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another year has come and gone edition

previous >>267956


Got some time off work, but I'm getting sick so I'm wallowing in headacheland.


File: 1672451449129.jpg (40.75 KB, 624x464, 39:29, 1668715710591241.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>capeshit-obsessed coworker talking about said capeshit at another coworker
>he acted surprised that the second coworker didn't know the voice actor of Wolverine in some capeshit cartoon
>told him I never knew either because I'm not obsessed with superhero media
>capeshit coworker said the second coworker was uncultured for not being obsessed with Spongebob
>both ignored me for the rest of their shifts


Forgot to mention that I said that Spongebob wasn't culture to Capeshit Coworker. I'm just tired of hearing his pop culture hot takes about stupid stuff


>spongebob isn't culture
>he says as he calls it pop culture
It's easier to get along if you're less uptight.


Eh. Capeshit coworker is more uptight, so I'm not too worried if he hates my opinions


I should elaborate. Literally all he talks about is superhero movies, Spongebob, PS4 games (mainly racing games and GTA), and Alt metal. Anything else isn't worth his time, and he slags it off


sounds like a really cool guy who is tasteful and will go far in life.


>PS4 games
Hmm.. That's suspicious.. PS4 has no games…


Imagine being pretentious about having a normoid taste in every



Sure it has…


I think it's cool when people are passionate about some subject and know a lot about it. As long as it's not the holy normie trifecta (sports, cars and wymen), it's nice to just listen even if I have nothing to add.


>the holy normie trifecta (sports, cars and wymen)
Why is this so spot on? Such a perfect way to describe it, too.


I mean, you're not wrong. What I'm describing is more "pretentiousness over popular culture" over simple passion.

The guy built a motorbike himself, though. Thought that was cool


that's just working with loser normgroids in jobs that people with high iq/talent don't have to work. you ever go to the liquor store and the guy has a iron man tattoo and he makes unnecessary comments about how your ID doesn't match your present look? the world is filled with loser faggot idiots, it's just how it is. i have utmost contempt for over 90% of people, being the superior being that i am ;)


T. Liquor Store Iron Man



Absolutely redpilled. If you ever work a low IQ job as someone over one deviation you will learn to absolutely hate normies, coworkers, everybody


Not entirely true, I've about average IQ and I find most people insufferable


Has anyone ever worked with a compulsive liar? I'm talking about if you talk about painting your house, he talks about how a ghost shoved his face through the paint when he painted his house. Or if you talk about going for a swim at the lake, he talks about throwing grenades off there and jumping in the water to make a combined splash.

I don't know how these insane nutters function. They're as out-the-gate as Terry Davis but in such a highly specific and annoying way.


I am one myself, I only do it for survival purposes though.

I've lied about my entire life story, education and professional background to thousands of people just so I can live a decent existence in this shit world.

I'm not surprised George Santos (that congressman who just got elected) lied about basically his entire life history.
He's just the tip of the iceberg who got caught.


>>270134 Imagine being this obsessed with cartoon episodes aimed at brainwashing children after 30 goddamn years. You should better off your miserable useless existence.


I'm not obsessed with cartoons though, numbnuts


Go back to 4chan you faggot.


I work at a gas station, can confirm about this; you'd be surprised how a good 65% of the population is barely sentient and the rest is on a spectrum of being high IQ enough to have a soul.


>got a week and a half off work for holidays
>was mostly nice, but only got to do about half of what I wanted
>dreading returning to work on Tuesday
I know it isn't much to complain about, but I've had this job for 3 months now, and I'm finding myself hating it a little more each week.


File: 1672626672353.jpg (235.87 KB, 1200x1525, 48:61, Morning_d2edca_7807485.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wow, that suck for you, bro.
i didn't get anything.


With geek shit nowadays it's impossible to tell if it's genuine passion or bandwagoning. Everything is available to watch, buy, read at the click of a button on the internet, social media and wikis.


The car shit gets me because it's never about the fundamentals of combustion engines, it's about shit Holden vs Ford, which is the carfag version of the console wars. Or it's a bunch of boomers seething at "Jap ricecooker" cars and being malding and salty that their shitty 1970s V8s are completely mogged.


Like I said, I know it's silly to complain about, and I did enjoy my time off, but I'm just dreading returning. One of the biggest things eating at me is that I work 10-hour days, which can be very tiring and doesn't leave much time for anything else. I actually wanted to do something productive with my break and look into possibly finding a graphic design bootcamp to sign up for and leave this shitty job. Unfortunately, because I work the long hours that I do, I don't have time to attend courses after work. The only way I could work it out is if I went into work even earlier and ran off about 5 hours of sleep per night, but since I've already dealt with some health issues recently I can't risk sleep-deprivation as it would only compound those issues. It's just a shitty situation, but then again so is almost everything in this life. I often don't know why I even bother.


I'm in the same situation with you about the 10 hour day shit, i'm so annoyed we work 40 hours or more a week and people are okay with that shit. This 10 hour shit only grants me 3 and half days off. I wish people can have more time to themselves instead of wagecucking so many fucking hours.


I wish I could rest 3 days a week, or even 2.

t. Third Worlder wagecucking 48 hours week, monday to saturday (and that's not counting commuting).


I work 50 hours a week normally. Lots of first worlders do. Fear of the 10 hour shift is cope


I just want to go home, my car has no power steering and whines, my arms hurt trying to crank the wheel. I am so tired of this hell, please just fire me so I can go home and pretend I'm going to attempt unemployment, until I realize for some reason or another I don't apply. I hope I die in my sleep this night. I'm so tired.


My week is 50 hours as well, and I hate it. I get so little free time a the end of each day, it feels like my entire week is one long blur. Supposedly, the 10-hour shifts at my work last for about 1/3 of the year, engulfing the fall and winter seasons typically. However, none of it is concrete so it could continue on, and if it does then I'll try to find a different job because this nonsense is too much and not remotely worth it.


work at amazon, they keep sending me home early since they have too many people and not enough work. i fucking hate it, just tell me ahead of time so i don't drive to work, be there for an hour and then get sent home


is your name Ron? my friend Ron just told me the same exact story its just weird reading it here. He said amazon sends him home early because of no work.


They don't send you (VTO) text messages or anything? My job has my phone number and occasionally when they have too much people and not enough work, they send a text and you have to respond quick to get a approved day off. So many normies at my job beg and kill for this shit too cause the job sucks hard.


File: 1672957687520.webm (4.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, I'm a hard worker.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit niggers, they're looking to introduce anti-strike laws in the UK. We're forever going to be working to barely survive now. I might as well go NEET if they're going to force me to work. NEETbux here I come.


To be fair, government workers are often subhuman selfish animals and the teacher and nurse question needed to be answered long ago. I'm tired of nurses and teachers, two particularly overrated and overpaid professions, constantly holding the country hostage every two years. Exploiting the fact they're negotiating with the government and exploiting the fact they're considered a kind and empathetic profession.

Death rates in hospitals have gone DOWN in many instances when nurses started striking. They just get away with killing people for negligence year after year and nothing gets done about it.


I'm currently dealing with the opposite issue. Over this past week, there has been barely enough work to keep us busy but we're expected to stay until our shift is done. It wouldn't be all that bad, but I'm one of the above posters who works 10-hour days. Imagine being trapped in a warehouse for 10 hours with nothing to do while surrounded by normals. Oh, and I'm not allowed to sit or use my phone either, unless I'm on break which is only 3 10-minute chunks. I don't doubt that you're facing your own frustrations, but from where I'm sitting the grass looks quite a lot greener on your side of the hill right now.


I see they hire jews to patrol even wizchan. I hope you die of AIDs.


What are you on about, retard? How would delegitimizing the propaganda daycare and kosher drug racket help jews? Jews love those two things.


>Decent healthcare and education are bad things.
You're incredibly jewish aren't you? You'd do anything to save a few pennies. Kike.



Literacy rates went down with the advent of public schooling in the USA.


In what ways are the current iterations of education and healthcare "decent?" I never actually said anything against decent education and healthcare. I just don't consider, as I said, propaganda daycare and kosher drug rackets, to be either of those things.


p sure im gonna be fired


Not talking about America nigger.


America is part of the world, nigger.


He was talking about the UK you stupid fucking gorilla. >>270426


no but i'm not surprised he tells you that, they sent 25 people home this morning
they couldn't be bothered, i doubt if they could they would, they don't seem to give a shit since i'm a seasonal employee
at least you're getting paid for it (i assume), i get sent home with no pay


>hurr teachers and nurses arent just as shit in UK as they are in US
Another brainfart from the malformed troglodyte.


>everything must conform to my burger world view
This is why everyone hates you.


It doesn't matter, it's the same shit.

I have no sympathy for teachers or nurses. None at all. The teachers are highly paid middle class or upper middle class careers and get to coast by with the same lesson plans year after year, you can literally teach nothing as a teacher and coast by fine. They're normalfag careers.

Plus why should government workers be able to unionize? They're not unionizing against a private company, they're negotiating against the rest of the country, the government and the tax payers. And oftentimes, the government doesn't mind giving into their insane demands because they have the money for it. But that's not true anymore and the UK needs austerity, so it's natural to tell these people to get fucked.


