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File: 1675192475033.jpeg (1.04 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 3B1FDC19-4EAE-4409-9FD6-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I’ve always been bad at everything. I always worked the slowest and still managed to make it shitty. When I’m given the simplest assignment conceivable I draw a blank and have to ask for help. I’m astonishingly error prone. I make an obvious mistake and then immediately understand what I did wrong, but that never prevents the next one.

Anything “artistic” I’ve tried like drawing or blacksmithing literally looks like a child did it. My coach in high school tried to devise a plan with the team captains because I was “the least talented” and had to be compensated for. I’ve lost handball games to fourth graders. I cut my fingers off with a table saw (they were re attached).

I can’t enjoy anything because every time I try I just add another failure to my oeuvre. I used to think I just didn’t try hard enough because I was scared of failure, but now I’ve tried and failed again and again I realize trying is just a waste.

Maybe the worst part is that sometimes people don’t realize how incompetent I am until they see me in action. I can watch their faces change as they realize how stupid I am. They’re all nice about it, but they start treating me like a five year old.

I just wondered if any wizzies shared my experience.


You’re just same as me. I’m also inferior at everything and cannot do anything succesfully. Its just result of high genetic mutational load I heard. We just have trash genes , thats it really.


My whole family is a family of NEETs.

My dad gets SSI, my mid 30's brother doesn't work, my sister has never had a job in her life.

My family is a family of NEETs.


I hadn’t realized before but my parents are pretty spergy. They compensated for it by being smart and rich, but I’m just a socially inept retard.

I’ve noticed I’m getting dumber with age too. Like my verbal acuity has markedly declined just within my own head.

But boo hoo. Life is hard when you’re a tard I guess.


File: 1675272204368.jpg (51.6 KB, 750x364, 375:182, clock is ticking.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I agree. I was much more mentally sharp and intelligent at age 25-27 than I am at 36.

The human peak happens between 22-28 and it's downhill from there.

'Successful' people who are like 60 years old do so by bullying the poor and exploiting others through coercion and force. Not because they are cognitively superior


No, men mature later than succubi, and 30 is still prime years mentally and physically for men. Smart men often continue operating near their peak into their 40's and 50's.


Are there any tolerable jobs for wizzies like us? The go to answer seems to be night time security if you’re to dumb to code.


no. even if you can code it is intolerable. security pays too low


depends what you have been doing. if you've been depressed, anxious and sitting in your room for all your 20s staring a screen then you're going to be a mental vegetable by your 30s


File: 1675359203015.jpg (1.09 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 456547.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nice frog pic wizzie, did you take it? here's mine.

I'm probably not bad at everything but I feel bad at everything. When I was working I was probably the most productive worker but I still felt that I was awful. I use to draw in the past but stopped because I was not as good as I wanted to be. I was so harsh on myself. Looking back at my drawings I actually improved and they looked decent but I couldn't see it. It caused me anguish as a teenager when I found out some people have more vivid imaginations and since I'm in my head all the time I wanted a more vivid imagination.

I feel that I am robbed of any talent.


I did actually! Thanks for noticing!

I like that shade of green on your frog. Very much a classic frog color.

I guess we differ in that I quasi-objectively terrible at everything, but I think I have trouble gauging precisely how much because of the same mental phenomenon you described.

> I feel that I am robbed of any talent

Me too wizzie. I’m well past hoping for an actually useful talent, I’d be more than happy with being average at pretty much anything.

Have you kept any of your drawings?


Not the guy you replied to but do you work or collect benefits? I feel like for talentless people we're kinda doomed for manual labor even more depressing jobs if we have to work.


Same here, except i'm probably worse off. Couldn't even graduate from high school because of mental illnesses and learning disabilities, spent years playing video games and browsing the internet instead…. Later, tried getting into woodworking and other hobbies where you make physical objects, but the results were horrible. I collected hundreds of dollars worth of old tools, hoping to use them, but my hand-eye coordination and intelligence just aren't really there. It's like i'm not good enough at anything.


I’m right there with you, except I worked as a “carpenter” for a theater company so now I have even more tools than you and people expect me to actually be able to do things.

I don’t know why but sometimes I even agree to do something and at the end it’s always them giving a strained “that looks great!” to be polite. I really painted myself into a corner.


