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I applied for a computer science scholarship where they teach you everything and make you job-ready in 9 months. I got rejected because I'm too dumb or something like that, I just didn't pass the interviews.
I'm 30 years old have been working shit jobs that require no skill all my life.
Lately I just became too tired of being poor. All attempts at learning something by myself online have been a failure, I just quit or get bored after a month. And when I try to apply for something more academic I get rejected because I have no idea how to talk to people.
don't know whats the point
fuck this piss contest of a life


Are you in the USA?

Get forklift certified (this way you can make around $20/h and won't have to do as much physical labor) and work nights at some warehouse but make sure you get one of those jobs that are 10hours a day but only 4 days a week. The other 3 days of the week teach yourself web dev stuff.

If you find coding too boring or hard, then find a local technical school and within 6-12 months you can get the training to become an industrial maintenance man for factories… they make like $28-35 an hour and do crap like resetting the conveyor belts or installing shit in warehouses.


…also because there's a trucker shortage places like Walmart are guaranteed hiring and paying for people's training to become truckers.
in my area, they will pay the full cost of training and they end up make $85k/year

it's kind of a stressful/boring job though
but at least you're alone most of the time


unfortunately i live in a shit smelly third world country so some of those things you mentioned are not available here but thank you for the advice anyway brother
the thing most people do in my country is just learn to code, or learn 3d modeling, anything in tech really, and then apply for jobs abroad so they can leave, all my school friends did something like this as far as i know
i tried, many times, but its so fucking boring to learn by yourself, or maybe im sick in the head, i dont know
by the way, i worked some night jobs, in a library and a gas station once, they were my favorites but i really wish they paid more, its awful


i don't think there's much hope, i've more of less consigned myself to low wages and misery

if you weren't born with a trust fund, didn't have parents who trained you & set you up with skills and knowledge related to career attainment, or you squandered your 20s passively consuming media while being NEET/psuedo-neet the whole time, you're pretty much shit out of luck

coding is boring as hell, but I guess if you're desperate enough, you could learn how, and I've seen people talk about "how I landed a developer job after learning to code in my 30s" but those guys are rare and usually were already properly socialized and had career experience to begin with

the only alternative (besides going back to school and somehow getting a random white collar career) is doing some completely absurd goofy stuff like getting rich gambling on crypto/stocks, writing a book or entire franchise that somehow gets popular, or finding a weird untapped youtube/podcast niche and somehow make money off of that… idk


> squandered your 20s passively consuming media while being NEET/psuedo-neet the whole time
im halfway there
t. pseudo neeting


I just keep thinking how fucking unfair all of it is
If I was lucky enough to be born to good parents I would've had a chance at a career since a young age, I would've actually had the time and the resources to find something to do with my life
Why am I hit with this sudden realization that I will never do anything meaningful when I'm in the middle of my fucking thirties why was i born in this monopoly


> 30 years old
> smelly third world country
Even animals in 1st world country have better life, you just doomed for failure. at least you tried your best get over it.


The amount of parents that successfully push their kids into pursing a career is pretty fucking narrow, I've noticed. Everyone I knew from school had the "study what you want, it doesn't matter what degree you get", so inevitably everyone that got meme degrees ended up fucked and working at gas stations. Asian countries have the "doctor or engineer only", but they overkill it by being too inelastic with what's possible. Truth is most boomers are ignorant about the state of the economy and market and don't know themselves what the kids should do.

Ironically that 4chan jpg that floated around online showing which careers are god tier and which are shit tier would be useful if plastered in the classroom and given as career advice. But artfags don't like seeing English literature and meme degrees at the bottom in shit tier so they obfuscate the worthlessness of those degrees.


Trades is kind of a meme tho, reddit has been pushing the trades meme too hard like there's trades jobs everywhere.

It's like any other job tho, you need experience and connections to land it. My welder friend in california has been looking for a welding job for year with no luck

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