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After many years we need to have another brainfog fix thread. Please only post things that have actually worked for you and no schizo stuff.

Things that worked for me to start with:

- Drink plenty of water
- Don't binge eat
- Eat food that has the nutrients you need
- Fast occassionally
- Avoid excessive caffeine
- Avoid cigarettes and any other tobacco products that interfere with your blood circulation and oxygen
- Inhale through your nose only and take long/deep breaths (proper oxygen circulation)
- Keep room circulated with fresh air
- Let daylight into your room
- Reduce exposure to negative content/people/environments
- Go outside at least 30 mins each day
- Do stretching/exercises for your back/spine/neck
- Do things that physically exhaust you
- Stand up occassionally during long sitting sessions and move around
- Maintain an upright posture (this has serious effects on your lungs/breathing and the nerves in the back of your neck and spine)
- Take breaks from looking at screens and adjust your screen settings to be gentle with your eyes
- Switch your lights at home to a warmer tone


Nice. I've really been struggling with brain fog as of late.


>Avoid excessive caffeine
>Avoid tobacco products
>Fresh air in room
>Go outside 30 minutes each day

I probably have to focus on these.

I've been trying to do the meditation meme too.


why are you calling depression "brainfog"?


Apropos meditation, today I just discovered that you can really fuck up your knees by trying to sit in a lotus position if you don't have required the mobility for it.

I just discovered this randomly by searching about having pain when sitting like that.

Why did none of those meditation guide niggers have any kind of warning? Fug.


All of those greatly help me. Fasting gives me great energy levels after 48 hours or so.

Breaking that fast with only healthy foods like fresh produce, proteins and water, even more energized.

The problem is at some point my depression kicks in and dopamine levels drop so low that every second of existence feels like a throbbing pain in the head.

The only way to get rid of that is getting a dopamine fix, and as I can't afford alcohol or drugs, it's food for me.
Sugar in specific, chocolate lifts my mood better than SSRI's.


My problem is spiritual not physical.


They are not isolated from each other.


tried all of those but brainfog did not resolve.
i'm gonna buy some nootropic chemicals, hopefully they can provide some relief.




Many more people these days seem to be reporting experiencing brain-fog? Why is this? Has something recently been added to the general water supply/common food ingredient/5G radio waves? Seriously. And no, I do not believe it is the "vaccine", as I know some unvaccinated and they also have been experiencing brainfog. I've spoken with people who live many thousands of kilometers apart from each other, and it is something they all have been experiencing in common. What is going on?


>Many more people these days seem to be reporting experiencing brain-fog? Why is this?
What a lot of people complaining about brainfog tend to leave out is that they
>Jack off to hardcore porn several times each day
>smoke and booze
>eat nothing but processed foods
Young men are told by the (((greater powers))) that these things are not only normal, but healthy, so our brainfoggers don't bother mentioning any of it.


i think it might be 5G.
all of a sudden my brain turned to mush while i don't do any of the things listed by >>276555


There's definitely some things that people collectively do that lead to neurological issues and brainfog. I'm also sure weed can increase brain fog since it also leads do derealization for some people so it can interfere with our focus and perception. Porns ability to do things with our brain and mind shouldn't be underestimated, it wouldnt be suprising at all if it could lead to neurological problems. What we also should never forget are screens, looking into screens for long periods has been one of the main reasons for strained eyes and brainfog but yet everyone from children to old people look into some kind-of screen for a shitload of hours each day. Most people also don't get enough sleep or eat garbage which leads to issues over time.


I dont do any of that but i have on and off days. Some days i am deeply fogged, some days i am clearminded. The difference is stark. I can always tell when i wake up whether it will be a fogged day or not. I feel that it is somehow related to quality of sleep, for me.


>Many more people these days seem to be reporting experiencing brain-fog?

Do you have access to some kind of statistics?

To often I see people on imageboards make these kind of statements out of nowhere.