The self expression exercises in school were living nightmare for me.
Teacher: Come up with <something> about yourself to share with the class
Me: *heart rate 200bpm*

Already know I'm fucked I had no interesting interests (still have none), I hadn't accomplished nothing (still haven't). Wouldn't you know it. The teacher always picks me.
Teacher: Little wizzie, share with us how special you are
Me: Umm… *silence*
Whole class: *stares*
Bullies: *choking back laughter*

One time the teacher got so pissed off at my perceived defiance. He spent rest of the time forcefully going to each student to make them all take a turn speaking. Though it was only supposed to be a few students then end of period. At the end he circles back to me.
Teacher: Well wiz, time to speak up!
Me: *dying inside*
I choked out some words I can't remember that didn't make sense. As the glaring eyes of ridicule, cringe, frustration from classmates stuck to my soul.

Of course it has to be like this in the real world. Can't get a damn job or career going (that isn't basic labor) without having to be a most special snowflake. I'm just a boring guy with nothing going on. Why does everyone have to a hero of the story.



At least you are intelligent enough to write an articulate post. You can't be TOTALLY incompetent so take some solace in that fact.


I wish we could have been able to stand up for ourselves and rebel against that emotional abuse


File: 1675623004524.png (142.76 KB, 355x404, 355:404, yoimmaletyoufinishbut.png) ImgOps iqdb

>"If you thought I was special, do you really think I'd be a completely forgettable student in some podunk high school in the middle of an Earth of 8 billion souls in the middle of an absolutely forgettable speck of dust in the middle of such an unimaginably vast cosmos? Alexander conquered most of the known world by my age, and I'm special? Gauss made enormous progress into platonic solids by my age, and I'm special? Galois destroyed an entire field by my age, and I'm special? No, I don't have the ego to even begin to pretend that I'm 'special.' I'd have to have pathological levels of narcissism to do that. I'd also like to note that this entire assignment is fatally flawed, and borderline evil for setting up such unrealistic expectations. It is far more healthy and notable to say that I am not special, to be completely honest about that, and to come to terms with that than to stand here and have such grandiosity and arrogance to assume otherwise."


I’ve always wondered if normie’s disgust towards us is adaptive in some way. Like hunter gatherers couldn’t waste food on men who weren’t going to contribute, so they were actively hazed until they shaped up or just died.

I think it would explain the vitriol.


File: 1675710766177.jpeg (2.08 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 5E3AC201-E032-425D-99DC-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I legit can’t tell if this is ironic or not


File: 1675774794491.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, x76.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i sympathize, i blame our present time period we live in more than anything.

So, 100 to 150 years ago had any of us been our present age we d be expected/demanded to do some horrendous job all day, probably 7 days a week, in return we d receive a home and some very basic comforts.

today, its all about what kind of special princess are you.

oh he makes Art! she wants to be a doctor! he wants to study Law! everyone is so unique and special and woe to anyone who didnt get special perks from le DNA grab bag.

well, just one prob Norms. this age too is now ending.

in comes the Ai TSUNAMI to crush one industry and another. best seen recently with Ai makin Art. But Artists Scream, I Make Art, its my life its who i am, what will i do now!?

ut o, LOL.

true i may be bad at everything. But soon Ai will do _______ better than anyone in the world at it. and, by about 2035 that will be just about everything. roughly about 10 years.

enjoy the tsumani my brothers


I was fantasizing about what I would dream about saying in such a situation.


I hadn’t thought of that, but we do probably have much more “experience” with being irrelevant than normies. If the normalizes can cope well enough they may never feel it.

I don’t think it really helps us in any way though. Maybe our experiences are just symptoms of our condition instead of adaptive responses to it.


Same, I have a phobia of competition to the point where I avoid multiplayer video games because I always came last in every contest growing up.


Lol I hate multiplayer games for the same reason.

I’m just the worst every time at everything.


Not quite related, but I wonder if there’s a useful distinction between mental illness and what amounts to a “reasonable” reaction to our circumstances. Like if anxiety is fear when there’s nothing to be afraid of and depression is sadness when there’s nothing to be sad about, do we really have either when we do have things to be sad and scared of?

Not that it helps us any.


