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Yes, another suicide thread.
You think that putting my head in the rail it will kill me? like beheading, is the only solution that is painless and fast and reliable. When i am thinking in suicide my tummy hurts, feels like vomiting but not vomiting. I live in Spain, and these are the type of trains, if the guards/police will stop me, i dont know what to do.


Dont scar the poor railway workers please jump from a building


I might be able to research it for you. What station were you thinking about going to? What's the nearest one?


Death will come to us all sooner or later, it is not worth trying and taking our lives just for having some problems. You really lost the course of your life, you lost all sensation of happiness, and of hope, being only a deep and bitter sadness. But I'm going to tell you something my friend, your problems have a solution, you can fix your life, you still have a lot of time, you can still get out of that well and discover new horizons, so you give up, get up like the man you are and move on , you don't have to die like this.


This fucking site. Take the supp pill gooddamnit


It's a horribly selfish way to do it the train driver the rail workers all will be affected also I personally know a driver who has killed 8 people it does affect them

All because you too much of a wuss to go through a short period of pain to do it youself and need someone else to do it for you
You're a fucking disgrace


>bro just continue with constant mental anguish, malaise and despair which you've known won't get better for awhile now infact it only continues to get worst because think of the new horizons man! get up like a man my friend your problems have a solution have you tried watching anime DUDE!? and dude dude DUDE you just HAVE to try these meds!

Wizchan 2023


Study and work can help a lot, especially when you study and work on something you studied. For example, you study carpentry, and you dedicate yourself to selling wooden furniture that you make, or things like that. It really is something progressive and little by little it grows. The problem is that these depressed people have their will destroyed, but if they don't want to take drugs, they have no choice but to put their will to the matter and do things.


OP, you still there? Do you want to tell us why you want to hurt yourself?


File: 1674104898966.jpeg (33.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, $_1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Redpill me on mixing shit like this with chlorine tablets and bleach I heard death in 6 minutes possible death in an hour certain if enough is used best of all there's no antidote and it keeps first responders at bay.
So what about detergent suicide?


File: 1674157405983.png (927.28 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

What about suicide by drowning?


apparently one of the most painful ways to die


The most painful way to die is by being boiled.


How is it painful?


It hurts a lot


gallego puto


File: 1674196792569.mp4 (4.63 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, UmaruRedMadotsukiPunches.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I cant get on neetbux i hate my life


I got some amonium chloride and chlorine tablets but my concentrated acetic acid and amonium sulphate hasn't arrived yet.

Mixed up a small sample in some regular vinegar and got a rotten egg smell I assume that's the chloramine?

Have some thick bleach but worried the sodium hydroxide inside might compete against the sodium hypochlorite.


someone told me its least painful way to die..? someones lying


Water in the lungs burns horribly, and the lungs tear and swell when trying to push water out. You lose consciousness as a shock response and continue to painfully cycle the water, waking up in agony with every breath. You can float there for minutes with what feels like your insides are on fire.


least painful is aspyxhiation on anything but CO2 e.g. exit bag on helium


just get a shotgun. These threads are full of terrible ideas


Is it hard to get them in Spain?
I can't imagine them being easy get considering its location and the sort of politics that is pervasive there


Spainboy you just need a huggie. Want a hug?


this wizza going to war


Train to Ukraine, a viable option but it's not guaranteed they will let you go to the place with the deadly fire and mines.

They might get suspicious and possibly detain and or deport.

How 'bout dat chlorine/chloramine gas apperently there's no antidote and can stave off first responders if you do it right.


all you europoors living in this beautiful exotic countries with the eurozone migration option and you're fixated on suicide. A house in shetland, home of countless viking legends? Spain, where the bulk of urbanex abandoned houses seem to be located? REEEEEEEE give me your deeds normie


Are you Hispanic or black?
If your white our governments probably won't let you in


Does anyone have the list of suicide methods that has how lethal and painful each method is?



check the agony table. i think most methods are horrific if you don't go quickly. burning, jumping from too low a structure, hanging done improperly, etc. but gunshot, drugs + wrist cutting etc are probably as good as it gets. barbiturates used to be the go to drug for peaceful death but they are hard to come by now.


