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Its kind of difficult these days, living is naturally a pain unless you are ignorant?

1.You must always do the "right" thing

Lets talk about whats right and whats wrong.
For someone to perceive whats right whats wrong, he/she needs to have a purpose,
(an end destination)

when you have an end destination you can know if you are doing the right or wrong by checking it logically.

with the end destination you could follow a series of logical steps to reach it.

what is logic?
logic is relation.
you relate everything that is new, to a past crystallized mental framework.

any logic you use, at the simplest level it comes down to axioms.

Mathematics is the only thing that relates to our reality almost flawlessly.
Can you imagine a universe where 1+1 is 3?

if something exists; it already means 1
1 has already happened.
1 is the reality you are living in.

of course you could make an argument about certainty of this statement,
i will not negate it but i will call it absurd (non negative way)

if everything was uncertain, the statement "everything is uncertain" is also uncertain.

2.Problem of being a skinbag

when you are a living organism, you already have a purpose fit into your system; grow, reproduce and spread genes (darwinian theory)
still not saying its completely certain that darwin is right, its just intuitive to think.

the byproducts of this is emotions,

as we live as a group and we feel the "want" to reproduce and domniate

we created "money" which means value;
"want" = money

how much of what we want determines its value.

>> So, the problem of being a skinbag is you will always "want" something and as "want" is interchangable as a piece of paper or crypto

being human only makes you irrational,
because you give in to emotions every minute;
its inescapable.

even if you want not to be depressed, whats the point in not being depressed? and whats the point in being depressed?

the fine line between optimism and pessimism is being dead;

i have never met anyone who had loved me just because "yes";

even in love we sense ulterior motives;

there is always an ulterior motive;
even when the person is saying the truth, he isn't.
because we are extremely good at lying to ourselves.

Whats the point of this all?
Suddenly one day i opened my eyes
and i am in this world with a set of rules and bullshit?

ok; you made me exist now what? atleast give me some superpowers like some isekai anime shit

no; you are retarded, ugly and you cant communicate with others

you ever seen movies and wonder why is it the ugly one is the antagonist?

I dont wish to exist;




File: 1669260531750.jpg (312.36 KB, 2125x1505, 425:301, 1653422007975.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was wondering what the purpose of the thread was, since this is all basic stuff everybody knows, just as I was about to ask I saw the title, so I guess I'll vent too.
For a while now I've been working 10 hours, and 2 hours on commuting everyday. This is a bit fucking outrageous and I'd like to quit this fucking hell, but I pretty much wouldn't be able to find any other job due to the sheer retardation of the country's administration(like 30% unemployment, not because people want to NEET it up but because they can't find a fucking job. Though of course it's defacto "not this bad" as most of the unemployed are just working below minimum wage jobs due to necessity). This fucking job is actually killing me, I eat maybe one meal a day, even my bones hurt despite not working a particularly physical job, though that's most likely because of the daily bus rides, and I have no free time to even do something like watch anime. I've got two personal projects that haven't advanced an inch in months, several things that I want to learn, literally dozens of books/hundreds of games in my fucking backlog, yet I can't do shit at all. Even right now, as of writing this very sentence, I've got 40min left until I have to step out and wagecuck hard for 12h. I came to a decision a week ago to radically change my sleep, I used to fuck around for an hour or two after coming back from work but it was just too inefficient and meaningless since I was too tired to even think, so what I do now is to just fall asleep the moment I come back home, then wake up in the dead of the night and try to do shit until the time to clock in comes and blasts my asshole out. It helps a little, but even this sleeping schedule has a few holes in it. For example I couldn't get up in time today and overslept because I was too tired, and I function at like 70% intellectual capacity at work now and a few people have noticed this, not that I give a shit. So far all I've done this week was watch 2-3 episodes of anime, less than 2 hours of videos, and thats fucking it. I'd consider just quitting, neeting it up for a while, then killing myself, but I don't even have much savings despite being more thrifty than a monk and working my ass off. I can't really do anything about any of this, which just makes me extremely frustrated and a lot more accepting of the idea of just stabbing all the retards I have to deal with daily, then myself.


