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You know, I was enjoying working from my apartment…so naturally my bosses (succubi at that) pressured me to come into the office…just for a fucking potluck. I ain't even bringing shit.

I swear this world gets more retarded by the day.


This is what codemonkeys deserve.


Yes, Sopranos returns! It really isn't the same without it. Was hoping for WW3 with the poland incident but life disappoints again, back to work.


Thew jews own the World and are steering it into Brave New World.

Nothing is gonna happen, and there's nothing we can do. The jews won. There is no God


*the jews


Yet I work for a fucking bank. I just take calls from the comfort of my apartment…or at least I did until today.


File: 1668701163743.jpg (128.9 KB, 1616x909, 16:9, 1505109422608.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I might be getting fired from my nightshift gas station job, some teenagers came in and bought cigarettes with a stolen card and head office is itching to fire me over it. I got a good 20k AUD saved up but I don't really give a shit, money is basically worthless anyway, I mostly only work so I can get some sort of routine and discipline while making my parents proud. I'm gonna try to get a job in a warehouse if I get fired and wait till I finally get the balls to end it. I don't even really have any message to this post, just screaming into the void like most others here.


Anyone ever work 12-hour shifts? How hellish are they?


It's okay if it's 4 on, 4 off, some people actually prefer that because they get extended weekends and more off days in a row.

The novelty wears off very fast if you're doing them 5 days a week. You basically lose your entire weekends to the TV as you need to recover. You maybe get the energy to have a proper weekend once a month and get shit done. You often can end up drinking a lot.

The advantage is that because you're too fucked from work, you start stacking up money. You blink and three months are gone and you have $10,000 sitting in your savings account.


Ship wiz, worked 12 consecutive hours a day 7 days a week for a few months at a time. Being on a ship is certainly way different than land but I didn’t mind 12 hours. It certainly doesn’t leave any time for anything else though, I had 1-2 hours max per day and that’s without a commute cause I lived where I worked. The time of day quickly stops mattering. It’s exhausting and it was one of the few situations I regularly drink coffee. I never slept so soundly as after a 12 hr shift, though I’m not sure whether that was the work or the ship.


File: 1668747046893.png (178.62 KB, 500x358, 250:179, 3c1.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm gonna have to wageslave again after almost 14 years of being a NEET. Just kill me already.


Sorry for your loss, wiz. Though I must say, I envy the fact that you got to enjoy over a decade of uninterrupted NEETdom. Such a streak is very rare.


I work 911 operator. Shit is draining as fuck but whatever. Bad pay, long hours, body hurts from sitting all day.


I second this, everything is a learning experience.

What kinds of stories do you get? I imagine it quickly becomes stressful to continually have to bandage our rotten society. Try pranayama (breath magick), it sounds odd but it could help with the tension and for enhancing your concentration, among other things.


File: 1669118381370.png (42.61 KB, 1098x225, 122:25, rb44e.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Around canadians never relax.


I got a masters degree and mountains of debt, still unemployed, but thats all i ever wanted (and cant get)


> Bad pay, long hours, body hurts from sitting all day.

same as any other wageslavery, just change "sitting" for something else . In my case it's staying in the sun/rain for hours, with no place to even eat a meal properly (civil work).


$20 hourly is like the market cap for entry level unskilled labor. Not actually based


File: 1669274106968.png (1.36 MB, 2299x1625, 2299:1625, 1665251018639292.png) ImgOps iqdb

I was laying there under the project rewiring some shit for the 8th fucking time because they keep changing the configuration and just thought to myself
>Wow, there's people out there who didn't get memed into an Engineering degree
>People sitting in their cozy home office submitting tickets every once in a while
>Who don't have to commute or work in a fucking lab 9 hours a day


You wouldn't be happy if you did that either


switch to computers and get paid to loaf and eat at the company cafe


File: 1669371926736.webm (2.92 MB, 480x640, 3:4, 1669369179432162.webm) ImgOps iqdb

First day on the job


Remote work is great but you get used to it like everything else and find new shit to complain about. Having said that, I did just finish a two hour nap in the middle of the work day and no one noticed I was gone. Think I'm gonna do a couple easy tickets and watch the World Cup matches now.


File: 1669395685886.png (898.02 KB, 850x850, 1:1, karen.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nice one gary you absolute mong, now the old bills gonna do me for that bodge weld job sticking a motor crane off yer dropside van. We're both gonna miss the footie now


I'll look into the breathing techniques, I like esoteric things. Story wise, it's a mixed bag. People dying sucks and is never a story I like to tell to people, but it's mostly domestic violence. Best call I got was a dude methed up talking about when he died years ago and how he is going to hell, it was funny

Yeah wageslaves all got something in common. I used to to labor work and actually prefer it because at least your learning an applicable skill


Does anyone else avoid anything to do with factories?

The worst of the worst scum work there and it's extremely dirty and chaotic too.


Any wizzies here know how to effectively negotiate for higher pay when starting a new job? I'm currently working at a warehouse for $15/hour, 50 hours per week. It's not all bad, but the hours are starting to have a major impact on my health. I want to find something new with less hours, but I don't think I can justify it to my parents unless I can get a comparable salary. It could also work out if I can find something that seems less 'dead-end.'


it's all about leverage. if you're the one guy in the world that can do a job, you can pick your own salary. at the lower end of jobs, there's not much you can do since the market is working against you, plenty of people can pick up boxes and carry them from A to B, so if you're asking for too much, they'll just get the guy that's willing to work for cheaper. sometimes you can twist their hand if they really need someone pronto but that's rare.

long term you should just learn a specialized skill if you want to make more money with less hours and stress. less people that can do what you do, the more negotiating power you have when it comes salary and working conditions.


I don't wanna work


File: 1669496937659.jpg (95.66 KB, 637x664, 637:664, 1669496704193901.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


14 hour shifts
only in america


>Dartford, Kent.


I wonder if he wouldn't have died if people weren't such shithead drivers.
The added stress definitely contributed.


there's got to be more to this story. Very few people get a heart attack at 46 even with long work hours


He was probably jabbed.


that's what I'm thinking too


i had three heart attacks at 30, you just need to be extremely uptight and anxious/high energy


He was probably jabbed.>>268598
That's true as well. That's awful though. Three heart attacks and you're still alive? I'm guessing they were mild/minor heart attacks then? Not saying a heart attack is anything to dismiss, but they must not've been mild. What were your experiences like if you don't mind me asking? I'm also very anxious and uptight, or at least used to be really bad until I forced myself to go on an SSRI for a year to calm myself down (and it worked!) But I'm pretty sure I had a mild heart attack at one point (maybe even two), I went to the ER when it happened and they said it was fine by I'm willing to bet if they did an MRI they'd find scar tissue. I've never felt the same physically since then. Get winded easier, can't laugh or cry as hard as I run out of breath. It's a lot to explain and I don't want to hog the thread but I know what you're saying and have lived it.




well, in my case i was smoking a lot, very depressed and I got into a screaming argument with a stranger. i had an extreme adrenaline/cardiovascular response, ie my heart rate went to a very high BPM and next thing i knew i was losing control of my hands and feet, gradually moving up my limbs - pins and needles spreading out into a rumbling/shaking electrical sensation which then gradually traveled up to my elbows.

pretty soon after i lost all fine motor control…worse was that i was driving, but luckily managed to pull over before going immobile. i've have had plenty of panic attacks growing up but this was obviously in another league, imagine your whole torso, legs/feet and arms all gradually going numb, extreme feeling of immobility, unsure how to breathe, etc. i talked to myself like a bored EMT, "you're fine, just breathe, etc" , mind over matter counts in these situations i guess.

the first two were 15 minutes, and i almost thought it could be nothing, but a week or so later i had a final event and it lasted a full hour. this one was bad enough that the police came because i was pulled over in a bad spot… the cop thought my hand was in my pocket because i had a gun x_x, i had to explain i could barely move. i told him not to call an ambulance because i couldn't pay the bill…he was more interested in if i had drugs in my car.

each time afterwards i was drenched in cold sweat, dazed and extremely tired, traumatized to be honest, the electrical rumbling sensation along with numbness is truly terrible to remember, whenever i get a brief memory of the sensation i start to feel nauseous.

i should mention this all happened a few months after i had a very bad case of CHINA FLU aka covid, so i'm guessing i had lingering myocarditis, likely aggravated by my anger attacks. oh well, each time it happened i was sure death was near, in fact i remember each time feeling a strong sense of fate, ie it was happening at that time and place for an unavoidable reason. i mostly blame it on that virus, i think the vaccines cause heart problems but based on my experience covid itself is capable of leaving your heart dangerously inflamed as well. goddamn chinese peasants…

https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/social-media/mm7035e5_MyocarditisCOVID_IMAGE_31Aug21_1200x675_1-medium.jpg?_=08423 if you believe the CDC anyway.

pretty strange feeling, not to mention having your whole body gradually turn into body pins and needles, escalating into violent vibrations and numbness, being unsure if moving your body a bit will end your life, it just makes me hope my real death will be quick and not a repeat of that struggle.