I'm not that guy but it's been a more popular topic in normie media outlets over recent years. I think 5g schizo stuff is retarded though.


Lionsmane has to be the most controversial nootropic of recent times, there are people who claim it helped them fix stuff with their brains and depression and then there's people who apparently completely fucked their brains for years with just a small dose. Personally I wouldn't try it.


People keep saying it all the time on the net anyways

I just know that 80% of it is some Chinese rice/sawdust that does nothing


File: 1683517023219.jpg (219.79 KB, 1080x1070, 108:107, 1600970696408.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

unrelated to fasting but i decided to cut out (or at least down on) sugar and chocolate and i havent been this depressed in a while, my body is probably reacting negatively to the missing scheduled injections of happy snacks
its one of the few things i enjoy but im getting a fat uncomfortable belly


>dood just do these 500 things every day to feel "normal"

life is such a hassle


I have a shit diet so I thought about getting supplements but people posted lists like with 10 different supplements they took and I just got overwhelmed

also not only do you have to eat healthy and cook with fresh ingredients you also need to have constant variety to make sure you arent forgetting some nutrients

also exercise
also maintain correct posture at all times
also dont sit too long
also get a proper mattress
also dont use computers 1 hour before sleep
also have a regular sleep schedule
also sleep for 7-9 hours and wake up early
also you need to clean your room and wash your clothes
and after all that you also need a job too

it's so exhausting


>it's so exhausting
how the fuck sleeping a lot and waking up early is exhaustive?


- Avoid drinking water
- Stuff your face
- Eat expensive junk food and acidic processed foods
- ALWAYS be digesting something
- Consume a lot of caffeine
- Smoke, vape, and bake it up
- Remember to keep your mouth open
- Make sure no fresh air gets in, take steps to suffocate yourself
- Tape up windows
- Be around people are are making you angry always
- Never leave te house
- Keep hunched over
- Stay restless
- Sit for 7 hours a a time
- Keep hunched over 2.0
- Never take your focus away from the machine's propaganda
- Switch your lights at home to a warmer tone
>dood just do these 500 things every day to feel "awful"
>Feeling like shit for my entire life is such a hassle

It is easier, cheaper, and more fun to be healthy than it is to be unhealthy.


i dont disagree hes blowing it out of proportion but stuffing your face full of junk food is definitely more fun than anything on the healthy list


That is actual schizo knowledge, how ironic. Yet poorly explained, for mere doing things these superficial might not do enough in many cases. Here is what worked with me: https://endchan.org/pdfs/res/326.html

Pay special attention to Reid, Ehret, Perlmutter and Nagumo


Taking vitamin C everyday mostly cured it for me.


Any unvaccinated wizzies feel like their iq has dropped since "covid"? My mind just isn't as sharp as it was even 2 years ago.


brainfog is a symptom of depression but not all brainfog means you have depression

read mishima

amphetamines cut through the fog like a hot knife through butter

it's not sommething conspiratorial, it's simply the modern lifestyle, the society we inhabit and the way we live our lives now

maybe you just need more time to balance it out? or you need to replace them with spme other healthier form of nutrition? eventually the immediate urge for sugar passes if you can get over the hump, like with any drug


felt it way before COVID was official but it still seems chemtrails tier, you'll never really know


Can you try guessing?


>read mishima
my main nigger, with sincere respect, its schizobabble, its gobbledygook


it's wizchan, posters here love that kind of crap


>Avoid excessive caffeine
That would explain a lot, coffee is all I drink.


Brain fog is not going away. It has been a constant for the last 1-2 years. Have tried dietary changes, with no noticeable change in symptoms. All of my mind feels dampened. ?????


Try anything else before you give up.


I used to be deeply depressed for years. I recovered and have good diet and exercise now. But I still feel like my brain is damaged from the years of depression. I think it may take many years of slow recovery, with full recovery perhaps impossible


Sleep at least for me has been a major factor
not in getting rid of brainfog but decreasing it. I try sleep 1-1:30 more than usual now

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