Nothing is ever enough. Brain says "more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more"


My life is just pathetic. I can imagine a million different particular complaints I could make, but how to decide which? I don't need to say anything else than "I'm dissatisfied", because that conveys it all.


File: 1669271543586.gif (2.9 MB, 498x211, 498:211, me-too-me-too-kid.gif) ImgOps iqdb


So true.


I mean "so true" that I can totally relate.


Kek, that's pretty funny


> Mathematics is the only thing that relates to our reality almost flawlessly.
Can you prove this? Sorry, if it's obvious to other readers, but I have never seen a convincing argument that reality is mathematical in nature, other than that mathematics is inherently very general as to apply to reality.


Hate that my ugliness factors into my depression. I have this naive belief that if I was more handsome I wouldn't be so miserable. Really, it's not even that naive of a belief - objectively it's probably true, the question is just to what extent would it make a difference. I don't want it to be true, though. I want to believe that my dissatisfaction with life is more thorough, more substantial than just a simple dissatisfaction with my appearance. How pitiful would that be? It's embarrassing to even write out. So many reasons to hate life, so many ways to unduly suffer, so many examples of it on this very website. I *hate* that my ugliness factors into my depression.


Why the fuck is OP's pic allowed?


I've never understood why I have to be aware for any of the shit my body does and my mind cooks up to take place. They do everything without me, so leave me out of it you fuckers. Worst variant of forced group work there ever was.


I feel pity and sad for people who start doing things from zero;
you eat one meal a day thats gotta be a lie but i will take it because it might happen once in a while

i was in a similar situation;
when i was sent to dorms in highschool
(last 3 months of annual final exam)
i ate one meal,
slept 3 hours
and sat my ass down to study for 16-17 hours per day in the hope for something good to happen in college.

there were lots of retarded motherfuckers and i was also one of them

its been 3 years i dropped my physics degree anon;
i am living off my parents , yes they love me

i wish everyone had folks like my parents

i feel like committing suicide out of guilt

no matter what i do

a bungee jump
climbing rocks
taking pictures
making music
everything feel the same

everything feels like everything just exists
and i exist

i never interact with people because something might go wrong as it always goes wrong;
(wrong to my ideals)

i despise people who are not absurdists or nihilists

(not the "god is dead" kind of nihilists)

even if i asked for help and changed to a normal person it won't do shit because i will always find a way to think about nothingness and everythingness

and one more thing; i dropped my major to do what i like.
which i have never found

but i still do something like making music and art


you are asking for "proof"

i got you there


No, it can be that proof is good for rhetorical, immanent reasons, that have no bearing on reality.


give me an example of a proof which doesnt relate to reality


nearly all of them, mathematics is not related to reality in most ways? what are you, a geometrist?




did you mean square root of negative 1


I'm interested to hear how any proofs generally relate to reality.


define reality in your terms


these "proofs" all include infinity

i can't argue against unfalsifiable statements


Don't you have a proof with a working definition of these things? >>268629
someone took the math is a science meme too seriously. get back once you graduate from high school. good luck, wizkid


can you prove that the "proofs" are not unfalsifiable instead of whining wizkids and math science memes



i will provide you a proof with working definition


Proofs by their very definition include a falsifibility, being a ordered list of propositions.


I don't see how this is not "real', there are plenty of irrational numbers that we physically use and came across due their physical nature. Pi for example.

This too is real. As far as humans can tell infinite things exist in the universe.


How are they real?


you can draw them on a real number line ig

but you cant do that with square root of negative 1


you can draw i on a plane by making the imaginary line orthogonal (90 degrees) to the real line, and they have overlapping origins. a complex number is just a way to talk about a 2 element vector. but are those graphs real? math is overly general, so we can see mathematical patterns in anything, or most things.


