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Thread for games you managed to finish and your thoughts on it.
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File: 1693935714176.jpg (4.04 MB, 2000x3159, 2000:3159, Baldurs Gate 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Underwhelming. That’s the one word to describe my feelings after putting well over 100 hours in Baldur’s Gate 3. It started out good, carried out OK, just to have the whole thing come crashing down with one of the most underwhelming, shitty, rushed, patchy, lackluster, unsatisfying finales I’ve ever seen in a video game, and especially one so laser focused on story-telling. I seriously have seen better endings in Puyo Puyo games, and that is a Tetris game basically. Jesus Christ, it’s so crappy it kills my enthusiasm for a replay, which I was considering all the way up to the end (I was intentionally ignoring the wizard class during my playthrough in order to focus on it for a replay.) So there, that’s my paragraph summary for Baldur’s Gate 3. It hurts that the game sent me off with such disregard for its own story and characters. Now for the detailed review.

2 months ago my sibling got this game, played it for a couple of hours and then spent an entire weekend riffing it. He hated the narrator, hated the characters, found the atmosphere of the game phony and the exploration uninteresting. He disliked how the story is mostly told instead of shown and how nobody can ever shut the fuck up. Meanwhile, on the internet side of things, I’m reading how this game is pathetic, how you can be non-binary, how it focuses on romance and sex and it’s a disgrace to the Baldur’s Gate franchise altogether. After watching an official trailer and all it showed was monsters kissing I decided I would not be playing the game despite enjoying the first Baldur’s Gate a lot. I thought the game was not for me and just forgot about it. Except I didn’t and a week later decided to give it a try, just to see how bad it was.

And the internet was once again wrong. Not entirely, just mostly wrong. Yes you can choose non-binary and give yourself a skin disease in character creation. You can see dicks and tits. This however has literally zero impact on the narrative or gameplay. The romance is there but again it’s not nearly as big as people were saying. There’s a whole lot of stuff to do here other than trying to fuck your companions. They all have their own lives and problems going on that you can explore and know about without the ‘fucking them’ part. In summary, I know why Larian focused so hard on these details of the game when promoting BG3. It was to get the dummies on twitter to talk about the game and make them purchase it. And it worked. They knew talking about how you can choose non-binary in character creation was going to generate social media clout for the dummies. And the internet, being the idiot it is, fell for it. Why would you talk about challenging turn-based combat (this game has it btw)? The Divinity and DnD geeks are going to purchase this game anyways, so why bother.

The media focus on these parts of the game however gave me something very valuable when starting with a new game: ZERO EXPECTATIONS. Because of the whole buzz generated around BG3 and what people were talking about I had pretty much negative expectations for it. I didn’t even think there was going to be a game there, more like a woke walking simulator. Instead I found a game with solid, even challenging classic turn-based encounters. So challenging in fact I had to actually take the time to read the spells and potion ingredients. I realized there IS an actual video game in Baldur’s Gate 3! I was so damn happy about it, being a fan of the first games and a D&D player since AD&D days. I was elated when I actually suffered a TPK on the Goblin camp. It made me so happy I was being forced to play smart in order to survive.

But I wasn’t happy about all aspects of the games right away. Some things bothered me greatly and some things needed getting used to. First, my brother was correct. Characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 won’t shut the fuck up. Not for the first 10 hours at least. They quiet down a little bit after that. It was hard for me getting used to this. I don’t usually play games heavily focused on telling their stories through voice acting. Usually it’s just a block of text. And the narrator voicing the text you can read at the bottom of the screen for yourself was even harder to get used to. I’ve been reading video game fluff for over 30 years now, so you can imagine I can read these things in half a second. The narrator on the other hand is acting and reciting these lines like a troubadour. It took me a while to take a step back and let the narrator do her job. Once I got used to the pacing of a game that is focused on conversations for plot points, it was OK. In fact I even grew fond of the acting. In fact I have to say I’ve never seen such good voice acting all around. Not in cartoons, movies or games. They really went all in on this aspect of it. Even the random animals you can talk to using animal speak spells or potions have excellent voice actors. The cats and several birds in particular have very amusing and endearing one liners. Little by little this game won me over. They knew the voice acting is one of the better parts of their game and relied heavily on it. For example, I had to redo an entire session because of a crash and the same stretch that took me an hour I finished in about 25 minutes, doing everything the same way but skipping the dialogue. Turns out so much of the game itself is just you listening to people talking. I wouldn’t be surprised if my 120 hour run of BG3 has at least 40 or so of me just sitting there listening to people talking about stuff.

Some things I couldn’t get used to however. The first of these is the camera. It’s wonky as hell. It flips and jumps and makes sudden turns that make you click on things by accident. I can’t even begin to count how many times I accidentally clicked on Lae’zel while trying to see a threshold or passageway. The inventory windows are a little bit weird and they have a tendency to show up in inconvenient places and they’re even more inconvenient to drag around the screen. Again, can’t count how many times I accidentally clicked on something else while trying to drag a window around to compare items or whatever. The sellers are also a bit weird. Each character has to deal with the seller individually and it makes it a pain to check and compare for items across all characters. Those are minor issues though and it’s not a big deal. For myself at least.

The bugs did bother me though. And there are so many of them. I’m sure a lot of them must have been ironed out by now. There’s a whole area of the game in my version that is basically broken. Some helmets and things keep jumping from the characters’ heads and float above the character models instead. Several pieces of dialogue repeat themselves if you approach the characters from a less than obvious direction, or won’t play right. The game crashed over a dozen times and in one particular case I lost over an hour of progress. I tend to be quite forgiving towards technical issues like these, so whatever. I just need to download a newer version if I ever play this thing again.

As for the gameplay, it’s a turn-based RPG. For a game that is supposed to be some innovator within the RPG genre, I found the gameplay itself to be same old same old. Yes the animation is fancier now and the characters have one liners and the sound effects are cool but it’s the turn-based RPG we have been playing for decades now. I don’t have a problem with it but it surprised me how standard it is. Then again, this is just 5th edition D&D in video game format. I liked how you get to roll dice for ability checks, though I would think for people who are not into tabletop gaming this must look odd and out of place. Why have a long dice roll animation when we know the result can be had virtually as soon as you click your mouse? Still, being a tabletop gamer myself I approve of this. There are many situations where I just wish the game gave you nat 20s to use in difficult roles instead of rerolls (inspiration). There’s about 5 or 6 roles in BG3 that you need a crit and it pissed me off I had to resort to save scumming to get it. In this too BG3 feels very much like an old game like classic Fallout games and the first Baldur’s Gate where you pretty much had to save scum, get incredibly lucky or die.