File: 1669515263336.gif (996.39 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 2c1019c1d4fb8ab695ba65fb64….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>you should just learn a specialized skill
That's what I was afraid of. I don't really have any skills like that, nor do I have time to attend a college/trade school with my 50-hour weeks. The only thing I might have going for me is that with my health issues slowly growing, combined with my deteriorated mental state, I might be able to just barely meet the mark for NEETbux. Of course, it's probably going to take a near-death situation to actually work, since my parents don't believe in taking government handouts, even though they both know full-well that the government bleeds us all dry as much as possible. You know, the thought of suicide actually lost its appeal for me for a short time, but over the past week or so it's been tempting me all over again.


holy shit im grateful that i just get arm and chest pain when i cough after the china flu. glad you're not dead wizzie


What is the real,bare truth about Investing?
99% a scam? what preparations do I need? assuming I dont expect to be super rich,but to be able to live comfortably using the internets and without working.


proles are to work as much as required


i'm assuming you still live with your parents and share expenses? why not ask to go to school or some specialized program? most degrees are expensive and don't guarantee a job without social connections, but you learn to code with a bootcamp or 3d modeling or graphics design or video editing or an IT course so you can fix computers for boomers.

since you're working at a warehouse, you could also look into driving one of those forklifts. i hear you can finish a course on that and a license pretty quickly, but probably pays a lot more than just regular box mover.


There are free courses to learn coding, I use Odin Project and Full Stack Open, that should be enough to get a codemonkey job.

The thing is….when you're working you lack time and to learn this shit you need time, my recommendation would be to save enough money to be able to NEET for like 6 months and do all kinds of courses to get into a tech job.


I have been giving a fair amount of thought to getting some kind of schooling. For some quick context about my situation, my dad has a tendency to make things more difficult and painful than they need to be, and he holds onto a lot of boomer notions about how wonderful it is to work and hold employment. Plus, the shitty job I have now is the job he recommended to me, so justifying my departure from that job wont be easy. That being said, he also prattles on about 'getting an education', so if I can get a decent plan laid out, I can probably convince him that leaving my job in pursuit of school is a good move. Another thing to consider, however, is that I'm 30 and most of the world expects me to already have an education and career, and I don't know how many people are willing to hire a 30-year-old man for what will likely be an entry-level position. I guess if I knew my odds were at least decent, I'd go for it, otherwise it's the grave for me.

Also, as far as the forklift suggestions goes: I'm not strictly against the idea, but my department never uses the forklifts, so I would have to go well out of my way to learn it, and if I'm already going out of my way then I'd rather learn a skill that appeals to me a bit more.


what kind of education you choose to get is very very important. Do not just walk into school thinking you will figure it out after several thousand and a year sunk in


>I use Odin Project and Full Stack Open, that should be enough to get a codemonkey job.
tell me you never actually applied for a programming or web dev job without telling me


dismissive and rude comment. why not share some extra tips for a wiz then.


Oh sorry I forgot the part of getting into some very expensive bootcamp or creating 500 open source projects.


File: 1669674144139.jpg (87.02 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 3757353558385.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

read this book, it will teach you the basics of sound investment principles. It was written by the guy who created the first index fund and started the Vanguard Group, so you know he knows his shit.


>Do not just walk into school thinking you will figure it out
That's actually what I did years ago. I felt like I just needed to do anything, so I dove right in (granted, the people at the school were pretty pushy about getting me in there) without much thought. Funnily enough, I chose to do programming and realized that although I was fairly decent at it, I wasn't really in love with it. I ultimately ended up with an unused associate's degree and a lot of debt. Fortunately, I recently received an e-mail from the department of education informing me that my loans were discharged due to the schools bad business practices, so now my debt is gone entirely which is why I've been thinking about getting more education.

I'm going to take some time to figure out what I want to do this time. 3D modeling and graphics design sound pretty appealing, video editing might not be bad either, so I will probably look into those a bit. I also like writing, but here in the US most courses in that category are poisoned by modern 'activist' nonsense.

A final note: I will be seeing a doctor some time this week about my recent health issues. If they're about as bad as they seem, I may be able to quit my job and collect disability while using my free time for school. Then again, I'm probably not lucky enough to make the cut, but I really do miss being a NEET. Wish me luck, wizzies.


> I recently received an e-mail from the department of education informing me that my loans were discharged due to the schools bad business practices
Lucky bastard, when is this going to happen to me?


A special fuck-you to the dumbfuck bus driver who took over an hour to get from point A to point B, which would normally take 20min, thus singlehandedly ruining my entire schedule for the rest of the day, and my sleep schedule too.



A fourty minute delay fucked your sleep schedule? How?


you should have complained to the bus manager, karen


I get you. Neurotypicals don't understand how much unexpected events anger us autists.


Your kind aren't welcome on this site, you faggot bus driver.


American public transport is the absolute worst


do u guise talk to coworkers and have buddies an stuff
coz whenever I work i never talk to anyone


I used to occasionally do small talk with people but they all left and now i'm just some creepy old guy people avoid. Everything is as it should be.


Ever have those bosses that regardless of how much you've succeeded within the company they still find some reason to bitch, gripe, and moan? Because those are mine right now. Assholes. The lot of them.


I only speak when spoken to, and they normally only speak to me when there's an actual need to do so.


I thought that working from home would be paradise but it isn't, my work has increased a lot since my boss thinks that I have complete availability and I can't even relax after work ends because I get retarded teams messages asking me to do shit.

It seems that the only option is to suffer regardless of what I do.


just sign out of any messaging apps immediately after work ends. whatever it is, it can't wait for tomorrow. if someone gives you shit for it, tell them you had errands to run and you're not obligated to be on call.


And again…got called into a meeting to be told how much I suck. Wooooooo. Fuck this job.


T. Literal nigger


i started a new job and like cockwork i become the guy whos the only one that doesnt talk to anyone, out of the loop, alone during breaks, all the rest




sounds awesome


I just finished a 16 hour shift yesterday (Fri) out in the cold with sub zero temp with wind chill. My head hurts and my body is sore. I definitely can tell how someone could die doing this consecutively. This was a one of thing though thankfully. Normally it's just typical 8 to 5.


16 hours? Are you working in an amazon warehouse or wearing scrubs?


Sorry you had to endure that, wiz. I think my longest ever shift was 12 hours, I don't ever plan to do that again.


Perfect job for a wiz is to deliver packages, prove me wrong
>In object security you work with other people
>As a janitor you're always watched
>In programming kill yourself


perfect for a wiz lmao (see >>268580)



This little twink bitch still whines about having to work at Amazon


Not defending that tard but I've heard some say that delivering mail is a very good job for wizards.


Why would I want a job where I have to walk for hours?


Those jobs are for slaves. I'm not a slave.

It's much easier to get jobs where you just browse the internet and play games all shift anyways.


File: 1670269367766.png (136.2 KB, 453x541, 453:541, 1625502796458.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Another long business trip tomorrow where I'll be in the middle of nowhere for almost a month
>And most the daily allowance I'm given is being spent on the only available hotel in the area and transport
>Working 9hr night shifts everyday with no breaks
I hate real life


are you a cosplay slut?


You're welcome, the drive was also pretty relaxing


You go around on a vehicle.


gurl, you need a pimp. he'll treat ya right


Fellow wizards, I’m so fucking tired of it all.

I want to buy things, not be poor, not worry about having enough to live. And most importantly, not feel inferior to other people/family because I’m doing “nothing”. So I’ve been looking for remote jobs for months now and I’m experiencing burnout and headaches.

All this time spent looking for a job, I could use my energy to be working already. I’m at the point where I can’t even complain about wageslave jobs, because I’m practically begging to get hired.

