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It will be glorious when Rockstar announces that GTA 6 is getting a PS4/Xbox One release.
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a gay jew.


i never got to see the balad, great expansion tho


the older games came out when sandbox open worlds were still a novelty, at least to normalfags

now that every game is open world GTA has become a franchise that doesn't stand out much


I liked Tony. Most characters in the expansions were completely forgettable…


GTA 4 is still the peak of the GTA series

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Do you think it will be good or a ruin like 3?

The setting will most likely be 1920s - 1930s, and the story will follow Sallieri's life. I really hope that will be the setting, mafia 3 was set too far in the future.
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File: 1663691829739.jpg (105.88 KB, 500x750, 2:3, litta yots.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>she was the kinda broad with legs all the way to the floor
>she was the kinda broad with hair the length of her hair
>she was the kinda broad who was bad news looking for trouble, and not the good kind
this city is rotten to the core


i don't think there is anything official yet, except that they are making a new game


Is 3 that bad? I remember liking 2, and everyone hated that game


I wish they would make a game set in this setting, but instead play as bootleggers in the boonies driving souped up stock cars to outrun the feds.


I like the first two games. Is Mafia 3 really that bad?

File: 1658684364220.png (4.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0
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They do? I've got a lot of games but I figured that it must not be worth a whole lot since everything is available on other systems.


File: 1685499684528.jpg (736.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm enjoying this a lot.


Alright so I've put 10 hours into this game and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem I'm having is the intense urge of periodically starting over again since you get better at logistics and organizing the machinery around the resources and every time I look at a convoluted tangled mass of belt conveyors I feel like going to another planet and resetting the whole thing but some of the research you have to do takes a long time so I'm holding onto my current mess.

I really liked the idea of Factorio but the theme and general atmosphere of that game never really did anything for me, DSP on the other hand has that optimistic sci-fi feel to it and the idea you can build a Dyson sphere as your ultimate industrial triumph is awesome. Really curious to know what else the developers are going to implement.


File: 1685695591728.jpg (110.29 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Time_jannies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing the Final Fantasy VIIR, I'm about 6 hours in.

I know I'm a few years too late to this, but just what exactly was Normura thinking with the Time Jannies? It may be quite literally the stupidest plot choice I've ever seen in an otherwise competent game.

It's just fucking unbelievable how they take away all agency from the characters and tension from the major turning points in the story. What's even more bewildering is when I sought out user reactions, the fuckwits on reddit and other forums praised their inclusion and looked forward to seeing their role in the story. During pivotal moments ghosts just flood in and rearrange the characters to fit the scene like they're dolls.

I have mixed feelings about Nomura. He has a certain anime style that people like and can be quite tasteful when, but he reminds me of Tim Burton in that he has got a bit too far up his own asshole as he's aged and needs some producer to tardwrangle him back in a bit.

The game is otherwise really good. It's pure nostalgia bait, the over-the-top extra stuff added in is Nomura but the beats from the original are all there. There's so much effort and talent that's gone into balancing realism, anime theatrics and the feel of the OG game. The combat system is fun and a nice twist on ABT.


system shock remake is a very good adaptation of the original. not perfect, there isn't for example climbing or the skate shoes unfortunately, and the animations are annoying. but for the most part id say it is everything i liked about the original with welcome additions. enemies feel more threatening and combat itself feels better

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File: 1628091336112.jpg (109.23 KB, 623x1157, 7:13, 1627748002701.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i started to use a mic while playing vidya for the first time ever. usually the encounters are good or i just have people calling my voice retarded but i dont know how to deal with genuine irrational hostility.
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File: 1668791220318.jpg (22.6 KB, 260x260, 1:1, nyoronchuruyasan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>find a group of people I get along with
>decide to stop being a mic-less fag
>reassure myself with "nobody gives a shit what you sound like"
>play for a while, find out I was right
>end up playing games with one of them every day for a year or two
>one day she flips out and goes on a rant about hating the sound of my voice
>it's been 5 years and I've never used a mic since
I've since found a new group to hang out in, and as the only nomicer I've become a legend. Some think I might be a celebrity whose voice would be recognized. Others think I'm a cat that plays video games. Some claim I've used voice chat with them when nobody else was around and only they know what I really sound like. It's fun. I want to join their D&D but there's no way that would work out without a mic and I don't want to end the fun or go through the pain of driving someone insane again.