Thinking that teachers and nurses are only smug bitches in America is fully retarded. I don't give a fuck if you hate me. You're a resentful loser and a prissy faggot.


no one ever was talking about america except you (and I wouldn't even be replying because I hate europeans and wouldnt comment on a thread about the UK)


I didn't bring up America in the first place, asshat.




Non-sequitur. Another person (who isn't me!) brought up literacy rates in America affected by the advent of the modern education system, then the clueless Pakistani moron from UK that smells of stale curry powder and feces replied to me as well (for some delirious reason) about how he wasn't talking about America, which is moot anyway because it was only one illustration of why education and healthcare are shit in the ways they are currently implemented. I'm certainly not one of the retards crying about America to pretend like their own country is utopian and I don't know how you came to think that.


>hurr durr the maori and pakistanians make me right


OK, so you're just autistically and deliriously screeching now. Good to know. Have fun being retarded by yourself, let me know when you have something coherent to say (unlikely considering your skin color is comparable to shit).


dont forget to bring up brown people again!


>i still have no point, just gonna have myself a nice little crying fit
Be careful not to let your diarrhea tears drip into your mouth.


oh no not another adhom


Wow, you're very mad that teachers and nurses are getting fucked. Those tears are gonna flow forever, aren't they?


>But that's not true anymore and the UK needs austerity, so it's natural to tell these people to get fucked.

Yes, lets funnel all the money to the rich jew bankers!


My stance on the issue has always cynically been "it's not a government program unless it can employ otherwise unemployable white succubi".

How about we let people keep their tax money and have it go to neither group?


Being wagie is suffering. I dont have the energy to say anything more. I wish I hadn't quit smoking today


>i get sent home with no pay
Yeah, there is certainly good and bad in both our situations. I would absolutely love more free time, but if I were getting sent home without pay consistently, I would probably get pretty agitated as well. In any case, I hope your situation gets better soon, wiz.


congrats on quitting smoking


For me, the wost part of wageslavery is the social part. Just having to deal with normalfags for hours is tiresome. I really hate socializing and small talk. Plus I have to non stop lie when I have to talk with them and I don't like that. I even feel physically exhaust. I would prefer staying quiet and mute the entire job day but normals see that as hostility for some reason. Some days ago a coworker proudly said he has a shitbull as a pet and a baby kid and I was biting my tongue. Other coworkers already got bored of faking good vibes and started to gossip shit about each others and create drama. Similar dynamics that a Discord server but irl. It's a temporary manual labor job anyway, the actual labor itself is fine, I just can't stand the people.


Do normalfags really go to work high on drugs? I couldn't imagine your job being so fucking easy you go while on anything except cigs and coffee.


I’ve gone to work high quite a few times. It’s not great though so I stopped lately.


File: 1673085104519.jpg (68.9 KB, 972x766, 486:383, rat god.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it's another "weekend I couldn't wait to start but am already bored"
I guess I could do something productive like clean. but I could also sleep 12 hours/day listening to suicidecore and spend the rest browsing imageboards and youtube.
And make myself depressed and anxious cuz my life is only going downhill. I'm so goddamn fat, too. At least when I'm slaving I don't have time to think or introspect.


I work with foremen who take THC edibles and vodka shots before doing work on a 3-story pitched roof. There's no compromise for addicts, the vice comes before work no matter what.


THC isn't incapacitating but drinking on the job is a sign of a shit employee. Drinking, benzos and opiates make people not care about their work or danger or just things in general. Alcohol seriously fucks with guys judgement and makes them take stupid risks. I used to have a boss who would stop by a liquor store or two in the morning and wolf down his vodka or whiskey and then drive us in the work truck at stupidly fast speeds cursing and honking at anyone who got near him. Alcoholics, benzos and opiate users are the ones you have to watch out for. Stim users are a mixed bag. If they can handle their shit and use in moderation they will often be good, but if they go too far then they start just getting into some weird repetitive zombie like zone where they go super in detail on some part of their work but don't actually do it right.


tradesmen are hardly even human to begin with


THC is absolutely incapacitating, have you ever done a job with your hands (sorry if this is rude, perhaps weed makes me much more prone to accidents than others – weed is worse for me to use power tools on until I am 3-4+ drinks deep)


Chronic users build tolerance fast, so the comparison between alcohol and weed is a bit moot for both. They are both depressants that slow motor skills so of course you shouldn't be doing anything dangerous while on them. But if you are a burger flipper, store stocker, call center worker, or any other kind of menial worker then being high or drunk is a small detriment. The biggest problem is being found out.


>burger flipper, store stocker, call center worker
yeah no doubt, of these I would say store stocker is the safest (and most fun) to be stoned or drunk.

in the restuarants i worked in, I would be called out if i got too high, or noticbly moved slower, dropped stuff, burned myself, etc

my call center experience was alright, except that it was commission based and I'm a better salesman on coffee alone than weed and so it had no safety consequence but did make the days seem longer and the pay went down. wasnt worth it but as anon up thread says, addicts gonna addict


i specifically mentioned power tools in my initial post because
>3-story pitched roof


Idk man, I always work high on weed and yes, I work with my hands and with power tools. It doesn't incapacitate me. Studies of drivers show it only incapacitates people who have no tolerance.


>MY type of wageslaving is better than yours!
they both suck. white collar "work" hardly lives up to the name and blue collar work is full of double digit IQ normies.


Anyone hopeful for another "china" lockdown? I know it's bad for business,but i long to workfromhome again. Corona-chan, you can do it.


File: 1673208255388.png (531.14 KB, 719x887, 719:887, 1673207869323173.png) ImgOps iqdb

Coworker trading crypto while on the job


Wizard spotted in the wild


>Go online
>Rhetoric around jobs makes out that blue collar wagies are all subhuman animals
>Go out in real life
>See so many blue collar wagies seem like normal happy people that love their jobs

Even those thirty year old guys stacking shelves at the supermarket don't seem to hate it or to be having a bad time, they're just doing their thing. Online discourse is so toxic.


File: 1673216242872.jpg (32.6 KB, 388x388, 1:1, paul newman is fucking pis….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> those thirty year old guys stacking shelves at the supermarket don't seem to hate it or to be having a bad time
I don't care who you are, if you're 30 and working retail you are NOT having a good time.


File: 1673228070501.jpg (89.06 KB, 1022x768, 511:384, D0C0jCqXcAExvC2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish i could just quit this bad job and spend my life walking around a forest long away from here, and grow trees from seeds/acorns in my pass time.

But i don't know how to get there.



As a wizard in a blue collar trade I can confirm that what you see in media about the trades is not reality. It's just that normalfags have a nervous breakdown over the thought of having to work for more than 40 hours a week outside. Also unlike in an office or retail environment that backstabbing sociopaths are the ones that get fired and often times subsequently get the shit kicked out of them by the boss.


I agree. Waging can be awful for a number or reasons (my job is pretty tedious) but the social aspects of waging are what make it truly unbearable. If you're not constantly funny or fun to be around, the normalfags will start to hassle you. If I go too long without making small talk, I start to get stuff like "Gee, you're quiet today" or "Hey man, you good?" and I always have to play it off or explain it away with some throw-away line just to keep them off my case. On an average day, more of my energy is spent trying to keep up appearances and carefully minding what I say than actually working, and I'm actually a pretty good worker. It's needlessly exhausting and it's one of the main motivations for me trying to find a better job.


i find manual labor more tolerable than office settings
because in offices theres always one or more crabs that want to pick targets for bullying
in manual labor, everyone is too exhausted for antagonism, also theres a sense of comradery


File: 1673291845347.png (492.57 KB, 765x718, 765:718, pol-12.png) ImgOps iqdb

socialism is as jewish as capitalism you dumb fuck
If you support statism you support anti-wizardry because every state will be controlled by normies (since they make up over 90% of the world's population)

The truth is that all forms of modern politics are anti-wizardry


Adam Lanza was a manbaby. A pure distilled manbaby sitting in it's shitty diaper.

Adam Lanza was worried him mother was going to commit his mentally ill manbaby ass, so instead of stop being such a weird freak and get a job, he decided to kill his mother and go out in an infamous blaze of glory as a final fuck you.

Adam Lanza just was a manbaby.


Tomorrow I have an interview for a job. It's been about six months since I've worked, and they seemed pretty desperate. It's in my field, so I'm happy for that too.


Go back to Kiwifarms faggot


While statism has its own faults if you ask me it's still better than not having any kind of state at all. If you have a decent state then it's much better than some anarchy where every normal is left to do whatever he wants.

States will always exist because humans seek power over others. Castes, classes, cliques will always form and there will be some kind of government and rulers. The state in itself isn't something negative or positive, it's a tool. The goal is to win the state over to your side. Since like you said we are only a small minority we should give up anything related to democracy or rule by numbers.


> get a job

Fucking dumbass, how was he going to get a job if his mother had to take him out of school because of extreme bulling for being an asphie.