Recently contacted a chat operator company, I’m doing the training. There’s mixed reviews, some say it’s a scam, others that it’s legit but you can get fired for the most innocuous stuff.

Anyone want to give this wizard some hope? I need a WFH like now. Must add that I’m from a third world country in South America. So low pay for you might be rich money for me.


if you can speak english and are semi-decent with computers you can get a remote support job that pays ok-ish


File: 1670386405059.png (151.49 KB, 459x406, 459:406, keepworking.png) ImgOps iqdb

that's right, back to work guys!


Just seeing that picture makes me want to flay that bitch, and this is the first time I'm even hearing of her.
t.going to work in 1 minute


not her fault men give her money


How is it not her fault that she goes around begging for money and saying she'll fuck whoever does so? Both her and the ones who give her money deserve horrendous deaths.


I mean, if there were hordes of succubi who would send you enough to NEET more than comfortably just for streaming yourself playing video games and posting dick pics online, wouldn't you?


no, it's called self-respect, you fucking faggot!


You could probably do it for old men right now, you should try


Then why do you seethe? You have self respect and she doesn't,


i'm literally a genius. what makes you think i'm seething? i rarely consider lower life forms. perhaps you have a PHD in math and physics? no? well, i do, and so why should i care about your input?


are you not >>269095 ?


anyone who says their a genius isn't a genius, stop thinking your better than anyone when you're in this shithole. Yeah the succubi a disgusting retard but at least she'll live comfortably and retire easily while you seethe uncontrollably.


>genius implies being a low t cuck, insecure and humble about your own abilities!!!!!

t. every retard ever

i have a phd in math and physics, i think i'll manage just fine !


who gives a fucking shit about your phd in math and physics? is that knowledge gonna help you survive in the wild when shit hits the fan? Whores and morons will always make more money and live better than you even if you have a high paying job. You probably have to bust your ass and work long hours while the people you shit on is making millions while doing absolutely nothing. How does that make you feel hmm?


>who gives a fucking shit about your phd in math and physics?

you questioned the veracity of my former statement regarding my intellectual abilities and the claim that i am a genius, and thus i could not resist my temptations to list my qualifications.

>is that knowledge gonna help you survive in the wild when shit hits the fan?

yes. my knowledge matched with excellent fluid intelligence will certainly allow me to survive the vast majority of challenges the nature has to offer, and i will especially do well in comparison with the average e-whore.

>Whores and morons will always make more money and live better than you even if you have a high paying job

thanks to crypto and trading, my net worth is $9m. my endeavors are devoid of a financial incentive. thusly, your statement is incorrect.


He isn't, I am. To answer >>269108, of course I am seething, how could I not? I may have self-respect, but she has millions of dollars while my yearly salary is a measly 2000 fucking dollars, the fact that she becomes a millionaire for selling worthless pictures whereas people like me slave away for a pittance is a complete reversal of the natural order and takes a massive shit on all the effort I've spent through my life.


if you were actually useful you probably would be making more than her but your worth isn't good enough.


File: 1670401705767.jpg (22.15 KB, 480x472, 60:59, freedo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>worthless pictures

There's a demand and thusly it is logically incorrect to question the worth of these pictures. Her success can be attributed to physical attractiveness, and thus there are also qualities which she possesses, and you do not.

> people like me

People like what? What people manage to achieve an annual income of a measly 2000$? I'll answer it for you: retards.

>complete reversal of the natural order

If we take my previous claim as axiomatic, which we should, then it also logically follows that it is (((NOT))) a reversal of the natural order in the slightest.

>massive shit on all the effort I've spent through my life.

What effort have you spent if it has attributed to an annual income of $2k?


If I weren't useful they wouldn't be making me work. Anymore witty comments?
>Her success can be attributed to physical attractiveness
There are plenty of succubi out there that are far uglier than her and still make a living wage off of selling their nudes, physical attractiveness is very important but it only impacts how much money they make, with the bottom line being enough money to live without working a day of their life. Even if you are a 0/10 obese cripple you can earn money because there are retards into that.
>People like what?
People who work and produce goods yet get absolutely fucking shafted economically.
>measly $2000
Of course I only manage to make that much despite putting effort in, I'm in the fucking third world. I assume you'll tell me "should've put some effort into getting out of your country then retard", well, why the fuck do you think I'm working? To get the fuck out of the country.
It's somewhat baffling that I immediately get cussed out by people for shitting on a twitch whore, on wizchan of all places.


Not trying to put you down or anything, but I think coming to America nowadays is the worst mistake you can make. Don't come here please, you will get fucked over badly and you won't be able to afford shit even with your high salary.


>with the bottom line being enough money to live without working a day of their life.

Provide some statistics or stop presenting your delusions as factual. Even if this so-called bottom line provided them with an income greater than a typical minimum wage job would, you're not factoring in that (a) it does not come with any benefits; and (b) your attractiveness decreases as you age, and you would have minimal value on the market as an older succubus in comparison to a young adult one.

>People who work and produce goods yet get absolutely fucking shafted economically.

You're lowly intelligent and your contribution to the production of the goods is minimal and replaceable – hence your value. In the near future it will most likely be automatized so as to increase the efficiency of production. Your only contribution to the process is being able to comprehend simple instructions, and this ability is present in all humans with an IQ that is >80. In other words, your effort amounted to absolutely no valuable knowledge, and you provide nothing which is not inherent to you as a human being that isn't mentally disabled (albeit on the lower end of the spectrum nonetheless)

>Of course I only manage to make that much despite putting effort in, I'm in the fucking third world. I assume you'll tell me "should've put some effort into getting out of your country then retard", well, why the fuck do you think I'm working? To get the fuck out of the country.

The explanation for your low-income isn't just the fact that you're from the 3rd world (although one could safely assume so, considering that you've presented yourself as absolute genetic trash); it is that you've acquired absolutely no valuable skills and that you're working at a minimum wage job which requires little to no skills.


People cashing in on their beauty makes people seethe a lot more than people cashing in on their intelligence or athletic skills for some reason, even though it's basically the same genetic lottery. I think with beauty people imagine that there isn't anything to it, smart people still have to study, athletes still have to show up for practice every day, but beauty queens, they just exist and are given everything. But even they have to go through the trouble of maintaining it, enhancing it and of course, competing with all the other attractive people, which often means having to combine that beauty with other talents.

Maybe these days it's easier with OnlyFans, you just make an account, snap a few pussy pics and you make your first million that year. Except it's not how it works at all since only a small percentage of succubi see those kinds of earnings, usually people with already established brands and audiences.

Before OF, I guess you could become a supermodel but that's still a lot of work and requires tons of connections to be successful and 9/10 times you end up in human trafficking as a prost.


I work with all succubi and I try really hard to be normal, mostly i have relied on drugs especially kratom to try and calm my nerves and help me function. But some days it just doesnt help at all, it's bad because I managed to somewhat build rapport over the months so they expect a certain level of social competent from me and seem genuinely happy to see me but I'm just so dead inside some days I cant even vaguely put on a convincing act. Its painful…


I also use phenibut about once a week for the last year, but for the last month or so it has stopped giving me positive effects. Actually it ends up making me feel significantly worse where I get intensely anxious and sick feeling. I wish there were a better drug to help me function. There are benzos but they are a deal with the devil. I guess ultimately I should seek employment that isnt so intensely focused on socializing and interacting with other humans, but it's a service economy and without a degree most jobs are either physical labor or customer service types of jobs. Or restaurants


God I hate people like you, if you're a genius then why the fuck are you here? go change the world with your intellect faggot, fuck off.


No, he's so super intelligent that he goes to dead forums that are mostly used by depressive virgin men discarded by society and punches down from his ivory tower on account of how epic he is and how massive his brain is.
Ok, sarcasm off. People who are successful (like me, just have to say that before the delirious nigger cries that I post on dep all day every day about my problems again when he posts here far more often than I do) don't do this shit. This fag clearly has issues and this is how he blows off steam. Best thing to do is just ignore him and let him vent his frustrations since posts like his aren't going to be deleted anytime soon and this board is for venting anyway.


he just tries to cope that the system turns us (he included) into useless worthless bags of flesh. this board exists for this very purpose so yeah, let him cope.


File: 1670565877939.jpg (461.91 KB, 1142x1317, 1142:1317, 1667792196001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Have to leave at 7:15am to arrive at work 8:00am
I pulled an overnighter for no reason last night and i finished a liter of 15.8 alchol thingy 6 hours ago.
I feel piss dry of energy.

