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Why do you want to commit suicide? What problems do you have? What is really stopping you from doing it?


Music to set the thread



Nothing I do makes me happy and I'm an alcoholic.


Nothing is stopping me I just want to watch a few films and read a few books and iil be off end of this month middle of next

As for why….. years and years of shit unhappiness and crap
For years I've been hanging onto life by my fingernails lurching from one thing to the next as an excuse to live But I've reached the end now old things and friends are going away and not coming back and I haven't found new things in a few years now

I'm just very very tired I can't see a point in carrying on fighting if there's nothing worth fighting for


And why don't you look for new things to live for? There are an immense number of books to read, movies to watch, places to visit, whoever seeks finds. I think you stopped feeling satisfaction in life, everything doesn't matter to you anymore, but that is due to a hormonal imbalance, and it can be fixed with sports, study, and some drugs, whether natural or chemical.

Friends can be important, but the most important people in the end are your family, and above all yourself. Get along with yourself, learn to value yourself, because at the end of the day you are the only company you will have left. Reconcile with your family, try to get along better with them. You can also get a pet to be by your side, and use image boards to share your ideas. Loneliness can hit you very hard, but that's not why you have to take your life.


Happiness comes and goes, it's a fleeting feeling, you can get it by doing things you love. Although alcoholism can be difficult to solve, you can still do it.
Go to groups that help you treat alcoholism, maybe they can help you there, or at least you can vent a little. Apathy can solve me with medication.

Your problems have a solution, it may not be the easiest, but they have a solution. What I want to know is why you give up, why you don't want to keep trying even when you have options


Going to trade my life for others.


>Why do you want to commit suicide?
I hate existing. From the moment I wake up, I start feeling bad.
>What problems do you have?
Lack of meaning in life
>What is really stopping you from doing it?
I don't know any simple and painless method. No guns allowed in my country.


Same to everything. Are you me?


You’re literally a normalnigger . Its just shows from your advices.


Interesting. But dying is not complicated either, there are many ways to do it, whoever seeks finds.


I just said the most generic and common sense shit I could think of. The problems of that anon seem to have a solution, not an easy solution by any means, but it still has a way out.


suicide ideation even though i don't really have any real problems aside from having to deal with trauma caused by retarded parents and environment, suicide seems appealing primarily because of anhedonia which makes life boring


That is really a good reason, childhood traumas, addictions, low self-esteem, among other things can be treated, but that apathy that makes you lose consciousness gives everything and that nothing really makes you feel anything, it is really destructive , more than any deep sadness. People with that get tired of living, since life does not generate anything for them regardless of the activity they do. Besides, the solutions for this are usually not very effective, since they tend to have many side effects, and the treatments are long and not perfect.

Spiritualism, helping others, etc, can help since there is something above all things that keeps you going.


I believe in God. I don't believe you'll go to hell if you kill yourself. I think God understands you more than anyone else, than he obviously would forgive your suicide.


…and you would go to Heaven.


I think the same.


>god makes your life a living hell
>"Lmao god understands me bruh"
yeah ok brainlet believer.


Is plain suicide not the ultimate expression of selfishness? I don't mean it in the typical sense, where you "traumatize" your "loved ones", but that you have reached such a preoccupation with yourself and your own sufferings that you abandon life still with the capacity to make the world, or at least the life of someone else, better by your suffering. It is selfish to reach the point where you do not value your own life but, instead of giving it away, you throw it away. It is a selfish kind of wastefulness, and one of the highest order.


There are so many brainlet believers in wizchan I just cannot understand.


> suicide not the ultimate expression of selfishness

No its peak of selflessness you retard. Peak selfishness is ordinary narcissist normalnigger.

> is selfish to reach the point where you do not value your own life but, instead of giving it away, you throw it away. It is a selfish kind of wastefulness, and one of the highest order

You’re a pure unadulterated moron. Thats all words you deserve.


What is selflessness?


It depends if God feels what we feel; if so he probably understands.
But knowing how we feel and feeling what we feel are different things.


I could not agree more with you. Suicides never talk about doing charitable acts like donating blood, donating their organs, donating their body to science, or continuing to live but with the purpose of helping someone else, they only think about ending their pain, without thinking about suffering. What would they do to your family


who said that suicide is not selfish? so what if it is? why do you assume that god does not reward selfishness in the after-life? how do you know what his judgement is? whatever claim you make is just as absurd and insubstantial as its opposite


And why do you want to commit suicide?


i wish to get to the purgatory as soon as possible so i can piss and spit in god's face




File: 1674549783500.jpg (30.39 KB, 424x559, 424:559, 03_00167442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>i wish to get to the purgatory as soon as possible so i can piss and spit in god's face


>why do you assume that god does not reward selfishness in the after-life?
So… Wiz… You can shit on the bible or theism but if you start trying to talk theology at least pretend you know what you're talking about.
Anyway, the guy I responded to framed suicide as a neutral, so I showed how it is a sin.


