why? I do not even believe many of the ideas proposed myself and just enjoy thinking about them.
Because of these extreme reactions, I feel it necessary to give this disclaimer. Again, I do not necessarily believe the things proposed in this thread but rather enjoy thinking about it.

Please do not discuss theories that are political in nature in this thread. I don't want it to be deleted, although I find them interesting as well.

Some examples I've been thinking about lately:
- Alien abductions are real, however they differ from the normalfag idea of an alien abduction in that real abductions occur spiritually and not physically. And these abductions are NEVER to your benefit and you leave very unhealthy and emotionally damaged. They happen during the sleep normally, however sometimes they can happen while awake and when this happens it's similar to a date rape drug– you have a 2-5 hour blank spot in your memory when you "wake up" and have a feeling of general unease.

- The extension of the flat earth theory which claims the entire sky is a hologram, and sometimes that no planets except Earth exist. There are many youtube videos that document sky hologram "glitches".
- Alternatively (not flat earth related), that the sky is itself a giant living organism and that it sometimes sends shards of itself down to attack or observe people (they look like blue blankets and fly at great speeds.)

- You can fall through the ground like a video game glitch and get stuck in an infinite void on certain parts of the planet.

- Dinosaurs existed up until the early 1900's as evidenced by dinosaur tracks on the top layer of the earth that are way too well preserved to be from 60,000,000 years ago.

- Some gnostic wizards think that if they become spiritually elevated enough that they can cease ingesting food of any kind and live healthily off of sunlight, positive thoughts and positive vibrations sent from other people alone, and never have to eat a physical meal ever again.

Just some examples of non-political theories, you do not have to discuss these in particular.


This video seems to be blowing all over bitchute and youtube. It was a good one but nothing new and looks like it's made for people who have no idea about it with mass appeal in mind.


>Please do not discuss theories that are political in nature in this thread
All theories are political, because they imply that imply that the PTB are actively covering something up.



>Please do not discuss theories that are political in nature in this thread.
Well this thread is fucking useless.
What conspiracy theories aren't political in nature?


I guess more mundane stuff like john lennon isn't dead or walt disney is in cryosleep.


File: 1586961092423.jpg (279.33 KB, 800x933, 800:933, BatBoy_01_t800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I like entertaining the thought that conspiracy theories are real, specifically the ones about aliens/UFOs. The world would certainly be more interesting if they were true. Yet, no matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to genuinely believe in them or take them seriously.


UFOs are real. Whether they are alien to this world, I don't think so.


Start reading abductee testimony. Fighter pilot testimony, read the cases with radar evidence etc. It's very real.


File: 1587033358800.webm (4.95 MB, 640x640, 1:1, wizchan2020.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Do you still believe Wizchan is safe?


Modclique is a fagclique, so no


File: 1587046124069-0.png (12.82 KB, 835x230, 167:46, fffffffffag.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587046124069-1.png (4.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1558727616665.png) ImgOps iqdb

the wizchan gay conspiracy is actually the only one that's worth discussing about.


Link it, idht to gts


I doubt abductee testimonies are true, it's just attentionwhoring normies looking for easy recognition or money.


I've been listening to the Dead Rabbit Radio podcast, he is kind of famous on imageboards because sometimes he covers /x/'s iceberg conspiracies. He also tries to follow a "no politics" rule.


Btw I was really into the /x/'s icebergs, but the idea is dead now because too many people think of it as just creating word soups instead of holding very obscure theories that someone somewhere actually upholds as true.


What's some good icebergs to slide down?


safe from what?


how is it a conspiracy when we all know it? it should be obvious if you browse /b/ somewhat regularly.


i don't think that the economy in the USA even exists. we're billions in debt, supposedly, yet where's the ramifications from that? how come Wonder Bread is still only a dollar a loaf? shouldn't it be like $50, like what happens when countries with a real economy are in debt?

i think that the economy is just a lever in the president's office. they pull it down sometimes and everyone starts roleplaying that times are tough and everyone's poor, but nothing actually happens. literally nothing happens. gasoline prices have been sitting at $2-$3 a gallon since i was a little kid, it only changes between these by mere pennies. but people like to roleplay that that's drastically affected all the time for some reason.