Fuck myself dead, i'm not ready boys.


Should have just called in sick.


Been there. It's over


File: 1670600071728.jpeg (210.92 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, pashupatinath-nepal-sadhu….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

im not exactly a wagie, more like a neet who works at a family company.
but I realized\accepted,that i cant buy a house,not even RENT an apartment. I have to wait till my parents die.
so,given that i DO earn money,but cant afford to rent\buy;what do i spend my money on?what hobbies,activities,etc?


>neet who works
Why bother being an idiot? There's plenty of those already.


hath my words stricken a nerve upon thee?


>I'm an employed NEET.

You can't be this dumb.


hmmph?you take issue with My wording?


Last day of my job yesterday. Exited gracefully and without making a scene. As sad as it was I keep reminding me of myself not having to deal with those assholes the next day. I feel like I should be stressed about my new job, but being able to leave the last one felt empowering. I don't see the reason to be stressed out or worried about people's judgements before they happen. Let them happen then deal with the consequences. Use those consequences to taper your stress so you are not jumping at shadows all the time.


So fucking anxious all the time. Anxiety makes it impossible to get a job that would not cause you to have anxiety all the time.


I'm at a loss about what to do for my job. It's supposedly a good one since I'm a codemonkey, but honestly I can't stand having to make such bullshit little code changes every day. It's not like it's hard, it's just that it's so fucking boring it makes me want to blow my brains out. I hate having to deal with everyone else on my team and my manager told me to be more social, but when I try to be "social" and "fun" they tell me that I'm not saying the right things. Every day I want to quit, and I'm so sick of basically waiting for the weekends but then dreading Monday.

I'm really scared because it feels like everyone is telling me that I have an objectively good job, but I'm still miserable, so would I be fucked doing literally anything else? When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, but people say that profession also sucks, plus I have horrible social anxiety. Am I literally just unable to be a wageslave? Maybe my constitution is just too weak to do this thing that other normalfags are able to do. I hate living life like this.


I applied for a dev job at my current company but since they're full they got me into QA (with absolutely no previous QA experience)they gave me some training but nothing to deep, so now I do manual QA for a legacy system that is supposed to be retired next year, basically all I do is run the same boring tests every day, take screenshots and post them on testrail and usually create tickets on Jira, when there's no work to do I sleep for like a hour or two.

My biggest problem now is that the work was never supposed to be remote, everybody just goes to the office when they feel like it and management doesn't seem to realize or care for now that I stay home almost daily, I'm scared that if they find out they will make me go to the office, it's a long ass 2 hour commute and I would rather get fired than go every day.


File: 1670770798075.png (54.71 KB, 298x169, 298:169, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>be wagecuck in turkey
>work in municipality
>work 60 hours a weekly
>spend nearly 1.5 hours in transport
>400$ monthly
>come home eat dinner, take bath…
>have only a few hours left for me
>then sleep
>same shit everyday

How can people put up with this? I'm 25 and I spend my life with anime, vidya. My family always wants be me to get a job and also i need money but its fucking killing me. Everyday when im at job i wanna go home, laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling. I can't take time for myself. I vomit sometimes in the morning.


i rationalize it like this: life owes us no shred of childhood comfortability
life doesnt owe us free time and energy to pursue goals


Well if it doesn't owe us then we will just have to take it.


life doesnt owe a deer not to be eaten alive by tigers




File: 1670786567515.jpg (365.86 KB, 900x550, 18:11, 44-Web-EUS141Image1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But life doesn't owe tigers to eat deers. Humanity should try to minimalize wageslaving all together with automation and A.I. We have the world into our hands and we are suppressed by religion, morons and incompetence. I really don't like the idea of wageslaving just to live for the rest of my life.


File: 1670786744405.jpg (21.5 KB, 250x302, 125:151, Susie4.PNG.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well… Convincing argument but i don't know.


if you automate everything and shift shit to ai, the fuck 8 billions of bodies are supposed to do? where the money are supposed to circulate?


The don't call it trans-humanism (from transcendence) for nothing. The human of humanism will be left in the dust and ashes of the past. The market of human actions will degenerate. A better question is, when 8 billion humans can't afford to eat, what happens next?


Nothing? Why do I have to do anything? I simply want to live in peace without being bothered. Automation can do all the work while that 8 billion can relax, we will probably terraform planets like mars or earth-like planets and get resources from them.


Humans are an obligate ectoparasite of the Earth's biosphere. The whole point of 'work' is so that we deplete the planet's natural resources and create so much pollution that eventually we're all forced to kill one another over loaves of stale bread and puddle water. Even the billionaires (who won't know what the fuck to do once most of their slaves are either dead, dying or in hiding). The end goal of humankind isn't to colonize the galaxy into some Star Trek style wonderland. It's self-destruction.


Kinda off topic but this is what the original communists wanted, they wanted to automatize everything as much as possible to free human beings from labor, the idea was to work 3 days only and dedicate the rest to culture, art and higher purposes than wagecucking.

Unfortunately they lost and now we're trapped in this capitalist dystopia where you have to wagecuck all day to avoid starvation, not even to have a meaningful life in your free time, just to avoid painful consequences.


I hate the people who defend this system, it's so depressing and painful. Their only excuse is "what else is better?" like you can't make a new system like humanity have been doing for fucking 100 of years. It's insane how we can't figure out a new system to replace capitalism.



You guys should really read a book on basic economics and some 20th century history to understand why the communist didn't win and couldn't win.

The fundamental problem of economics is that resources are scarce. Capitalism, while not a perfect system that makes everyone a happy self-actualized person, drastically outperforms any other economic system. With a relatively free market you allow goods & services to be exchanged and for pricing to be based on supply and demand, consequently, resources go where they are most needed. If something like milk is scarce and supply drops, prices will naturally rise, so niche products might stop being produced but cheese which is in high demand will still find its way to the market as the consumer votes with his money where resources should go. In a communist system, the distribution of resources, including goods, services AND labor, are all decided by a committee i.e. planned economy. They decide that we need to produce more shovels this year, and less boots. But you can quickly realize that this is slow and these people do not have perfect knowledge, so they will always be less efficient than a free market where prices and resources are distributed and generated dynamically by the system itself, with no centralized hub that might cause a village to starve because they forced all the farmers to make shovels that year. Look up the Great Leap Forward for the biggest man made disaster caused by communist hubris. Literally millions of people died because of it and they still had to work every day.

The way I see it, the problem is work itself. No one wants to do it but society obviously needs to function. Whether its communism or capitalism or some other hybrid piece of shit, someone still has to wash the dishes, so to speak. Automation could solve this by making labor so cheap and accessible that it eliminates the need for most humans to work. Goods also become incredibly cheap and almost free to produce. But, we're not there yet, so no system will solve the fundamental problem which is you need energy and time to move a rock from point A to point B. Capitalism is just a way to distribute resources and labor that has proven itself to be efficient and relatively merit based compared to other systems. If you can supply the consumer with what he needs, capital will naturally flow towards you. Similarly, if you can't, your company will fail and go bankrupt so that the entire thing functions almost like natural selection.


File: 1670835799059.jpg (88.1 KB, 828x732, 69:61, t6ytk9ughjx51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hello once again fellow cart attendants, you may remember me as the anon who was bitching about what happened between me and that spic whore in the last wageslave thread. Anyways how are you guys holding up in this type of work? I've been a cart attendant for over a year now and I'm just fed up with the job at this point. Hoping to get an overnight stocking job since that seems like the only other line of work I can find that isn't too physical and has minimal interaction with normgroids


no guys, exuberance is utopia, in reality people will very soon start to stagnate and literally kill each other for no reason. people must be occupied with something, otherwise they suddenly become a time-bomb which if blasts, destroys pretty much everything around. shaking off all the work to robots is not the way to go.


>Unfortunately they lost
Lmao. I wish you commiekiddies do the world a favor and collectively kill yourselves


>pretends capitalism is any better
nice try


File: 1670850107285.jpg (39.35 KB, 618x386, 309:193, 1647320041509.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just want to be able to buy a small plot of land and make a cabin. Grow my own food, be off grid and just be left the fuck alone. Too bad I'm flat broke and can barely afford rent every month.
w*men really do have life on easy mode huh?


Communism is anti-NEET and therefore anti-wizard. Nt


>still pretends capitalizm is better
first line in google:


Imagine having this job…

I would rather be homeless.


of all the jobs you shit on, why some fun looking construction job? Retail seems way worse than construction.


nicely worded.