Take the circumference of a circle and divide by the radius. Congrats you have made an irrational number from physical constraints. Or like >>268653 said if you draw a number line from 3-4, somewhere on that line pi exists.

True, you can't use the square root of negative on on a number line. But imaginary numbers are just as "real". For example waves are completely expressed as e^ix, i being the square root of negative 1. This includes the electromagnetic waves in real life. In addition imaginary numbers are key to completing the square, an equation that has a physical basis.


e^ix describes waves like earth is a perfectly spherical cow


Even circles aren't real. You cannot make a perfect circle.



> You cannot make a perfect circle.
You can draw one with just a compass, but I know that's not what you mean, so please explain how perfect circles can't exist.


compass isnt rigorous


Even with the best equipment that humanity can build, you can zoom in and see that it is not an exact circle. It will always be an approximation of the abstract object mathematical object that is called 'circle'. Therefore it is nonsense to say you can make a representation of pi - to construct something that physically represents pi you would need infinite precision. Even physics itself precludes such a possibility because this all breaks down at the molecular level


>Even with the best equipment that humanity can build, you can zoom in and see that it is not an exact circle.
Can you though? It's more of a problem with our ability to detect a perfect circle than the lack of perfect circles.


>Can you though?
the example was drawing one with compass, so yes in that case
> It's more of a problem with our ability to detect a perfect circle than the lack of perfect circles.
It could come to that if someone ever finds something that seems like a circle as far as we can tell. So far there is nothing even proposed to be like that. It would be the greatest discovery ever made in physics and usher in a new era when it comes to understanding quantum mechanics and its limitations, since QM suggests that space itself is quantized


We still can’t get QM to agree with relativity so I’m not sure I trust what it suggests about space. Even so i and infinity still have physical analogs that suggest they are real.


why is an analogy good enough to prove real?


It’s not proof, it “suggests”. In the same way QM “suggests” quantized space. Black holes suggest infinities can exist as they possess infinite density. E^ix suggests that i is either a real quantity or somehow integral to wave properties. It seems to me that math is “real”, especially as more often than not we discover something through math that turns out to be real later.


cant even say real without lie-quotes. delusional


If I don’t use them your retard ass won’t get it, but I guess it doesn’t matter either way.


hurr durr no proof so let me name call


same infinitesimal problem


sire this is a venting thread


i do math to vent, fuck off


All of physics is incorrect models. Math is the language used to express the models. All of science is about disproving old models and making better models. It never proves, it disproves. None of the models or explanations are ever going to truly represent reality. The models arent real.

>> Mathematics is the only thing that relates to our reality almost flawlessly.

Going back to this quote in the OP, this is bullshit

We dont have knowledge. This is nonsense dream clownworld


nice bait


hurr durr i have no evidence so name calling~


File: 1669693491206.jpg (71.03 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, 16d8d66d7b3d66251efd5b4853….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You must always do the "right" thing
in my head canon of Babylon 5 I always imagined a spin-off where the Shadows would represent the good guys. It would be about a megalomaniac psychic dominating a human colony, so a lone human leave it to seek out the technomages in order to fight him on equal footing. Eventually he would seek out one of the last remaining Shadows in the galaxy, but before the operation he would torture the hero asking "what do you want". The hero would repeatedly say he wants to save his people and bring justice, but the Shadow would continue to torture him asking "That is what other people want. What do YOU want?" Finally the hero would scream in agony "I WANT REVENGE, I WANT POWER, I WANT TO DESTROY MY ENEMY". Then the Shadow would administer pain killers and gently stroke the hero's forehead, showing the strange affection Shadows are known for. After this he would become an anti-hero, leaving a lot of collateral damage in his wake taking down the psychic.


I'm neet
And shitskin in white country
Town ppl know I'm a worthless turd
Feels bad


sage the brazilian poster


>All of physics is incorrect models.
That's so funny to hear did you ever leave your room, tard?
All of physics models do not represent the real laws of nature *precisely*, but most of them (notably those which are applicative) are "correct" enough to give result of such precision that satisfies the needs of an application. How the fuck can you say that laws of mechanics are incorrect if the whole blasted humanity stands of them?