Thank you. I can never remember the name of the website for the way back machine.


File: 1674357959287.jpg (66.74 KB, 540x564, 45:47, 1650747070184.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a weird question for anyone who has attempted suicide in the past. Do you ever feel embrassed by the way you choose to do it? I tried once before by taking a bunch of advil and asprin and was found completely out of it on the bathroom floor. Now, when I think about it I feel like I was some stupid teenage succubus or something.


>barbiturates used to be the go to drug for peaceful death but they are hard to come by now.

I fucking hate current year
Feel bad about how I didn't try hard enough last time
Took caffeine powder, tastes fucking vile oxalic acid gas a delicious lemony taste and apparently antifreeze if you get it without the bittering agent can't confirm thought.

Those do a ton of damage that you can survive so I'm a bit scared to use 'em so I feel like I should combine methods if I do.


>Feel bad about how I didn't try hard enough last time

I also feel this way, but seeing as how I'm still kicking I hate the way I tried before.

Maybe it's me being self conscious because this has always been a problem for me.


File: 1674406219891.gif (1.09 MB, 498x210, 83:35, 1588132824688.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Now, when I think about it I feel like I was some stupid teenage succubus or something.
I do too. I had to go to a closed psychiatric hospital afterwards and I wish I had enough strength to go through it completely and end me once and for all. Now my parents and the people I knew at the hospital are embarassed of me. I just want to be gone.


You should go to Shetland and help that other guy who wants to attack the hospital out of pure spite.


This is me in a nutshell


I did this as well and the past part is I was only conscious for about 5 minutes after I started to throw up and just woke up in the icu every thing would have been gravy if they just left me to die.


Don't get me wrong, I do not feel good because of your suffering, but it feels good to know that you are only one going through tough times I guess.


>dont scar the poor railway workers, scar random people in the city instead


Jumping from a business building after work and the only people you scar are homeless vagrants.


I'm not encouraging suicide to anybody, however I do not understand this fear that someone will discover you and prevent it or call the ambulance.
Why not go far into the woods such that nobody will find you, and even if someone does, the trip to a hospital would take too long and you'd die on the way.

My plan when my day comes is to go deep into the woods, I don't even want anybody to find my corpse, by the time someone does I will be a bundle of bones.


And that's better than scarring a train driver how


Fuck homeless vagrants


Fuck train drivers


Perhaps if you kill yourself on a railway you can inflict some harm on a few train workers. My life style causes much more harm to homeless vagrants, so your anger amuses me


Leave a note and send people on a wild goose chase


Look closely at the train you posted, it has guards in front of its wheels for these situations. So it'd be like being hit by a solid wall 50km/hr.

My suggestion is, research how to build a guillotine, set a timer/arduino and pass out with cheap booze before the final nap. But you should try to keep living if you're healthy, I am vaccine injured and I think it's end of the road for me.


i know that i'm gonna kill myself eventually. nothing brings me joy anymore. and the suffering that awaits me in my future is intolerable. working in a routine that turns life into a stale monotony, forced to interact with people i hate, getting treated like trash by scumciety, having to cope with constant envy because my life is so shit. who would want to live this life? i cant cope with this unbearable suffering.

i'm wondering why i shouldnt just get it over with and take my own life now. i know its not gonna get better, i've known for a long time. i guess i feel like it would be unfair to die because it feels like i havent even really lived. i dont want to believe that a life could be this empty and short. but the rational part of me knows that people die all the time after living short miserable lives. its all so tiresome. i wish things could be different. i hate this world. i hate living in it


> i guess i feel like it would be unfair to die because it feels like i havent even really lived.