Check out Epic Sellouts and his transvestigations, those are pretty funny.

Also researching the big gov / celeb who do child kidnapping conspiracies and the andrechrom harvesting is pretty fucking sacry.


I genuinely don't believe anyone exists outside of my state. The entire planet is my state and it's all just a big lie. People coming and going in the interstate freeway are actors who drive their truck around in a loop to warehouses and start the routine over again. There is no economy and politics are just a scam. In fact, nobody actually dies because I've never seen it, that's for sure. People can get their body damaged but they're taken behind the scenes to get fixed. I don't have a mother or father, they are hired actors raising me as parents. This is a big simulation/test that is created solely to make me miserable and insane and also keep me alive as long as possible. In other words, hell. None of you wizards are real, just fragments of my mind posting itself.


Work is a lie. No one has to work. It does nothing, it produces nothing. I tried this, I stopped working. Every source you see says that you'll become homeless or starve. Nope, I just expect my life to continue as it is and it does. No, I'm not leeching off of family members or government, resources just fall into my lap and I don't question it so it keeps happening. This is a fundamental truth of the universe; the mind creates reality, not the other way around.


>This is a fundamental truth of the universe; the mind creates reality, not the other way around.

Then how do you explain niggers then? I don't think you can, WizKiddo.


Caused by repressed aggression or id-impulses most likely. As I've integrated my aggression feelings I've been seeing less and less niggers. I don't think I've seen a nigger irl in a year.


So what happens if someone comes and assaults you?
Was that simply your repressed feelings manifesting themselves?


There's more to the economy than the average price of basic goods.
The price of bread is dependent on the grain industry, and since there is a great surplus of grains then bread remains cheap even if the economy is doing worse.
The ramifications of debt is that every year billions of tax payer dollars are used to cover interest payments. Money goes from you to you know who.


Sort of. It might be more accurate to frame it in the terms of destinies and timelines. Right now, if you try, you can feel your life in a temporal sense. You can sense where it's going and where it's been, you might have a 'good feeling' about your future or a 'bad feeling'. Basically, all of creation can accurately be called a part of your subconscious. Don't make the mistake of thinking that your linear thoughts have a huge impact over this, your consciousness is normally just a small slice of the Mind, unless you're vibing very high. It's like how, if you're having a good day a single thing that upsets you can suddenly shift the slice that composes your self into a bad day.
So, to answer your question. It's not that you have a secret desire to beat yourself up, but that you are blindly acting a role in reality which requires you to get assaulted. Learn to perceive the covenants and scripts of reality and you can shift into one or the other. There's a trick to this, but it doesn't translate into words very well. Basically you sense it and then feel it until you are feeling it all the time and it is more real than what was previously real.


File: 1600785290867-0.png (532.12 KB, 782x474, 391:237, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600785290867-1.png (383.45 KB, 464x342, 232:171, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600785290867-2.png (321.96 KB, 535x238, 535:238, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Reminder: most of the 3000 deaths in 9/11 were fake. These "victims" never existed. Their photos are photoshopped.


File: 1600785310861.png (682.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


If you were to drop a ten strip of some really rare chemicals, you'd be with the extraterrestrials within hours, or so the theory and legend goes. That's only the tip of the iceberg.. rumor has it that there exists a paranormal entity that can remove all the nerves from your body leaving only your eyes, brain, and central nervous parts - and make you watch as it pokes holes in your brain with a needle - with you completely powerless and without a body. Not to mention - in a lot of drugged pain. Lord knows what they might do, perhaps drug you with a degree of lethality or perhaps they give you a lobe transplant with life-altering results, like you take a hit of cannabis and lose it completely with a giant spider's 300iq frontal. According to the legend, there exists a unit tasked with dealing in the paranormal, leucotomizing overpowered bodies, finding ways to leucotomize them to make your life a whole lot safer and less dangerous is what they do. You could meet one of them in your day to day life - a conqueror of the paranormal. They go from dealing with hophids all the way to dealing with the creator of the universe themselves, of often dying in the process. We pay them in regenesis and monetary wealth, oftentimes it requires an immense amount of pavlovian conditioning to keep one from their very demise. And that's all I know. What they call them I'm not sure. There's another about the state of the police in the united states of america but I'll leave it to someone else.