It just makes me cringe when people talk about things they don't know anything about, they could just pull up a Bible and actually read it and try to understand it before making any assumptions but instead they come up with the usual uninformed "If God is x then why did he do y" stuff.


my arbitrarily established conception of god cannot be verified to be any less valid than your arbitrarily established conception of god


Yes, we know. However
>I believe in God. I don't believe you'll go to hell if you kill yourself. I think God understands you more than anyone else, than he obviously would forgive your suicide.
Implied a specific concept of God and the following replies did as well. Your argument is on the level of
>who says Thor was white? my arbitrarily established conception of thor cannot be verified to be any less valid than your arbitrarily established conception of thor
Yeah, sure, but we're talking about a specific conception here. You're talking about something else so your first complaint:
>who said that suicide is not selfish? so what if it is? why do you assume that god does not reward selfishness in the after-life? how do you know what his judgement is? whatever claim you make is just as absurd and insubstantial as its opposite
Doesn't make any sense. You're attempting to invalidate my arbitrarily established conception of God with your arbitrarily established conception of God, which is just… Anyway, you get the point.


>Implied a specific concept of God and the following replies did as well.
i assumed that he is not a christian because his opinion on suicide does not coincide with christian values, he believes in a benevolent higher power but that does not necessarily mean that he is a christian, just a theist


Fair enough, my was also an argument-to-greatest-good, where suicide is an act that is usually taken for the desire to benefit oneself (i.e. feel less pain or suffering) and is wasteful of what could be used to benefit others. Thus, it is at best a sin of selfishness. I suppose someone stuck in space with no way down experiencing excruciating pain would be able to morally commit suicide.


Imagining action as free is strange, suicidal depression is normally accompanied by corrupted volition and intention. People who find acting in the world easy and rewarding are often living selfish lives, wasting such a gift. Then you hold those with corrupted volition and suffering just participating in the world to a higher standard.


In most cases the depression is caused by selfishness and an overabundance of expectations; covetousness, jealousy, even desire is sinful. The normie masses are forgiven because they aren't really able to understand. In a way, they're like children.


>suppose someone stuck in space with no way down experiencing excruciating pain would be able to morally commit suicide.

Astronauts etc are in the top TOP <0.01% given how few do such niche things but tye point would be their utility to others, the astronauts subjecting themselves to additional extended suffering for the sake of collecting potentially useful data would be their moral obligation by that logic.

This has a bias against those indifferent to others and or society but still subscribing to some other morality.

What about closer to earth examples such as becoming burdensome to others or if continuity of one's life is a net negative for some other reason.


You’ll probably be happier believing that


So why is sin bad?
No really!

Ok I fully acknowledge benefits of discipline when it comes to self improvement and achievements but that shit only matters if you actually want the reward.

While we may all have our ideas about what a perfect life may be it varies and one can recognise their own ideals as infeasible.

Sin can be avoided with discipline but it can be rationalized and legalised with discipline especially against the undisciplined.

So besides a higher powers disapproval what's wrong with indulgence in sin


>So besides a higher powers disapproval what's wrong with indulgence in sin
Nothing. Materialism necessarily entails that nothing can be good or bad, right or wrong. Not even scientific, logical, or mathematical facts are true/false, only advantageous or disadvantageous for completing a certain goal.


File: 1674688927384.mp4 (203.19 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Gondola suicidio.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I'm too ugly to exist. Everywhere I go people act disgusted of my appareance, I can't even get a job because no one would hire someone with a face like mine. Also I live in the third world so no neetbucks for me.


The problem is not that you are ugly, the problem is that you have low self-esteem. If you live in the third world, forget about getting a job, since you will earn a pittance and you will be exploited beyond measure. You can study a trade such as a blacksmith, air conditioner repairer (this really gives a lot of money), plumber, or electrician, and you sell your services through Facebook marketplace paying for some advertising. If you don't want to study, you can buy cold cuts wholesale and sell it to retailers, or you can also buy whatever is on sale in the supermarket (especially soft drinks) and sell it to retailers. I did the latter, and the truth was very good.


File: 1675476925619.jpg (71.2 KB, 800x600, 4:3, d16ndtt-ef54915f-5aaf-4660….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am a disintegrating schizophrenic. Not the meme "oh there is a shadow in the corner of my eye and the voices are so scarryyy" but the true actual kind that runs in families. I cut myself open a few months back to paint a wooden portal that I thought would lead me to heaven with my blood and attached my portal with strings to my phone that I smashed with a kitchen chair because I thought that an egregore possessed it's circuitry and was manipulating the information that I read. Last month I painted myself in blue crosses and replaced all of my kitchen surfaces and fixed my pantry and painted my porch blue all the whole being completely ass naked and scaring the neighbors because I was in psychosis and thought that I was channeling Jesus Christ and that's how I would worship him.