I know I'm going to get shit for this, but the wizzie life style seems so empty and pointless now. I wish I was the average joe who could make friends and maybe a girlfriend or two. I know that's never going to happen and in the end the only person who is going to even care that I'm gone is my mother.(user was warned for this post)


How's jumping by bridge? Shouldn't it be an ideal way to die? I read you lose consciousness on the way down and once you hit the water its over. Even if you do manage to survive (hopefully not) you'll probably just drown which isn't optimal but it does the job in the end.


>I know I'm going to get shit for this, but the wizzie life style seems so empty and pointless now. I wish I was the average joe who could make friends and maybe a girlfriend or two. I know that's never going to happen and in the end the only person who is going to even care that I'm gone is my mother.
to me, this doesn't seem any better or worse than my own situation. i don't aspire to achieve mediocrity, i want greatness in my life.


Jump head first off a really tall building. Also, this: >>271770


>You seppuku.
>Wake up in afterlife.
>"Wow, I'm surprised it took you that long."


>i want greatness in my life.

Me too, but how many people get there even after decades of trying?


Yeah that’s the thing. Basically I don’t see how people can keep on living. Their lives just seem so mediocre and full of unbearable suffering. They spend their lives wageslaving some shit job for shit pay, they get some mediocre roastoid to betabux and maybe she will create some spawn who will ultimately become social media addicted zoomers who hate him. If they have a daughter she will ultimately end up becoming a whore and will be getting pounded while her dad slaves away to pay for her meaningless degree. It slightly annoys me to think about this.

I’ve noticed normgroids like to differentiate themselves in devious little ways. Maybe one will have a slightly better job than most, or one will wife up a succ with slightly less mediocre tits than most. Or maybe one will go on vacation a bit more frequently. It makes them feel better within the confines of the rat race. But when you look at the totality of their lives it’s nothing and they are still miserable


They're on lots of drugs, at least in the US. Psychiatry has people on amphetamine and other numbing drugs to put up with their low position in the hierarchy. Even so, when I go into retail places, the people are so obviously depressed. They don't try to hide it any more, no fake tone of voice and smiles. Just monotone "I want to kill myself but I'll make the pizza because I'm a trapped rat". What a wonderful world!


When I was a kid I loved the harry potter books and cirque du freak series I was sure my life was going to be just as special as the characters in the those stupid books. So I waited for something to come along and make my life intersting and exciting, and I waited and waited but nothing ever changed. I thought life owed it to me but in the end I turned into some semi-hikki who lives with his parents. Real life is the epitome of torture I know now I'm not special and worst of all I'm expected to just get over it and scrub toliets or work at mcdonalds until I die. So I get you, may as well just call it quits sooner that later and save myself some pain.


Fuck the train drivers and rail workers and fuck you.


File: 1676531289945.png (141.21 KB, 433x612, 433:612, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Suicide by drowning is the best method if you don't have access to a gun


This lol. Not my problem


Normalfag life is even worse in that sense.




>not giving shit about some random normgroids is unwizardly
Do you care about npcs in video games too?


Bro, AI is in rapid development. Why not just wait for video games with AI to come out?


This, AI really is the one thing that will make the most changes to everything including video games.

NPCs will have a dynamic personality of their own at some point and this brings a whole lot of new elements to games. Imagine this in action games and RPGs but also in games such as the Sims, it will ch age everything forever.

Also many people including normies will resort to talking to AI friends because they turn out to be better companions than human beings. This is basically already beginning to happen as millions of people already talk to AI daily and this big amount of demand also directly helps social AIs to evolve even faster. If AI can be handled like any contact on your phone and it gets a more active personslity while being more accessible then even more people will use it. Even normies will at some point choose to voicechat to an AI over of some random faggot on discord once the technology works in a fluid way.


npcs cannot withhold plans nor grudges against you with serious consequences


File: 1676569720184.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 2:1, 17-Laughing-Really-Hard-Gi….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Also many people including normies will resort to talking to AI friends because they turn out to be better companions than human beings.