Moving on to another aspect of the gameplay I want to talk about: exploration. This is where I’ll start to get into the plot and atmosphere side of things. So let me put a SPOILERS ALERT right here. If you want to experience this game for yourself then stop here. You’ve been warned.



File: 1693935892060.jpg (490.9 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, bg3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright. The exploration of this game is also nothing new. In fact it’s pretty close to how exploration is done in the original Baldur’s Gate. The main thing about this though is the general atmosphere and mood of the places you explore. BG3 locations exist in the Faerûn continent, more specifically western of Faerûn, along the Sword Coast. This area is the most used for D&D games because of its potential for adventure. It’s a dangerous place too, except BG3 fails to really convey any sense of real danger or even a sense of wilderness. I never quite felt like I was exploring the wilderness and ancient temples, it felt more like exploring a mini golf course or a movie set. It’s the same feeling of exploration I get in Zelda games but in Zelda I have a sense it’s on purpose and in Baldur’s Gate 3 I feel like this is mostly an accident. I think the main factor behind this is because every single place you can explore, there lies some scripted event for you. Everywhere you go there are boulders and trees and rocks that block your way, even though you have teleport and fly and magically enhanced jumps. It makes no sense to be this restricted to open road but the game requires to railroad your exploration severely so you get these script events sitting there for, hopefully in order. So instead of getting the feeling of exploration, you get the feeling you’re looking for a particular store in the shopping mall. There’s very little sense of danger or mystery. It pretty much feels connect the dots.

There’s still fun to be had with the exploration but it quickly turns from “what’s out there?” to “what exposition dump is scripted for me at the end of this road?”. My sibling pretty much hated this and I’m guessing a number of people would be bothered by it as well. I was more prone to accept this for a few reasons. First, I’ve explored these areas in the past the way they were meant to be explored: the tabletop, classic RPG experience. I read the books and played lots of games in the Forgotten Realms setting so I was curious to know how a video game released in the current year would handle it. My brother on the other hand has no particular interest in D&D and was experiencing BG3 as a video game first and foremost. He compared it with the exploration in the Elden Ring which he says is infinitely better. Since I have a connection with these locations prior to this game it was fun for me to “explore” them. Also I didn’t play Elden Ring.

The graphics are another reason for this lack of grit. Everything feels too pristine, shiny, movie set props. Even the cobwebs look like cotton candy. The whole appearance of the game feels a little bit toothless and lacking in grit is what I’m saying. This is not a BG3 issue alone, I felt that way with video games like Pathfinder.

And finally we have the story itself. It’s a game pretty much focused on telling a story. So is it any good? Sorta. The main plot, again, for a game said to be revolutionary, is pretty milquetoast when you really look for what it is: A big baddie trying to take over the world. Not exactly brilliant, is it? Are there some interesting plot twists here and there? Yes, there are interesting moments in there, but it’s not revolutionary in any shape or form. But then again, BG3 doesn’t seem to care all that much about its main plot (something that really fucks up the ending, but more of that later), but instead is focus on the personal stories of your companions and here’s where I have problems with the story. It’s virtually THE SAME STORY for every.single.companion. To the point I was laughing out loud how ridiculous it got.

So we have Shadowheart. She’s rebelling against her Goddess. We have Lae’zel. She’s rebelling against her Goddess. We have Gale. He’s rebelling against her Goddess. We have Astarion. He’s rebelling against his soon-to-become-a-god vampire master. We have the Emperor. He’s rebelling against his basically-a-God Netherbrain. We have Halsin. He’s trying to rebuild his grove. Oh. OK. Halsin gets a pass I guess. It was hilarious to see the same story unfolding over and over and over again. Seriously? A story driven game and they couldn’t come up with something a little different for each of the main characters? It had to be the same fucking story for everybody? Fucking LOL man.

There’s this anti-god agenda that REALLY, REALLY trumps everything else in the story. It’s like the writers completely forgot the Gods in D&D are an actual thing that exists with actual powers and stuff. Instead we get these toothless, sleazy Gods made in order for the characters to appear “cool” and “rebels breaking free from tyranny and oppression”. Yeah, don’t make me laugh, BG3. These are lvl 4 characters, they’re not breaking free of SHIT. If I was DMing this I would make sure to show the players just how out of touch this plotline is with the actual tabletop game, but whatever. For one all the magic would be basically gone. All clerics would lose their powers, all paladins would become mere fighters. This is what you would get for fucking with Gods in an actual D&D game, but these milquetoast Gods is all the writers could come up with so we’re rolling with it I guess. And when you get a good, helpful Goddess in the game (Selune) she’s severely handwaved and ignored, despite being a major aspect for Shadowrun down the line. Again, fucking whatever, I just went with it.

Since all the characters’ plotlines are basically the same and the major plotline is “kill the big baddie” there’s not all that much to talk about, instead I want to mention a few things the game did get right in my opinion in regards to the flavor of these stories at least. First the plotline with Astarion, easily the best one. Not only is the actor probably the best one in an already excellent cast, the game nailed for me the general atmosphere of vampiric decadence and how gay vampires are in general. This is an impression I always had about vampires since reading Dracula and Anne Rice novels like Interview with a Vampire. They’re just incredibly gay and decadent. And I don’t mean necessarily sexual, Dracula has 3 wives after all, but their lust for human blood really puts them in this “sensual area” of interaction where they need to basically give you the kiss of death in order to feed, and they’re usually very urban libertine types, prone to unusual almost-sexual and straight up sexual behavior. I gotta say this game really got it and I was happy to witness I’m not the only one that feels vampires should have that atmosphere about them. Astarion is a character that nailed these particular aspects of vampires for me and it made me quite happy to watch it unfold, however cliched and predictable his plotline is. When we finally get to Cazador there’s one of the gayest, most vampiric scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a video game and it was great, just perfect.