You call working around normalfags and being in dangerous situations, fun?

You must be a normalfag.


Danger IS fun and being around normalfags is unavoidable in any work environment. If you don't see how building things that will endure for centuries with your hands is not fun and cool, then I think you are a female!


>Resources are scarce
>While we have the means to feed literally everyone on the planet and provide even small homes for a majority just taking 10% of what the rich produce.

No dude capitalism is not the best economic system, capitalism is what happens when you put a false sentiment of "muh freedom" above everything else, and ironically just makes you free to choose your kind of slavery as every wagecuck knows.


>Automation could solve this by making labor so cheap and accessible that it eliminates the need for most humans to work.

Also you should read the works of early communists because they literally said that in a communist utopia machines would do the majority of work.


File: 1670872942364.jpg (60.84 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, 131818513_o.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So i'll be a wagecuck until I die and theres nothing I can do about it? Well this sucks, suicide doesn't seem so bad anymore.


And the economic planning "problem" can be solved with computers, Walmart literally relies on economic planning and just in time production to make money, and Walmart is way bigger than some countries.

P.D : I wish we had an edit button


Literally every single welfare benefit that you may have is thanks to communists, if it was for the right you would work 20 hours a day for some bread (that is if they don't kill you for being genetically inferior)

It's amazing how some retards think that the small luxuries they have are thanks to the goodwill of the elites and not the decades of struggle by workers.


Some faggot just made a new politics thread, why don't you all fuck off there?


>because they literally said that in a communist utopia machines would do the majority of work.
>a communist utopia

without realizing it, you disproved your own point.
communism would never work in real life, because it's a work of fantasy.



Automatization is a fantasy then? You can't be this retarded.

Maybe it was an utopia 100 years ago, but not now, the difference is that communism wanted to automatize everything to free people from labor, while capitalism wants to automatize everything to produce more profit and get rid of as much people as possible without caring about what happens to them.


you can't be serious bro. If they can run society with only a fraction of the population working they'll want the rest of us dead.


In capitalism yes, this is exactly what I'm saying.


Capitalism never killed off anyone, college commie.


the existence of mercanaries begs to differ


Guns for hire exist in every political environment.


lol JEW.

Coca cola had fucking death squads in South America.


And South America at the time was a inhabited by savages being exploited by Communists. "Corporation that makes money" does not equal capitalism.


I think only market based economies can have guns for hire


>If they're savages it's okay to exploit them.

>Also I'm a jew kike nigger banker who wants to enslave the gentiles.


Post nose schlomo.


Why for the love of god are we having the communism debate in a thread about gainful employment?


I quit my customer service job bros.
Now im just working 2 days a week stacking bread products at supermarkets in the early morning. Comfy.


working at amazon at the moment, it sucks. applied for a data entry job, anyone know how those kinda jobs are like? i hope i can just put a earbud in and listen to music all day


Those jobs seem comfy but they really pay enough to buy more than 2 games a month?


File: 1670918202703.jpg (1.99 MB, 1288x1834, 92:131, 1655915638002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Working literally every day the past two weeks
>10+ hours, sometimes 12
>Traveling so I don't even get to eat a home-cooked meal or see my parents and siblings
This is fucking miserable
I hate being here

I thought I did pretty well for myself in life (considering), but now I'm regretting every choice that got me into this sad, sad job


Watching the strikes happening all over the place and then watching the media reaction to it is flabbergasting. It's like asking for decent pay and decent hours is literal blasphemy and that working for pennies is something we should be thankful for.


did you just start watching news? they only address collective action if it's unavoidable, and they always demonize the workers agency


>>269337 And what exactly is your profession? Do you get your normal extra payslip for working overtime? I remember myself wageslaving for 18 hours non-stop so that my life and 22 lifes more to be saved from death. What are your stories fellow wizardcels?


Asking for decent hours and decent pay IS literal blasphemy in their eyes, they would rather outsource or automatize every single job and leave people starving than reduce their cut a bit and provide jobs that make people happy.


the best thing about a job is quitting it, the days/weeks/months when you get back too neeting but having some money in your pocket, sleeping til late and being comfy and free.


Imagine being this wagie



same, never thought it could be worse than being a wagie while attending university but at least then i had things to talk to co-workers about


can relate, same for me.
coworkers actively engage the avoidance protocol upon recognizing my face.

not that i want to interacr with them in the first place, i'd rather be left alone than bullied.
in the former, you can dwelve in your inne rmonolgue. in the latter, you can only suffer.


File: 1671029108485.png (274.72 KB, 600x650, 12:13, 2035d6f2fd95100bdaebad435e….png) ImgOps iqdb

What's even the point


what depresses you more? that she got free stuff for being some guy's parasocial whore, or that some schmuck even has 70 grand to send to his favorite parasocial internet whore? didn't even get his name read out lol


I hate simps so much is unreal


Maybe it's fake?


File: 1671084835030.webm (2.64 MB, 480x640, 3:4, 5ef7cdc1460902df9f8abf8e6….webm) ImgOps iqdb


with quality this bad, I'm surprised the site is even running


She has a department, a car and an apple watch, that's why more than what I had at 21 even working almost all day.


*way more


She's 21? She looks like she's in her mid-30s LMAO


Freezing rain how the fuck am I supposed to get to work.




I drive 15 miles to work.


Black ice?


Islam Now!


>If they're savages it's okay to exploit them.
this but unironically


Well reality hit like a ton of bricks today, my relatively comfy QA job was a facade, today they fired the Indian contractors that had been working for 2 Years and they got replaced by me and another guy, we have very little experience, like 2 months each yet they thought that giving big responsibilities to people with this little experience was a good idea.

Not only that but now we're the only QA's for 2 projects,the 2 of us have to make the work that usually 5 or 6 people used to do, that also involves staying out late at night sometimes when releases happen.

Don't let anyone fool you, the magical comfy remote job does not exist, you still have to wageslave like everyone else, if you can be a NEET forever, working Is not worth it and honestly if you have the means to make some money whole NEET you pretty much hit the jackpot.


Sounds like you're panicking on day one. The Indians did the hard work, so you're probably just going to be maintaining it. When they scrape an entire team like that, it means they're not planning any more big features.

When in doubt, voice your concerns about workload to management. If that doesn't work and they're clearly fucking you, just apply somewhere else because there's a gorillion fucking tech jobs and they're not all the same.

>t. guy with a comfy remote dev job where he does nothing


I'm forced to go to my company's christmas party, I'm extremely angry right now. My colleagues are actually nice people, they notice I only want to keep to myself and they respect that.

There's a bunch of different situations happening at the same time, I can't just skip it, I don't feel like writing a big wall of text.

Now, if I don't go, my work will be affected, some people might start behaving passive agressive towards me, and my job relies a lot on the cooperation of other people. I'm still trying to figure out shit in my head.


>buying games


hi this is wiz from wiz corp
you dont got to come to work tomorrow
enjoy ur weekend


That sucks I hope you can find a way to power thru it. Eating lots helps


you can find motivation in stuffing yourself with free food … unless the company organizes a party for which you have to pay from your pocket.
then that's lame.

how does a wizzy wizzie survive in a social skills job ?


>literally make millions an hour
>can buy whatever the FUCK I WANT
>just bought this sweet mclaren
>don't have a drivers license and never go out
I fucking hate this niggershit!
I guess their lives don't matter after all lol!


I have $4 in my bank account :(


did ya buy too many wiz treats




File: 1671345941593.jpg (408.01 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DK8hjnnVwAAd97s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah I think people have that desire to work in some way. I think the issue right now is that there's no sense of reward from working because on top of inflation, bad people are enabled to emotionally abuse others. Especially in retail where customers have this relentless attitude towards workers. It's not even mild irritation, but full on rage where they are screaming at employees and destroying objects.

I want to know the psychology behind this.



some hope in Canada where they may help poor people kill themselves


File: 1671431708029.jpg (193.5 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 61417109.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Turns out the PepeNEET posting on /r9k/ is working and conservatives are shidding and pissing their pants over it.

>Nicholas Eberstadt’s landmark 2016 study, Men Without Work, cast a spotlight on the collapse of work for men in modern America. Rosy reports of low unemployment rates and “full or near full employment” conditions, he contends, were overlooking a quiet, continuing crisis: Depression-era work rates for American men of “prime working age” (25–54).