Silence is golden.


it's been forever since i used a mic in game. last time i remembered i was playing cod zombies back in the day as a kid and i was trying to make my voice sound deeper to impress some other kid. I have a mic but i'm not bothered to use it.


Fuck, I just remembered my voice actually sounds goofy and stupid af.


Mics are very important in counter strike for callouts
Otherwise, they exist for normalfags to normalfag

You have to understand that speech is many people's primary power
Networking, convincing, manipulating, establishing themselves as leaders or at least as central figures

If you take their speech away from them, they'll get anxious
Complete opposite of you

File: 1660172273345.jpg (65.35 KB, 500x672, 125:168, 4sgtbx.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Previous thread >>53822

Thread for games you managed to finish and your thoughts on it.
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I think Diablo is more atmospheric and "scary" than 2, but 2 is infinitely more replayable, on the first playthrough yeah I prefer 1, but if I had to pick one to play for long periods of time I'd pick 2.


File: 1685127048793.jpg (342.4 KB, 1246x1763, 1246:1763, 81IOozvl3mL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished the first Monster Hunter for ps2, the offline part of the game that is since the online is long dead.
It's a good despite what people say, of course it's different from later games but the foundation is there, there are some issues, like every wyvern having basically the same moveset, but they different enough I guess, people don't like the controls but I didn't think they're so bad once you get the hang of it. There's a lot of grinding, I guess people are put off by that, but it's also a given in these games. I don't know, I liked it. I think the people who shit on it the most haven't really tried it


i tried playing that within the past year but god damn the controls did not age well. shame because it has a ton of interesting game mechanics and nice details


They have a private server for it


They're weird at first, I got used to them after a while
only for the japanese version, I played the american version

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File: 1563898516169.jpeg (68.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 94D2ACB6-847E-44D6-B32B-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Discuss the Nintendo Switch and its games here. Feel free to share friend codes with other wizzies.
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Don't you have like to physically tinker with the system now for that to work though. Compared to the PSP or the NDS where just about anyone could install a custom firmware or buy a flashcart…


Why would you? Emulation is at a point we were playing the latest Zelda ten days BEFORE console release day, on computers that weren't even powerful (I'm playing the game on a Ryzen 5 with an amd rx570). If you say you want a portable system, there are portable PCs that are way better and also capable of emulating it, on top of thousands of computer games, and the controller is crap, seriously it feels like shit. Honestly the only argument for acquiring a Switch is some ethics bullshit about pirating and supporting Nintendo, and honestly I couldn't care less


>Don't you have like to physically tinker with the system now for that to work though.
Yep! Shouldn't be a problem if you're an adult male.


How do i get refund from eshop gift cards? Redeemed them on e shop already


So i did some research and although switch oled is cheaper id much rather wait for emulation to get better and use a really good tablet to minimize my stuff

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File: 1650008463561-0.jpg (27.33 KB, 320x351, 320:351, original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650008463561-1.jpg (244.49 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, GTUn1MvO876rx6rEwbJ9JxdNuS….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Which Pokemon game is superior and why, Yellow or Crystal?
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Animated sprites.
Your Pokémon's back sprites didn't look like absolute ass.
Day / night cycle.
Silver is the best rival in the series. Not even close (Well, I played up till Black and White 2)
Tied with Gen 3 for best music.
Better starters.
Roaming legendaries were cool.