As for Lae’zel I mostly liked how she’s very much how I imagine Githyankis to sound and behave (when they’re not outright fucked up and evil) and it was nice we got a more noble character from a race that is basically a bunch of raiders. It’s cool they saw that potential there but at the same time this has been done before so, meh. Meh also goes for every other character. Didn’t care at all about Gale (a lvl1 nobody character that happens to be the lover of the Goddess of Magic? lolnope). He’s mostly there so Elminster can be inserted here and there in the story but the whole thing including Elminster himself are pretty much shoehorned in there without any narrative grace or taste. It’s mostly pointless, it goes nowhere and the guy playing Elminster is trying too hard to sound like Gandalf. I know Elminster is just a clone of Gandalf but come on. They have an Aasimar there too but the necromancer keeping her in captivity is way more interesting than her (and you have to kill him, which sucks.)

There’s plenty of side characters with better stories than the main ones, because at least their plot is different from the ‘rebel against the gods’ thing. The whole Tiefling situation there is cool, I mostly enjoyed anything related to Raphael and Hope as well. Barcus has a really nice friendship story that is better than the main romances that you can engage with the main characters. Then you have Shadowheart and the only thing that caught my attention there was how her head model is one of the most attractive 3D models I’ve ever seen in a video game. She looks stunning, especially with the dark hair. As far as her story goes however it’s pretty run-of-the-mill. There’s also a dog you find in act I with a very endearing little tale, again, better than some of the stuff written for the main characters. I mostly enjoyed the depiction of the Goblinoids and most monsters. I’ve been looking at illustrations for these creatures since the second edition and it didn’t disappoint.



File: 1693935950317.jpg (434.19 KB, 1923x1082, 1923:1082, TyNJbCaDZhmYtPajbAwhr6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Be that as it may, despite all the lack of grit, the predictable plot line, the lack of variation, I was enjoying myself. D&D is part of my childhood, everything has an endearing air to me, even when I disagree with what they’re doing. So I kept playing. It’s not a bad game. Main encounters are challenging, there are tons of weapons, scrolls, objects, potions, ingredients, food and wine and gadgets to collect, read about and use. So after over a 100 hours of this and over two months bonding with the characters and locations, you reach the end. And the ending for Baldur’s Gate 3 is really god damned awful. The worst part of the game hands down.

It’s about 30 seconds long, the main characters get a single line or none at all, no epilogue, barely any closing or care. Rushed out the door with complete disregard for the story, the very effort that went in the rest of the game and the player himself. It’s so bad it’s obviously a scheduling thing. It’s crystal clear they had no time to finish this game properly. Several stories that seem to be pointing to a certain culmination and having their loose ties resolved never happen. No epilogue, nothing. You spend the whole game politicking and solving people’s problems in order to make them your allies and none of them show up and it doesn’t really matter after all. “Thanks to you the whole continent of Faerun is safe, good bye now” THE END. Wow. It almost made me sad. I would be happier with a block of text with a little bit more enthusiasm than this poorly made 30 seconds of pointless small talk. It really undermines the rest of the game when the ending is this fucking bad.

To add to that ending there’s also the problem of how boring the last few hours of gameplay got leading to it. They tried to make epic looking battles in turn-based combat. The mistake was putting a lot of enemies to fight against you in order to give a sense of menace. And you know what happens when you have 20+ enemies in a turn-based combat game? You move your guys and then are forced to watch as the game plays with itself, moving 20+ fucking units around the field for 5 minutes at a time. What a terrible idea that is. I almost gave up and switched to easy just to make things quicker but persevered because I felt like I wanted to “deserve” the ending. Then the ending rolls and it’s a disgrace. Then 2 hours of credit rolls.

So yeah despite all these problems, all in all I enjoyed it. I think it’s harder to enjoy this if you don’t have a previous connection to the D&D franchise and Forgotten Realms, if you don’t know who Elminster is or what an Illithid is. Sure the game will explain all those things to you but you don’t have any previous attachment to any of that, so it won’t be as important or endearing to you.


you can't give a game a negative review when you end up spending over a hundred hours on it. doing so means you either don't value your own time, you are just dumb, or lying, or some combination


glad I skipped BG3 and Starfield
Armored Core 6 didn't disappoint, it's pure gameplay and has some kino moments. I think it will game of the year.


I always get stuck in Armored Core games.
I think I would have more fun if I actually read a guide or something for them. There is something I just am not getting about how you are supposed to build/modify your mech for encounters that I never wrap my head around.

That said I am in no hurry to play 6.
Now if a new proper front mission game came out I would be hyped.


Some games you want to see through to the end even if you dislike them. I have very mixed feelings towards Starfield after playing it for 50 hours, I'll probably end up putting 200+ hours into it because I'm interested in fully exploring it before moving on.


fair enough, i probably just overreacted to seeing your initial underwhelming review. i couldn't read it since i don't want spoilers but i did just see at the end you said you enjoyed it.


File: 1694012387744.gif (181.81 KB, 630x500, 63:50, 1973679404d2398235c4910558….gif) ImgOps iqdb

100%ed Robot Daycare.
It's a free visual novel so barely a game, and pretty short only taking me 2 and a half hours to do/see everything.

The good end was a lot better written then the bad end imo. Story overall had a lots of interpersonal drama, which isn't exactly to my taste, but the game being short and having a cute robot kid helped.
Since it's both free and short I recommend it.
If it was longer or cost money I probably wouldn't.
It's fine for what it is but I am not exactly longing for more.



Well put, high level wizard.
I was the opposite of you - I was hyped as hell and had expected this game to be perfect everything. Foolish, I know, but I really wanted it to be the best rpg ever. But it wasn't.
Act 1 was great, act 2 was too linear and I didn't like certain things, however, the atmosphere was thick, macabre and enjoyable. The ending of Act 2 was so tense, so epic, so good.
And then Act 3 happens. This is where the game turns to shit, as you have already said. Companions go mute, quests go nowhere, antagonists become irrelevant. Even the boss fights with them were awful. And in general it was clunky, buggy mess with CUT CONTENT written all over it. No Upper City! Despite them showcasing and boasting about it one month before the release!
And the ending just killed me. I sat there in shock and disbelief. This is it? Jesus fucking christ, they didn't even put the ending slides - could even write epilogues. WRITE. It is not that hard to write BG2TOB like epilogues, at least for the main characters. Holy fuck.
The other thing I absolutely, vehemently despised was the Emperor. I hated that thing and the whole 'think like a mindflayer' shit. what a load of crap. They tried to make 'dramatic' choice and they failed miserably. It was just shit.
However, if they aren't complete morons, they will fix at least some parts of the game in a year or two with in some sort of an enhanced edition, so the hope yet exists. the first, most fun playthrough was ruined though.