>The grim truth: over six million prime-age men were neither working nor looking for work. Conventional unemployment measures ignored these labor force dropouts, but their ranks had been rising relentlessly for half a century. Eberstadt’s unflinching analysis was, in the words of The New York Times, “an unsettling portrait not just of male unemployment, but also of lives deeply alienated from civil society.”

Over the past two weeks I've read Eberstadt's "Men Without Work", his 2016 version and his post pandemic version, and also watched numerous interviews and presentations he gives on the work. It just seems like conservative sociologists like this are either willfully ignorant or are completely unwilling to make any statements that get them in trouble with the liberal orthodoxy.

All through the comments section on every article and video, were a plethora of people saying the true cause is because men are no longer needed to serve as providers. This is something succubi themselves will readily admit. Eberstadt brings up the fact that this coincidentally starts at the same time as the sexual revolution (Mid sixties), and just scratches his head going hum and hah about why that could be. It's not that he doesn't support this obvious reason sitting right there, it's more that he barely addresses it, and if it comes up during an interview he just looks nervous and awkward, and quickly moves on to the next point.


File: 1671447488708.png (46.8 KB, 247x292, 247:292, spurdo riddler.png) ImgOps iqdb

communism and nazism were anti neet anti hikimori, and anti wizard. In my vast political journeys i have found the best political ideology for people like us is anarchism or some form of Schopenhauerian pessimism. but 90% of people on here are apolitcal.


The first thing communists do when they seize power is passing anti-neet laws, making labor mandatory for everyone who is able bodied and of sound mind. As an ex-communist, I can say with confidence that path has nothing worthy on it for us wizards. Same for nazism. These two are the official normalfag ideologies.

>i have found the best political ideology for people like us is anarchism or some form of Schopenhauerian pessimism. but 90% of people on here are apolitcal.

Anarchism is just the liberal form of communism, it still emphasizes collectives of workers who would support each other. There would be no NEETs in a world of anarchy either.

Pessimism isn't related to politics but is a philosophy. On that note, I believe egoism is more wizardly than anything.
I would say just disregard politics entirely because it is always concerned about society. Society where we don't belong. As a wizard we can't depend upon political ideologies. We can't just wait until our ideology wins and then we will live life on easy mode for eternity. There is no political ideology for us because we are asocial and anti-social people.

The best we can do is try to survive and live a comfortable life by any means possible.


Ideology is for the slaves.
You do have to learn what politics is, which is not ideology. Behind Marxism there is a genuine political theory, though it's incomplete and often misunderstood (hint: Marx has an idea of specific people ruling, and any competent Marxist will admit that the proletariat is there to be used and dropped, sorting out the few with a will to join the party and survive). People weren't into ideology as a ruling idea until the Nazis. Even the Italian Fascists were vague as to what philosophy they followed, saying things that were vaguely socialist. There wasn't a coherent Fascist philosophy until just before Mussolini rose to power, but there were the makings of it, and that's where you start to see what really happened in the interwar period. So many of these political writers, liberals, communists, and fascists, were chummy with each other. It was all this grand game where they select who lives and who dies. That's really been their game. It was most apparent after the second world war, when writers were immediately tasked with making a total lie version of the war's events. It was so brazen that they had to keep it in the universities until the 1960s. Too many people knew what the war really was, and kept their head down because of the purges.


HR cougars are really domming me rn seducing me into coming to work with covid
feeling kinda kinky about pozzing up my coworkers


I recently started to wageslave in a manual labor job and I can confirm that thread I read on here about how normgroids can “smell” outcasts is mostly true. The first week I did a huge effort to hide my weirdness and powerlevel as an long term ex NEET and still my coworkers basically said quickly that I looked too quiet, pale skin and introvert. One of them made a joke about me being more talkative one day. Sometimes they try to be kind and stuff, but still they notice I am the strange guy in the group.


The thing about Command Economy Socialist states like the Soviet Union is that they benefit the most extroverted and gregarious normalfaggots at the expense of everyone else. Your wage doesn't mean shit, money is basically worthless and there's nothing worth buying. So it call comes down to personal favors, bribes, doing favors, etc. It's not unusual for a doctor or an engineer to have a significantly lower standard of living than a factory floor worker, if that factory floor worker was in a position to extort bribes. In China this favor shit is so important it has its own term, Guanxi, your network is your source of wealth.

And when the USSR collapsed, it was again, the most normies of normies, the social parasites, that benefited, because they had mastered the informal economy and had networks. The people that followed the law found themselves in crippling poverty and couldn't adjust to the anarchy.


>the social parasites are the normies not the hikis like me


Considering you couldn't just be a hiki in the Soviet Union, yes. But there actually were NEETs in the USSR, contrary to popular conception, short term unemployment did exist. And there were certain legal loopholes people jumped through every month or two to keep yourself from having to get a job, but this required living with mommy or someone else as your housing and food was tied to your workplace usually. The difference was if you were seen walking the street during normal work hours and a cop seen you, you could be charged for loitering and social parasitism.

But you could quite easily get a job doing nothing if you just kept on switching until you found one, the USSR after Stalin was in a constant labour shortage. You could turn up drunk and not get fired, even nurses turned up to work shitfaced. It was completely normal for stores to have about an hour or two before they completely sold out of stock, and the workers would play cards for the remaining six hours. There were wizard friendly jobs that paid better because nobody wanted to do them, like garbage men, where because of the constant labor shortage you could basically be free from the fear of losing your job.

But for all of that, the system collapsed because people were barely working. And even during the golden age of the Brehznev era, your lifestyle was comparable to a modern NEET in a western welfare state.


File: 1671580827019.jpg (64.44 KB, 750x548, 375:274, max painting.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

actually there is a somewhat new current in anarchism that is anti work.
egoist anarchism might also appeal to wizards, cause it just says ideology is a spook


>blacklisted or some shit by doordash,haven't gotten an order in 3 days
>Can't get literally any other job because I'm a fucking idiot and I fucked my life up
>Don't think the pipes in the basement I live in are strong enough to hang myself from


I always get a headache about 3/4 ways through the work day
I'm not sure if I'm drinking too much coffee or not enough.


try drinking more water, i get dehydration headaches way before i get caffiene over dose headaches.

i love caffeine right now im buzzing on some decent yerba mate


Many headaches are a result of muscular and soft-bone inflammation as a response to poor hydration. The muscles which move the eyes and those in the vicinity of the ears are among the most affected. Caffeine draws hydration from all parts of the body and directs it to the digestive and urinary system. If you're a frequent coffee drinker, consider supplementing with water and some salt to maintain a balance of hydration throughout the body


That's a coffee headache. You'll get them if you drink too much coffee.


most people who complain about coffee headaches are actually dehydrated and would alleviate them with more water before they occur


As a heavy coffee enjoyer I can confirm this, you gotta drink way more water if you drink a lot of coffee otherwise you're gonna have all kinds of dehydration symptoms.


File: 1671679619839.webm (2.92 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1671679469869117.webm) ImgOps iqdb



Coffee tastes like absolute dog shit. Just take caffeine pills. It's easier and not a huge waste of time.


Taste and addiction go hand in hand, at first coffee (and beer) were unappealing tastes, now I shudder with comfort on the first sip of a day


There's a 60 hour a a week position just driving around at night filling in potholes, checking STMS (Road cones and signs), and doing whatever jobs can't be done during the day. It's 5pm to 5am, monday to friday. I was thinking of doing this job for a year and using that money to clear all my bills/denbts and make a little nest egg.

I've never done full nights though and I don't know how giga-shit it'll make me feel. Some people I'm friends with say it's like vampire mode and you lose your sense of self, but I'm already a shut in NEET anyway. Reading online it seems to be horrifically bad for your health, and doing it too long can fuck your circadian rhythm up permanently.

The old boy reckons it ain't so bad, as long as you have a strenuous physical job and you're so body exhausted that you pass out asleep. If it's driving around all night he says it's going to fuck me up and I'll get into the habit of just doing naps all day and not get a full eight hours.


Flat white cofffee (no sugar) tastes good, I thought so when I had my first cup.


Depends on how many noises will be around you when trying to sleep I think, if there's stuff going on then getting a full 8 hours will be basically impossible. Even without any noise I find it difficult to sleep more than 5-6 hours once it starts spilling into mid-day. Getting a fully darkened room might help there. Vitamin d supplements will obviously be a must, and making sure to take them with your meal.

