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Nietzsche said: "Better to know nothing than to know half a lot!". this is my case, I wish I was a brainlet than knowings things that doesn't help me in everyday life at all. I wish I was a brainlet. it makes me depressed


Nietzsche was an idiot and which is a worse sin, a normalfag to boot. Everything he says can be disregarded. "Better to know nothing than to know half a lot!" Yeah then why did you write so many books telling us a lot?

Anyway op, everyday life is gay as fuck and overrated. Being practical is for normals. No knowledge is horrible that you couldn't bear it. Truth makes you free. There is no value in a happiness that is based on lies, delusions and copes.


Knowledge can git you outta here, get you to places


Stop giving a shit about philosophers, they don't apply to modern world anymore. Things change each century, money will be your new god and philosophy in the future. They'll track us and have us dependent on online currency to earn our needs and desires.


Philosophy never mattered, only for rich bored intellectual kids who had no other problems in life than solving some abstract issues.


people think too highly of books, there is no secret embedded in them that will turn your life around once you discover it. there is only so little to get out from them especially after you come to the conclusion that life is pointless trash. Cioran said something along the lines of "formulating life decreases the emotional intensity of experiencing it" and to me that's the main worth in reading at this point. because to be able to accurately formulate life you need to understand it. after you can explain them accurately you are not bothered by them as much. it is like being shown how a magic trick is done. after you understand how it works, the excitement you will get out of watching it again will be reduced significantly. I was more intensely tortured when I was confused about many things about life. more I understood it more my irrational anger turned into disdain and hatred. I find those emotions more manageable.


You never wonder the meaning of life anon? On why life exists and how we should act to live fulfilled? Philosophy simply helps and try to understand human core values. I'm glad philosophy exists.


It's OP again. Can someone becme my fri3nd


Having enough introspection and IQ to ponder these things is a mental illness, not an advantage.
Most people who have any good philosophical takes on the world are crabs or never get to procreate because they are so awkward or physically repulsive. Hence, they hold unfavorable genes.

Humans are animals that kill over territory and resources, shit, fuck, eat and sleep. Just like all other animals.

There is no deeper meaning to any of it. Biological, self-replicating machines that try to go on as long as possible (before the sun of this solar system dies out) with no other reason than replication itself, and experiencing dopamine (from food, copulation, entertainment).


You also sound full of shit, why is 'truth' setting anyone free? What is this 'freedom' you speak of? Is there any freedom or truth to even be had?


Nice hook Marty


It's just a cope, fucking all of it. Religion, consuming, "finding the truth". It's all bullshit and I hate learning the truth. Why can't the truth be positive for once?


I'm 100% sure that you never even read the Bible or anything else you critique and just act smart as if you know it all already to further justify with your nihilism.


I’ll be your friend


same. i am so dumb this all i can say. i am not that articulate enough says things.


I know enough to not care about it anymore. I found my own meaning, don't care about the rest of humanity.

Objective truth exists, unless you are some moron idealist or sophist (both are the same basically) who hides behind walls of obscure texts and arguments to justify why anything can be viewed as anything. The sky is blue. The Earth is a planet in the universe. Life is inherently meaningless and you need to find some meaning for yourself. These are all objective truths.

Knowledge and truth are good for us, without them humanity is doomed to degenerate back to ape level eventually.


You could be right or wrong, who fucking knows. How do you really know if the bible is true? Any proof of god or fucking anything? That's the problem. No one knows so you can believe and do whatever you want, who gives a shit at the end of the day now.


>You could be right or wrong, who fucking knows
He is objectively wrong.


>I don't like it, therefore it's a FUCKING COPE


>If I enjoy it then it's not a cope.

hehe, whatever you say


Nietzsche hated all of those things too


Nietzche died crazy from sex-having, he's not a role-model for wizards except in the barest sense of being a wayward man


nietzsche also said that knowledge is an illusion


He sure wrote a lot of books for someone who thought knowledge was an illusion. Saying "knowledge is illusion" is a knowledge in itself, so much for skepticism.


Isn't skepticism also knowledge? It's not an intuitive position to adopt, in my view, the mind wants to seek out confirmation.


>Isn't skepticism also knowledge?
…Yes, I said that too. That's why it's contradictory. If you say no truth exists then you posit that statement as truth already. So it doesn't matter.

Truth exists, truth is objective facts that happened. To deny truth is idiotic and you might as well stop philosophizing because the point of philosophy and wisdom is to give some truth or knowledge to people. Nietzsche was a philosopher but also an anti-philosopher at the same time in this sense.