It's cool bro you don't need to be insecure about having play every game in the series to enjoy it
6 was my first armored core game and I liked it a lot but I have absolutely no interest in the previous games


I'll play it eventually but I'm wary about trying BG3, the huge approval from normalfags and braindead critics for a turn based D&D RPG is suspicious to me. The reaction doesn't fit the game and something funny is going on.


It's not foolish to want the game to be amazing. I wish this game would be perfect myself, everybody would win. The publishers, the players and the RPG genre in general. If only they didn't fuck up the ending so bad. The ending is the last thing you see, kinda important. It sours the experience when the good bye is so half-hearted but whatever. I moved heaven and earth for Shadowheart during my playthrough just to make her happy and then her ending is a shitty as fuck one line joke. I literally hit my head against the table when I saw it I was so disappointed.

I didn't even think the third act THAT bad. It does feel completely out of place though, to have this party who visited all the dangerous places and defeated all these super evil super powerful creatures suddenly be working as pest control for the chef of a local restaurant. What held the third act for me was the whole thing with Astarion and Cazador. They really brought that to a climax once inside the city. If only the rest of the stories and specially the main plot had the same momentum and conclusion inside Baldur's Gate as that, it would've been perfect. Tall order I guess.

The Emperor thing. Yeah. I decided to side with the Githyanki right from the beginning so I wasn't even paying that much attention about the shit he was throwing at you during the whole ordeal. It was a very easy decision for me when it came to it.

I guess it's what I said. They put non-binary in there in character creation and now the dummies feel like they have to nod and praise this game to appear cool or whatever. Like, you can choose female but you can still pick the male body model. The publishers obviously focused on that during marketing to get the dummies talking. It has ZERO impact on the game itself. The gender doesn't even show up on the stats or anything. It was purely a marketing ploy and it obviously worked. Also you have to remember D&D had a huge surge in popularity recently because of Critical Roll. Dummies now like to talk about DnD, despite never playing it and not even knowing what it is. There's a bunch of new players now on roll20 showing up for games and then disappearing. My last 2 5e games there ended up with the casuals playing for 2 weeks and disappearing, probably because they foolishly thought the game was going to be like a Critical Role episode, which is not at all the case.

The fact is they're not even playing the video game, just buying it and talking about it. Looking at steam stats, less than half of people who bought it even bothered to complete the first act. They barely touched the thing. Only 8% finished the game at all, and that's counting the ones finishing on braindead easy. Less than 1% finished on hard.

So yeah, they buy it, don't play it and praise it. BG3 is a solid, classic (if not downright standard, gameplay-wise) turn-based rpg. It reminds me of a nice and classic chocolate cake. The only issue really is the cherry on top being rotten (the ending). But you won't throw the entire cake away just because of a foul cherry, you just try to forget the cherry exists.


Have you played an evil playthrough? I heard is is so much worse. You lose shitton and gain nothing. Minthara, the only reason to play evil, has zero content. She's bugged so much they can't fix her in two large patches.
I was depressed after beating that game. I did immerse myself and I did like being my character only to be screwed over by the endings. No mater what you choose, no matter how many worms you put inside of you - nothing matters. It felt like ME3 all over.


This post reads like the script for one of these pretentious Youtube essays that morons watch because they're too stupid to form their own opinions. Whoever wrote all of this probably spent most of his time watching that trash because he can only speak with buzzwords.


File: 1694142009012-0.png (1.37 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, aa.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1694142009012-1.jpg (149.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, aaaa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1694142009012-2.png (1.82 MB, 800x969, 800:969, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

So when baldur's gate came out I decided I wanted to play it, but then I thought it was probably going to be full of modern game stuff I don't like, so I decided to play BG1 instead, but then decided that if I was going to play BG1, I'd rather play Icewind Dale, which is another infinity engine game from that era, but I remember liking it more, for 2 reasons, basically, first is because I prefer the winter theme this game has, and second because it gives you full control over the creation of your party, allowing you to play the game however you like.
The game is just great, maybe the plot is not as fleshed out as baldur's gate but the setting, music and graphics more than make up for it, I love the real-time pausable gameplay too. I don't know, it was just a good time, my only problem is with some parts of the expansion, half the time it feels like just a straight hallway filled with enemies, as braindead as they come, and it has a few moments where it locks you in a room with no exit and a shitload of enemies, not giving you much choice but to fight, it's still not a big deal and it doesn't affect the base game at all


I haven't. My first and only play through so far was with a goody two shoes paladin. I did start another run yesterday to explore the wizard class and follow Karlach's story closely since I ignored her completely the first time around. Turns out, at least so far, her story is pretty close to the rest of the side plots. She's rebelling against authority like every character in the roster except Halsim and she has a mcguffin inside of her, so it's the Gale thing again. Not sure if I'm going to continue or not but I'll at least finish the first act again, which is probably my favorite part anyway.

>No mater what you choose, no matter how many worms you put inside of you - nothing matters.

Hah! For me it was the opposite. I never even used the illithid influence for the easy ability check rolls fearing they were going to impact my character and make him fall to the dark side. Same thing with the bottled tadpoles, I didn't put them inside my pack, thinking this would affect the story. Yeah, turns out nothing really matters lol


File: 1694400161227.jpg (60.62 KB, 696x442, 348:221, luigi-mansion-696x442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Luigi's Mansion. This game is just fun, I really like exploring the mansion, it's like a really casual take on resident evil 1. All the ghosts are unique and they all have their gimmicks.
It's a pretty easy game, only the final boss gave me some semblance of trouble, of course I wasn't expecting it to be hard, and I'm playing armored core vi on the side, which is kicking my ass, so I needed an easier game. Also pretty short, wish it was a bit longer.
Might try the third game later, sadly the second game doesn't work on the emulator.


I love this game so much.


I was trying to play this and 100% it, but I stopped because the damn gym ghost is so hard to succ in your first try. I ended up giving up. However, when I was a kid, I was very close to the end. The game's nice and fun, but like a lot of Nintendo games in the Gamecube era, it's difficult / annoying to 100%.