It sounds silly and irrational but that's what this disease does. It becomes irrational to remain "rational" and the delusions mixed with hallucinations completely change your world to become a waking nightmare hellscape. I'm losing more and more of myself over time and the parts that remain are becoming more erratic and corrupted by what I think is outside dimensional influence. It is very hard seeing your own family look at you with disgust in their eyes. I'm sure that image will remain in my head until it gets pushed out with shotgun ammunition and my brains. My entire life got stolen from me, I was always weird and othered growing up and completely detached from my peers as a child but I think that's from living below the poverty line with a borderline personality disordered cluster B psychotic single mother and pressuring schizophrenia is just the icing on the cake because I know I get it from her side of the family.

As I was starting to make my rebound back in I was 17 that's when the schizo began developing and I dropped out of college and lost the job that I had because it was around the time of COVID and seemingly overnight every human face around me formed into a monster. I lost all the relationships that I had with others and essentially was left to fester while my mind was being invaded and it was absolutely terrifying. I tried psychiatry at first, I was on 11 different medications and whatever improvement there was overtaken by the brain drain mind fuckery that anti-psychotic max strength pills do to your head and body.

I stopped taking all of them around two years ago because they didnt help and my condition has been in free fall ever since. It's a very weird feeling wizzie, having your mind disintegrate but all you can do is watch. I imagine it's like how a robot would watch itself slowly fall apart into disrepair. " Oh , I lost my hand today. Oh well. I can still use my other for a while longer "

I'm fucked, there is a constant psychic war going on in my head and if I slip for a second I'll get overtaken and drop into psychosis and either end up dead thinking God needs a blood sacrifice or I'll be 5150'd against my will and sent to an underfunded desolate mental asylum where I'll be torn apart. The weird thing is I try and keep positive regardless because if I fall into depression there wouldn't be anything left.

I haven't killed myself yet because there is still things that need doing, the right protocols to learn and maybe religious and occult studying might have a way to a functional life if i can continue going from sheer willpower alone. But that is wishful thinking , i already know that I slip and slide deeper into insanity every day and I made a pact with myself that if I slide too far and can't climb up again I'll just an hero. I hope I find an answer to all of this before and can get things in motion now so when I die things will be better but if i rope right now I'll be thrown into whatever is consuming my mind at the moment and really cross into hell.

That's my blog, a ghost imprint of me that exists on this imageboard now. I'm sorry if any of you can relate at all. Oyasumi


That sounds horrible. I don't have anything encouraging to say except that you're fighting a battle tougher than anything most humans will ever experience.


You are crazier than a goat friend, but even so your post is quite coherent. You must use your madness in something useful, learn to paint, draw, write a diary or a blog, there are few people like you in the world, the world is a place full of ordinary people with ordinary lives, no one would do things like that you do. Imagine the masterpieces that you can compose, imagine the drawings that you could create, your imagination and your way of seeing the world do not compare to that of any of us. Take advantage of your disorder, and turn it into something never seen before.

You could also try another shrink, because if you were taking 11 different drugs and they didn't help you, then you should look for other alternatives. But be that as it may, I think that what can help you the most is, as you say, religion, the occult, and maybe even philosophy, but I don't think that all religions or all philosophies are good, I think you should choose a good path.


Most Christcucks do not read the Bible. If they read how evil and perverted your God actually is, they wouldn’t believe


Hypocritical religioustard. Ho away.


How is it hypocritical? I'm a covetous, jealous, selfish, sinful bastard.


get a dog


Get a dog they're wonderful creatures that help you.


I read the Bible. All that God does in it is good. Cry about it, you faithless sinner


Should I read the Bible?


I've tried reading the bible couldn't stand the language
somebody should rewrite it so it's understandable to a modern demographic then they might get more followers


1. In tha beginnin tha Big G made da sky an- erfs
2. And tha erfs was nuthin, dark spooky ass shit nigga. So tha spirit o God made da erf and water
3. Then God said "Lights on, nigga", an that shit turnt on
4. An he was like, daaaayum that be fine doe. Next he added some black too.


Common English translation


AndBible study app it's free and open source on fdroid


File: 1675651988691.png (419.32 KB, 1670x2048, 835:1024, Screenshot_20230205-205119.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1675667656346.gif (3.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1675120393030673.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm tired and no amount of optimism or hope can keep me going. Besides, the future looks bleak for everyone but the ultra rich.

>What problems

Thirdie. Old. Poor. Ugly and Sick. Uneducated. And dumb as fuck. Needless to say, zero social life whatsoever (including online) and don't get along with my family. Possibly mentally ill, I don't think I'll ever be able to genuinely connect to another human. Or have fun while sober.

>What is really stopping you

Hope things will get better, having yet to exhaust every option out there to make life bearable. That and lack of access to a high caliber gun or rifle. Any other method is too complex and unreliable or painful. As pathetic as it sounds I also have anime and vidya left to clear from my backlog, but I seriously don't see myself alive in 10 years, maybe 5 tho.


10/10 Reminds me of Da Jesus Book


The ultra rich will always win no matter what, they never have anything fucking bad to them since the French revolution. The government sucks on their teat and we will become peasants once more.


