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This situation causes me a lot of depression. Wonder if anyone here has experienced the same and can help.

Years ago when I was a neet and had infinite free time, I indulged in fapping like a psycho. Was doing it ridiculously often and was chasing the "high" of finding new stuff to fap to that didn't just "do the job" but excited me, which was getting progressively harder as my tastes have never really deviated much from things you'd find on mainstream sites, there were just very particular qualities I was looking for, and the "stock" of new material that hit the mark was dwindling fast. One day I woke up after a particularly excessive multi-fap prior day and was having trouble getting hard. Could only fap until I came with a limp dong. Started freaking out. I waited a few days without porn or jacking and then my cock was behaving well and was super hard for a while. Went back to business as usual and by a month later my dick was shit again.

Ever since it's been pretty mediocre, hit and miss, takes a while for me to finish and is often an annoying amount of effort.

Urologists can't find anything wrong so based on how it all started I'm guessing I've fried my brain's arousal centers with porn.

Problem is if I don't ejaculate before trying to sleep it's really fucking hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, because as part of the shitty habit formation with this stuff I started cooming before sleep daily.

I hate being in this fucking hole so much and wish I could just stop with porn and fapping completely but then my insomnia gets out of control.

Anyone been through this? Any advice? It's driving me fucking mad. Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.


Your brain just got used to it, it can happen to pretty much anything that brings you pleasure like good food, alcohol, drugs, entertaining videogames or movies etc etc, take a break from jacking off for a few days and only do it if you feel extremely horny.


Has your dick ever gone limp from this? Any advice on how to sleep while not fapping?


It has gone limp actually, i'm suffering the same shit that you're going through, for sleeping you should try melatonin gummies, it's what i use and they help a little bit.


Oh. So you haven't been able to fix it? That is one of my main fears here, that it can't be fixed.


Like i said, stop jacking off for a few days and it'll go back normal like always, this isn't my first rodeo with dick limpin' ya know…


Thanks. I wonder if it's possible to stop the re-limping. Why does it come back? I've considered trying to jack off only once a week for some months without porn to see if that fixes things for good.


This happened to me when I came an average of 4-5 times a day. It was awful. I wish I had my foreskin back and with have low libido


It sounds like you fixed it. How'd you do that? Also I'm not sure what you meant to say here: "and with have low libido"


A really famous urologist Carlo Foresta said this about too much porn use but I don't know if he meant to imply the erection problems apply to masturbation:

>It starts with lower reactions to porn sites, then there is a general drop in libido and in the end it becomes impossible to get an erection


I have been through this and hte solution is pretty damn simple. Wean yourself off. If you're able to go two weeks without fapping then you'll top being addicted to it. If you can't do that cold turkey, start small. Start fapping every other day. Then turn that into only fapping once every two days and so on until you stop feeling the urge to jerk it every day multiple times. Your penis going flaccid like that is your body telling you to cut it out.


The solution is extremely simple: stop watching porn and masturbating. After a month or two your penis will be back to normal.


Thanks, so both of you experienced this problem and fixed it that way?


I've done three months, not just offline, but almost without any screens entirely. I think I watched maybe 7 movies in my absence. Same problem as you OP, and it went away entirely and I was entirely back to normal after two months.

However, the caveat is that if you have -that- much of a problem with porn and cooming, then you're not likely to be able to constantly keep away from it.


wizards addicted to simulating penetration (coitus)
wizchan 2022


Shouldn't that only be a problem if they're fapping to 3dpg?


The masturbation is bad meme is overdone


Yep, I used to jerk it 3 times a day. I used this same method with smoking and drinking too. I used to be a super bad alcoholic along with being a chronic fapper.


Everything is bad in excess, that's true. Masturbating once or twice a week is completely okay though. You need to release all that semen your body builds up over time. Better do it via masturbation than in a wet dream, I think.


I have come to the conclusion that after being so many years watching porn almost daily that I'm not going to stop watching it ever. I can only reduce the time I watch it. The only way to stop watching porn completely would be having no internet connection at home, and that isn't going to happen.

And the only things that have helped me to reduce the times a fap with porn are first that as you get older you get bored of porn and you also are less horny and second, keeping myself occupied with other things, specially if they are outside the house. Exercising also helps a lot because it makes you feel better, more active and it also helps you to sleep.


Keeping yourself busy with projects is a great way to keep fapping at bay. I've been doing yard work as much as possible and I've started foraging for edible plants in the woods behind my house to keep me busy. Just going out in nature is great for your mental health in general without having to deal with normalfags, just go at odd hours when everyone is at work.
>inb4 Wizchan 2022
Fuck off crabs


But has it made you go limp?


Bros i just love to fap how the FUCK do i stop


reroll your will power stat


dont, just find other things to preoccupy your time with (like uh, videogames, and hobbies (lol))


For me having things to do/fall back on that are easy helps. Being healthy so I have the mental focus to do stuff is also important, if you are unhealthy and can't focus on things it'll be much easier to fall for that then find better hobbies.

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