Karlach is the character they fucked over the most. She has no good ending and either dies or cucks you and goes to hell with Wyll, since it's not possible to fix her engine.


File: 1694886012656.png (288.42 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Starfield-PC-Xbox-Series-X….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've played Starfield for 150 hours and have seen most of what the game has to offer.

The biggest difference you'll notice compared to previous Bethesda titles is how disjointed it feels. No longer is the game entirely on one big coherent map, you have to fast travel with your ship everywhere. It hurts the immersion because you can't talk everywhere, but on the plus side it does give the game a bigger variety of locations.

The procgen stuff is okay in my opinion, I had fun landing on different planets, scanning minerals and aliens, clearing out some dungeons and then leaving when I got bored. I saw a couple of repeating locations not many. A vehicle option would be nice because the locations are far away from each other.The combat is a decent shooter, it's main downside being a lack of enemy variety. Also the gore and dismemberment from Fallout 4 is gone. The ship building and ship combat is reasonably fun when you get into it.

There main quest and factions are alright, better than the Skyrim faction questslines I'd say but nothing that will blow your mind. There are 4 main companions involved with the main quest who are probably the best companions Bethesda has ever written, they actually have good voice acting and decent writing, a large amount of reactivity in terms of commenting on quests you're doing or places you visit. The other followers are basically just Skyrim tier guys to fill out your crew. There's a lot of timewasting fetch quests where you have to just fast travel somewhere to pick something up, fast travel again and hand the item to an NPC. Previous Bethesda titles also had fetch quests but you could turn them into a sort of grand adventure if you were playing without fast travel and walked everywhere, you can't do this in Starfield so it's just loading screen filler.

In terms of roleplaying it's a minor improvement over Fallout 4. No voiced protagonist and you're not forced into any set background. Can choose some nifty traits to customize your character (like your parents being in the game or having the Adoring Fan from Oblivion join you as a companion). Main downsides are a lack of reactivity in quests and a truly obnoxious number of essential NPCs, this has been an increasing problem in Bethesda games since Oblivion and it's kind of reached an intolerable level in Starfield. Someone needs to convince Todd Howard to respect player choice and let us murder people in TES VI. Skill system is okay, not hugely balanced in that some perks are WAY more powerful than others but it's reasonably open ended to let you build your character how you want. You also have to perform little challenges to unlock the perks which ranged from fun to rather irritating.

The lore is lazy and mostly just feels like a more boring, sanitized version of Fallout in a space setting. They tease this huge backstory about mechs being used in a historical war between the two big factions, we even get explore old factories where these mechs were built but never get to pilot or even fight one. It's like Bethesda took the laziest, most boring options with the worldbuilding.

If you like Bethesda games and want to play one with a space setting Starfield is worth playing, but go in with low expectations because it doesn't really fix the problems of their previous games and has new ones thrown into the mix due to its different structure of taking place of hundreds on planets rather than one continuous world. DLC and mods could make the game a lot better depending on the level of support it recieves.


yeah i'm really disappointed in this game. the distances between random generated places on the planet is too far to comfortably explore, you spend like 5 minutes running in a straight line every single time. the base building serves no purpose, spaceship combat isn't fun, space travel is annoying, everything to do with space ships is lame, all the starting perks aside from the background story ones are pretty much worthless, even on max difficulty enemies are pathetically weak, you can rarely ever make decisions in quests, the lockpicking minigame is aids, picking up a hamburger on accident results in the entire city picking up their weapons and firing at you, the npc crowds in this game do nothing at all, npcs dont seem to have schedules (like close shop, go to bed, walk around town) and the world feels lifeless and artificial, succubi rule the organizations, fight alongside men, and there's a 50% chance that someone's race is some flavor of brown


If you want to know why the game is this bad, you should watch the credits. 95% of the devs are pajeets and other street shitters, basically, cheap laborers with no passion for what they do. I quit after getting the ship and never looked back. It is one of the worst AAA games I've ever seen. Not to mention, it has 1070 in minimum requirements while looking just like F4. It is crazy, Todd is a money hungry lunatic who doesn't give a shit at this point.


Did you read his review? It's pretty positive and he mentions multiple times how it's better than previous Bethesda titles in several key areas.


Armored Core won. I had no interest in either BG3 or Starfield but now that even normies see them as flops the only game that stands out this year is AC6. I think it'll win GOTY this year kind of like when Sekiro won in 2019 over a bunch of AA titles.


>I think it'll win GOTY this year
If you mean at TGA then Baldur's Gate 3 and Tears of the Kingdom are the only real contenders


it won't win because it's not an open world game in which you have to sink 200 hours to beat, normalfags today seem to think the amount of time you played a game is the only thing that matters, I hope you're right because it is a better game in my opinion
I'd say starfield too


They might be in the pool for GOTY but I doubt they will win
>it won't win
It will since it has a better story+gameplay than Starfield, BG3, and TOtK


File: 1697664954300.png (2.5 MB, 1918x1070, 959:535, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Quake again. Just playing the same games over and over and over again.


File: 1698365652309.jpeg (857.43 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, hero.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished Super Meat Boy Forever well at least the main story it's not as good as the original but it's still an alright game.An autorunner isn't what I would have gone with but if you can look past that it's a solid platformer.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder
I 100% completed it before launch and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never been especially impressed by 2D mario, so it became my favourite of those by default.


File: 1699450506222.png (562.07 KB, 991x741, 991:741, j0eydp08wvx51.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Diablo II again, but this time it was version 1.0, I found the old CDs laying around somewhere and figured I had to beat it since I never had.
It's like a whole different game, rare items are actually useful and you don't just spend the entire game hunting for runes, it's also a bit broken, beat it with whirlwind barbarian at level 45 (that's a level you have halfway through the game, usually)
It also feels much more atmospheric for some reason, closer to diablo 1, I feel like act 5 is a huge change of feel from the original game.


Talos Principle 2

Don't care too much about the philosophy, but the puzzles were neat and a great sequel to the first game. Way too much walking though

Would recommend though if you like 3D puzzle games


I really wanted to play that game because I loved TP1 but it's like 50 fucking gbs, what's up with that


I bet the bulk of it is uncompressed audio.
That is usually the culprit.
Even UHD textures and a bloted as fuck custom engine don't take up that much space even if it's a large game.
It's not compressing the audio that turns a 10 gig game into a 50 gig game.
Shit is dumb because most people play using shit speakers and headsets so barely notice the difference.


