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Im thinking about it, dont have much to look forward too in this life. I work for no future, no friends, will never be in a relationship because im fucked in the head and look like a bridge troll. Whats there to stop me from maiding myself honestly?


I watched someone get MAID and even held their hand while they passed out. I'm not dying like that, not in a million years



If its not too insensitive, would you be willing to elaborate on your experience?


Nurses and immediate friends/family crowd around all day hoping subject's mind will change
intravenous gets put in while nothing happens for nearly an hour
pajeet doc (who else would have approved this?) comes in with vials, showtime!
starts putting in the drugs, the process takes forever
subject passes out after about a minute falling asleep and saying something incoherent (Why was her son not in the room? I dunno, maybe because he spent years keeping your quality of life up and is now crying his eyes outside with the rest of the family while you off yourself because you didn't want to live past 80 you goddamn bitch)

All I could think of was how utterly senseless it all was and the tremendous waste. She was in pain recovering from a surgery for hemorrhoids, that was fucking it. If you're going to kill yourself use a gun, at least that way it's instant and nobody is coddling you for weeks



Damn, I always thought it was quick and easy. Administer the drugs person dies bring in the next person sort of deal.

Hopefully the process will be refined because I imagine a lot people will be applying for it in March.

As for guns Id have to get one illegally somehow since Trudeau has been dropping the banhammer on all of them. I thought about tossing myself off a cliff but Im too much of a coward for that


Not to dismiss your experience, but the documentary “a dignified death” has a depressed 38 year old euthanised in his home with his family comforting him - although they’re sad. Relatively peaceful. Non Canada but probably the most relatable euthanasia I’ve seen. Just a different view.


The uselessness and waste you felt is something tied to sentience, not suicide. You just reflected on it for once.


Not next March, but I'm counting on it to still be there when my parents pass away and relieve me of my obligation to not let a parent outlive their child.


is this doc available for free anywhere? can't find it.


From the archived crawl thread :
>password : wizchan


Peaceful? Stop deluding yourself so much. You're being killed. If anyone in that room cared about you they would pull you out by force.


Coup de grace. It can be peaceful to deliver a final blow.


No it doesn't. You're giving your life for nothing.


That implies that the value of a life is more than nothing, but I believe all people determine their own values.


it's the most pathetic way someone could possibly die but people would rather watch a documentary where the details can be massaged to think otherwise.


How is it pathetic compared to people who die as puppets for others, people die for others profits, people who die for lies, people who die chasing pleasures under the illusion it will make them happy.

You don’t like the idea of suicide, it makes you feel negative feelings. There’s no need to make up a story that it’s some unique travesty to deal with it.


Glory, accident or old age are the only acceptable ways to die wizzie. Actively undercutting your happiness by fixating on sex or shame or death are a coward's way out


>Whats there to stop me from maiding myself honestly?
MAiD is regarded by the Canadian Government as a humanitarian service, something they provide through socialization for the greater good of their people, a gift for the peasants who are costing them tax dollars to sustain. If you're a young man who can pull a lever, you're not entitled to government benefits such as letting them kill you and using your corpse to test anti-personnel mines. Back to work, boy. Minimum wage with unpaid lunch at 35% income tax. There's a tent community 40 blocks over for you to sleep in, and take this methadone injection so you don't think the no-no thoughts until tomorrow.

>If anyone in that room cared about you they would pull you out by force.
They would be arrested for reverse-murder and fined 80 trillion Canuckbux for wasting hospital resources.


File: 1674257067848.jpg (293.02 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1652472693032.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Glory, accident or old age are the only acceptable ways to die
Bless you, wizard


why should i care whats acceptable or not if im dead?


>succubi study psychology and train to be therapists thinking it will be le heccin' wholesome journey of helping people through their problems
>There's a huge oversupply and not everyone can have the easy job of listening to some rich bored housewife ramble on about how she hated church as a kid and how her father was so mean and domineering.
>Most get stuck having to listen to Terry Davis tier schizos going on about space aliens and CIA agents, rambling over and over again about the same things without end
>They get stuck listening to male middle aged divorced depressives that sit, cry and whine about their life constantly in the most pathetic way possible.
>They get stuck listening to dementia addled old ladies going on about how they're still waiting on ration tickets for the week.
>their visceral disgust arise towards the whining men who can't function, and their latent infanticide instincts rear up the helpless old succubi
>They push for euthanasia to kill these people off because it's so stressful and can't handle it.

Call me schizo, but I believe this is exactly how this MAID thing in Canada played out. And I think it's coming for every other western country where succubi outnumber men 3/1 in the field of psychology.


More likely politicians are the ones who want it,
One faction gets comfy but makes life miserable for certain types and then you have a good chunk of people who don't support you and would elect your competition out of spite.

In "Democracies" you tend to have those who oppose the dystopian system and even if voting is pointless just having them around can be a threat if they organised into groups thus they would want to cull the disenfranchised.

Volunteers first, because obviously.


The guy seems like some fat normalfag living in a welfare state and decides to kill himself? I'm sorry but I don't understand this. He could have neeted all his life on goverment benefits and decides to end his life because he didn't fit in with society's definition of "success". I have no sympathy for him unless he had some debilitating health condition or actually chemical imbalance, judging from the trailer he had none of this.


Fucking murderous pigs.


This seems so incredibly realistic that it's almost physically sickening. I think this is almost exactly how it will be.

Its also quite relatable since I've been in the exact situation where female therapists were digusted by my pathetic existence and overwhelmed by my depressed outlook on life until they had to send me to their male higher ups because they were to incompetent to handle it.


I don't know which trailer you watched, the one I looked at has him saying he is depressed and is only like 30 seconds long; he doesn't mention success in life. I can't remember the specifics, but I think he had been in therapy since he was a toddler so he'd been through all the healthcare/lifestyle interventions which is why he was allowed to euthanasia in the end.

On the outside, he's actually more successful than many here because he participated in the supportive state and community. He participated in the hobbies, classes, volunteering, had friends, hobbies, and as such evidenced he found life unbearable despite the claims of what fixes the mind.

You are inserting a lot of aggressive assumptions, possibly because you are envious of his position in a western welfare state and his low social value being fat? No he isn't some magical ideal but he's still one of the few examples of someone peacefully facing euthanasia because he doesn't find value in living on film. And with a family that understands after seeing decades of struggle.

It doesn't matter, imageboards aren't the place of meaningful conversation.


Ok then it seems more like chemical imbalance. I assumed he was a loser/poor because morbidly obese people like him often times tend to be


Not him, but I don't care what the excuse is. As soon as the state or private entities are permitted to kill, they will make an industry of it. That man was plainly and simply murdered. Fuck the pigs that did it to him.


Medical professionals and corporate bureaucrats are some of the most corrupt individuals on the planet, perhaps moreso than military, intelligence, and political groups.

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