I ate a whole box of fluoxetine and nothing happened


you can't just overdose on anything. almost all reported overdoses are about mixes of narcotic drugs, like benzo+opioids+alcohol for example.
for me, train guillotine was the choice for many years since I thought about it. It's the most deadly and readily available method. I don't have a gun, it's hard to get, and i don't even have a place to hang myself, unless i moved out and rented a hotel room or something. No skyscrapers nearby, I live on 4th floor, which is too low. Exit bags seem complicated and i fuck up everything I touch. The biggest problem is conquering fear, at least for a moment to end it.


How do you force yourself to inhale water?


What's funny?


Its quite possible, if AI reaches the point of indistinguishable social communication then even normies will prefer to chat/talk with it over human beings because its able to satisfy their needs for social validation way better and on demand. If you look at how many millions of people already chat with social AI then it's clear that normies are already getting into it.

I'm also 100% sure that AI will secretly flood on a lot of social apps like discord with scripts and people wont even be able to tell if they are chatting with a human or not because they will never see them irl anyway.

At what point does it even make a difference, people are becoming more and more anti-social anyway and when they hang out irl they are on their phones all the time or just use each other in a transactional way because social media changed everyones social behavior. The people they talk to online are behind a screen and there it will matter even less if its a real person or not.


>just fall on an innocent person instead


>What's funny?
Oh nothing, it just find amusing how normies turn into adepts of technology they used to mock us for using, plus ai will always be better than trash human beings.


File: 1676827710728.png (1.08 MB, 874x1108, 437:554, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

This looks rather complicated


No it's not; Frankly it's quite retarded and painful/stressful way to go.
There's a reason they do the drowning reflex test when they apply for Marines/SEALs or whatever.
There are far peaceful and readily available methods.


File: 1677060752101.jpg (11.82 KB, 475x475, 1:1, fence-base-foot-1_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Padlocks, a chain, and a stolen temporary fence concrete foot (pic related). You wrap the chain around you like it's a harness, padlock it secure around your body. Then you take a meter of the chain and thread it through the fence hole of the concrete foot, and padlock that back over in a loop, tying yourself to it.

Then you throw yourself in a deep river or a lake.


my mother has died unexpectedly far earlier than what I thought she would have. I feel oddly free now, as she was the last thing keeping me from doing it. Once I have her funeral and bury her, I don't think I'm going to be here much longer.





I'm not, yet. But I feel free that the option is here whenever I feel like it now without causing anyone pain. I have no one who cares about me any more.


I went from suicidal from back close to functionally okay and happy. I was institutionalized at least 3 times in 2019-2020

I don't know how long this will last, but even if it lasts only ten years and I tumble back down to being a depressed middle aged cunt, it's still worth it that I've squeezed a bit more life.

Learned helplessness is the big problem. Had I stayed in the ward, on the mental health system and on the meds, it's highly likely I would've never got as good as I've become now.

I'm posting this because I was posting in these threads at least once a month back then, and tried hanging myself through partial suspension a few times. I'm not saying everyone here can come back from it like I have, but unironically you can come back from the precipice.


File: 1677255635405.jpeg (67.29 KB, 615x532, 615:532, anti suicide rappel.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

theres nothing left to do,to explore. you need to be a millionarie to climb a mountain like everest regardless of skill. there are no secrets anymore. 2030 Agenda\cashless society will make everything anywhere 1000x times worse.
its impossible,almost to hunt your own meat and being a wanderer in nature is also illegal 99% of the time
I give up


Welcome to hell, I don't think shit gonna change much in the next 20 years or so. I think a lot people will eventually get tired and suicide, or not and keep doing the same thing mindlessly until they die of age. Such as life in the world.