That circadian rhythm being fucked up permanently sounds like bullshit

It doesn't sound like a thrilling time or anything but wiping out debts and having some savings in 1 year would be a massive improvement for your future endeavours. Doesn't sound like a bad job for a wiz either, I'd prefer to do something like that than rather than retail


It always is the succubus bosses that always seem to have a M A S S I V E stick up their ass. Double if they're single and shit at dating because then they take all their frustrations out on a poor sap who ends up leaving the company altogether. Fuck those succubi in particular.


succubi in positions of power are the worst


no job no income atm i am stressed


Time to go wage again. Why do I even bother.


Feminine men are worse. The absolute worst.


Especially when they act like gossipy cunts


To everyone thinking about getting their kidneys dirty with coffee, try green tea first. And avoid breakfast until at least an hour passes since you get up.


Same. Soon i'm gonna plunge myself into the wageslavery and i'm terrified


>fat femoid at work latches on to me, for reasons I'm chalking down to "I'm too polite/beta to do anything about it"
>it continuously either makes creepy sexual jokes or hits on me, often both
>not sure if I can bring it up to management without it blowing up in my face


baka. Just start mentioning your "lady friend" in passing and getting it in to your coslaves that you're in a relationship. The HR will act on any complaint you have regarding people getting too close then. Every wizards needs an imaginary rental GF to talk about if he wants to hide his power level.



I doubt people are good at lying, just go straight to HR about the unwanted attention that isnt work related


What if the HR succubus is the one grabbing wizzie's butt?


If its actual physical sexual abuse like that, go to boss or law enforcement agencies that deal with work force harrassment and conditions. If your boss or superior is performing misconduct, go up the chain until the appropriate action is taken or your fired for the being the squeaky wheel. To hedge against that I only go one or two levels up before deciding if legal action is relevant.


Have to go to work early tomorrow because of the snow. This is hell.




It'd be good advice, if I were actually good at lying. I've been either outright ignoring her advances/jokes or responding as if she never made the joke.


Nothing physical, thankfully. Just verbal. Part of the reason I haven't done anything yet is because I can just ignore her advances. She hasn't done anything in about two weeks, thankfully - in fact, she seems to be ignoring me. I'm not sure why she picked me to harass in the first place, outside of being an easy target. If it continues, I'll bring it up to management.

Wrong on all counts.

I should mention that Jabba the Creep and I are on the same pay grade and we aren't hr


File: 1671775385905.png (267.47 KB, 796x704, 199:176, 0a0f6ec852f75a6661515ab398….png) ImgOps iqdb


Big Mac index is $5.15 in the U.S. as of June 2022, not $8 ( https://www.economist.com/big-mac-index ). Also, as best I can find, the sandwich was $1.60 in 1980, not $0.50 ( https://janet-panic.com/how-much-did-a-big-mac-cost-in-1980/ ). The $0.50 looks to have been the cost of a cheeseburger.

Meanwhile, min wage is kind of a dead letter. If you instead looked at what the lowest quintile made in 1980:
in 2021

So BMs/yr 1980:
BMs/yr 2021-22:


>he didn't adjust the 1980 wage with the inflation to have the same basis on which to compare the 2015 min wage to
wizzie, i kant


America is truly the great Satan. Muricans have one of the best quality of living in the whole world, they know no hunger whatsoever. And yet it is not enough for the great Satan and it's denizens. They thirst for more and more, bitching about how in the past they could stuff more soyburgers down their ever increasing guts. Appreciate what you have, for fucks sake.


Hard to understand if you live in a shithole, Americans have been getting richer generation by generation until recently.


The future will fuck soft first worlders up. Living in a comfort and prosperity all your life and then losing it will be a motherfucker, this is just the beginning.


That's why some people seriously need to change some things in their lives to be prepared, imagine being a funko pop collecting faggot with a limp wrist when everything goes to shit. So many people in the west are in for a rude awakening.


I'm going to gamble it all on a billion SOS and if I'm not rich soon well


Interesting,I was taught in times of crises cash is king. Rich westeners gonna bunker down with some imported labor. Like usual


I'm talking about common 9-5 working westerners and the like. Rich fucks surely will never face any trouble.


Do you think their economy will collapse? Psychologically it might be hard to make less than your parents did, but its only a slowing of growth, not even a shrinkage yet.


How do i find a IT/codemonkey job where i do as little as possible.
I don't want to go back to minimum wage, so i managed to get a CS degree on the side but if i have to work some stressful major job that is difficult i would rather not even bother.
I have 1 offer but i think they think im really good at coding or something but im not that good and its for some fancy corporate system.
i will gladly sacrifice pay for less work and stress.
The minimum wage jobs i always get are awful hours with awful work, i just want something like some IT people claim they work 1/4 of what they should because their boomer higher ups think the work is harder than it is


It's pure luck honestly, you can get into Tech and have a super demanding job that forces you to work 12 hours a day or very little, depends on the project.

But ay least it can be remote.


it's hard to tell which position is going to easy or stressful until you've actually done it for a couple weeks. and conditions can change based on the natural trajectory of a project. like, you hustle for a couple months trying to hit the quarterly release goal and then it's like weeks of just fixing small bugs or not really doing much. sometimes you work on piss easy features, other times you're trying to get a goose out of a bottle without breaking it. its all up and down, like every other profession. still, remote work is still million times better than commuting and having to physically be around normies every day, this way you just have to hear their voice occasionally.


Yea you're right, would rather do remote even if it meant extra workload
the thought of commute and dealing with coworkers physically makes me more ill than the thought of the work itself


I did. That's what the Big Mac Index does.


Work is part of life, honestly you can't get very far without working at all (and the sweet things NEET's have for some time come from the left anyway) the thing that socialism can provide is that instead of working for some jew that thinks that you're disposable you work for you and your fellow workers, you wouldn't have any real bosses, you and your worker friends would decide what to produce, how to do it and how to sell it, and you would keep your fair share of the profits, that should be good enough for most people.

Also as an ex NEET I can say that the NEET life is not really good, people want a purpose in life, they want to be productive and contribute to others, be part of something bigger, being a NEET is unnatural IMO, not because I hate NEET's or something, but because it only leads to an unfulfilled life, it's almost certainly a sign of a mental illness, working is healthy, as long as you're not being shamelessly exploited for profit and discarded.


It's very telling that there's been no achievements and great works of art from modern NEETs. For all the pepeNEET posting about how you can self improve and master skills, none seem to do so. I think the last to do anything worthwhile was Ted Kaczynski and that was three decades ago kek. Considering the tens of millions of NEET men spread across the developed world, it's pretty embarrassing that none of us have achieved anything with our free time.

I was doing more hobby stuff and was more productive as a full time wageslave than a NEET. There's something about this lifestyle that robs you of the ability to even do hobby shit, you just mindlessly idle around for some fucking reason.


File: 1671867260892.jpg (87.49 KB, 933x605, 933:605, peak-oil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think there's a high chance peak oil will hit within the next five to ten years. Peak oil doomers were right during the late 00s, it's just that the US cranked Iraq up to full capacity and there was a fracking boom in the USA which delayed it. Forty years of oil consumption outpacing discoveries probably won't go to fifty. India and places like Bangladesh are looking to industrialize better, and are in a position to, oil consumption is just going to keep on going up and up.

People don't really understand peak oil. There's going to be a tremendous amount of oil left in the ground when we give up drilling, as it's not cost effective to obtain. With peak oil, all the cost effective stuff is slurped up so you're left using the shittier, expensive oil, the Canadian tar sands which are basically on the level of oil produced from coal liquification.

I think if peak oil does hit, we'll stumble into it unaware. We'll keep on thinking high oil prices are due to inflation or the Ukraine situation, and the US government will try to artificially hold prices low for a long period of time, until it finally hits.


File: 1671867428321.jpg (45.11 KB, 290x423, 290:423, klee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Personally i like writing poetry and painting and doing research on poetry i discovered there was a Japanese movement called "recluse poetry"


I feel like there is a missed opportunity in the idea of neet or hikki poetry

I get so bored and tired of consuming things, i must create things, but thats me. if anything this lifestyle gives you insane free time to pursue certain things. i mean i have all this free time and i spend it being an autodictat, teaching myself about art, philosophy, religion, history


What fucking country do you people keep posting from where you act like you live in Mad Max irl?