Make it easier my friend, instead of watching so much anime, start reading more, listen to audio books while you play, and while you surf the internet, this will really help you to improve your general knowledge about things. You can learn things like philosophy, languages, business, among other useful things for life.
Another question is that if you feel "ugly" do two very simple things, improve your hygiene and your clothing, and remove the mirror from your bathroom. But people aren't going to treat you better if you're pretty, people are going to treat you better if you're polite and respectful to them, which you can do.
If you feel useless, you can go to any charity and help homeless children, homeless people, and people who need help in general. Many of them just need company, and apparently you do too, which would be good for you.

I am not saying that these things are going to change your life from one day to the next, but they are going to help you a lot, since education, empathy, and self-love are good keys. And for example, you can complement everything I told you, since when you go out to do charity work you will have to dress up and be respectful. When you listen to the audio books, they can be things that help you with self-esteem, empathy, or related life philosophies. with that.
Never too late to change.


> But people aren't going to treat you better if you're pretty

Retarded moronic thrash. Everything you did write is just lies , kys you improvebruh moron.


>people aren't going to treat you better if you're pretty

Imagine unironically writing this out, I'm all for having a positive attitude but there is a distinction between positive and straight up delusional, which you are.


>But people aren't going to treat you better if you're pretty, people are going to treat you better if you're polite and respectful to them, which you can do.
Ugly cope


What's stopping me is millenia of evolutionary safety mechanisms that are hardwired in my brain. I'm evolution's utter bitch.


I did fail to hang myself. I got the wrong kind of rope (nylon) and tied the noose wrong. I choked for a while and the whole thing unravelled and I fell to the floor and came to a while later. It left me with painful ropeburn and neck pain but no lasting damage thankfully.


Don't mess around with suicide. You'll probably get fucked up.
Why do you want to kill yourself, man?



The wane of warp. All I find is I start getting rid of both forgotten emotions which surge while new ideas come about my past, a soft but constant paradigm shift taking place in the rotten depths of my system


>This is what happens when someone is too mad to even have a place in crabs.co, they come here and start spewing their misery


It's a miracle that humans can commit suicide at all. It's a blessing a consolation for human consciousness if there ever was one.


I treat everyone politely, with humbleness, kindness etc. Never insult of mistreat anyone, even considering I hate or abhor most people, the way they think and beliefs. I would say half of the people reciprocates, the other half is naturally mean and I got bullied, looked down, mocked, taken advangate of, etc on a daily basis, a lot.


>But people aren't going to treat you better if you're pretty
wizchan 2023


Thank god that faggots likr you are going to burn in hell.


>>271391 (OP)
>Why do you want to commit suicide?
I am really tired, of it all.
Everything ive loved is slowly ceasing to be, almost everyone who was dear friend to me is dead, i am pretty much alone now in sea of masses, of souless and mindless normalfags.


>>This is what happens when someone is too mad to even have a place in crabs.co, they come here and start spewing their misery
Who asked you?


>The normie masses are forgiven
They absolutely are not, god hates them.


The life is not a gift, its a curse and burden.
Gifts are good things, this life is absolutely not.
People who view this life as gift posses no soul at all.


>noooo not the precius liferinoooo!


I lack the constitution for it.


It's very unpleasant being a loser. I wish it wasn't. I wish I could overcome the nigger ape evolved hierarchy awareness shit that makes me very conscious of my garbage place in the pecking order and makes me feel awful about it. But I can't. I have a brain descended from nigger apes like everyone else. I can't go anywhere without seeing some subset of other people who instantly, by their mere existence, remind me how ugly, weird, and failed I am. Left the house yesterday for the first time in God knows how long and that's exactly what happened, like every other time.

I've just always been a loser. I know it'll never change because it's clearly in my DNA. I've always been the one who gives up readily, assrages over his inferiority, feels out of place and fucked up. The slightest bit of challenge or competition elicits this shit in me, every fucking time. I've slowly become more and more isolated and dysfunctional to avoid experiencing these feelings because the mere presence of other people brings them on. Some people are not meant to be alive. I really need to stop being a faggot and kill myself because it simply makes no sense to continue with this. Actually I'm disgusted with the fact that I'm complaining here like a fag and not just doing it already. How did I get stuck in such indignity that I'm reduced to this? I can't even be like the noble jap-gook who accepts he's a failure and immediately stabs himself without hesitation.


>Never too late to change
I don't know how anyone, ANYONE, over the age of like 20 can believe this shit. In my entire life I haven't known a SINGLE FUCKING PERSON to meaningfully change any core aspect of themselves past age 18. Not one! EVER! Fuck off with your trite false hope bullshit you faggot. Life is permanently shit for almost everyone who visits this site and they CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.