you havent mentioned any conspiracy theories, you just like the paranormal. there has only ever been one conspiracy (worth talking about), and that is that occultists rule the world. if you realize this then things like politics dont matter anymore.

thats not a conspiracy theory, youre just a solipsist. if you think your mind is the only thing that exists, its the most fundamental fuck up you could ever make in life. if you dont think that a higher power exists, then you think you are the highest power, and therefore you decide what is right and what is wrong. every door to evil has been opened up, you can kill, steal, torture, and get away with it, because you are the one who decides if you get punished or not.

being a solipsist also blocks off every path to knowledge there is (unless you unironically think you are god, which if you do i cant really do anything). if you dont believe a higher power gave you a working brain, then who did give you a working brain? there is no way to know if you a solipsist, because you would be using a potentially faulty brain and potentially faulty reasoning to answer the question, therefore all knowledge is unknowable. all knowledge and the search for the truth hinges on one belief, that it can be found. this is why no occult school in the world will allow atheists in, they are unteachable.


> there has only ever been one conspiracy
That's not one conspirancy, that's a concept of one. Which I agree is one of the most important, but be no means is "the only one" of that type.


It’s a hobby that occasionally yields fruit in all sorts of ways you wouldn’t expect. Especially if the detractions that come from deprograming certain habitual behaviors relative to turning you into a black sheep don’t matter so much to you day to day life.


Amateur historian goes into detail of a conspiracy book that insist that Hitler was a British agent among other wild things.

I found it pretty amusing.


File: 1629931671468.png (16.74 MB, 4400x1776, 275:111, mtojosqtbsa71.png) ImgOps iqdb

Our subconscious spirit remembers our past and it tends to manifest into the things we create. Art, music, film, even videogames.

Final Fantasy XIV is a retelling of human history and each umbral calamity has coincided with a high point in each civilization in our history. The sixth umbral calamity brought down the people of Nym (Atlantis) and the 7th has or hasn't happened yet. The map attached is from the game and is clearly an imitation of Earth. The bottom left is Africa, right Asia, and the evil empire is the Europeans in the North.


Of course I realize the writers was heavily inspired from our own real life myths and legends. It's easier to have a base than to start with a blank canvas. The important part isn't that it's a ripoff, but rather our subconscious tends to try and make things from our past lives a reality. Like imbibing yourself to the point of blackout and trying to piece the events of the previous night together.


I don't think that there's actually 300 million people in the US. In fact, I don't think that there's 8 billion either. IMO, it's probably exaggerated. I really want to look into the space stuff, gonna get a telescope eventually :)


>I don't think that there's actually 300 million people in the US. In fact, I don't think that there's 8 billion either. IMO, it's probably exaggerated.
What makes you think that?
If anything the count is nearly always lower then how many people there actually are.


I too listen to Dead Rabbit. Jason is the man. Eggless Travel episode is 10/10


Watched some episodes and it was pretty bad. He literally reads a "who was phone"-tier creepypasta from reddit and calls it "covering a story". Then another episode he went /cow/ and just read and joked around the ramblings of some obviously mentally ill man.


Gangstalking is real


Truth is, I was big into conspiracy for a long time, but it pretty much lost its fun when it got too real and too explicit. By now the main ones may barely be called conspiracies anymore, so what's is left for the "community" are the most deranged and absurd ones.


Anyone else feel like Gnosticism accurately explains the world from a wizard's point of view? The normalfags in the Catholic church literally murdered the Cathars for being wizzies


What podcasts do you think are good?


not him, most of them are garbage.

>He literally reads a "who was phone"-tier creepypasta from reddit and calls it "covering a story". Then another episode he went /cow/ and just read and joked around the ramblings of some obviously mentally ill man

this is 99% of what you will hear on these shows


I think you need to look up the definitions of 'conspire' and 'paranormal'.