If physics models arent correct why do we have seperate unified models of mechanics, classical and quantum? stop fucking acting like we know everything and can know everything


> why do we have seperate unified models of mechanics, classical and quantum
Because classical mechanics cannot explain the behavior of particles, but explains macro laws so precisely, that there is no need to improve. So it's convenient to split mechanics it in two parts with different fields of use.
>stop fucking acting like we know everything and can know everything
You're fucking autistic if your model gives formulae precise enough to make shit working it's correct by the fucking definition, why are you so butthurted? Can't cope with the fact you're stupid consumer who can't comprehend that i = u / r?



i have defined whats right and whats wrong

>right and wrong depends on the outcome and objective and is subjective

objective right and wrong doesnt exist


>objective right and wrong doesnt exist
remaining virgin. now you must feel ashamed of yourself



"all models are wrong, but some are useful" is a statement that all statisticians and scientists are likely familiar with and apply.

For a very long time people believed that earth was at the center of the universe, and made models based on religious ideas, but they still managed to make it seem to relate to the movement of the stars. The Ptolemaic model "managed to track actual observations and predict future movement mostly to within the limits of the next 1000 years of observations" - but it was fundamentally based on absurd assumptions that each planet is moved by a system of two spheres. Classical physics is based on absurd assumptions regarding the speed of light and makes absurd predictions when applied to quantum scale. Models can be incredibly accurate in some situations but be *extremely* wrong when used as a way to understand reality i.e. what is real and what this existence fundamentally is. Look at this from a philosophical point of view and youll see that the imperfect models do not relate to reality


remaining virgin is objectively right


i comprehend i=u/r, i have no proof that it aligns with reality as other anon said, we only have an increasingly large data set that suggest that over the sample space, which is obviously not enough to determine, why are youc alling me autistic when you're chimping out on an unfounded philosophy of science


Who the fuck are you to call everything absurd? Do you work for Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

>a way to understand reality

>what is real and what this existence fundamentally is
>philosophical point of view
>imperfect models do not relate to reality
I see you're retarded, but I'll try. What's a line? What's a direction? I mean, fundamentally? What's a number? You can only express it mathematically and comprehend intuitively. You can't say what it 'fundamentally' is, because we inherently perceive the world on intuitive level.
Philosophy is bullshit and is not relevant this day and time. It was once, but is no longer.
Perfect models do not exists. They are called perfect basically for this reason.
>do not relate to reality
This statement really blasts my ass inside out, if my car drives because mechanical laws are fine, what's it if not reality? Am I just imagining that my cat is driving? What the fuck is reality for you? Define reality. Just because we can't say what elementary particles 'fundamentally' are and just because we have no idea how they actually behave, it doesn't mean we don't have knowledge. You have some strange over-idealized idea of knowledge, perhaps because you never left your room. Everything you see around you packs in your head in intuitive way. Ask yourself what a table 'fundamentally' is and you'll be surprised that you can't answer, because all answers will involve other terms, which you don't 'fundamentally' understand.


sage the philistine who loves the fruits of science but hates science


You're retard, because i = u / r is not statistics, it's property of linear elements in electrical circuits. You should stop reading bullshit on internet and go do actual studies.


So you first post some retarded shit and then go coping with 'sage that faggot'? Very nice approach, says a lot about your mental level.


and ill be back


good for you
hope you come up with something even more stupid so that I can have whatever little fun I'll be able to derive


If I make a counterfeit gold coin out of copper with some gold paint on it and it is good enough to trick a store in accepting it for payment, the approximation was useful and worked, but is the gold coin real, does it exist? Obviously not. An incorrect but close approximation isnt reality regardless of how useful it is


>You can only express it mathematically and comprehend intuitively. You can't say what it 'fundamentally' is, because we inherently perceive the world on intuitive level.
Lines and directions are literally mathematically defined. Math is just as valid a language as english.