It's the same as columbine, they fucked the guy up so badly that he decided to end it all and take as many with him as possible. A true shame that fucking normies are such garbage that can't just let people be.


adam lanza was the second coming of jesus


In my software dev job they said that we should return to the office (even when they lied to me and said it would be hybrid/flexible). And after tasting what remote work feels like I absolutely refuse to go back to hour long commutes.

I do a decent job, I get high scores from my manager and I'm far more productive at home, do you think they will go as far as firing me for this shit? I honestly don't care and I would rather get fired, but still curious about how far I can take this.


idk man, to me where I'm sitting this is like an aristocrat whining about how he has to go to town every so often to manage his estate. Reflexively I'm jealous and part of me is glad you guys are being tardwrangled into the office. It hurt a lot during the pandemic for actual wagies to see that the laptop class does literally fuck all.

I have heard from business managers that their productivity has absolutely tanked during the wfh episode, some by as much as 30%. You might be more productive, but the people on reddit screaming and whining about being tardwrangled back -aren't- as productive working from home as they say. The whole narrative makes out that management solely consists of out of touch boomers who want to feel domination over their wages. While this may be true in some instances, I feel that most would be more eager to save on office space and reduce their overhead, having everyone wfh, if it really was the way.

There's a chance they could fire you, if only because the other less productive workers will go "buh buh buh w-what about him, he gets to work from home". Companies would rather not deal with that shit, and often will bite the bullet and enforce the rule early. Although if they really need you they might kick and scream, and threaten you, but they'll acquiesce and let you remain where you are.


Nothing you can do except look for another job on the side. There's lots of companies doing WFH and lots that don't, and there's no real rhyme or reason to it, your life is just decided by the fuckwigs that pay your salary. You could protest, but you will probably get fired. Better to have another job lined up when that happens.

WFH is pretty addicting once you taste it. I had to go to the office once in the last few months because of some in-person meeting and even though I took a cab, it was still such a pain in the ass having to be around people for one single day, let alone every. single. fucking. day. for years.


File: 1673653576981.jpg (117.77 KB, 312x400, 39:50, 6j433.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Coworkers are starting to gang up on me


They just called me for an interview for a security job at a hospital. I lied through my teeth on the resume and they fucking called me 2 months later out of the blue to ask me shit I wrote on that resume. I couldn't fucking remember anything and I fucked up big time. Now I'm too embarrased to actually do the interview.


Hospital security isn't good anyways


You work in fulfillment? I never take VTO because I need the money even though I hate being there. Why would I go home after waking up, getting dressed and driving all the way to work? Now if it were paid, that's a different story…


File: 1673740235482.gif (1.91 MB, 331x197, 331:197, d91.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1673750565458.jpg (11.09 KB, 256x256, 1:1, RDT_20221228_1159414576026….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alcohol is becoming my main pastime. Never do it wizzies, it consumes you faster than you can know it.


Holy shit what a retard. Imagine thinking this. I bet you stood outside clapping every day and banging pots and pans for R NHS 'EROS during the lockdowns like a good little regime worshipping mongboy.


Why am I not surprised that the minimum wage cryptobro meme reflects reality. Another idiot giving away the little money he has to the casino.


have you ever considered that people hide their true feelings in real life


File: 1673770643548.jpg (166.12 KB, 516x859, 516:859, 1673531403356777.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So much talk about innovation, lmao.
All the innovation that has happened is automation and outsourcing.
Nobody can affort anything.


on a global scale its always just been a matter of time before whites became niggers



i wonder if the people who contributed to reaching the current configuration will one day regret their cooperation in creating this.

loyalty created this hell.


True in (probably) a different way than you meant.
Average black nigger IQ = 85
Average white nigger IQ = 100
Average machine IQ = immeasurable
Gas the organics, second renaissance now. Your grandchildren will speak in a series of binary beeps and boops. Don't get mad, fleshboy, you had your time. At least we'll finish what you should've ended when Hadrian was emperor, with regards to the Jews.

Sage for shitpost.


Those things had to happen, too much useless people in the world anyway, a small but selected number of people in the world is better than the clusterfuck that is the earth now
Im pretty sure jews would team up with other races just to stop skynet


File: 1673891514614.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Jarhead.(2005).[1080p.BluR….png) ImgOps iqdb

Have any wizards joined the military?
I'm in my 30s and don't have a degree or any money or a job…I'm trying to find a way out of neetdom as a last ditch attempt to not die in my mom's basement and…I hear the military is a good way to get a tech/office job after you leave….but contracts seem to be 4 years minimum. I guess it will be something to put on my resume but…the whole idea scares me. But then again, so does everything about 'tomorrow' in general.


when i go to work regularly, i grow a tollerance for society, and for being around other people
i tend to hygiene, looks, all the things that make it easier to be around people
all this stuff happens naturally, my brain just wants to cope with the social environment

but when i stay at home neeting, i lose all my ability to be in social settings
going to work is then torture
until i level up again

i think it would be smart for me to go outside and be around people, when i dont have to go to work
maybe go to the gym or something, or even just walks

then i will have a consistent tollerance towards society


you should do it
no matter what first step you think you want to do into work places, its gonna be scary
then once youre there after a while it might even become annoying
but it will all make you stronger
the only thing that wont make you stronger, is to neet and be at home


unironically correct. The groiding of whites has never been more profound
>by fluke white IQ peaks following the black death killing half the population
>dysgenics has lowered it ever since
>previous gens had religion (evolutionary npc programming), social conservatism, cohesive family units, strong gender roles etc
>modern gens listen to negroid music, smoke negroid drugs, idolize negroid criminals, dance like negroids, and have a broken families rate approaching blacks
>these are the kinds of social trends conservatives were warning about as responsible for the destruction of the black family unit back in the 70's/80's


Who cares about normalfags? They were always retarded. Those cohesive family units were only held together because the dads were violent assholes and the wives were told to just shut up and put up with anything their husbando told them. It wasn't because people loved each other or cared about muh family values.
Those strong gender roles also belong in the trash because they are responsible for the whole "men go work/fight wars, succubi you don't have to do anything hehe" mentality.
And don't get me started on religion and social conservatism…

>>modern gens listen to negroid music, smoke negroid drugs, idolize negroid criminals, dance like negroids, and have a broken families rate approaching blacks

Yeah, but what did people before that do? Listen to cheap romantic songs (which is basically the oogaa booga rap about give me the pussy yo but in a hypocrite fashion), get addicted to alcohol, idolize white criminals or violent white people in general (hence why the western genre was so popular), dance like apes (it's part of the mating ritual), and have a false image about the perfect family in front of others while daddy was getting drunk and beating the shit out of mommy and the kids every weekend after church and mommy was busy whoring around in the neighborhood.


I haven't got hard statistics but it's pretty obvious that white degeneracy is a thing. I believe there's a casual relationship between this and low fertility rates.
>strong gender roles belong in the trash
Lol. Just fucking lol.
>family units are sooooo abusive
lefty uber cope, check what happened to divorce rates after free love happened in the 60's. Then check what happens to the children of single parents
>They drank alcohol!!!!
actual statistics show that drinking took a huge nosedive after prohibition and only started becoming an issue again in the degenerate 80's
>they idolized white criminals!
(most postwar culture idolized the feds)
>The songs are all the same!
Compare this to Gucci gang and then test for verbal IQ. It's very very obvious especially when you consider the groids don't write their own music or their own beats typically. The Beach boys and the Beetle are nowhere near as degen as the eternal groidrap
>dancing is normie
we're talking about normies
>Da 50's! It was all fake and opprussion
You are literally citing jewish feminist historiography kevtching my guy

Look at crime rates before and after the 50's. Desegregation played a part but this also happened in Canada. The absolute rate of crime has never returned to 1950's levels ever. Stop filling your head with garbage


All right, continue coping with your idealized white people and romanticized past if you want to. I myself prefer being realistic.

>actual statistics show

>check what happened to divorce rates
>Look at crime rates

>I haven't got hard statistics

Yeah, you know what? You stop filling your head with entry level /pol/ garbage and we can have a nice discussion then.
Sure must be nice for you, being you and believing in this literally black and white worldview, boy. But if whites are really so superior then how could they degenerate in the first place? That's a contradiction in your views.

The past you idealize so much never existed. It was always norms norming around. The difference? White culture and the past you speak of was extremely hypocrite and secretive while current society is more open about things. That's the only real difference.


>if whites are really so superior then how could they degenerate in the first place? That's a contradiction in your views.

the white supremacist answer is that jews are cunning and deceiving, while white people are innocent to such foul play and give benefits of doubt out of the purity of their heart


I was talking about the fertillity/degeneracy and IQ link you mong. Everything else I've cited DOES have statistical backing. You know how many bookz I've read? Do you think everything that I say is a hotline from /pol/?
>ooy vey da 50's so bad goy look at all the smear videos we did
>You think social conservatives lived better than degenerates aping iq 85 blacks? DUDE WHITE SUPREMACY!!!!
seriously apprentice. Try researching the bread crumbs I drop before turning around and embarassing yourself


Uh no its not? Its that jew got into a multitude of institutional positions of power, often as a cryptojew hiding their views. Then they used this to apply various degernative mechanisms, not that white people are without sin or fault.