Here is the theory I posted about.


I was quite into DRR, but it has been losing its way recently. I guess it's just impossible to stay so long releasing five episodes a week with 2-3 stories per episode and do any research on them, he's just reading the articles most of the time, it became a "crazy facts and weird internet" podcast. There are a lot of recent things I disliked, like how he is overdoing Real Raw News, where he is just reading and being super ironic and doing exactly what he said he avoided doing for Hans. And what about the Mope episode, he just presented the movie as if it was a true story. From everything I gathered almost nothing on the movie is real, and it reinforces the idea that he's not even trying to research. Meanwhile some that had potential, like the Tarantino one, he outright dismissed, just because he is a Tarantino fan? How many times didn't he speculate over even smaller things? I'd rather hear the detailed balloon boy story he mentioned, better a good story well researched than tons of article readings.



File: 1650321687225.png (1.07 MB, 786x632, 393:316, Les Mystères de la Passion….png) ImgOps iqdb

Jesus Christ was an extraterrestial alien.

Also, look up a picture of an ophanim.


>duuude aliens
Aliens don't exist. They are the product of science fiction and the soulless modern materialist worldview. Every example of UFOs are either government psyops, mentally ill people, or demonic experiences.


You mean contact with aliens probably never happened. Given the size of the universe and the number of galaxies, it's virtually impossible for aliens not to exist or to have existed in the past.


Aliens might exist but they never visited Earth, never seen Earth and never will know what Earth is. Every 'alien' people see are demons, government shit or hallucinations. There's a theory that many infamous alien sightings are just people remembering being in the hospital as an infant and it sounds very convincing to me, you could look into it if you want to


Why come into a thread about having fun with conspiracy theories just to try and spoil the fun like none of us have ever thought that they aren't in fact real before?


he likes demon fantasy over alien scifi


Im pretty sure that entirety of American/NATO culture is artificial in a sense that certain movies shows book were selectively funded and promoted while others were not
and thanks to globalization that was primarily led by America entire worlds culture is slowly becoming more and more artificial
a very crude example of this is Comics Code Authority and im pretty sure more devious and cleverer tricks were used in other areas of media such as movies cartoons and whatnot


He's probably met actual alien fanatics. Should keep his knee-jerk reactions in check but i can relate. Alienheads are very fucking annoying.



>>62068 >>62070
Just in case some might get the impression that this is just a "used to happen back in the old days" sort of thing:

""" Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says
A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war.

Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public, a newly released Canadian Forces report concludes.


The propaganda plan was developed and put in place in April 2020 even though the Canadian Forces had already acknowledged that “information operations and targeting policies and doctrines are aimed at adversaries and have a limited application in a domestic concept.” """

The main reason is that they need to relentlessly promote war and the fantasy that "our" soldiers are heroes, instead of the mass murderers and rapists they are in reality. November 1918 really scared them, and reminded them once more that one thing that can easily bring down the system is coordinated mass refusal of military service. Their only counter to this is perpetual brainwashing.


back in my day the biggest conspiracy was that carlton banks and will smith were the same person


Back in my day the biggest conspiracy was that John the Baptist was the "charismatic recruiter" of the Essenes who recruited Joshua of Nazareth into what today the media would call an extremist religious organization with eschatological beliefs, with bases in remote, inaccessible areas, looking forward to cleansing their homeland from the occupying foreign military. Their initiation ritual was immersion in water, to symbolize both purity and the washing away of the filth of foreign occupation.


>Why come into a thread about having fun with conspiracy theories just to try and spoil the fun like none of us have ever thought that they aren't in fact real before?
Because there are actually interesting conspiracies out there, but they are diluted by random crap people pull out of their asses like cloud bursting. You belong on X.


Well MIND=BLOWN. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it, how they're always in the same room, and they're both black.


I am convinced that Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon are the same person.
There is no way to tell them apart.


I have the same thing with Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. Hollywood has some kind of revolving door of blockheaded sandy blonde dudes that all look like the same person.


Perhaps its just one guy with different aliases.

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