> Do you work for Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

No but i do have degrees in math and physics. Somehow i doubt you do too but you're me the retard while making pathetic arguments and making your anti-intellectual perspective evident. Guess you couldnt cut it?


You're mixing science with phycology. That approximation is not even nearly close. Only proves you cope with all your might because you think knowledge is knowing what a thing 'fundamentally' is (and what do you even mean by saying 'fundamentally'? Another intuitive term?), while knowledge is information which gives enough understanding of a subject to do a task or to satisfy your curiosity.


Yeah you're on the last, terminal stage of coping. You neven care to explain what you mean, but say all science is a joke and doesn't give us any knowledge.
Btw proove your degrees and name your university, because degree in vast majority of universities just means nothing.


>knowledge is information which gives enough understanding of a subject to do a task or to satisfy your curiosity.
i see no point arguing with you when you make up these crazy weird definitions. No shared language = impossible to communicate


>Btw proove your degrees and name your university,
you must be a fucking 12 year old to think someone would post that on an imageboard


>Philosophy is bullshit and is not relevant this day and time. It was once, but is no longer.
Your posts are philosophy. People have talked and written about these same questions for thousands of years. Stop shitting up the board shitposting about old questions if you're not interested in the arguments


Open a dictionary.
>knowledge is understanding or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally
You say our models are not real, but you do not explain what you mean. You put in some strange "approximations" with coins and pretend it proves we do not understand things. You try to say we don't know what happens on atomic level I say it doesn't matter. As long as our formulae are correct it's the reality. Our *explanations* may be wrong. We might misinterpret the meaning of formulae. But they are correct and they say what really happens, no matter how we explain it for ourselves. They are real. And you are coping.


File: 1669756256795.jpg (94.2 KB, 750x985, 150:197, 31146109-5778319-166737642….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Another pseudo-intellectual heated argument here. Some people are this bored, just a reminder.

Once you reach a concrete worldview there is zero reason to engage in endless discussions with others about how things are or to read more philosophy or to study more. Reading philosophy is a waste of time (unless you enjoy it) but having your own philosophy is important.


I have a drinking problem that won't go away, firstly. I love my alcohol and hate doing better. I think I might just drink till I drop and I know this is unhealthy but everything else is just unreasonable with the way life is. Deep in my heart I wanted something else for my life. The monkey on my back says alcohol, today, tomorrow, and forever though. I think I might just be an awful person, the urge to drink is too strong to resist, I don't think that is normal. It's impossible to stop due to ongoing delirium issues. I hurt and the only thing that works is the only thing that works. I need valium as well, and have been resisting for years. I fear an intervention so much that I will likely kill myself if it happens. I need my substances for health issues that won't go away, taking them away is 'super gay'. So I guess I'm an addict that just need tough love and I don't want to deal with that. I want all the best for myself and the world just says that I'm a piece of shit, I feel. At least I stayed off opiods, but I still feel like I'm stuck in delayed development and need a bit of a boost to be the best me I can be instead of a drunken piece of shit. You know? Even now, I'm out for a cigarette like the addict I am. Damn me…