I liked Pokemon very much and for a very long time. It's probably one of the things I loved the most in my life. As my apathy grew I stopped caring about most things but Pokemon managed to keep me interested. For a while. Eventually and perhaps inevitably the appeal of that universe also began to fade to the point where I went from thinking everyday about Pokemon to not caring if a new game came out to not even knowing a new game came out. I loved the designs, the colorful and cozy atmosphere, the optimism and warmth, the characters, the idea of collecting and organizing, everything.

Looking at Pokemon artwork now feels like I died at some point and now, as a ghost, I open the door to an old room I used to live in. It's currently empty and in ruins, but as I open it, for a split second I can see exactly how this room looked at one point, with nice and clean covers, cute little Poke toys arranged by the side of the desk, a warm summer breeze coming from the window. Then the moment ends and I see the room for what it is now. Derelict and in shambles, nothing but dust and debris, the window closed shut.

Even this feeling of loss grows distant by the day. I'm sure if I live long enough, the time will come I'll not even care I don't care about Pokemon anymore. By then I would have witnessed the complete path of loving something to thinking nothing of it. And it's interesting because in many ways it illustrates my idea of life in general, certainly of adulthood at least. Eventually the sun will grow cold and swallow this system of planets and there will be nothing left and nobody will know Pikachu existed or that somewhere within it, subatomic particles carried electric charges in a way to play Pallet Town theme in the mind of a self-aware entity, dreaming of being somewhere else.

But yeah I prefer Pokemon Yellow, Gen II always felt like Gen I B team imo. Houndour, Girafarig, Granbull, Mareep, Ursaring and others feel rushed and uninteresting designs, but that's my personal opinion. It was only in Gen III they picked it up again.


I disagree and think Gen 2 was better and the largest leap in quality for the series in every way. A lot of polish shines through especially when you compare the commercial release to the Spaceworld demo (you should see the Girafarig model in this iteration), which is much closer to gen 1 in style.

>two whole new types

>first game with a battle facility
>introduction of the series' most ubiquitous battle/overworld gimmicks in the forms of hold items, gender and shiny Pokemon
>RTC that sees tons of utilization by scattering events and spawns based on time of day and week
>massively improved spritework (no more pixel vomit backsprites, but frontsprites are almost universally superior too) with easily the most vibrant pallette (gen 1 and gen 3+ have a washed-out look comparatively)
>amazing soundtrack where pretty much every song is soulful and memorable (gen 1 had a couple stinkers IMO, I fucking hate the Celadon theme)
>more (and more elaborate) dungeons
>coolest ending of the franchise by having the first player character as the final boss

I like that it's a direct sequel (something they wouldn't try for the series again for over a decade and never did it quite as well) and that they show an aged Kanto in the latter half of the game. Pokemon's modern success wasn't quite obvious and so they hadn't fallen into the current formula yet. I swear, it seems like they bill every game from Ruby/Sapphire onward as a "reimagining" or "soft-reboot" of the franchise when the way they're designed seems routine at this point. It just makes Gold/Silver more of a contrast to the rest of the series for me.

I will say that it was kind of dumb to gate all the dark types besides Umbreon and some of the steel types behind the first Elite Four victory, but locking a lot of new Pokemon to endgame or postgame areas is still a bad habit of Game Freak's (it's not necessarily a bad thing to cocktease some of the rare monsters that you won't be able to access for a long time or obtain in an obvious way; it can add a lot of anticipation and excitement for when you actually do find them). I don'tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Red and Blue are the only good ones


This opinion is insane.

File: 1679840130686.jpg (132.21 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 20210115_112943-scaled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have been debating if I should get a GameCube or not. I have seen a few good gems on the system but a friend of mine told me not to bother because it's extremely expensive to get the system and some games he said. Is that true or not.
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It really is a great game, I've spent hundreds of hours on the multiplayer doing coop and that part is better than goldeneye anyways. The missions… not so much. The castle level was great but after that I felt like it dropped off and became rather linear


The Gamecube Era 007 games were great. Loved the driving segments.