I just want to dwell in some forest in a close community, or be legally able to explore new lands or even sail a ship. but today, its all about tech, guides, GPS helps. you can go to an amazonian village in your motorbike and the indians will be wearing jeans and using tiktok.
even the artic\polar areas are suffering because all the inuits get drunk on booze and eat shitty processed food


Poor, and retarded. You can sail a ship without GPS. You can go home without GPS. You want excuses for why you don't do the things you idealize, the reality is those things are just hard. Sailing with a GPS is still harder than complaining on an anon ib


go hike*


>indians will be wearing jeans
those are tourists wiz, not natives


no,you may not. those names do not befit me
you underestimate how much POZ globohomo has spread


is there any suicide way that will leave my organs intact for donation after I ded?
Can I contact in advance organ-donation State agency to tell them I, a celibate man,has top-quality organs which will soon be available?
my body is in beyond superb condition: can I sign up to donate the corpse to science, for sportology studies maybe?


File: 1677509980831.jpg (103.23 KB, 567x1076, 567:1076, image 0U2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> leave my organs intact for donation after I ded?
Big mistake
Consider the following:
1 You die and your organs are donated and part of your consciousness continues. imagine being trapped inside someone elses body. They can grow organs now there is no need.

2 Donating organs is harmful and immoral as life itself is never worth living and prolonging the suffering of another is not "saving" anyone.

Death is to be embraced. I would never advocate violence and think shooters are retards (usually crabs). If you had a button that would slowly torture every living thing on earth to death it would be a moral act to hit the button because that amount of suffering is a drop in the bucket compared allowing life to continue.

Humans should spend every resource developing technology that can kill every living thing on earth and continue to self replicate searching the entire cosmos for life to kill ad infinitum instead of trying to spread this disease of life elsewhere.


c-calm down!


I'll never understand how suicidal people can have egos large enough to say they speak for all life that has or ever will exist.


Right on Lich, as an antinatalist i signed a nodonateorgan form. Fuck life


Are you going to do anything before you go? Travel or skydiving or something?

I sometimes think about go and visiting places I liked as a “farewell tour”.


I'm sick of the cyclical aspect of this. For no real reason I stop being depressed then go back to my useless faggoty life somehow ignoring what a joke I am, how I've failed at everything, how I should've killed myself when everything started to go seriously wrong (age 18, a very long time ago). Inevitably the depression returns and then I again become acutely aware of what a pathetic cockroach I am. I wish I would stay depressed. Then I'd go through with killing myself. I need to disconnect from family completely and live alone and be cut off from everything. But when I keep going back to feeling normal, even though I shouldn't, unpredictably, I will never stay on the necessary course long enough to make it all happen. I'm trying to actively sustain my depression and hatred of my family so that I don't return to my faggy "normalcy" and sustain this shit life longer. When the depression leaves i have retarded empathetic feelings for the shitty family that made me that gets in the way of doing myself in. Are there any drugs to make me depressed?



No, and now that I've had some time to process it, I won't be checking out /that/ quickly. At least not until I've spent all the money first. I'd rather use it neeting than let the gov or some 2nd cousin I've never met get it.


Maybe you plan a fast way out and just wait until the cycle comes back around.

But then again, no reason to go before you’re good and ready, wizzie.


Should I wait until my mom dies to shoot myself?

I was thinking I might just kinda move out and isolate myself for a while. Would that make it easier on her? Maybe if I jump in the ocean or something and just disappear?


I've had these thoughts but I'm lately starting to think I should hate her anyway. Pretty much all the traits that have fucked my life came from her, why the fuck would such a person have kids? I'm considering the total isolation thing too. If I'm completely alone for a long time I think it'll be easier.


Yeah kinda like easing into it. The worst case would be having them find you, but I think just being around less and less until you’re not there at all is actually a decent strategy.


I have a variety of sleep meds including benzodiazepines, valium, xanax, zolpidem, tramadol, clobazam and can i get benadryl so a vodka amount will suffice?


