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In this thread, ask other wizards for game recommendations.

I'm starting a new thread to look for wizards who played lots of city building games. I'm looking to get immersed in one of those games and I mean I want to completely forget this world exists. I don't have a preference for theme, though I would prefer not to play anything medieval. However if you played ton of these games and the one you think it's the best happens to be medieval themed I don't mind, let me know. Thanks in advance.


Looking for action rpgs on switch like trials of mana. No turn based please


Neo The World Ends With You


Ys (no idea which are available on switch)


Origins which is pretty good and VIII and IX which I haven't played but I hear they're pretty stinky


Origins is great
I am playing VIII right now and it's clearly not as good as the older single character stuff. I had already dropped VII because of all the pointless chitchat and interruptions from actual gameplay. I skip that boring crap almost all the time, but it's annoying nonetheless. I want Ys, not a Trails of whatever game with a bazillion words script.
Might buy IX on sale one day to play five hours and never touch it again lol


it sucks

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