Just finished RE1: Directors Cut as Jill. Fairly sure I got the bad ending though, but I don't think I care enough to replay it. No intention of playing 2 or 3 either. I've got my fill of this genre.

The best word I can use to describe it is "fine". It's not bad, it's not great, it's just "fine". The game gives you enough ammo to kill almost everything in the game (which is good because half of it seems to be in tight corridors and rooms)

I did try RE1 Remake a few years ago and I disliked it. Inventory was always full of garbage, zombies regenerating (unless you keep backtracking so you can burn them) and other crap I just didn't care for. The original felt much less tedious


File: 1700755941784-0.jpg (41.22 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1700755941784-1.jpg (762.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the-coffin-of-andy-and-ley….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

I didn't really do my research on this one and it bit me in the ass.
Turns out it's technically not complete yet. Only the first two ep. come out and most of the branching paths end on a cliffhanger.
Checked out the forums and it's supposed to be 4 parts in total and at least a few months before part 3 is out.

For a walk and talk game with very light puzzling it's actually really good. The story, the tone, the fucked up collection of characters, and the humor, I love it all and want more.
But if I knew it was incomplete I would have held off until it was finished before playing it.

It probably won't be finished until next year, and that's if things go smoothly. If something goes really wrong then it might not finish at all.

Another "game" I completed tonight was Locke(d).
It's was a mysterious VN that I went into blind.
It's very short, has no branching paths or alternative endings, and no meaningful choices.
Basically it's just the author talking at you, and it thinks it's deeper then it really is.
Was honestly just bored by it.


File: 1704806883284-0.png (174.4 KB, 250x394, 125:197, Majin_Tensei_cover.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1704806883284-1.jpg (131.77 KB, 894x814, 447:407, 81KCMKpa8SL._AC_UF894,1000….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't wizzies finish games anymore?

Here's a couple I beat, both are shin megami tensei tactical games, I started them at the same time just to compare, one is the first tactical megaten, the other one is the last (not counting persona 5 tactica or that fire emblem crossover)

>Majin Tensei

It's sort of a weird game if you consider latter releases and, while I appreciate the effort put into it, it really shows its age. The game went more for a fire emblem style, but instead of a rock-paper-scissors system they opted for a race-based thing in which each race of demon is vulnerable to certain races (or magic element) and almost immune to other races, this makes the game unnecessarily complex in my opinion, thankfully the developer agreed with me and added an in-game chart with weaknesses, or you could just go by the rule of thumb that flying demons hurt other flying demons and ground demons hurt other ground demons, doesn't work for every single case, but at least you know for sure ground demons NEVER hurt flying demons. Speaking of demons, there are quite a bunch, you recruit them in traditional megaten fashion and it's really easy, there are only 2 dialogue options and sometimes the right option is pretty obvious. It's good that it's so easy to recruit because the fusion system fucking blows, more often than not the resulting demon will be worse than either of the two demons you're fusing, also you have to pick each one individualy before it shows you what you're fusing so it's tedious and useless, I just stopped fusing demons altogether and still had plenty of demons to fight. This is not the only tedious thing in the game, there are missions that are a slog to get through, HUGE maps, with a lot of enemies and tiles that keep spawning demons you have to kill to finish the mission, and it just takes forever, they're not particularly hard, they just take forever, some maps are in a desert setting, in which you can only move one or two tiles per turn, this is insane, sure you could use flying units, but they're only good for other flying units, so yeah, it's just a pain in the ass. Some other maps work as dungeons and some use teleporting pods you have to blindly step in and it's just trial and error until you find your way through a dungeon, not a fun time.
The plot is the usual megaten fare of word went to shit and you have to kill satan to save it, in this game instead of having the traditional law-neutral-chaos routes you have a bad, good and 'true' ending, I got the good ending because I knew how to avoid the bad ending, but for the true ending they require you to be some sort of clairvoyant, there are some maps you have to play in certain order, some of them you have to play them multiple times (they don't tell you this, of course), so I'm satisfied with the ending I got, I can't be bothered.
Presentation-wise, it's great, great graphics and music, the monster designs are great too, I just love this era of megaten.
In conclussion, it was a good game, with some weird mechanics that got too tedious way too often for my taste.

>Devil Survivor 2

Ok so now we went to the opposite side. While I found some scenarios in the other game way too long, in this game each map is small and missions are quick, in fact you could finish some of them in one or two turns if you play your cards right. There's no recruiting now, instead you get an auction house in which you buy demons with the money you make in missions, kinda weird but it works well enough. Fusion now is way more streamlined, you can see what you're fusing before picking two demons, you could also search by result, which is insane, you could even argue it makes the fusions too easy, but I don't mind.
Now, you may think these changes make the game easier, but I think this game is actually more difficult, at least in the high difficulty setting.
The presentation now is 100% anime, they got the guy from Durarara! to design the characters and it could almost pass for a persona game, this game is as persona as smt gets. I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing, I'm just describing it, although I do preffer stuff like Strange Journey personally. Music is also great but since it's a portable game you can tell it wasn't their main focus.
The game is divided by days and each day there is a new monster attacking Japan, these monsters remind me a lot of the evangelion angels, in fact there is a moment I feel it's directly rippef off eva, but it's a cool concept I guess, each monster is named after one of the ursa major stars so it's also good for learning astronomy, I guess? They never say why the ursa major and don't go very deep into this, it's a shame, feels a bit half backed.
Anyway, it's a good game if you don't mind the personification of smt, I personally had a great time and will do all endings in ng+, speaking of which ng+ feels pretty meager, not really a lot of cool post game stuff and you have to kinda know what you're doing to unlock things.
Anyway, I enjoyed both games, and I know it's not fair to compare two games that are like 20 years appart, but I can't help it since I decided to play them at the same time, there is a Majin Tensei II I hear is way better, gonna have to try it to see.


>Don't wizzies finish games anymore?
Been playing games that don't have easily defined endings.
Like playing that tony hawk remake/remaster.
Or playing CS2.
I probably only "finish" games like 6 or 7 times a year.