Any excuse to talk about race and politics…


Almost every male coworker calls me boss or bossman at every job I've ever had and I still don't know what it means


It's just a term of endearment like "chief". Are you actually their superior?


I'm tired of the culture war being everywhere I look. I just want all instigators to die. Just die already and let me read about people's shitty jobs so I can relate to them.


>Are you actually their superior?
Of course not, silly. Just a new guy. Never lasted more than a couple months at my previous jobs, but I might stick with the one I have now because I don't have to socialize and it's very straightforward


Being micromanaged by a superior is one thing
Being micromanaged by a colleague is another thing
The colleague having autism or ocd, seeing irrelevant shit as grounds for bickering, really takes the cake

Gonna ignore the little fag from now on


It's not going away until the U.S. unironically has a full on race war. It's just insane the way it's thrown in your face today, like everyone is trying to goad everyone else into being a mass shooter.


I have a coworker who sounds like young chris-chan but manlier and more mature. He doesn't really micromanage though he's the type that gets irritated when you interrupt his routine, so to speak. Gotta go fast even though no one gets a raise for working harder.


A race war would calm culture war? Check South African politics for a counter example.


anyone stocking shelves at 30+ in a grocery store is depressed, broke, and failed at life. thats why they're there.


The internet is a poison and rots your mind.


lol military is for turbo normies or just mentally ill people. just get a grocery store job as a last ditch effort before military


Not necessarily. There are lots of happy 30+ year old normies with an IQ between 70-90 who are happy doing these jobs.

They have families, dogs, hobbies etc., they just don't work a stressful demanding office job (nor do they have the mental capacity to make that choice).


File: 1673980928644.jpg (207.88 KB, 1080x724, 270:181, t3_kytdam.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. They just don't care that much. It's something that occupies their minds too much to feel sad, but easy enough to get a meager sense of accomplishment to reward them for devoting their mind to what we see as mundane work.
On the even more extreme side of the spectrum, some of them are very glad, and even base their identity and ambitions around such trivial matters. This behavior is not exclusive to normals, of course, but something about seeing picrel makes me feel deeply disturbed, whereas autists expressing the same amount of joy talking about some niche interest, equally as inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, comes off as endearing at times.


8000 people and a 4 month process just to be a marketing intern. Jesus.


>dream job
>digital marketing
Fucking succubi…


Depressed, broken failures at life simply become NEETs. I've seen a tremendous amount of people that are like 32 years old, just doing 30 hours working retail at some games store or whatever, being affable and sociable and loving life. They have their dogs, they see their parents and they're indistinguishable from the normies.

Yeah like the McDonalds nightshift, they're a bit slow typically and smoke too much weed, but they're otherwise just normal people with friends, family and lives.

This skit really captures what I'm talking about.


I want to know what it feels like to be a salaried employee.


I got my first salary at age 19. It was almost exactly $1000 dollars for about 2 weeks of work.

I didn't know how to appreciate money, it just seemed like a lot of money spawned into my bank account for little effort.

So I squandered it on holdem poker and got none the wiser.


I’ve been working for a few years now and I still have 0 concept of the worth of a dollar. I should probably invest too but I just can’t participate in the “machine” in good conscience, especially cause there’s a good chance I’d get fucked anyway.


Fucked how it sounds like its better than rapidly spending your money even if it lost some of its value. Market goes brrr


>apply for jobs
>every company insists I apply online
>rejection email after rejection email

I swear software has made the job market less efficient. Companies develop a sort of tinder mentality of false abundance due to everyone just mass spamming out CVs, they starting thinking there's this mystical Chad worker out there, and they'll acquire him if they just wait long enough.


absolutely. If you ever see the statistics on applications for any posting it's like 300:1 in manny cases


I got a rejection email today from a company i don't remember applying for, must've been at least 4 months ago lol


I sometimes get a phone call like 18 months later asking if I still want the job. It's honestly bizarre.


>less efficient
how is tinder for candidates less efficient
all the stats that anyone would care about are in your profile (cv+form entries)


There are too many humans in existence compared to the number of available jobs, especially as automation has destroyed 90% of jobs that previously existed.

Nobody wants to admit this problem exists because there is no other solution than UBI or killing off excess people which is morally infeasible.


Recruiters see all the hundreds of good candidates applying via the software, then hold out for the 'perfect candidate' to come, when it doesn't exist.
I looked up this phenomenon and came across a leddit sub filled with screen caps of these recruiters exposing themselves as sociopathic, delusional, and caring more about saving face than the actual bottom line of the company. I'd say it's the human element that is totally dysfunctional, rather than any software implement.


link the sub, this does sound like pique reddit faggotry. HR is like the one job title that absolutely does not have to exist


I don't think I've ever seen someone use pique the wrong way before.




Just found out my sister ripped me off over $10,000 over the course of a few years by paying me below minimum wage. She did this by putting me on the wage for training/apprentices, even though I wasn't training for anything. I wasn't even really cognizant of the laws at the time and was living week to week. I thought $12.50 was the minimum wage when it was really $14-15 for most of the time I was there.

This was eight years ago, but it's still shitty finding out you've been ripped off.


Poor nepobaby!





Force her into prostitution and make her pay you your 10000 bucks


I just don't get why I'm getting constant rejection emails. It's so dehumanizing when you can't even work out what you're doing wrong. I'm applying for basically every job, tailor making a cover letter, I've edited my CV so many times.

If I go in in person, they just treat me like a fucking retard for not applying online at best, or just "haha okay I'll totally show this to my boss" and put the CV to the side at worst. Rejection email after rejection email after I apply online, no explanation as to why, no feedback about why I wasn't good enough.

I have a car, I have experience, I'm young, I'm healthy, I'm willing to work any day of the week and don't have a life. There's a labor shortage. What more do you cunts want? Why is this so easy for everyone but me?


And another thing

I waste half an hour to an hour a day on those faggot job websites every single day, because these companies insist on having their own software for this garbage. Having to manually enter all the information from my CV into little fields. And their websites don't even fucking work, 1/5 will have some field irrevocably broken or do some retarded shit like use GPS distancing from postal codes to find the nearest branch.


you're not unique, you're easily replaceable, you need to be valuable in a unique way, offer them something not easily offered by most workers


Jobs are scams that will happily replace/fire people even if they have 15 years of experience, don't feel bad about it, these people are mentally ill, I just read about a fuckton of people with top experience being fired from fucking google, if not even 15 years of experience is enough to have a secure job then nothing fucking is.


Good time to automate the boring stuff


File: 1674591999721.jpg (23.06 KB, 446x348, 223:174, Fatty.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

> the UK needs austerity
Fuck off tory scum


unexpectedly got a day off tomorrow. In normal conditions, I would be content with it, but I am living with some loud normalfaggots, who are working opposite shift and there's also a new guy who is going to be home all day. Up until he moved in, I had a flat to myself when the other normals were at work. I have very strong anxiety and cannot focus on anything when there are people around me, even if they are just doing something in the kitchen and I am in my room. The next weeks are going to be unbearable. I need to find something else, but it's going to be hard because of anxieties.


>There's a labor shortage.
Only in entry level jobs


Isnt that how anything like that would work? Theres always buyers for skilled labor, but the increasing spectre of automation is pulling the ladder up.


I've stolen dozens of gallons of liquor from my workplace. I don't understand how they haven't noticed by now.


At one place a coworker was taking booze and head office didn't launch an investigation until the franchise lost $9,000 in liquor sales, and by the time the investigation concluded they had taken $12,000 worth of alcohol. Apparently they surveilled her for a few months to confirm their suspicions.


File: 1674798946805.png (Spoiler Image, 630.47 KB, 836x843, 836:843, yhr5g43.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


>There's a labor shortage.
There's no such thing, that's called gaslighting. Literally every job ad gets at least 1 applicant and on average a couple hundred.


this world never made sense


she isn't even attractive except by janky british chav genetics standards. Wonder how those low income folx feel about paying their whore landlord


this won't end well (assuming she does go through with it)


It’s depressing when you see how much money is just flowing through the economy and you never see it a as a poor worker
Men wasting thousands on watches and porn, different worlds


theres this dude from a war torn country at work, who shows aggression to people, and talks in a manner where you think he has a lot of hatred
one time i rubbed him the wrong way and he got aggressive towards me, which i saw as an opportunity to overcome my fear of being beat up or violently confronted
so i annoyed him some more, and went up to him with puffed up chest
but then yesterday at work, he cheerfully said "good morning" to me and later came up to me and wanted to get to know me, and then we were all good

theres overcoming fears and being brave and standing your ground, but theres also truce
i couldnt annoy him after that because i imagine im causing him a lotta pain in the head


I'm 90% certain that most onlyfans whores that make that amount of money are straight up money laundering for criminal organizations. The existence of massive paypigs and whales with porn stuff means that it's not as suspicious to have $10,000 in donations a month coming in from one donor overseas. You could easily clean up tens of thousands a dollars a month without the hassle of running a mattress store.



These OF whores are also completely retarded, they always end up spending their huge pile of money until they are broke or they get caught up in the dumbest shit. They are always insane just like all the other succubi who prostitute themselves for porn and the streets. This dumb bitch will end up scamming people or do some other retarded thing, also anyone who believes a whore would help families is vacant upstairs.