Rail suicide seems risky with how there are cameras everywhere and what concerns me is what appear to be anti suicide bumpers on the trains that I imagine will push you a bit and mangle you.


if you don't have a gun or an iron will then don't bother


>so a vodka amount will suffice?

I've abused opioids, benzos and liquor for periods of years.

Dosage for death is dependent on your weight and previous experience with these substances. Look up the LD50 of the substances you want to OD with. It's not like randomly mixing mild dosages of these substances will kill you, dosages have to be high enough. Otherwise, you'll just end up falling asleep and/or puking.
You're missing a muscular relaxant too. That's a key ingredient if you're serious about dying through downer OD.

My personal advice is to not attempt suicide with pills, there's a big room of time for you to repent, go to ER or call for help.

I could give more tips and advice, depending on what you want to know.


I thought the best way to do rail suicide was to grab the third rail. But it maybe too safe nowadays anyways.


I weigh 75k and I never abused any of that shit, I just want to go away in peace, listening to music or something.
I'm not one to have regrets in the middle of something either, so I guess I'll try to get muscle relaxers or some other shit and do it and if it doesn't work, I'll hang myself.

also thanks for the help anon


75k pounds? wdf


kilograms anon


stones anon


75k kilograms? wdf


75 zolotnik anon


Antihistamines or diphenhydramine will kill you


It's so hard to jump from this bridge. I don't think I will be able to kms today…


Considered it. You need to be weighted down and I would suggest some kind of drug to numb the pain. Beyond that I like the concept of gently drifting away into the darkness and unknown.


At what dose? I've taken 900mg of dph without dying for fun due to lack of access to datura




idk, I was thinking 2500 mg.
You can get a bottle of 100 25mg tablets, so probably just down the whole bottle with your alcoholic beverage of choice.


It also depends on how much you weigh.


File: 1678632619978.jpeg (174.51 KB, 799x533, 799:533, fascist_russian_march_mos….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What are the most EXTREME ways to gather as much money as humanly possible before I ded?
Some ideas:
>sell everything I own
>how do I sell life insurance\insurances\mortage stuff?
>can I ,somehow,give up citizeship?
>how to become legally ded\fake my dedness
>use PSI\ESP\psychotronic powers to mind-control my parents unto giving me my inheritance while alive
>wait until parents pass on and then sell the house + live on a couple of dollars a day +agressive investments for some years


Kill your parents. High risk, high leverage investments - you can gamble on crypto with 100x leverage such that every 1% gain becomes 100% gain, but 1% drop is 100% loss. High risk drug deals and thefts. Kidnapping people for ransom. Robbing a bank, store or cash transport truck.

I mean, you said Extreme


>I mean,
I hate anyone and everyone who says this.


you cant justify that


We already know you mean it. you don need to clarify.
its asinine and gross.


I mean redundancy in language is good


It is a language device with obvious uses: https://english.stackexchange.com/a/3065


>I mean


File: 1678641723826.jpeg (61.96 KB, 612x408, 3:2, monarcho-donbass ism.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

seriously tho…I was serious. treat this seriously.


I mean, you're a bit of a twizzler dick anyway, so fuck your hatred.


>fuck your
HMMPH? is that your Adress?
why not embrace? ye, EMBRACE HATRED


File: 1678706457952.jpeg (26.87 KB, 303x429, 101:143, Giceviz s plitoi Kasazim ….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

im incredibly fanatical about donating money.
I might even live on food-bank food and public park water supplying to donate-maxx
I will take loans just to donate them


i knew for 10 years that i have to jump under a train. but i didn't do it. i regret it. people are supposed to fix their mistakes, isn't it what they say?


For a grammar Nazi, you sure suck at grammar.

Fuck your hatred, as in fuck the hatred that is possessed by you.
I know all the subtleties of English may confuse you. Maybe if you study real hard, you could be a competent grammar Nazi instead of just an "eh" grammar Nazi.


File: 1678739745460.jpg (167.13 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, train ride.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

have you tried jumping on a train?