I get you, been playing a lot of non-beatable games lately


File: 1705177146032-0.jpg (882.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177146032-1.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177146032-2.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yesterday I finished Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. This is going to be a long, convoluted and filled with spoilers review, so if you want to experience this game for yourself, don’t read this post beyond this paragraph. I’ll just say if you like Spider-Man, you’ll like this game a lot. OK, now to the review.

This must be the ultimate game for casual gamers. It requires absolutely no thinking whatsoever. Every mission is clearly marked on the map. You have a special scanner that highlights everywhere you need to go, everything you need to do, interaction with every single object is literally hit F and the game doesn’t even let you read plot exposition by yourself. When you open a document in-game that gives you plot exposition, the voice actor gives a summary of the whole thing in case you’re not literate, which I honestly found completely hilarious. Every aspect of this game is twice digested and I think I’ve never seen a game doing this amount of hand-holding, it was quite an experience to play an ultra polished game for the cool gamers™ out there as I don’t usually play big studio games unless it’s a franchise I’ve been following for a very long time like Fallout or Zelda.

Yet I played this one because it’s Spider-Man. I’ve been following the comics since childhood. I am completely out of the loop as far as SM games go though, the last one I played was the 2000 Neversoft’s Spider-Man N64 port, originally a PS1 game and I had good fun with that. I mention this game because it’ll be relevant to this review. I’ll divide the game in a few parts and comment on each section.

Puzzles 1/10 - I’ll start with this one because it’s arguably the worst part. There are 3 types of puzzles in this game but all of them are a slight variation of the shape matching toy for kids. It’s not even in-game, you have to access it on a separate screen, it feels straight out of Google Play for your Android phone. The developers knew this was complete and utter busy work so they included an option to skip all the puzzles and I think they were so painfully aware of how bad this was because they don’t even have the heart to take away the XP you would get from solving them. You get the XP even if you skip them. It’s a way for the game to tell you it’s sorry I guess.

Combat 6/10 - Amazing how combat in Spider-Man games has not changed in 20 years. The fights are pretty much the same as Neversoft’s Spider-Man. You get close to the enemy, you click to dish out punishment until the enemy dies. Sometimes you have to hit a button to dodge. You get several gadgets in this game but they all make you feel more like Batman using a bunch of toys than Spider-Man. Besides, you have to select different toys with the mouse and doing that kills the rhythm of the fights, so I barely used them. You don’t need it anyways, most fights are easy enough. The difficulty is in the number of foes you have going at a single fight, it’s not rare to have a literal mob all trying to hit you at once and it felt satisfying to dodge all of them.

It is a completely basic and tired formula but at least the game nailed the formula correctly. The animation is also pretty polished. Hitting and dodging enemies felt pretty good for the most part, even though there’s like only 4 types of enemies for the entire game. A guy that tries to punch you. A guy that tries to shoot you, a guy that tries to hit you with a blunt object and a guy that flies around. Getting close and clicking away will solve 90% of your problems.
Traversal 8/10 - This is the reason why I decided to play this game to begin with. Swinging around the city feels amazing in this game. They really got it right I think. You really feel the level of freedom you get when you’re Spider-Man. Manhattan looks very polished and cool and I quite enjoyed the level of details it went into it. One thing I loved is the fact you can actually see inside people’s apartments. They are not all unique of course but there are many types. Office, bedroom, living room, etc. I think this part of the game works specially if you live in a city and you get periodically stuck in traffic. It’s almost depressing experiencing the city as Spider-Man in this game and knowing you’ll never come close to feeling like that in real life. It’s that good, at least in my opinion.

The main problem with traversal in this game is how it has a low cap to energy so it doesn’t matter how much energy you give Spider-Man, he’ll always go at about the same velocity. For example if you jump from a very tall building, conservation of energy dictates that when he swings back up he’ll have a lot of stored energy and will go pretty damn high and fast. But it doesn’t work that way, there’s a cap on his speed and how high he will go so jumping from a 30 story building or the Empire State Building will give you the same energy which is quite ridiculous. He reaches terminal velocity jumping from only 10 meters high. I know this is probably an engine limitation but it does reduce the fun a lot.

Open World stuff 6/10 - You have a good looking Manhattan to play around but there’s not a lot to do. The side missions are few and the stuff to collect is also very limited. There’s pretty much only two things to collect: 50 backpacks and take 50 pictures from tourist sights and that’s it. I can imagine tons of little side quests you could do in this world like delivering pizzas (since they obviously love the movies and ripped several scenes from them, a pizza delivery repeatable mission would be a nice touch) collecting comic books issues, finding SM graffiti, the list goes on.

The repeatable missions are either go here, beat waves of identical enemies, sneak missions or chase the drone. And they’re fine for what they are but, again, this open world environment looks so good, it deserved a lot more. Also it’s funny how the developers always assume casual play throughout the game. In between main missions, Peter Parker always ends his lines with “Better go do some spidey things” but I had always pretty much everything there was to do as soon as it became available so there was no spidey things left to do in between the main plot missions. I guess people are not into collectathons anymore but it was not nearly enough to scratch that itch in my case.

Story 10/10 - And here’s where this game gained my uttermost respect. Now everybody has seen this happening before. A big studio gets a license to make a video game/movie/series/whatever and they have writers there that don't give a flying shit about the material. They don’t care about those characters at all so they go to what is popular and safe. I’ve seen this done to Spider-Man many times. A bunch of disinterested writers get their hands on Spider-Man, what do they do? They make a SM origin story and then proceed to use Venon asap. Happens all the time.

Not here though. I can tell somebody in that team of writers cared. Somebody in there loves and understands Spider-Man so we get this pretty good plotline exploring Dr. Otto. Only someone who understands the world of Spider-Man would make a move like that and whoever it was has my appreciation. Not only Oc is the most interesting villain of all the great villains SM has (you would have to read the comics to know) his version here is damn perfect. In fact I empathize with the doc here more than any of the other characters. And then they also made a pretty damn enticing Wraith narrative as well. For a first game! Bold move.The DLCs are less interesting but not bad, either.

Music ?/10 - Since I was looking for a slice of life Spider-Man experience (just web around the city pretty much) and turned the music off. The music is this grandiose symphonic stuff that was really trying to make everything in the game this tremendous, heroic thing and I just wanted to relax and swing around buildings. It’s probably fine.