File: 1677543177220.jpg (125.82 KB, 1200x1068, 100:89, FoYJQ2MWAAACcqW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I haven't known a SINGLE FUCKING PERSON to meaningfully change
And how many people DO you know as a helplessly permanently depressed teenager? Are we to for some reason to believe 100% of your social interactions don't take place on some SAD_BOYZ breakcore lainpilled Discord server made specifically to attract people exactly like you and keep them down? Thousands of previously depressed men post their testimonials online daily. On imageboards, mens' health forums, social media, even in Amazon reviews for shampoo they bought. There have been users here in the past wek who elaborated on their recovery. Some moved out, quit or changed jobs, GOT jobs, found a hobby, begun exercising, took drugs, or even just reflected on how there was nor eason for them to be depressed i the first place.

You are absolutely 100% purposely trying to bring men down by convincing them that things are hopeless for them to improve when every other molecule in the galaxy suggests otherwise. You need to die soon before you have the chance to take some poor kid with you to hell.


I want to die for a few reasons ranging from mental illness to plain boredom. I do not desire anything yet I keep living. I am petrified over life getting worse in death and take the view this is a very real possibility as life always gets worse and I am too pessimistic to think it would stop at death.


I'm in my 30s you retarded normalnigger.


>You need to die soon before you have the chance to take some poor kid with you to hell.
Interesting. Everyone who isn't a (fake, generally rapidly reversed) success story to feed your cope narrative "needs to die." With such data selection practices no wonder you keep your faggot delusion of "it's never too late" alive. Muh exercise. I've spent years lifting weights. It has not done one fucking thing for my shit life, just like everything else.


And if you want people online to know it, then act and type like a man in his 30s. Don't shine a light of underage, self-destructive teen angst and then recoil when you get called underage.

Do what no nihilistic "nothing matters" idiot has done here to date: Explain why nothing matters, why it's impossible to feel god after feeling bad for a while, or what you yourself have done to improve your mood but failed. You won't, because you can';t, because you just feel bad because you just feel bad. Well that's a shame, but acknowledge that you're abnormal and that your state of hopelessness is neither the default or truth. To believe that how you feel is the natural human state is some legitimate schizophrenic nonsense.

Yes, succubi and balless males who find any joy in bringing anyone down, demoralizing them in to hopelessness, cursing them to a potential lifetime of despair… Your ilk need to die before you have a chance. Commit suicide now. No note, no will, just your bloated corpse holding a rusting toaster in a moldy bath tub. No funeral. Kill yourself before you convince some young man to do the same.


uber based. We're in the golden age of the internet, life extension will probably make 100 lifespans without chronic illness feasible, the globalist world order is going to hell, and some deppercore groomed faggot thinks he'd better suiiii because succubi aren't fugging him. Gay mental illness fixation isn't wizardry and never was you fucking worthless kiwis


also most of the suii faggots are just trolls for the lulz. Actually most of the shit posted by cliquers in general is. Wizard revolution when?


You seem to be retarded. Why exactly do you think anything I've said is meant to apply to everyone or the "default" state of people you retard? I fully accept I'm a freak, loser, subhuman, etc. but that most people's lives are just dandy. They don't need to change core aspects of themselves because they're normal and functional from go, so saying I've never seen anyone change in some fundamental way past 18 isn't me denying that most people are happy and well-adjusted. YOU'RE the dumb fuck trying to convince, specifically, hapless perpetually miserable losers, who yes are oddities and not the norm by definition, that they can always change and improve at any age. I'm not the one making retarded universalistic claims, you are.

Also literally nothing I've said implies I think nothing matters, that I'm a nihilist, or any of the dumb shit you attribute to me. Being a shitty failure doesn't equal being a nihilist. If I were actually a nihilist I'd be indifferent to being a fucking loser because I wouldn't recognize any normative criteria to make the judgment that I'm a loser.

As for what I've done, I've gotten a job, I've exercised a lot for years, I even lowered myself to the point of trying faggoty therapy. Nothing has changed anything for me.


Unplug your keyboard you total R9K memelord. It's as if you're trying to speak in such a way that only actual children will understand. frfr muh groomercore finna suiii, based as fuck. Contribute to the discussion or ignore it, but don't mock every user here by acting stupid for the sake of acting stupid.

When you say things like
>"Life is permanently shit for almost everyone"
You are generalizing, making assumptions, and doing the same things you accused me of doing. If YOU believe that life is forever shit, then say that is what YOU believe. Don't insist upon your opinion as if it is law, and unless you want to be told to kill yourself, don't you dare try to tell other guys that their lives are permanently shit or even imply that such a state of mind is readily enterable by anyone, especially most people. You're inviting criticism of your claims from most guys here when you try to speak on behalf of most guys here.