File: 1678298935935.jpg (9.09 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, socrates1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Or or hear me out, that Nietzsche isn't as smart as he seems to be. He was just some depressed retard who fucked hookers and died, yeah he went to school and study philosophy but his words and books shouldn't be taken so literally. I just find him very pointless to talk or read about, you need to make your own thoughts and beliefs. Socrates who is the father of philosophy always wants others to simply think for themselves, keep thinking and discover new stuff about life and you'll feel much more content.


Chances are you already are one, what makes you think you're smart? If you're average that's pretty much the same as being a brainlet.


I quite like Nietzsche and his works are fun to read. It's not his fault that retards after his death started explaining his work as something that it never was. He is the typical intellectual who is misunderstood by ordinary people and gets quoted to death by people who never read him.

>Socrates who is the father of philosophy always wants others to simply think for themselves, keep thinking and discover new stuff about life and you'll feel much more content.

Nietzsche was saying this too actually. He didn't want people to agree with him on everything, he just presented some basic framework from which intellectuals of the future can build later on. He encouraged people to find their own character instead of copying him.

>He was just some depressed retard who fucked hookers and died

True I guess but everyone has faults. If you want to find wizardly thinkers then you'll be disappointed. So yeah, think for yourself. Don't take other people's ideas as fixed, certain or true. Philosophers were humans too. Nietzsche's life actually fits in well with what he was about, living for your passions and living dangerously. It may seem stupid to us or most people but to him it probably made sense. It was his fate to be the depressed intellectual who was always alone.


Honestly good post, sorry if I sounded harsh in my last. When I was clueless about my life, I had a obsession trying to find meaning in my life and taking philosophers too literal but overtime i'm glad I realized I can just simply live my own life whatever I want.


File: 1678344989948.jpg (81.69 KB, 640x612, 160:153, 1597442461779.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There was a legendary guy who during the 90s and early 2000s appeared in "meme" and music videos. He was basically a butcher with no formal higher education, but he used to philosophize on random things. Being a crazy,(eventually) homeless man, one would think that he doesn't have anything smart to say. But in his video about hunting a mythological snake of apocalypse he said, I quote: "Let me live in my ignorance, let me live free."
Sure, it's nothing new. But the quote stuck with me to this day because it was uttered by a man who organically came to that conclusion. No internet, no books and by that point even a lack of sanity. Even though he was losing a grip on reality he still had that stance.
I understand OP's point. >>271743 explains the reason why people who overthink suffer. Knowledge is fine and dandy, because >>270817
.The problem is overthinking, anything that is tied to the meaning, spirituality in life and anything concerning human psychology. Me (male) and my 2 sisters are all virgins (combined 90 years of life). But we all have higher education. We always think. Everything need to be thought through, instead of just DOING things.
We've had cousins and friends who are mental midgets (no joke) pass us by. Having kids, moving out to better countries etc. They go through life on autopilot, not knowing anything, not caring about anything.
I also wish I didn't "know" some things concerning life experiences. Not everything should be tried out. Sitting all day by the PC beats spending time with a succubus, then never again. Just enjoying chocolate instead of trying LSD. The list goes on. Sometimes just NOT knowing is alright! Curiosity killed the cat.


It's actually very unlikely that he had syphilis from what I've read.


What made him crazy, then die?


I didn't notice any harshness on your part at all, maybe it's just because I've spent a long time on im boards and got a thick skin thanks to it. Anyway, I went through what you describe as well. It's part of being young and wanting to find 100% correct answers but as you get older you realize that others were wrong concerning many things and that you shouldn't rely on the opinions of others so much.

>…my 2 sisters are all virgins
How old are they exactly? I'm having serious doubts about this. Maybe you just believe they are still virgins, no? It's not exactly a topic you discuss with your siblings.

I disagree generally with your post. There is no harm in knowledge, knowledge prevents harm if anything. You say there are things one is better off avoiding but that's still based on some knowledge. You read about people jumping off buildings while high on lsd probably and etc.

What do you base this on? It's a well known fact he visited prostitutes and he had all the symptoms of syphilis. It's not really a mystery, it's kind of official knowledge that he died from STD.


You literally need to re-read my post. You either skimmed it, read posts I responed to and thought they were mine or something else entirely.
>You read about people jumping off buildings while high on lsd probably and etc.
No, I speak from experience

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