Maybe one day.


the last good nintendo console to be made. after this I can't see why anyone would buy anything nintendo made especially considering the awesome current state of emulation.


unless i just missed out on all the good games the gamecube is not worth buying for the games alone
the games i played:
Star fox adventures
Spiderman 2
Smash bros: melee
mickey mouse game
mario party 5
mario strikers
luigis mansion
godzilla: destroy all monsters: MELEE
i think i had a digimon game at one point
a power rangers one too
Peter jackson's king kong
monkey ball
teenage mutant ninja turtles
and ones that are so insignificant i don't even want to post them

I had a gamecube setup and i only occasionally played a few games just out of intrigue and not much of it really holds up to me. basically what >>59702 said. I played star fox adventures a bit because i like the aesthetic of the game, liked king kong and i would say it's worth buying just for luigi's mansion but good luck finding a copy

honestly i have 100x more fun replaying the shit out of gears of war on the xbox 360 then i do any of the gamecube games. the gamecube is nothing but a feels machine whether its the mysterious and soothing menu screen or the small bits of nostalgia i get from a bygone era.


A new dragon's dogma will be released, what are you thoughts on it? expectations? fears?
For what I saw in the trailer, they wantes to make everything works so it will be super fluid but alas, the graphics don't catch up. (maybe with DD III or in a new generation).
I already played DD I but didn't like it. I hope the second one will be enjoyable


Will it have actual multiplayer? Don't remember where I heard it, maybe from someone here, but they said it was a salvaged MMO project. The way everything was designed, it really does seem that way. I didn't hate the game, but it wasn't anything special (though I think actual multiplayer would have made it a great experience). There isn't anything that would play quite like DD multiplayer that I know of. Vermintide seems more like Left 4 Dead or Deep Rock Galactic and open-world sandboxes don't really feature traditional classes, if they feature classes at all.

I played whatever that class was that maintains a weapon enchant and conjures then repeatedly smacks a large magic orb like it's a baseball so that it pelts enemies in front of you with tons of smaller orbs. Was really satisfying. Before that I played whatever the climbing class was. It was also decently fun to climb large enemies and stab their eye sockets or whatever miscellaneous weakspot they possessed.


dragon's dogma was awesome. i played in 2016 or 2017 for the first time and had a blast. i did not do any of the expansion stuff, wasn't interested. i thought the pseudo-multiplayer pawn system was dumb (reminded me of nintendo style online systems that are handicapped to the point of being suitable only for dumb babies). i liked the combat and the story, so a second dragon's dogma that provides nothing else but the same combat + new story would satisfy me

i hope for dd2 we are able to play as pawns for friends online, that's really my only wish. i'd like to play cooperatively with my brother

File: 1684845601967.png (4.35 KB, 576x864, 2:3, tetris.png) ImgOps iqdb


In this thread, ask other wizards for game recommendations.

I'm starting a new thread to look for wizards who played lots of city building games. I'm looking to get immersed in one of those games and I mean I want to completely forget this world exists. I don't have a preference for theme, though I would prefer not to play anything medieval. However if you played ton of these games and the one you think it's the best happens to be medieval themed I don't mind, let me know. Thanks in advance.


Looking for action rpgs on switch like trials of mana. No turn based please


Neo The World Ends With You


Ys (no idea which are available on switch)


Origins which is pretty good and VIII and IX which I haven't played but I hear they're pretty stinky


Origins is great
I am playing VIII right now and it's clearly not as good as the older single character stuff. I had already dropped VII because of all the pointless chitchat and interruptions from actual gameplay. I skip that boring crap almost all the time, but it's annoying nonetheless. I want Ys, not a Trails of whatever game with a bazillion words script.
Might buy IX on sale one day to play five hours and never touch it again lol

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