If you genuinely have no life and aren't exaggerating then you will love working nights. The solitude is great and you get to sleep when all the normalfags are just waking up. I'd recommend some blackout curtains though and some melatonin.


Kaczynski technically wasn't even a NEET since he graduated from college and would do odd jobs for people while living in his cabin every now and then.


>Considering the tens of millions of NEET men spread across the developed world, it's pretty embarrassing that none of us have achieved anything with our free time.

Because most NEETs contrary to what they claim have absolutely no motivation to do anything, no person can be real happy being NEET because a motivated NEET would rather find a job or some kind of economic activity based on his interests.

This is not meant to attack NEET's (I used to be one) just to say that if you can you should end that life, it won't make you happy, it won't make you a better person in any way and you know that it's not a rewarding or satisfactory experience


Worst part is that it's not all the tribe's fault.


>there's been no achievements and great works of art from modern NEETs.
As soon as they do that they arent classified as a neet anymore. It's the fucking definition. If i made successful art i would be an artist. retard


JFL for thinking that most people would dedicate themselves to culture or art or any higher purpose. They would just embrace degeneracy and consume culture until they reach a level of decadence that society will break down.

If you think you will use your free NEET time to do anything meaningful, you're just coping.
I atleast know that I will be depressed either way. Still prefer NEET life, since rotting away is better than being a slave.


File: 1671917358119.png (756.12 KB, 532x662, 266:331, image_2022-12-24_222912923.png) ImgOps iqdb

not me getting even less in my !1sr world" scandi country. Oh right, i quit a few weeks ago and got 0 income.


>out of the loop
only downside but i can relate 100% wizbro


The people posting about following a higher purpose invariably turn out to be the complete opposite with blown out dopamine receptors. It's poetic really.

But the real question is: Why isn't the communist banned/posts pruned for derailing a thread about having a real job?


pussy pass is so fuckin' tiresome but it's what the human animal does


that's more than i will ever have LLMMAOOOOO!O!!!!


lol poorfag i had 4,2 a while back! just take a shower, get on that grindset and don't be an unattractive virgin bro!


Going by what she's eating and the exercise she's getting in, she's heading towards heccing wholesome chonker territory in a few years time.


why does she eat so much holy shit.


>it only leads to an unfulfilled life
Not true, you're just projecting what you want your life to be like onto others, like all anti-NEET types do. I never got fulfillment from work. I get fulfillment from enjoying art, enjoying a nice walk in the forest, enjoying a nice meal. Working prevents me from feeling fulfilled in life because what free time I have left, I am too tired or depressed to even enjoy it so it's like I am not even alive.


still up, rule 4?


File: 1672262520323.gif (1.36 MB, 444x444, 1:1, 1653668338121.gif) ImgOps iqdb

literally consuming goyslop 24/7
No wonder she looks older than she is.

She will probably die young and nothing of value would be lost.


What is this insanity about wizards and productivity now? Why should anyone be productive in any sense of the word? Most importantly people like us who always get treated horribly regardless of our achievements?

The whole retarded idea fixé about being productive is just slave mentality. In the West working or being productive started to be a virtue thanks to christianity and communism mainly. Clue: both are normal ideologies for normals, characterized by a pressing need to belong to some holy collective that will give your life meaning suddenly, be it the church or a community of workers(regardless of the fact that anyone with even a tiny bit of ego and individual thought can realize that only he can give his own life meaning but whatever).

Wizards know that they will never fit in anywhere and don't want to cuck themselves by living a filthy life of unnecessary labor and servitude befit only the mob and common normals. We wouldn't fit in a world of workers, no, sorry to shatter the illusion. In your little utopia where everyone will be a normo worker do you think wizards will be tolerated? Working together with your "worker friends"? What the hell am I reading? Nobody is your friend as a wizard. We are all on our own. Any feeling of community or belonging as a wiz is just a cope.

I'm spending my 6th year now NEETing. Much better than studying. Never worked a day and I don't want to ever. I don't feel any pressure to be ""le productive"" or to achieve anything. I do what I like to do and that's it. I have my own hobbies which I enjoy without needing to be around normals 8 hours a day, getting bossed around and doing stuff I don't want to. Again, I'm sorry to expose communism for what it is but it is just pure bitterness, envy and resentment on the part of normals who can't do anything but work. So they want to a create a society where everyone is a worker! If they hate life then everyone should too. That's the logic behind communism, christianity or anything that is about equality really. If life sucks for us then it should for you too. Pure revenge fantasy for people who are so hollow inside that they find purpose in life through slavery and forcing that slavery onto everyone.

Again, communism/anarchism, nazism, christianity or other religions, forget about these things, they have nothing to offer to us. They are for subhuman normals who belong to the herd.

>The eulogists of work. Behind the glorification of 'work' and the tireless talk of the 'blessings of work' I find the same thought as behind the praise of impersonal activity for the public benefit: the fear of everything individual. At bottom, one now feels when confronted with work—and what is invariably meant is relentless industry from early till late—that such work is the best police, that it keeps everybody in harness and powerfully obstructs the development of reason, of covetousness, of the desire for independence. For it uses up a tremendous amount of nervous energy and takes it away from reflection, brooding, dreaming, worry, love, and hatred; it always sets a small goal before one's eyes and permits easy and regular satisfactions. In that way a society in which the members continually work hard will have more security: and security is now adored as the supreme goddess.[28] - Nietzsche


lol at this butthurt response.
working on projects and doing things feels good

Also you don't know shit about wizardry if you get this assmad over actual wizards enjoying their hobbies


Working on "projects" and "doing things" for the sake of feeling productive is cattle mentality. Do what you like or enjoy for yourself, because you know, you enjoy it? Not because you want to spend your time in "useful" ways.


What if he enjoys doing productive things?


Then he is a slave. Nothing better than a slave who enjoys being a slave.


Are you a non-native English speaker? "Productive" doesn't mean "doing something for someone else". It means producing something, accomplishing something, or getting closer to a goal. I'm productive when I wipe the drool from my face in the morning, a wizard is productive when he watches a hentai from his backlog, a crab is productive when he buys more ammo, etc. I enjoy being productive, as any wizard should, because it literally means "I did something I wanted to do". I am no slave.


yeah i mean this is really superficial way of looking at it. all of those things serve the interest of life and propagation of life, by making yourself stronger, more presentable, more capable for fending off death. it's pro life, which is fine, but not very wizardly. schopenhauer would have a thing or two to say about that


File: 1672291456524.jpg (431.1 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, 013.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The more I work the more money-desperate I feel. I get more greedy, more money-grubbing, and more miserable…

I was off work for a bit and thought of some fun DIY projects to build, some stuff for my garden, maybe get some layer hens to raise.
Now I'm back at work and in just a few days it's sucked the joy and life out of me, those projects I planned just seem like expensive (they're not) wastes of time in my brain.


File: 1672336230325.jpg (637.86 KB, 1500x1502, 750:751, pol compass logotypes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Capitalism is already proven better a thousandfold times, so whatever.

It is taxes what keeps us tied to the capital, once that is solved capitalism can flow safely and healthily.


My crazy, angry and very retarded succubi boss is leaving in just under a month. Very happy, hopefully I get someone a little better. Male bosses are more likely to be reasonable.

Current boss will yell at me
>I ask which one we need
>I get the one in the front

How can anyone deal with this? even the other managers tell her shes crazy. She also just talks way too softly or slurred when she isnt yelling and trying to take orders while she speaks like that is clearly not going to work…


File: 1672389460405.jpg (78.69 KB, 511x909, 511:909, 1613364917653.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm only working 2 or 3 days a week now and I feel so much fucking better, I have no idea how I managed working 40+ hour weeks for months on end. That said, I still want to kill myself all of the time.


>I'm productive when I wipe the drool from my face in the morning, a wizard is productive when he watches a hentai from his backlog, a crab is productive when he buys more ammo, etc.
I'm pretty sure 99% of people wouldn't consider that productive in any way.

When people talk about being productive they either mean wageslaving, doing something practical or useful or doing something that is socially acceptable like learning to play the piano, working out, learning languages, etc etc. Something that can be used in real life to gain you more respect, power or can be used to virtue signal to the herd.
"Hey bros, I just spent 2 hrs learning italian, then I studied some coding and now I'm doing leg day at the gym. What's up bros, you bein' productive today?" Something that is socially unacceptable can't really be called productive.


My father was like this when I used to help him as a child. Usually he just grunted and expected me to understand.

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