Yes, most guys on /Depression/ are depressed, but the minority of those guys who believe that depression is inescapable is so small that it's probably only you. Now when you go making up statistics about the userbase to make yourself feel better, poor Anonymage who's teetering between depression and contentedness might see your post, assume that falling in to an bottomless well of despair is common, unavoidable, and what most of his fellows are feeling, and so he might actually believe your nihilistic bullshit and give up on trying to find happiness - because you convinced him that happiness is unobtainable, a lie made up by some faggot. Your words.
>I fully accept (I'm a)
>(I AM) a shitty failure
>Nothing has changed anything (for me)
And this is all that you had to do to avoid this whole argument. If you feel a certain way, spell it out. Instead of saying "LIFE IS FOREVER SHIT AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT", you can say "I PERSONALLY BELIEVE LIFE IS SHIT AND NOTHING I HAVE TRIED HAS CHANGED THAT". And you would have received pats on the back and advice. But instead, you withheld the focus on yourself and risked making other men feel as you do. That is why you must kill yourself swiftly, so you won't be around long enough to actually convince some poor kid that he is helpless. I continue to believe you feel joy in spreading despair so I will continue to offer suicide suggestions if you continue to engage.


>"Life is permanently shit for almost everyone"
Why have you deliberately left the end of that sentence off to be a misleading fuck? As anyone can see I wasn't writing of "almost everyone" without qualification but "almost everyone who visits this site." And yeah, if you're on wizchan, other than for point and laugh or kiwifarms-type purposes, the probability is very high you're a super loser and totally fucked. Deal with it.


lol. Don't care.


>You're inviting criticism of your claims from most guys here when you try to speak on behalf of most guys here.
It really makes me lmao that you're dumb enough to think your normalnigger trash is closer to the average view of posters here than what I've said. Your first gay post itt got an unusually large number of replies, all negative. Hmm wonder why.


Yes yes once again the man advocating against spreading sadness and calling out those trying to bring men down has been accused of being a kiwifarmer troll.
>It really makes me lmao
Then you have found laughter in your pit of unhappiness. There is light. Keep laughing at guys who want other guys to know that things aren't hopeless. Laugh until you are happy again.
Not caring would be not responding and laughing.
I'd still like to know why you deliberately left out the ME and I from your claims that life is forever depressive.
>the probability is very high you're a super loser and totally fucked.
But what is a loser in your eyes? "Loser" isn't in the vernacular of many here because it implies a competition. Wizards seek to not play at all so there is no being a winner or a loser. Why do you consider yourself a loser? What did you lose?


>Then you have found laughter in your pit of unhappiness. There is light. Keep laughing at guys who want other guys to know that things aren't hopeless. Laugh until you are happy again.
Nice job dodging my point and being a retard. Funny that the kiwifarms sadist who flies into psychotic rages, repeatedly and in detail demanding the suicide of all who disagree with his normalnigger copeology, now wants me to "laugh until I'm happy again." Are you schizophrenic?

"Loser" not in the vernacular? What the fuck are you talking about? I just searched /dep/ for "loser" and got back 73 results. Seems to be a term used by plenty here. Once again kiwinigger pretends his normalniggerdom is somehow representative of wizchan and keeps proving he's just a lying bitch.


>chake my depper serious eajy!!!! going suiiiiii


>I just searched /dep/ for "loser" and got back 73 results
All yours
>kiwifarms normalnigger copeology schizo, kiwinigger normalniggerdom lying bitch
I remember you from /wiz/. 2022. blackpiller. Man smiled at his waifu and you called him a larping coper. he said he was happy and that some other guys here were too, and so you called him a liar. It's a shame even after all these weeks you still can't post anything more than those few same words. King Crab Final Defense: Valiantly Flailing Claws Position. A new move on this battlefield but nothing to worry about. The desperate crab types the same few words over and over again in the hopes his opponent will get confused and back out.

Please tell us why you consider yourself a loser.

Uh oh, janny inbound.


>All yours
Wow, this is amazingly desperate cope, considering yesterday is the first time I've posted on wc in months.
>I remember you from /wiz/. 2022. blackpiller. Man smiled at his waifu and you called him a larping coper. he said he was happy and that some other guys here were too, and so you called him a liar.
I have no idea what you're talking about here. I can only infer you're thinking of someone else.
>Please tell us why you consider yourself a loser.
Who cares? Same story as a million other people and not worth writing up.


For the record I have literally no issue with the claim that there are happy wizards, none. Anyone can look at various religious monks and see that there are such people. I'm sure there are even some happy guys on wizchan. So what? Not one bit of any of that contradicts what I've said, which applies to most of the people here who are total dysfunctional losers.


>desperate cope
What isn't a cope to your kind these days? The grocer was out of tendies so I coped with samosas. Stubbed my toe and coped by putting ice on it. Some guy said blue was better than red and I coped in disagreement. What does the word even mean anymore?

>Who cares?

Everyone here interested in helping guys out of depression. For all we know you could consider yourself a loser because your shoes are untied, to which we would tell you that not only does that not make you a loser, but also that you should just tie them. The thread OP asks why you want to kill yourself, and if you want to because you're sad and you're sad because you consider yourself a loser, then it's in the nature of the thread to ask why you feel that way about yourself.
>I have no idea what you're talking about here. I can only infer you're thinking of someone else.
The guy was using the name Anonymage and you are too. Easy to conflate you two.

