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How many liters should the nitrogen tank contain? I am aware it shouldn't contain any oxygen. Anything else I should be aware of? I need a mask and a tube, nothing else, right?


Please dont kill yourself. Have you ever seeked out any alternatives.


With all due respect, the exit mask technique is pretty technical and shouldn't be attempted when simpler alternatives such as the charcoal grill or partial suspension exist. You're dealing with gas mixtures engineered to not be fatal anymore, then you have capacity to worry about, then flow rate, impurities, oxygen leaking in, nitrogen leaking out, and all in all you're lugging around a tank, mask, and hose that you're not going to be able to explain. You'd need a crashcourse in anesthesiology to wrap your head around it.

Please consider a more reliable, equally painless method. The aforementioned charcoal grill has worked for many in the past and its materials are not only more consistently produced, but can be obtained on the fly from corner stores. It's a similar principle to the nitrogen tank but there's a lot less to go wrong. Just some duct tape, a small room or car, a portable grill, charcoal, and then some wine to put you down while the slow exchange of oxygen for carbon brings you to sleep. Hypoxia is quite euphoric too.


That sounds quite beautiful.


it's not as euphoric, you will get serious nausea and head aching


Do heroin before you off yourself


You should kill yourself before you have a chance to push heroin again.


You should kill yourself before you have a change to post autism again.

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