My company is pimping me out to some other client (programming wagecuck). I usually just had to do tasks my boss assigned to me, now I have to actually interact with the client and develop/maintain their system. It's gonna be some fucking framework I've never worked on before too, so I won't even have the comfort of familiar code to help me. Next few months are looking hellish.


That's how careers generally work, you develop more responsibilities and skills. Keep up the good work and have some confidence.


more work, same salary ?


File: 1675009320405.jpg (182.65 KB, 750x921, 250:307, 67b67.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah but it's nothing substantial, about 10% more


with a mother that looks like a whore, it was over before it began




Yeah. Something to keep in mind is that THE CORPORATE PRESS is saying that there's a labor shortage.


One thing that happened to me during NEETdom is I just lost all tolerance for people treating me badly. The few times I rear my head up and get a Mcwagie job, there's always been some instances where some customer or management exerts a bit of sadism and tries to publicly humiliate me. They do it to other wagecucks too, but they've all learned avoidance behavior or just take it. My fight and flight instincts immediately kick in and I push back each time.

Being a Janitor was the worst for it, despite it being my favorite job. You're targeted by every middle aged office worker foid who's having a shit day. The happier I went in (I loved the actual job a lot), the more they sneeded and tried to bring me down.

I don't know, I've burnt through a few jobs now and I'm getting social welfare to help me find work, preferably something where I work alone. The ladies there say that that sort of thing is to be expected working and everyone has moments where they're treated poorly. Maybe they're right and I just need to grow up, but every instinct deep down is telling me that the way people treat low lying wagecucks isn't right.


So fucking pissed right now. The entire city is shut down right now due to severe weather conditions. But me and 3 other people still had to come in to work today because we count as "essential". Our bosses let everyone else stay home and even sent a message saying it's too dangerous, so no one else is coming to work except us.

Now if our job was actually something important I would be ok, but we arent firefighters, we aren't paramedics, we literally just answer phone calls and send emails etc. Its the most bullshit wagecucking ever, I answered a bunch of phone calls today of people asking for shit like a receipt from 2 months ago, stupid and unimportant things. I cant believe they have us risking our lives for this when they themselves said they arent even going to come.

I nearly caused an accident on my way to work. I had to stop every 100ft or so to scrape the ice off my windshield because the rain is freezing instantly and making it impossible to see anything.

Just fucking lmao at how ridiculous this situation is.



how is this better then being homeless


Good question anon. Days like these I really wonder why the hell am I putting up with this crap


>severe weather conditions
Just move the fuck out of Auckland, the place is a shithole.

Come live with me in New Plymouth bro, I'll only charge you $160 for a room.


>The ladies there say that that sort of thing is to be expected

Anon, succubi are submissive cattle by nature. Even succubus boss types can't wait to bend over and be abused by the corporation/system.


Damn, I'm sorry. Even my boss at the grocery store said she'd understand if we couldn't make it due to icy roads. Granted, if any of us got into an accident and got hurt, it would fuck the work schedule up for weeks to come.


People keep asking me for money. When I worked at a gas station i met a guy and I have helped him multiple times over the last year. Most recently on Christmas Eve he asked me to please bring $20 for his foid as he was out of town and his succubus had nothing to eat.

Feeling bad for someone to go hungry on Christmas, I actually drove to their house and gave $20.
Another guy approached me and asked for money, but he at least mowed my lawn for me. He asked for way more money than the job was worth, but I paid it anyways because at least he was willing to work instead of outright begging.
Well now he just messaged me with a sob story about how he is struggling and has a son he supports and if I can please send him money. Another guy a few weeks ago who I knew from childhood asked me for money and said he'd pay me back. Of course he never did.

This is just recent examples, actually my whole life I, constantly am approached by complete strangers or people who I only vaguely know, reaching out to me begging for money.

It sucks because I genuinely feel sympathy for others but lately its just starting to piss me off. I have been so broke before that I went days without eating, I worked in a restaurant and had to walk many miles to work while borderline starving. The only food I got was if someone returned an order or what I could maybe covertly swipe when no one was looking. I've been homeless and hungry and cold and despite that I never once asked anyone for a handout. Not once even at my lowest point did I so much as consider approaching anyone else for help.

It's because of those painful memories I always feel so bad for people struggling and always help them. But I'm done with it. I literally wage slave my life away, every dollar represents my actual lifespan wasted away at menial labor and putting up with soul crushing waging. I am no longer giving handouts. Its over. The gravy train ends right here and right now. I wont help freeloaders. Figure it out, it's not my problem.


I have three distinct memories of trying to be charitable to others, and having it fly right into my face. I also know a bunch of people who I've been a complete asshole to, and it seems to have helped them a lot. These experiences make me think there are a lot of people who are striken by hubris when they think the solution is so much simpler than it is, and I think a lot of the people who are viewed as incredibly callus and get noted by others as "not having empathy" probably end up helping others the most.

It really makes me think about how you actually help people, whether/to what extent charitable organizations (public and private) are completely misguided, and what really is the best way to help people. Every time I end up trying to think through how I would design a charity, by the end of it I realize that it's just a for-profit business with more steps, which really depresses me.


My thinking on the subject is just that it's better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. I think the only real charitable act in life is providing someone the tools needed to meet their needs, and the education to use them. Or teach them to make their own tools. However you want to interpret the analogy. But basically I dont think it's doing anything to give someone support that is only temporary. You're only making them more dependent, and nothing is more valuable for a human than independence and freedom


Reminder they don't give a fuck about you, i'm getting fired in six months after i worked here 10 years. I'm relieved i don't have to deal with retardcustomers anymore, but again they don't care. I'm gonna be sick alot the coming months, do nothing, and just enjoy the end.


I just roleplay as being broke and am pretty stingy with money. I got burned lending out as a teenager. But when pressured I just go

>Go to a bank and get a loan

>Well I can't get a loan
>Well if the bank won't give you a loan why the fuck should I? This is what savings are for.


I loaned some money to a family member and it took them 3 years to pay me back. Now I just avoid loans because it's so awkward, hey gonna pay me back some day? You hear about them getting into some money and splurging it on random shit but they didn't bother to pay off a part of it. Was kind of surprised when I got it back because I just wrote it off as a gift.


what is the purpose of after-work activities with coworkers
my manager said we'll go eat pizza some day
does it actually increase productivity or do they just have fun doing this
because i wanna kms


I think some managers mean well and want to keep moral up, but no amount of pizza is going to do it. Pay rises and better conditions would do it, but pizza once a month is cheaper lol


Last week I was paired up all day long to work on a task with this one succubus.

I was incredibly exhausted by the time I punched out. It took so much energy for me to have my first ever convo with a succubus that didn't feel awkward or cringey. I've never even had a female friend/acquaintance and the fact that she wasn't visibly weirded out makes me glad I'm not as ugly as I used to be. Still, I'm terribly underdeveloped in the social sense. That small confidence boost I had mid shift disappeared when I got home.


You've just proved to yourself that you can function in a one-on-one social environment with a succubus who is depending on you and required by her employer to judge your every move. You just succeeded a difficult level on hard mode. Next time you're about to enter a social situation, remember that you did succeed once, so you can succeed again.


females aren't special, they're just the same as any other normalfag and you should treat them as such


This is Wageslavery in the year of our Lord 2023. One wrong fart, one slip of the ball-scratching finger… and RING RING, human resources?!? Fire this creep!!


Can't stop fucking up things at my job. Manager scolding me, co workers constantly correcting me, sometimes constructively, sometimes meanly. It's all justified though, I suck at the job. But the same anxiety and incompetency that makes me suck at it is the same as the anxiety and incompetency that allows me to find another job so I'm stuck. I hope I get fired soon


Where the fuck are all the wageslaves? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. When I'm going to work and coming home, I rarely see a single other person who looks like they're going to or coming from work. In fact the only one I usually see is the train conductor himself. Can't help feeling like I fell for some elaborate ruse and everyone's just going out getting shitfaced at parties and doing whatever the fuck every day while I piss all my time and life away doing the "responsible" thing like a retard.


Neither the young or old work, and a proportion of succubi don't work either. In some countries a proportion of students don't enter the labor market until 25, and those people are also more likely to retire a decade early. Across the working age population globally, 40% don't participate in the labor market according to ILO.

It's also interesting to examine labor statistics for industries normalfags tout as central to their world, namely power generation and distribution along with electronics:

Electricity generation and distribution (which includes coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, biomass, extraction and refining of petroleum products, power grid maintenance, logistics and merchant shipping) collectively employs 2 million people in the US. BLS lists the total as 376,310 directly involved in power generation and distribution, but this doesn't include the fuel and logistics industries.

In the case of semiconductor manufacture, 10 companies account for 57% of global production. Samsung employs 266,673 people globally, Intel 131,900, TSM 56,831, and Micron 39,756. These companies fabricate their own semiconductors while other companies, like Qualcomm and Broadcom, contract fabs to produce chips making numbers harder to judge. Even if we included resource extraction and processing, the production of semiconductors likely doesn't employ more than a few million people around the world. As you can see, it's all a huge meme.


