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The only thing that keeps me away from commiting suicide is fear of hell/reincarnation/whatever the shit. I've been brainwashed heavily with religion and being exposed to so many religious and new age stuff that despite being consciously atheist my subconscious still behaves in a religious way

Anybody else has this problem? How do you deal with it? I want to end it all for once but this is one of the main factors stopping me


>How do you deal with it?
By trying not to die? How else could anyone possibly deal with it?


I WANT to die. I don't know how to convince me there's nothing after death


Nobody to ever exist knows what happens after you die and nobody that is yet to come will know. It's a matter of faith


There is no evidence that any of these afterlife stories are true, and they all contradict each other anyway. People love to talk even about things they know nothing about and I prefer to rely on the evidence of my senses rather than their ceaseless and vulgar chattering.


The christian hell or whatever can't be any worse than the current world, fortunately for you and me theres nothing after death, just emptiness, and even that seems more appealing than the current life.


Develop in adventurous spirit. Become a man who wishes to die because of how hot his heart burns to know what lies in the great beyond.


>fear of hell/reincarnation/whatever the shit
I certainly know this feeling. I think about death and the many theories on what happens after we leave this life, and very few of them sound any good to me. When it comes to any of the monotheistic religions like Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, etc. I doubt I would bode well. My life experiences often come across as an indication that if there is a god out there, constantly watching and judging us, he clearly doesn't like me much, and likely has a special place in 'hell' already picked for me. On the other hand, if reincarnation is real, then that means I would end up right back here when I die. Fuck that.

The only times I feel any confidence with my chances in the afterlife is either with the athiestic beliefs that death is the ultimate end, or some of the various esoteric beliefs that the quality of one's afterlife is determined more by strength of spirit than divine good-boy points. In any case, I have already planned my suicide for a bit later this year, and despite the fears I still carry about the fate of my soul after this life, I still have every intention of sticking to my plan. I really can't take this life anymore.


Understand you will die regardless. The single noteworthy difference between dying today or tomorrow is the amount of pain you will experience for that duration. That's the only calculation.
For me this does not help with the fear. I don't believe many are such rational machines that figuring something out logically actually alters how the lizardbrain regards it. That part of your biology relies on experiental information. And so there is no way to prepare.
The stories of the beyond world are just a manifestation of the fear of death, they're not the actual fear. Dispelling belief in them would just alter the shape. Maybe suddenly you'd realize you don't want to hurt those around you or you think something else horrible might happen. It's all retroactive attempts to justify a fear that you logically understand to be misplaced. Not too different from the work of, for example, the generalized anxiety disorder.


Must we have the same threads all over again every two weeks?

But Op, let me tell you, death is just the beginning. There are no gods but your essence will still exist after your material destruction. You can't escape life again in some form. You will have to suffer yet again and again. But hey, look at the upside of things, at least you can have fun again and again too. You will get to experience new universes, new parts of the eternal cosmos, new parts of the eternal wheel of time, new dimensions, new hells and new heavens and new purgatories. It's intoxicating to think about it. Suicide doesn't solve anything. Your essence/soul/consciousness/energy or whatever you want to call it will remain. Even your material shell will exist in the universe in some way. There is no escape. Better get used to it and achieve some kind of inner peace at least, you might as well try to enjoy the eternal ride.


take your meds


You would think suicide is frowned upon almost universally for good reasons, and ditto with the importance of elaborate funeral customs, or sth like last rites.. Now I know it's commonly held that all of that is mere superstition and ceremony, that it doesn't matter, that humans are nothing but flesh and blood and so on, but it is like even more of a bunch of reassuring fantasy tales than anything the materialists and atheists like to claim that religion and spirituality are all about.
Death is often compared to sleep, but there is more to sleep than the state of profund slumber where one is trully "out of this world" if only temporarily. And with no outward signs who can truly tell whether one suffers physiologically or (more terrifyingly) psychically post-mortem.


Pain and suffering doesn't exist outside of life, as pain and suffering itself is a trait that was selected for to propagate life itself.

If there is no pain or suffering, there is no life.