File: 1670887787271.jpg (155.27 KB, 791x600, 791:600, armadillo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think there will ever be a point in time where I might end up being happy, there's nothing attractive enough to me to warrant changing the way that I live and doing things differently. I've fallen in love with fictional scenarios in my head, stuff that will never ever take place within my life, but it's the only thing I have enough desire to think about. All of these years being completely detached from anything that could be considered real, be it relationships, a job, basically anything that grounds someone on reality, has left me with a sense of not being able to relate to people or make actual useful progress in my life that could lead to finding a job or something similar.
I've become an expert in useless things, there's no possible way for me to translate any of the knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years into something even remotely productive that could pay off. I just feel empty all of the time, I can't dedicate my life to anything specific, I lose interest not long after I have put a small amount of time into a subject. All of this time not doing anything has started to poison my mind with ideas of being free of any form of commitment, because it's the way I have spent my life so far, and I can't imagine things being any different than they are right now. Stuff like studying a subject, it gives me the feeling of surrounding yourself with people who want to dedicate their lives to a certain field of work or knowledge, I see these things as boundaries being set around me that limit me by being bound to something. I want to be as free as possible to think and say whatever without there being any expectation about being experienced in any given thing. It's rotting my mind up because there's nothing productive that could come out of this mindset, only enjoyment and nothing else. I can't bear the idea of being an established individual working a job and having a social network where people expect you to say certain things or act a certain way, I really do not feel like this is the way that I want to spend my life. Expectations kill me, I've become very aware of the fact that once you interact with people, they listen to what you have to say, and if you are right, they expect more of the same type of thoughts. I don't want to be pleasing people by talking about the same subjects which I lose interest in not long after. I just don't give a shit about people in general, or being productive, I don't want people to know who I am because there's a history associated with me which I think really kills off any potential to surprise people. People, their ideas of you, all of these things that exist in this world which normal people just live with, to me is a very sad existence. There has to be other purpose in life than just living for other people. I don't understand this life at all, you have to be so conscious of what you do and say because it affects how people look at you, but it's just like, if I don't care about any of this, then why should I even bother to be any different? Reading all of this just now makes me think that it's the ramblings of someone who thinks he's really special, but that's not really it here, it's just that people live very square lives doing the same things over and over again and sometimes it feels like you become someone who gives a lot to the world at the cost of many different things that people don't even really think about. I don't know, I just want to be constantly among new people, then experience things where they could say to themselves, wow, you know that much? Wow, you can do that? It feels fucking awesome to surprise people positively, when was the last time someone working some menial job experienced that? It's the exact type of thing that makes life worth living to me, I want to be completely unknown among strangers and make an impression on them, I really think that there's a lot to that. I don't want to be known as someone who can do certain things and never surprise anyone by doing those things, it would be a complete waste of life to me. There are people so talented and gifted, but they have the reputation of it, so when they do those amazing things that could be otherwise considered very surprising and having an impact on people that surrounded them, they're taken for granted because oh him? he's good at that. It's a part of growing up, being unremarkable in any way whatsoever, you aren't given any form of encouragement and you are just expected to do the things you're good at and be completely forgotten by everyone no matter how good you are at things. What's the point? I don't consider myself part of anything, I don't care about stuff like making life easier for others, everything you do is forgotten for the most part, so what would even be the point of trying? It's all a bunch of shit, life is completely meaningless to me, I want to be able to see the reaction of people to certain things, that's interesting to me, but beyond that I don't really care that much about anything at all.
I can't wait to die, it's the only mystery there is left in this world.


I'm running a scam where I go to university to get gov't benefits. It'll work until I'm 30, I'm 24 now. 6 years of sweet NEETdom, here I come!


I'm too lazy to vent.


OP here

i pray for you;
for everyone in this thread;
everyone who is hurt

not for a pain relief, not for a fortune

but for salvation if it exists

to the god of uncertainty who rules the universe


> I want to be as free as possible to think and say whatever without there being any expectation about being experienced in any given thing

i feel you anon
a very relatable post

> I just want to be constantly among new people, then experience things where they could say to themselves, wow, you know that much? Wow, you can do that? It feels fucking awesome to surprise people positively, when was the last time someone working some menial job experienced that? It's the exact type of thing that makes life worth living to me

New people will always act surprised and woah you can do this that!
its a common socializing technique

extroverts are good with people and they know your psyche of wanting attention from others (objectively everyone wants it at some level)

and the moment they find you worthless you are done with.

good deeds are always forgotten
mistakes are always remembered.


Why the fuck things have to change? why? every time I feel like I'm in a somewhat comfortable position (even if its not much by normalfag standards) things change, not even for the worst, but change, I'm used to comformity and comfort, I just want to be in a decent position in life and let that be frozen in time until I die, no changes at all.

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