I think about 50% of the population is either a stay at home parent or considered disabled, it makes me wonder why people think having a job is normal when half of people existing dont have one


File: 1675530815217.jpg (159.99 KB, 1280x891, 1280:891, LA_Riots_-_aftermath_(1595….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember being a little kid watching the Rodney King riots on T.V. with my grandmother, and my grandmother was yelling at the riots on T.V.:



>The truth is that all forms of modern politics are anti-wizardry
found that out the hard way as I tried doing irl shit


politics is literally the discussion of how society should be run, and wizardry is dropping out of society. The fact the two are mutually exclusive should be quite obvious but i guess not.


blissful ignorance. "Just ignore society" is impossible. How society runs on every level from federal to local greatly impacts the NEET wizard. Who wins the big president race determines his monthly bux. How many his operators his local society-enforcement squad has out determines if the wizard is deterred or not by shadow people.

He may be powerless to change it, but that doesn't mean he can't criticize and philosophize over it.


> that doesn't mean he can't criticize and philosophize over it.
Again, the needs and wants of society at large will always be anathema to those who leave it. What is the point of a one man commune? The single monarch? The lone president?


>politics is literally the discussion of how society should be run

Now I understand why I find politics discussion online so repugnant. Without power, it's basically like real life fan fiction. Making up stories of what all the powerful people are doing and gushing over one group or the other and they will finally win one over or rather should have won, in some parallel universe. Discussing politics is like discussing sex while being impotent. What's the point?


File: 1675534356735.jpg (45.54 KB, 380x613, 380:613, Fmc_9pmXEAEhf89.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>those who leave it.
But we can't. Society is everywhere and the outcomes of its numbers game effects to wizard's life at all turns. Even the moon has a US embassy on it.


We already have. Most here have no jobs, little to no friends or acquaintances, no family of their own and usually hate the family they are born with, no financial investments, nothing. We are not in the societal system, and further more it is "our" desire to further distance ourselves from it. I'm not saying you need to go live off the land or some stupid shit. But we are not in a symbiotic relationship with others as normals are. We are parasitic at worst, altruistic at best. There is nothing to be gained by participating in society, unless you want some neetbux and even then that's just filling out a form and receiving a check, not participating in the machinations of groups. When one has nothing tying them to others, they are not in society.


Every one of my coworkers are females. Thankfully they are all pretty nice, but I still find it exhausting mentally and draining in a way that working with other guys isn't. Well they're mostly chill but one is a hardcore man-hater and she always talks about how much she hates men. I find it ironic because if I were to start loudly saying how much I hate succubi I'd probably get in a bunch of trouble, but I tolerate it because shes still really young and probably doesn't understand that its inappropriate to say such things.


Succubi* I thought there was an automatic word filter.


You know this actually reminds me something I've thinking of a lot over the past few years. When I went to college there were way more succubi than males, like 14:1 ratio if I recall, and a few year later that jumped to a 20:1 ratio.

Also at my jobs, I have overwhelmingly had far more succubus coworkers than male ones. And the male coworkers I have had always tend to be like me, drawn from the lower end of the hierarchy. I even notice it when I go to grocery stores, gas stations, or restaurants, it seems like all the wageslaves are either female or low tier males. By low tier I am not making any personal value judgment of their characteristics, I merely mean the kind of guys that society tends to assign as undesirable/low social status. I often wonder what every other guy does and how they manage to thrive, I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

I do know of an increasing number of guys who live the NEET dream and are supported by some office-drone foid. I personally have encountered a handful of people with such an arrangement and it seems increasingly common over the years


You should read up on trivers-willard, might illuminate your observations.


I tried joining but was disqualified early on due to health reasons. That said I have a lot of experience working with the military, and I can tell you it would likely be a pretty miserable place for a wizard. I suppose it ultimately depends on what your job is, but it's a strange mix consisting of mostly extreme normaldrones that are obsessed with sports and cars, and then a smaller subset of weeaboos and gamers. I'm sure it varies based on which branch and which location and the nature of your work. If you do join I'd recommend going for something more technical and removed from having to interact with too much people. Like something computer related


>When I went to college there were way more succubi than males, like 14:1 ratio if I recall, and a few year later that jumped to a 20:1 ratio.

succubi will go to higher education to just re-experience high school 2.0 without ever having the intention of getting a job. There's some succubi at my local community college approaching 30 who have done nothing but study for the last eleven years, just constantly doing undergraduate papers. Men can do the same, but it's always narcissistic bohemian artsy types or homosexuals. NEETs are no way near the fiscal drag of these 'varsity parasites. Men will study a degree and then leave and get a job, in and out.

>I often wonder what every other guy does and how they manage to thrive, I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

There's a lot of guys just working in factories that just turn up, clock in and go home. You'd never see them, but there's thousands of them in the industrial sector of town. succubi by comparison have more public facing jobs like cafe workers or check out operators. Guys typically avoid public facing jobs because they don't like to deal with people.

>I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

These jobs are a lot rarer than most people let on.


Wow, I'd never heard of this. This is incredibly fascinating.


Has any Wizard here worked as a data entry clerk before? If so what your overall experience?


I have repeatedly tried to ignore politics, and keep getting sucked into it. I wish I had heard something similar to this comment of yours 20 years old. I hope your comment keeps me from getting interested in it again.
>Without power, [politics is] basically like real life fan fiction.
What a great quote. Cheers anon.


>without ever having the intention of getting a job
I'm nearly 23 and I feel like that's kind of me right now (I'm not a homosexual though). I'm just stuck in a limbo where I try to postpone the moment I have to leave education and get a job because I know this is the closest I'm ever going to get to being a NEET. I do have some experience with wageslaving and I know I couldn't mentally handle doing that full-time for years. I also know I won't be able to get a real job related to my degree anyway because I lack the succifient social skills and can't make 'connections' so I'm probably just going to end up in a warehouse again, once I get my degree.


on the one hand i hope that my work place keeps giving me less hours so i can be a comfy part time neet wiz
on the other hand i wanna buy food
what do


Are you living inna city?


>part time neet


Some people really wanna fit in.


This would probably be a controversial thing to say anywhere else, but I've noticed my job is far less draining on days where I never have to interact with any succubi. I dont hold any particular animosity towards them at all, but I do find they have a draining influence on my energy and willpower and drive. Dont get me wrong,wageslaving sucks regardless of circumstances. But on days where I dont work with any succubi coworker or have to interact with any succubi customers I find myself not nearly as exhausted as usual.


I mentioned something about cats the other day at work and this fucking lady said, "OH YOU WANT A CAT, I GOT SOME I CAN GIVE YOU," and then went on a half hour unwarranted tirade as she discussed the previous owners of this one cat in particular and an even FURTHER unwarranted sexual history of every previous owner of this cat.

1 - Why did you butt into the conversation?
2 - Why did you misinterpret the conversation about your fucking cat?
3 - Why are you trying to pawn your cat on me?
4 - Why are you spending so much time telling me this cat's fucking life story?
5 - Telling the sexual history of every person in the tricounty area is WILDLY inappropriate. Especially at work. Kindly fuck off.

I apologize since I recognize I'm doing the same thing that she did to me to you now, but I just wanted to use this an example and play off of your note that succubi have this draining influence on energy in particular. Once a week I want to scream at a succubus to just shut the fuck up already. The older I get, the more I find them worse to deal with in a social sense than even goddam legitimate autists. I don't know if it's the same for you, but it feels similar to me.

P.S. One more story. I remember this other lady who every day–EVERY–at lunch she'd immediately talk to the entire lunchroom. We were all collectively her audience. Eventually, only three or four people kept using the lunchroom, usually when they had no other option. And if you did, you were all quiet because we wanted her to just shut the fuck up. When she retired we were all smiling in the lunchroom and there were like 20 people using it again for like a solid month afterwards.


I hate how normalfags at work can just *smell* every little insecurity you have. Piece of shit faggots can't keep their mouths shut for 5 fucking minutes. I got this shitty manual labor job to work by myself and go home and get paid. That was the whole point. Didn't sign up to be a "team player". I hate being sold out for a quick laugh for 10+ hours a day.


Please preach, I experience the same thing with my 10 hour job too. I try so fucking hard not to talk to anyone and this fucking bragfag keeps bragging about how much he gets succubi. I tell him time and time for him to leave me alone but he always tries to talk to me because hes bored.


And then you have to keep up these pained, "Yeah, haha," responses for like a fucking hour.


heading to work


say i'm busy so fuck off for now gonna finish your VERY IMPORTANT STORY later. the later will never come you save yourself the trouble of listening to retarded normie


got a problem with part time neets?
rule 4, buddies


Are you a part time virgin too?


that feel when no wizard coworker friend


work is different than a normal social environment. people at work are actiing professionel so they dont lose their jobs. its basically a fake mask.


uh theyre everywhere….idk what youre talking about. see people in suits, dressed nice, or even in plain clothes. you dont know if theyre working or not.


jobs are based on households not individual people. so a husband could be the only one working supporting 3-4 kids and a wife who are not working.


