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theres a lot of people on this site who hate their lives because they're trapped in dead end jobs or their family are literally abusive. if i were you guys i would meet up with some other wizards and survive as a homeless gang. i know it would be way too hard to do this alone. but i imagine if you were with other people you could make it work.

i dont live in america tho so i couldnt do shit even if i wanted to. but if you could get a plane ticket you could all meet up. better than killing yourselves.


I don't go homeless because I have no place to keep all of my financial accounts, credit cards, social security card and other stuff safe.


how is going homeless with a bunch of pedophilic homosexual sociopaths the solution to anything? get your brain checked lol


I would join up in a heartbeat with a group from here.


I literally offered to network with NZ/Australian anons to have a NEET house together. I literally own a house and rent out rooms on the regular to sustain myself, and I was at the time considering buying a place in the countryside for a lot of us.

But as it is, if a space comes up I'll offer it to an anon on here for $160 NZ a week and post about it on here. Just pay as you go, you can leave any time you want. I've rented my rooms out to literal shut ins and special needs guys before. I would rather live with them than normies that want to have parties and go drinking on the regular.

But when I posted about this last time, I got mocked and laughed at for some reason.


>A single room for $640/m
>No lease agreement
You probably got laughed at for being a 2022 landlord while believing yourself to be doing good for people



New Zealand money is like worth half of the USD, current exchange rate is $1NZ/.60USD. What I'm offering is considered a pretty generous rate, I know because I purposely lowball it and don't get greedy. You rent a single apartment for $300 a week here at the moment and have to pay for utilities on top of that. The boarding houses are $240-250 for a single room with everything included. I'm basically offering no bond (unless you want it) and you can leave at any moment.

But yeah, a relative is trying to rent a 3 bedroom house for him and his gf + kids, and he's looking at $600 a week. So my way is literally the cheapest way. I don't think you foreigners know how fucked our housing market is.

Look, I lucked out in life and have this house, alright.


people like you are psychopaths, remember the portland guy? screw your phony generosity


>if i were you guys i would meet up with some other wizards and survive as a homeless gang

I would trust a fellow third-world wizard for survival. I would never trust first-world wizards for anything related to survival. You can't even buy or prepare your own food. Got no skills either, not even basic communication skills needed for group survival.

Don't get angry at me, you all know I am telling the truth.

>waaa waaa don't condem NEETdom

I am not condemning it. I am happy for you. I am pointing out you are completely useless compared to a third-world wizard.


Sounds respectable to me. When I made a post that I was going to move to the country soon I was made an offer by a NZ anon to be my roommate (I'm in the US). I would have loved to have had him but sadly we're too far apart.


yeah because all third world posters are living in slums where every single day they have to fight for their survival and risk getting shot, mugged, stabbed, kidnapped, die of malaria and dengue fever and natural disasters and and etc etc.
you are delusional. the third world posters with the means and the capabilities to hang out here are mostly middle class and not that different from your average first worlder.
go to some favela if you want to rp that hard as an ebin sicario


>yeah because all third world posters are living in slums where every single day they have to fight for their survival and risk getting shot, mugged, stabbed, kidnapped, die of malaria and dengue fever and natural disasters and and etc etc.

Minus the malaria, this is exactly how it is you twat. Do you think we are all joking and exagerating at the same time? Also, our middle class is like your lower middle class best case scenario.

Jesus some of you are so bubbled from the harsh realities of life it baffles me.


Also further talking on this >>265082

What makes you think we are at least middle class and above? My parents are poor, I am poor. Not dirt poor but I can't even afford my doctor bills, most of my wagecuck salary goes into meds.

Again, you live in a bubble sheltered from the harsh realities of life. I can guarantee you lots of wizards sre are in my situation or way worse. Do you think we have welfare and social services like yours? We don't.


One of these threads again. We would all drag each other down because we're too socially retarded and inexperienced with life to survive.


>with the means
Do you really think it's that fucking hard to get a shitty phone and a gigabyte of internet in the 3rd world? At least 80% of the 3rd worlders here should be lower class even in their own countries.


they have the time and are educated enough to be browsing english speaking websites, that's something those in the lower rungs of society in their third world countries cannot afford

im not saying life isnt hard(er) in the third world generally, but you're not all some haitian or indian slum dwellers, just like not everyone in the first world lives in a mansion with great social services in copenhagen or oslo or what have you


Mate, we are telling you getting a phone and a decent internet connection is not hard at all. Even slum dwellers have those, and I mean over 80% of them. We are mostly self-educated, you do not need a private school to learn english.

>but you're not all some haitian or indian slum dwellers

Yes we are, we are third wordlers. I am offended you can't grasp the concept that there are wizards that have it way worse than you. I genuinely despise pampered first-world wizards. You are the Karens of wizards.


>educated enough
You do not need to be "educated" to browse and post in english websites, all you need is to know english. Which isn't even that hard by the way, english is genuinely easy as shit and for example I became fluent in it by age 11 just by fucking around in the internet all day. And at that age I was having mental breakdowns every single day while living in a shitty fucking shack without plumbing or a shower.
>have the time
What do you mean by having time? Shitposting in the english web does not take any longer than shitposting in my native one.


If I ever travel there from the US I would definitely consider staying with you. I wouldn’t mind visiting NZ/Australia one day at all I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country
I don’t come on here as much as I used to although I’ve seen people talk about ideas like this but never knew any came to fruition if you wouldn’t mind would you care to elaborate on what occurred? Thank you


I hate my life because I have a severe anxiety disorder and I can not do even the most basic things without feeling some kind of nausea or stomach pain


>whites let non-whites into their spaces
>non-whites get jealous of the whites (due to their chimp nature)
>non-whites demand reparations or special treatment
many such cases!


I am not demanding shit mongoloid. I am pointing out I am neither white or privileged. In plain 2022, any idiot can learn english and buy internet connection, even mouth-breathing slum dwellers.


I've personally seen whites drive around the ghettos and pick up men and succubi to take home xd
they pay cash just to pour baby powder on them and carry the husband to bed, weirdos man


hit reply too soon, the reason why I'm telling you this is because a white driving a convertible tried to pick me up once. I could see there was a white plastic bag on the driver's seat and you could make out the edge of a box sticking out and the product inside, bet it was talcum

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