>Not one bit of any of that contradicts what I've said
>Fuck off with your trite false hope bullshit you faggot. Life is permanently shit for almost everyone who visits this site and they CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
You wrote in plain English that you believe happiness is unobtainable for most. By forgoing your responsibility to write it in such a way that you were presenting it as an opinion and not a fact, you invited correction from those of us who know that it is not indeed fact. And stop calling guys here losers until you describe what you believe a loser is. You could be calling us crabs for all we know, in which case you will be reported.


>Everyone here interested in helping guys out of depression
By your own admission you want me to die asap. You don't care about whether I'm depressed or not, except perhaps hoping I am so I'll sui faster.
You don't know that's the default thing everyone posts under here, yourself included?
>unobtainable for most
For most, not all, people HERE, yes. For most people on earth it's as natural as eating. I haven't seen one thing inconsistent with that.


>By your own admission you want me to die asap
Yes, because you insist on promoting ultimate despair as normal and common, though now you're backpedaling on your statements. It still stands that those who themselves are at their wit's end who encourage others that there is no hope for recovery should take their lives before they have the chance to make someone else take his.

Depression is a disease. It is generally treatable. For some, it manifests quicker and stronger to the point where it becomes terminal. That is unfortunately common, but not as common as you're saying. You could have said that it is your belief that this terminal state is very common and then explained your reasoning, but instead you shouted out that it was very common and called someone a faggot for challenging your claim. In doing so, you made your terminal disease contagious and motioned to spread it on to those most susceptible to it. You were on your way out and tried to take others with you. It is for this reason that you must die quick.

I want to believe you can get better, as hard as it may be for you to believe, but when you yourself have given up and settled on this idea that depression is inescapable, then there's no reason to waste time on you.

If you claim to be helpless, nobody will help you.

If you want help, explain where you currently are, how you got there, and what you tried.

If you want to help others, do literally anything besides telling them that there is no hope to feel better. That is what you have done.

/dep/ is a place to lament despair, not a place to encourage it by suggesting it is normal and incurable.


You keep lying about what I've said. You interpret as backpedaling what was in fact your shitty reading comprehension misleading you about what I wrote in the first place. What I've said applies to most people on /dep/ who represent some vanishingly tiny minority of mankind. These are people who aren't just "depressed" but are frequently comprehensively dysfunctional, cannot get jobs, are entirely dependent on parents into midlife, have no social capital, etc., so to make it out like this is all just garden variety depression is ridiculous. Also whether depression is generally treatable, which I take to mean can be substantially and permanently improved, isn't an established fact. There is increasing skepticism about the efficacy of the mainstay treatments for depression among psychologists because they're realizing the evidence for them sucks and seems to be consistent with the treatments doing virtually nothing beyond placebo and in the case of drugs potentially doing more harm than good because of the side effects. You think you're just the good guy, even though false hope is also a source of misery.



>no reason to waste time on you
Then stop pestering me about my problems or pretending to care. Your schizo levels are off the charts as in the same post now you tell me to kms asap and also that you want to believe you can help me.


>What I've said applies to most people on /dep/
But that's not true. Most men here are not powerless to crawl out of despair, and they know that. It's only those who believe the contrary, i.e only you, who are so militant to get it out there that depression is permanent.

Psychiatrists fail to cure depression because they don't understand it, having never been depressed themselves and not talking to anyone who overcame it. Most of psychiatry is outdated. Drugs don't work because they're designed purposefully to not work. And there you go again, writing about how powerless these guys are, and how having hope will only lead them to more sadness. All you can do is namecall and suggest that sad guys will be sad forever no matter what. Death time, now. Chain, brick, lake. No body recovered.

>Then stop pestering me about my problems
You're making your problems in to other wizards' problems by trying to convince them they should feel the same as you, and then you lash out at anyone suggesting your claims are wrong. Why is it that you can not leave someone alone when they remind others that there is hope to feel better, but oh no we must leave you be to freely spread fear and sadness. You hold yourself to quite a special status for someone who has given up.


I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. You're just too retarded to realize that in this environment, I'm the one preaching to the choir. You're the one seen as the normalnigger pushing irritating outsider trash.
>boohoo name-calling bad, now let me proceed to demand you kys
Ok schizo. Btw, what some random normalnigger retard tells me to do online is not affecting my behavior in any way. I'll continue to post whatever I want on here until I don't want to anymore. You are an impotent faggot who can't do anything about it, a powerless loser like the rest of us you pretend to be better than. Cope.


File: 1677557540482.jpg (288.76 KB, 1792x1444, 448:361, FmC8Kz9aEAM9wy5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Life can be good. Please don't give up. Try to rationalize why you're depressed and take steps to improve your life and outlook. Everyone is capable of being at peace with the earth. And next time you want to suggest the opposite to a young man, drink gasoline and swallow a match. Raze yourself in hellfire.