There is not. Applying logic like that only leads to realising that the whole concept of mental illness is broken. People merely have different brains. There is no objective way to differentiate between a 'sick' brain and a 'normal' brain, since the fitness of a genetic organism depends entirely on the environment


File: 1677335171169.jpg (46.87 KB, 627x370, 627:370, 1675985418060600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Intervention today seems to delineate between "functioning" and "non-functioning", which is tied up with ideas around labor, utility, and medicine as the mad were moved from workhouses, to asylums, to hospitals. In the past the division was between "reason" and "unreason", and further between "nature" and "the gods". In online discourse what's excluded as mad is delineated entirely by language, as it's a realm made entirely of words and symbols


File: 1677518293941.jpeg (120.8 KB, 589x991, 589:991, 2642C8FB-4470-4992-AF52-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else find it hard to laugh at the comically inept characters in media? It’s just a little too close to home.


I always feel that I suck at everything I do. Hence i don't even do anything these days. I'm incapable to do anything. I tried making music but it all sounds like absolute trash that a child could do. I didn't even try learning new things for the last decade because I know I will suck at it. Learning something new seems impossible and I can't bring up the slightest motivation because I know beforehand it will be bad and insufficient whatever I'll create. I do everything mindlessly and my brain is rotting.


This is how you do it, since you are probably hardwired to do so:
>ok teacher
>I have an excellent ability to determine which things are utterly useless and counterproductive
>as it is this schooling program, you and your class and I refuse to partake in this parody of an instruction for cattle

Don't you feel it, wiz? That you could never succeed but only due to try the neurotypical way? If someone makes you blush… blush them back!


The duality of media. Some watch to laugh at the losers. Others watch and identify with them. Most content are designed to appeal to both perceptions.


Yes, I do too.


Id like to think that sticking to simple low skill tasks would help make any skillless man comfy, but then I think about what is necessary to live a hermit life away from everyone. Cooking, hobbies, maybe even construction work if you have to make your own homestead. could I do these things? I'd like to think so, but I also wish there was an idiot proof method of learning these "anti social" skills (self sufficiency, hobbies to enjoy by yourself). I can only wish you can still find comfy OP. I envy the simple creatures that can just sit around and exist, like the frog


you know, I saw an infographic that said that unskilled labor wage back in the 70s (3-4 dorras an hr) could have been worth, depending on whos inflation rates you go by, 20$/hr (us gov estimate) to even 100$/hr. imagine that, being able to live a honest, but simple life. Now in order to get that kind of money you gotta be cheating somehow (be succubi, inflate resume, nepotism, sit on big assets), be ultra skilled and have a job to use that skill in, or somehow make it into owning your own work (maybe selling junk to normos idk). It amazes me how bad the world has gotten. I may know very little, but whenever I pick up a tidbit about the past its always painful to see how well of it was


20$ hour is near entry level skilled work in my city, like hair dresser, IT, security guard


I have greatly increased my intellect and am way sharper than I was in my youth. This all started to happen in my mid 30s after wasting my entire 20s being a Hikki/NEET. I literally did nothing but play video games, watch anime, and shitpost around everywhere. I even went years without leaving my room except to get food and do what I needed to do in the bathroom. I've learned a few computer skills beyond just pirating, exploring deep/dark parts of the web, IRC, and basic HTML. Continuing to still take the time to learn something new and have started to learn that beautiful weeb language I've always wanted to to take the time to learn but was too depressed to do when I was young. Sure, I'm still not making any money with my skills but it's more about doing something new towards hobbies that I enjoy or rather come to enjoy more recently discovering as well as rediscovering things within myself. Maybe I'll actually start to get out this year and attempt to make a friend, granted I can find someone even remotely like-minded enough to be around. Can't handle "regular people", that's for sure. So, I guess we'll see how that goes when that time comes.


Where is that? I live in a developed 1st world country and even teachers don't earn 20 euros an hour.


Middle tier US City experiencing growth


I'm in the middle of Iowa, and because there are no fucking IT workers who are willing to come out into the middle of nowhere, they're getting $80/hr. The company I work for at the moment I got the job because they're currently being charged $120/hr for IT work.


But, those arent entry level positions, are they? If they are I will move to Iowa


Life gives us tools, and even rusts them. But when something definitely does not work for certain things: It's not your master tool and/or not the place to use it.

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