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>If there is no pain or suffering, there is no life.
Except for jellyfishes, those stinging motherfuckers got off easy.


Truth is hard to bear, huh? Everyone must believe in the normalfag materialism and that death will just liberate us all just like that poof. Essence predates existence, materialists can't deal with it.


Do you remember the time you did born? No because you did not existed and same will happen when you die. Spritualism and anti-materialism comes from valuing our consciousness too much. Thinking we humans are unique and our mind can’t be ever deleted from existence forever.


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Your brain builds your reality and when it stops working, you stop existing. I don't know what's so hard to understand about it.


Any evidence?


I do remember occasionally my previous life experiences, they are called deja vu commonly.
>Spritualism and anti-materialism comes from valuing our consciousness too much. Thinking we humans are unique and our mind can’t be ever deleted from existence forever.
Spiritualism is wizardly, materialism is the norm-tier perspective. "Anti-materialism" and human thought, ideas, consciousness gave us waifus, video games, "fictions" and other things that make life worth living. We are connected to higher realms and worlds than just the material world we live in currently. Materialists can't see outside the bubble they live in. You are like a fetus which denies that anything exists outside the womb which he lives in.

The brain isn't a constant thing, like everything in your body, it goes through "cleaning" every 10 years or so, your body today isn't the same as when you were a child and your brain isn't the same either. Your body uses new particles to replace old ones constantly. Your consciousness isn't stored in your brain, otherwise you wouldn't remember anything except from the last 10 years.

Nah, materialists don't need to prove anything, they only demand evidence from others all the time yet they fail to provide any satisfactory evidence to support their own theories.


>it goes through "cleaning" every 10 years or so



Probably you can find better and more detailed articles, this was the first one the search engine threw up to me.


If heart stops beating does the blood keep moving? No, so it’s a clear cause and effect that it’s what’s moving your blood. If you have an eye injury and you can not see it’s a clear cause and effect that it takes in information that allows you to see, right? So if it all stopped and you were eaten down to the bone by tiny lifeforms what causes you to believe that you’re teleported somewhere else? Is it because someone who couldn’t even make those basic connections thousands of years ago, and who’d never died said so? People who didn’t even realize you should wash your fucking hands?


Discussing consciousness is a different matter. What you say basically is that if you are dead your consciousness dies. But you don't provide any sort of proof at all. What makes you think that thoughts and ideas are rooted in reality and not in some higher realm of being? Our bodies/brains just receive signals (consciousness) and don't generate it. When our body is destroyed only the tool is destroyed which receives consciousness, not consciousness itself.

>who’d never died said so

You or other materialists died and came back to enlighten us, I guess…

>People who didn’t even realize you should wash your fucking hands?

Now you are just running to the false belief that modernity is superior to previous ages. So you resort to the mainstream. If people nowadays believe in something then that must be right, right? Oh wait…


You have no idea what lies after death. Isn't it equally likely that suicide could bring you a heavenly afterlife?


Not this excuse again, along with muh family


Considering the nature of this world I doubt existence is anywhere without suffering at all. Suffering and existence seem to be brothers.

It is a better "excuse" than my family tho.


You were dead for an eternity before you were born a you didn't mind, now did ya?


>theres nothing after death, just emptiness, and even that seems more appealing than the current life.
If only.


Can't believe ghosts are browsing wizchan now!


Reincarnation is a thing, my man.

So you are allowed to comment on what comes after death if you are a materialist only or if you think death is the ultimate end (childish fantasy, let me tell you).


>Reincarnation is a thing, my man.
Well, funny that you can remember the pain and suffering of the many of your past lifes, kinda sounds hellish.


>that snarky, condescending passive agressive tone
Don't pretend that know what happens after death or how brain works.
You simply don't and we both know that, little redditor.


Rather unfortunely its legit concern.


>The stories of the beyond world are just a manifestation of the fear of death
If only.
We simply do not know what lies after death.


It is possible to recover bits and pieces of memories through mental training and enlightenment.

After death comes existence again. Even if you are a materialist there is still the idea of eternal recurrence. It's most likely that you will keep on existing in some way or form.

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