>oh noooo a 30 year old "young" manerino might be depressed by your post and kill himself!
>what a tragedy you monster he might spare himself another 50 yrs of pointless misery


>Try to rationalize why you're depressed and take steps to improve your life and outlook
Whoa, such insight! Is this the amazing knowledge for curing depression all the psychologists and psychiatrists somehow missed? Too bad a genius like you isn't helping them out. I gave up a long time ago.


File: 1677558643667.jpg (237.58 KB, 912x912, 1:1, c080a22cc60fd2c5ddbce5d987….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You are now celebrating spreading despair and mocking depressed men, in Redditor meme language.
Sarcasm, and a trust for psychologists.
>I gave up a long time ago.
Then there's no point to your posts besides doing what I've been calling you out on all this time. You only want to bring men down with you.

I am now suggesting you livestream your suicide so we can have closure that you have died painfully. Make your parents watch.


Is every dep poster who thinks there's no hope just trying to bring others down? Or is he occupying his time interacting with likeminded people because he has nothing else to do? As far as I knew all I was doing was the latter.

Come over and try to make me kms. Go on faggot. Do something other than impotently chimp at me for the imaginary harm I'm inflicting.


>Is every dep poster who thinks there's no hope just trying to bring others down?
No, unless they type something similar to what you typed when you told everyone that there is no hope, and then called anyone suggesting otherwise a faggot
>come at me bro
If I had known you were a Facebook-using ghettonigger not native to the internet, I would have told you to KYS without any of the additional fluff. You even responded to my lousy jokes seriously, proving you're a net tourist. 30+ years old? 30+ years of doing what? Not using forums or imageboards, that's for sure. But you're well versed in lolcow trolling sites.. hmm.. Kill yourself Glaive.


Kek. Yeah someone with literally no social life outside of shitty family is going to be using Facebook. Have any other retard shit you want to hallucinate?
>says retarded nigger things
>called on it
>"just a joke bro"
What will you stoop to next?


Announcement to all young depressed wizchan posters: there is a 99% chance you'll never get better and your life will only get worse.


Depper is such a common illness nowadays that's quite ridiculous. Cut neuroinflammation, reduce acute stressor exposure, boost neurogenesis, increase neurotransmitters associated with mood, reframe cognitive habits so you're not constantly picking the wound. For the vast majority of people the fix is straightforward and intuitive. If you're not into normiecore treatment through indirect lifestyle changes just take targeted sups. I made a whole thread on this

>take ibuprofen

>drink green tea
>do cardio
>take st john's wort
>do CBT or something similar
>fix your gut biota
>high dose omega-3's that aren't rancid help with everything
>you're probably magnesium deficient


I take magnesium, omega 3s, probiotics, many other supps and exercise a lot. Hasn't done anything. Since all those things are nuisances and expensive I'm stopping them all and living as unhealthily as possible to facilitate early death.


Because im 27 and my life is nothing, got nothing, dont fit in anywhere, do nothing all day, and its not gonna change so…


sounds like you wish you could be a normalfag and that is why you want to die.


You self-righteous fags pretending you've transcended all desires for anything are really fucking annoying. I wonder how long until we start hearing shit like this:
>oh durr you want to not starve and have a warm bed? hurr that's what normies want, a real wiz would be happy to be a vagrant getting kicked in the head and pissed on in the streets


What the hell are you talking about? Outsider, adapt to Wizchan's global philosophy of forgoing desire for social acceptance or get out.


There's literally just one thing he listed that suggests any desire for social acceptance:
>dont fit in anywhere
The rest has to do with having no accomplishments, nothing to do, so nothing to get any enjoyment out of. You're a typical retard on here who can't read and wants any opportunity to chimp over some anon supposedly not being a real wiz. I guess real wizzies are perfectly content to stare at the ceiling all day having no reason to live at all, right?
>hurrdurr a real wiz doesn't need oxygen, quit trying to breathe like a normalfag you crab!


I'm losing what little control I thought I had
This minus the alcoholism


No no, you're clearly an outsider who when presented with any critique of his desire to have v***na s*x with another human, collapsed in to a squeeling fit and tried to mock the entire userbase. Go away.


Not the whole userbase, no. Others have pointed out that the specifically annoying sanctimonious wizzes have gotten to the point you take any expression of discontent as a problem. You're so paranoid about sniffing out crabs you've decided only crabs can be depressed. Deluded retard.


for the average person though, it really is that simple


File: 1677613067162.jpg (131.12 KB, 627x912, 11:16, Tome_of_the_Ancients.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Warp reducers helped me and still do. I could not pass the theoric part for my driver license exam, and I did.


Wtf is this "warp" and "wane" shit I keep seeing on here, all seemingly posted by the same guy? Wtf are those terms supposed to mean?


>he doesn't know


im an addict


i dont have any energy or willpower to even read it. im so beaten down bvy life


No, maybe you could explain and not be a bitch


>little BITCH
This is an imageboard, not MLK Blvd


same dude


sort of similar to you but i stopped caring long ago. i just work and live my pointless life. only sometimes do i get really upset now, basically im used to it at this point


>continues to be a bitch
Ok fagnigger



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