Same. The thing is, life hasn't got worse, but I still feel absolutely nothing. No happiness. Only the very least comfort to not end it the next moment.


I'm curious how they measure the agony part


To you depressed anons, don't get baited by the kiwifarms psychos. You're broken and vulnerable, even if you're a 40 year old pervert you can still change.
There are predators and succubi that get off on making you commit suicide. I pity them because a lot of them were severely abused and they want to kill you to take it out on someone.
The posters giving advice on how to commit suicide come from crystal cafe and related sites, they discuss methods for abusing wizards and share their 'scores' when they destroy one of you. Don't let it happen bros. If you're a teen you're especially at risk. Don't trust people that talk to you on discord, don't listen to blackpill advice, and if you want to hurt yourself reply to this message and detail some of the reasons that you're hurting.


To all my suicidal bros, you should take a good hard look at yourself and be honest with yourself, do you actually have the balls to go through with it? If not suicide is just a destructive fantasy that will lead you to start neglecting things that will eventually fuck you over and make your life materially worse. I know you're thinking, well that's a good thing because it will make me finally kill myself, but it won't if you fundamentally don't have the courage to do it, it will only make you worse off, so you should just try to tamp it down ignore it and start dealing with your real life no matter how difficult, tedious and depressing that may be.


File: 1678927359115.png (360.67 KB, 500x655, 100:131, 1xz2vtr8yf071.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's good advice. I think spending too much time on the internet in those communities can't be healthy for you as well. If you're suicidal, it's best to stay away or limit your exposure to the whole blackpill parts of the internet, as they'll only fill you with negative thoughts. I'm not going to go on a whole anti-suicide preach here since I believe each individual ultimately has free will over their own life or death, but for any suicidal wizzies reading, I personally think no matter what's going in your life, no matter what bad things keep happening to you, you have to continue to struggle, you have to continue to fight, and you have to continue to live.

Yea for many people on this planet life is harsh, life is difficult, many people live in abject poverty or deal with loss of their loved ones through war/diseases/etc. bad shit keeps happening to them over and over but they continue to struggle and push forward and I think sometimes that's the only thing you can do. That struggle is what will build character & resilience. It'll make you a survivor. I mean just think about how many famous, young, rich people & celebrities have killed themselves over the years. They had all this wealth and power and money and yet they couldn't save themselves. The way I see it, you can kill yourself or you can become a survivor. Survive despite all the shit that life throws at you.


How do I mix ammonia and bleach without putting others in the house at risk?


File: 1679164089339.png (252.48 KB, 669x1000, 669:1000, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Tried roping this morning. I tied the rope to a tree and then tried to hang myself, but since I didn't know how to tie a proper noose, I got out of it when it started hurting.

Hanging is painful. Like someone said before, if you don't have a gun, forget about it.


"idk how to hang myself" is the same as saying you aren't suicidal. people have hung themselves since Before Christ. you should go beg for attention on Discord instead of pretending to be suicidal here.


He means it's too painful. He can mechanically do it.
Besides, if he doesn't have the constitution to withstand the pain, he may come out with brain damage, a fate worse than death.


>almost to hunt your own meat and being a wanderer in nature is also illegal 99% of the time
WHAT for real?


Why do you think Kaczynski felt the need to wage war on industrial society? If it was possible to guarantee a life outside of it, he wouldn't have wasted his life.


You're supposed to drop yourself from an appropriate height to break the neck. The knot you tie plays a role in that. If you fuck that part up, yes you will be in for a painful strangulation, but you will lose consciousness after about 5 seconds, so the pain will only last for 5 seconds.


yeah thats why theyve been kicking chairs out from under them at a height since Before Christ so that there's no way to pussy out. "hanging myself is too painful" is the same as saying you aren't suicidal. i recommend Discord a lot of them have #vent channels where people such as yourselves pretend to come up with convoluted suicide methods to avoid doing the real thing for attention.

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