Screwball 10/10 - I found it hilarious how there’s a bunch of kids complaining about Screwball on Steam reviews when the character is a representation of their generation. So yeah, for causing that reaction she’s alright in my book.

Mary Jane 0/10 - Why would developers do this I’ll never understand. You get several missions in this game that you have to play as Mary Jane. It’s the sneak in and out sections and they’re excruciatingly boring. Why the hell would anyone want to play as slow Mary Jane when we could be Spider-Man? I don’t get it. And it also ruins the enemies since they’re shown to be upstaged by not at all powerful Mary Jane. There are also missions like that that you play as Miles Morales, a SM I never cared about.

So all in all I love playing through this. It took me 4 days to 100% everything. Now for people that play a lot of games, this might not be interesting at all. I’ve read plenty of reviews saying this is just an Arkham’s Asylum game but with Spider-Man and worse gadgets which is most likely true. I’ve never played any Arkham’s Asylum though and SM has a definite advantage over those games and that is sunlight. Gotham looks gloomy and I have enough of self made gloom myself.

If you like Spider-Man, this is definitely something you’ll enjoy a lot. Just a heads up, the plotlines don’t follow exactly as the comics so don’t expect that. I feel like I have to say this because some people get pissed when that happens. If you like casual games on top of liking Spider-Man, this is definitely for you. It’s a very basic but solid beat’em up. If you don’t care about Spider-Man and you like to think for yourself when playing games, yeah, this can be safely ignored. There’s nothing in here for you.


File: 1705177273654-0.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177273654-1.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177273654-2.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some more pictures. There's a picture mode that removed the HUD but I only realized it after a while.


File: 1705177293464-0.jpg (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled10.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177293464-1.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1705177293464-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled12.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1705341303414.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RoboCop Rogue City.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

RoboCop is one of the best games I’ve ever played in a very long time. Maybe it’s in my top 10 favorite games of all time, which is strange because this game has a number of shortcomings, probably due to being a small team with limited budget. Yet there’s so much love poured into every detail of this game it’s hard to not overlook its faults. I first realized I was completely captivated by Rogue City when I went to visit a k-mart around the corner just so I could browse the wares. Ice Creams, several soda brands, frozen pizzas and so on. The world of this game is rather small but the developers clearly love the source material and nailed every single aspect of Robocop and the city he lives in, perfectly capturing the visuals and atmosphere of those movies. Even if you don’t care about RoboCop (I watched the movies once but I’m not particularly fond of them) you can tell people behind this cared a lot about getting this thing right.

I began playing Rogue City expecting a mindless, action-focused FPS (that's what I got it in the first place) and ended up getting a thoughtful plot, endearing characters and even some decently put together RPG elements to go along with the FPS sections. I think the reason I like this game so much is because I never experienced so many depressing, moving, thoughtful and hilarious moments in such a small package. They managed to put in a whole lot in that small portion of Detroit you walk around and serve. Also RoboCop himself is a great character and he’s even more relatable and interesting than in the movies. I guess because there’s a lot more going on around here with all the little side stories you can play out and affect your colleagues and friends it’s pretty damn great. Dialogue is hilarious and the humor rings very true to the source material but it’s even better. Lots of lines here I would like to memorize and say to myself from time to time. At the same time the city itself is depressing as hell. It gives for a nice bittersweet experience.

Gameplay wise, I really felt like RoboCop. You move pretty much like you would expect to move as Robocop. You are a walking tank and this FPS is unique in that regard. You’ll be getting shot A LOT. It’s very hard to avoid damage in this game. I mean you’re huge, shiny and there are tons of enemies shooting at you. You’ll be getting shot but that’s part of the experience. Your firearm has a blank check for ammo so you can shoot everyone to your heart’s content and it does feel like you're giving quite a punch with the sound, animation and recoil. Some enemies are a little spongy though.

The only real problem with this game is that there’s no manual saving and saving points are far in between sometimes. I had to redo a few missions because of this but it bothered me none since I plan to replay this game anyways but I can see becoming a problem for some, maybe most people. Another problem is how small the open world section of the game is. It feels a little cramped and tiny but then again, I feel like this was due to budget and limited number of people working on the game. However they more than make up for it by telling a captivating story and making the best use of the limited number of characters you meet.

Funny thing is I don’t even care for FPS games. Only one I actually like is Quake. This one though is very special to me now. I’m even going to re-watch the movie. I’m sure the game actually surpassed the original in terms of best RoboCop content out there. You can pretty much experience everything the game has to offer in about 20 to 25 hours. It took me only two days to finish but I binged, playing like 12 hours a day because I was having so much fun and the world was so engrossing to me. Definitely recommend this one, even if you don’t care about RoboCop. I assure you if you play this you’ll care about Robo soon enough.


I played some spider man game on the xbox 360. Swinging around was the best part. Pretty much the only part that I can even remember enjoying.


ive watched a video about how the interior rooms were generated. very cool use fo shaders


have you played the original games on DS? idk if I should go for these or the 3DS remakes


I finished Tyrion Cuthbert. Its an ace attorney like indie game.

Ehh, its nice that somebody tries making more games like these. The first case was a standard tutorial case that can almost be skipped because I've played every single mystery murder game there is nothing tutorial case does nothing for me at this point

2nd case was surprisingly good. 3rd was awful and retreads too much of 2nd case. Could have been skipped in hindsight

4 was fantastic. Really entertaining and kept you guessing with the culprit too

Then the final case falls flat on its face and has stupid twists.

Ace attorney game have this unique pacing. They can be a bit too slow but its all part of the charm. Every character is larger than life. Odd contrast to have this game where the judge calls in a witness then they just have a 10 minute statement and theyre out of the game.

Sry for my retarded english, I'm not good conveying my thoughts plus not a native speaker

If you like Ace attorney games I would advice you to play cases 2,3 and 5. Its not a long game (12 hour all cases) But you dont gain anything from cases 1 and 3.


File: 1708434455596.png (130.06 KB, 256x360, 32:45, image_2024-02-20_100412711.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished nocturne, I had finished it before but I had never gotten the "True Demon" ending.
It's as good as I remembered it, full of bullshit deaths too, every battle is a coin toss pretty much, if you get bad rng you're toast, especially at the beginning of the game, I wouldn't have it any other way. Last boss took me a few tries until I got lucky enough to beat him with him casting some bullshit spell that one shot my main character.

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