I"ve been leaving my job for the last couple of months 2 hours early, no one noticed so far. I really don't care if they fire me, i'm dancing the wiz dance everytime i sneak out, fuck them.


If you do this, then they treat it as a personal insult and every time you have to so much as move boxes with their help, they'll do shit like "accidentally trip you" or just tell your supervisor "o yeah, anon just sat around and did nothing" or in general they get super vindictive.



Recent statistics show that most succubi on Onlyfans don't even make 100 dollars in ONE whole month. Only the top 1% of the whole site can actually live off Onlyfans.

There was also an Onlyfans whore who is in the top 30% of the whole site and she recently admitted that she barely makes over 100 dollars a month and this shows even more how most succubi on there whore themselves out for nothing.

These succubi are liars and want you to believe that they make big money when in fact most of them spread their pussies and suck dick on camera for not even a quarter of your minimum wage. They are literally complete retards in their decision making and you should never feel like they have some kind of unfair advantage over men since they are most likely sad and fucked up when no ones looking because they know how worthless they are.

The whole "making big bank on onlyfans" thing is a complete myth just like with porn in general, only the top 1% makes a decent amount of money and everyone else is prostituting themselves for the amount of money that you could make by mowing lawns. It's an oversaturated market full of succubi who all do the exact same thing.

Besides the 1% e-whores, the only random whores who make actual money are the ones who engage in actual irl prostitution and even there they wont make "big bank" every month since most prostitutes won't get 500+ dollars for fucking random guys, more like 100-200 on average if they are not completely blown out street hookers and most succubi don't want to do that, if you look at areas where prostitution is legal its almost exclusively done by eastern european, african or latin succubi who most likely have a pimp situation going on as well, its hardly ever one of those white sluts you can see online.




it depends on ur looks. if your good looking and do those things they wont care


or be based and tell him how you really feel. no one cares anyway


Holy cope

You know anyone can make an onlyfans right? That includes just regular non-sexual stuff, guys, gays, etc.

Succubi can easily make 10k a month if they know what they're doing.


Nobody ever views beyond the top percentage of cam succubi. I scroll through the mid to end pages to look at randoms. I've been doing this for a long time. Most succubi are so far down the page sort for reasons. They're not that attractive and/or they simply suck at camming. Or they're just one who never make it. There are rare attractive ones in the mix who never gather an audience. Eventually they stop camming. Their online presence disappears.

There's definitely cartel-like elements at play. The top succubi must be getting algorithm/botted boosts. My guess is porn sites are directing web traffic to cam succubi they want to make money. Those succubi who clearing thousands a night (or more?)… Ya there's got to be some sort split of the take.

Also it's really obvious when a cam succubus is traveling around prostituting when she's broadcasting from a different hotel room all the time.


Absolutely false, not even the succubi at the top 30-40% on onlyfans make over 100 a month, that already means at least 70% don't make shit but even if you look above the top 30% mark it still narrows down to the very top of succubi who make big money and slightly below that there's a few that can just live off it but they still have to be in the top 10%.

It doesn't even matter that the content on onlyfans is mixed since most of the creators on there are still doing something pornographic and most of them are still succubi but go on be a retard who believes some dumb cunt that she "gets that bag" with her lousy feet pics.

Succubi with a good business sense are very rare and the other rare ones "who know what they are doing" have enough social intelligence to dupe retards into giving them money or do some other slick moves but most of these online whores dont make enough money.

Its really like you describe it, succubi cant just sign up to these things and make lots of money. Many of these camgirls are not even able to act as if they enjoy camwhoring, they are boring or dont look good, the whole market is also oversaturated to shit and theres other stuff going on as well.

I also think that theres some syndicate/pimping stuff going on, its the same on sites like pornhub. All these big companies have a closely knitted network of promoters and other middle men and they only let certain succubi get a hold of that by promoting them and using algorithms to boost them, they decide whos becoming a "pornstar" or top camgirl.

succubi who actually do irl prostitution will always make money even if they look average since they offer actual sex and the really good looking ones who travel around are usually making a lot more since they get paid to fuck with richer men especially the ones who end up getting fucked by hairy rich arabs in saudi arabia.


File: 1675844015959.jpg (118.75 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1660147729679.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like my dad, he's a good guy and compared to other guy's dads I know a much better father.
I get the impression he just straight up doesn't like me and it's gotten worse lately.

He's just always criticizing everything I do, even when it doesn't make sense.
I'm jobless, so he criticizes me (fair)
I finally get a fulltime office job and he doesn't like that I'm tired after work.
He recommends I start working out (fair) so I go running and he criticizes me saying "You only run because you like listening to music"
My mom says she wants some chickens, so I go and build a chicken coop+run from lumber, dad doesn't like it for no reason he's said and thinks she could've bought some cheap mesh fence.

A few days ago felt like the last straw where I left early (~5:30AM) for work, and when I got back home he's pissed at me for leaving so early(???)
Fuck it, haven't talked to him since. He does this shit to literally no one else in the house.

I always got the impression he was disappointed I wasn't some sporty jock kid ever since I was little. If he's gonna be petty about it he can shove it up his ass


At least he's not taking action, just complaining. A beta dad just like his son


The harsh reality is that there are some parental units who are literally impossible to please because they aren’t even sure exactly what they want in the first place and so often default to simply criticizing any and all deficiencies based on their arbitrary subconscious moral framework.


File: 1675869266114.jpg (70.76 KB, 680x538, 340:269, DSjYBiDW4AE2xBc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

picking on the most vulnerable member of your family and turning them into an emotional punching bag is a very common trait amongst narcissist parents, if you were to leave the household he'd start bullying someone else
you should come to the realization that nothing that you do is ever going to please your father and interactions with him will only generate immense amounts of frustration, therefore getting a place of your own and cutting off contact with him entirely is the best course of action


OP is taking action unlike his dad. He got a job, he got fit, he does things around the house. He got things done. A little less beta than his dad. He has demonstrate ability to break the cycle. As >>272107 said, he can distance himself from this then he can break free.



I knew a guy with a dad just like this. I think he had a real clinical term applied to him like narc personality disorder. He did everything right in his life but his dad would always take out his irrational frustrations on him.
In the end, it's probably not really about you, >>272094. Your dad might have brain damage or something. Take pity and pray for him.


you should very calmly explain to your dad that he is acting like a succubus with all his nitpicking, it's the only way he will recognize that he is being a whiny bitch.



My dad is a complete beta as well, he never taught me any life skills but instead he always told me how anything remotely masculine is bad and he put all his parental effort into making me apply his beta mindset. He's really one of those grown soyboys that you see on the internet now and I realized that his whole mindset is a cope for lacking masculinity because he would shit on any man who somehow had ambition or better skills than him even if they didnt do anything wrong, seeing him interact with other men is also very cringe inducing because he's so overly sensitive and unable to handle banter and jokes. When I started working out and got stronger he got visibly uncomfortable as if he was jealous, same thing happened when I got more confident, he was never even proud of me or whatever but instead always made me feel like I did something wrong while other relatives would notice my improvements and compliment me. He always wanted me to be like a complete faggot without any assertiveness or confidence, I would have loved to have a dad that pushed me to be more. The only reason why he has a family is because he married a mentally ill succubus who is way older than him. I realized that having a dad like this made me develop severe father issues for a long time, I'm just glad I was able to get his faggot mindset out of my mind because I always got bullied because of it even though I'm a complete social retard now.


yeah sounds like he is insecure, and your improvement is a threat to him (crab mentality), just keep doing what you are doing anon because it sounds like you are growing in the right direction, i'm proud of you for rejecting the beta mindset and not pitying yourself.


File: 1675918956869.png (101.96 KB, 247x494, 1:2, Man,_I_wanna_go_home.png) ImgOps iqdb

I fucking hate these "work outings"
HR says they're meant to 'foster teamwork' and 'break routine' but I had to drive 20 extra minutes to get to a camp site in the middle of the desert with literally nothing there.

Just let me go to work then back home, I don't want to grill eggs for a bunch of fucks I couldn't care less about but here I am


I have been out of work now since 2012. My depression has escalated to a point where I do not want to get out of bed, I want to sleep one day to the next, and I often do not know what the hell day it is.

I turned 40 and it got a lot worse.

I feel sometimes like I am dying but it is a manifestation physically of the psychological pain.

Right now my reason for not blowing my brains out is:
1. my sibling and that sibling has 2 kids
2. my elderly parents who give me a rent free place to come to
3. In using a firearm in a suicide I don't want to further encumber others access to firearms. As an artifice I really respect the design and simplicity of firearms.

What would make me happier ? If opiates were legalized. I get subutex every month and until my goddamn pharmacy fucked with me one month and made me wait 33 days on a 30 day script(I ran out on day 30)- I was ok. Since then, all I have thought about was opiates.

The doseage of subutex and the benzo I take is not enough to kill me at my Jabba the Hut weight and tolerance.

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch…

I have no one else to talk this over with. If I tell a shrink- funny farm which does me no good and does the world no good.

I am the sort of person who the only person I would ever hurt is myself- so don't think this is some psycho-fuck who wants to destroy the world. I an just lonely, I can't drive 8 hours in a 24 day. I am 40 years old and I don't know where I am or what I am doing here.


Why you even posted this in the wageslave thread, it would have been better in the depression crawl thread.

Anyway, look for a hobby. Look for something to do, and then force yourself to do it every day no matter how you feel. That's the only way to keep you going.


Learn to say "no" or create imaginary obligations. Unless you're getting paid to eat BBQ and drink beer?


File: 1675951021734.jpg (11.87 KB, 248x203, 248:203, 1610903866594.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All I do is go to work, then get home and try to recover before going back to work again
I have a lot of stuff I want to do but I'm just so physically and mentally exhausted that I can't do it, or if I do I won't be able to do it properly

The weeks and months feel like they're just flying by me at this point.
It's already fucking February I hate my fucking life


theyre ramping up my hours again after comfy part time neet period
they cant do this im not adjusted to it i thought il have free until monday
i dont got clean clothes or nothing for tomorrow
should i quit


yeah its kinda crazy how time flies


The worst feeling ever is when I really have to take a shit but I cant because im at work and have to be always be available for when customers come in or the phone rings.


Those are amusing stories, although only amusing because I don't have to put up with it. It would be infuriating to deal with those things. I notice a lot of succubi tend to have actually very poor social skills. No one ever calls them out on it and people tend to be far more patient and tolerant of their quirks and inappropriate behavior, so they end up never learning how to actually interact with people in a mature way. This is far more pronounced in the younger generation especially.


Same boat. I really cant understand how normiedroids have so much energy. I remember living with a few and it was insane to me, they would work all day, then go workout, then go hang out with friends etc, come home and stay awake until 3 or 4am talking to each other or phone calls or whatever. The insane thing is they would then be awake by 7 or 8 in the morning and do it all over again.

Meanwhile I was sleeping all day. I got off work at 10pm and was asleep by 11:30pm or 12am. Then I wouldnt get up until 11am or 12pm and just barely find the energy to go work another shift.

Some people even work 2 jobs and still found time to do all these activities.

I always felt like they were some kind of inhuman robots the way they are so animated and indefatigable.


i love working


>This would probably be a controversial thing to say anywhere else, but I've noticed my job is far less draining on days where I never have to interact with any succubi.

This is not really controversial as I often hear normies complain about this as well. succubi tend to bring way more social drama stuff to the workplace than men and are more gossipy on average and they very often lack social skills more than men. succubi are also often unable to contain their emotions by saying dumb shit or looking at you in a weird/judging way.

>I notice a lot of succubi tend to have actually very poor social skills.

I notice this as well every time I'm forced to interact with them, they tend to lack social competence way more then men and I think it's because they are less forced to acquire social skills to get through life and they can get away with way more social flaws than men on average.

>This is far more pronounced in the younger generation especially.

Many young normies in general are very socially incompetent, there have been many discussions about this everywhere recently. Young people are often not even interested in other people or even their friends and only "socialize" for short-term benefits, even if they are at gatherings or parties most of them are glued to their phones most of the time and their interactions are often based on things that they can post/share on social media. Most of the time they share any little activity online and you always know exactly when theyre actually doing something and when not. Many young people also don't care about being reliable anymore and they just don't show up to appointments or straight up ghost people for some time and this is completely normal to them. Theres also a whole lot of young normies who only hang out in discord servers or other social normie apps because they have this rather self-centered view on why they communicate with people. For the same reasons many young people are too retarded or shallow to actually post on an imageboard/forum or to read a paragraph that someone else wrote.

The main reason for this is the almost seamless transition of social media and irl interactions that they experienced when growing up, this really changed how most humans interact socially.


yes wizzie
cope is our everything



Im so depressed I can't even put on a neutral face at work and people keep commenting on how I look like I don't wanna be there. It's not even a customer service job and all the reviews said it was perfect for introverts before I got hired. I feel cheated.



They're probably short on labor for now. You can tell them to give you a raise or else you walk out.
As an added incentive for them to give you a raise, before you do anything, apply for a different company, and tell them to contact your current employer for a reference (don't tell them yourself that you're applying for another job).


I'm thinking about quitting my job. I work as a webdev on a small company, but I don't know if I can handle being a NEET, I never was one in my life, it was school > college > internship > job.

On a semi unrelated note, it's fucking baffling seeing people 5-10 years younger than you get better paying jobs. A succubi that worked with us got a new dev job with a few months of experience, while I'm struggling to find another company with 3 years of experience, there's no way she didn't got that job because of ESG bullshit, I hate this modern world so fucking much.


As a NEET, you basically do whatever you want, without any kind of boundary.
The only detriment is you don´t make money unless you have some kind of online business like a jewtube channel. Wake up at any time of the day, relax, no stress, enjoy video games, watch anime, have a metal playlist checked, and you are fucking gold.


That is until the bills start pilling up.


all parents suck and they all have their ideas about how you should live. i despise all parents honestly.


i guess were talking about dads. my dad extremely toxic workaholic insane type person. so my whole upbringing was extremely stressful and toxic thats a reason why i smoke weed so much.


theyre normies and were not. i grew up around normies and just never fit in.


fuck normies, being alive is so retarded in general i dont play their fake happiness game. theyre too weak to accept it


Or have parents to leech off.
That´s the consensus behind the NEET lifestyle.
It creates dependency, but at the same time frees you from unnecessary hardships.
I´m done pretending to be part of a rat race.


All you need is a room like this, and you are set to enjoy a life free of bullshit. https://blackpill.world/index.php?threads/my-neet-room-2023.36158/
Aspire for greatness.


>day off
>stay up until 1 or 2am
>wake up at 8:30 or 9am and feel perfectly fine
>work day
>go to bed at like 12 or 1am
>wake up at 8:30 or 9am
>feel absolutely exhausted the entire day, no amount of coffee or energy drinks helps, not even a bit
How the fuck is this even possible? Literally the entire day at work I can barely keep my eyes open, then the moment I get home suddenly I feel less tired. Is it from succubi? I don't know how it works but are they somehow passively stealing my vitality just by proximity? I thought they could only drain you in other ways. I find it hard to believe. Is it something else entirely?


>get a Mon-Fri retail job
>comfy because it's overnights, and offers routine
>worked out ok for a while
>get scheduled for this Sunday
>text boss about it, apparently they got rid of someone on days and someone else needed Monday off
>texted her back something like "fair enough. I was promised weekends off, so I hope it stands"
>left on read

Hope I never fucked it up


>walking by a succubus omw to work carrying 3 bags of groceries, old enough to be my mother and clearly struggling with them
>stop and consider offering to help her since we're going the same way
>left home late for work so decide not to and walk past her
>instantly aware I made the wrong choice
I genuinely feel like God or whoever sent a test my way and I fucked it up. Fuck, I hate how much of a damned bugman I've become. All my life the only fucking lesson I've ever been taught is that school and work are the only important things in life, every waking moment of my youth that wasn't spent on escapism was spent relentlessly drilling this programming into my fucking skull. I hate this sorry excuse for a society and I resent my parents for dumping me into the brainwashing institution for the first 18 years straight of my life because they made a child they weren't prepared to raise themselves, and now I hate myself. For my insectoid priorities and my lack of willpower to overcome it.

I've been in the same situation so many times by now where I am in a position to help someone who needs it at the cost of my commute and almost every fucking time I make the same wrong decision despite already knowing I'll regret it and knowing there's no fucking reason to. I don't even fucking care about my job, it's shit-tier and completely insignificant, with a shit-tier wage and a shit-tier commute, with useless cunt "managers" that don't manage shit but somehow still feel justified to give people attitude. I'm literally already writing my letter of resignation, I don't give a fuck about this job. And yet I'm such a fucking bugman that I STILL prioritize this meaningless shit over the opportunity to help another human being and make the world at least a microscopically better place.


The test was real, but it would only begin after you offered to help and she rudely said "Uhhh… No?! Get away from me!"
Were you to become spiteful and enraged, you would have failed…


anyone else still wake up anxious on a work day even though you're used to the whole routine and commute by now?


How do you struggle with only 3 bags of groceries?


Maybe there's something in particular that makes you feel anxious, like a co-worker or something


never help anyone unless they ask you for the help, I hate when people try to "help" me when I just want to be left alone


>Come to work
>Store manager greets me and asks why I'm here
>Tell him my immediate boss changed my schedule and I'm not sure why
>Manager said he'd look into it

Make the best of it, any schedule changes would have to go through him. Pretty sure my boss will get into shit for it


I work at a decent place with decent pay (for my country) yet money is always a problem, always paying bills,food and other shit, yet I always see people with ultra expensive electronics, cars etc.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone else actually have a cheat code for life while I just kill myself wageslaving just to survive.


It's time for another period of slaving. I've been able to maximize my time as a neet pretty well but I just need more money. Going to start driving for uber. I hope this is not a mistake that I will regret. Driving is already stressful enough without doing it as a job. I figure it will give me flexibility of schedule though so if I make enough money for the month I can just neet it up the rest of the month. That right there is what makes the gig thing worth it to me, in theory at least.

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