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I'm 34 years old. Because of the excessive suffering for the past 10 years i've became looking older than my age. Old age is something that i feared the most and now that the moment has finally came, should i say good bye to life? I can't bear life like this, i want to be young forever.


Honestly you still have time to make up something with your life. But if you honestly can't bear life and won't do anything to help yourself then its over.


35 yrs old here im still neet


29yo neet who did not worked a single day in his life is here. I did completely did gave up on hope of working. If nothing in my life changes positively. I don’t wanna see my age of 40.


I'm 33 and it is getting scary. I don't see myself as 33 because I've never done the things that I always thought of as "33."
I never fit in with people but as I get older the alienation seems to get more and more severe. When I was young I was alienated from society. Now I am alienated even from myself.


the gatekeeper become the gatekept


I was never gatekeeping anyone out of anything. I've been alone in my room for the past 15 years kek.


It sneaks up on ya. Seeing my hairline starting to recede was a real shock.


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>i want to be young forever.
>excessive suffering for the past 10 years
What stopped you from doing something about that suffering when you were younger? to be young forever, in your case, would be to suffer forever (I assume by "young" you mean someone between 20 and 25 years old) unless you took some action, so why not act now? Obviously it's going to be harder, but what choice do you really have anyway?


File: 1659644088479.jpg (319.99 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 9_blame!.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yknow what's funny. I'm a wizkid, i'm young and I still waste my life suffering because I have no other choice. Life feels awful and I have to work all the time, there is nothing for me to do or "enjoy" when our economy is shit and I have to struggle to live and find myself a shit career I don't wanna do. I don't get the obsession with youth when you have nothing to spend it on.


I will turn 40 in 3 months and I wish to turn back time when I was still innocent and spent careless fun times with few friends playing console games. Everything turned into hell during teenage.
Fast-forward into adulthood, I managed to keep myself on autopilot mode while wageslaving for 15 years. Sucks to start balding at 25 and tried to kms 2 times by that age. Then time flies but there was nor good or bad memories collected and I am living in semi marginalized mode in a one room social housing, with no experience in life at all.
I have the same mindset as I was around 14, when I started to alienate myself from society, being edgy and spouting hate. Nothing changed then, from hobbies to political views. And just hoping to die every day.


>i've became looking older than my age

Nah dumbass you are going older 6 years from now you are going to be 40


Whenever I talk about "warp wanings", mucusless diet is one of them. But, read the book carefully, you do not want to crush into a sudden detox crisis due to not following the instructions

Lots of schizos here, all with similar symptoms, exhausted, harassed by their own minds, all the same. It's physical, there's no therapy…

It's the head's chemicals stuck. Read the books of Perlmutter and Ehret, they were enough for me.


I'm 33 and I know how you feel, but even if you could turn back time, you wouldn't be able to change a thing. We never really had a choice to begin with. I tried so many times to "fix" my life when I was younger and it never worked, normies always were repelled by me and no matter how hard I tried to fit into society, they never accepted me. I told myself that it wasn't my fault and embraced the wizard lifestyle.


Just exploit normies and if that fails then jump off a bridge. That's my plan anyway.

I fixed my physical flaws by pressuring my grandparents to pay for surgery. I inherited my problems from them after all.

Surprise, it's now actually 100x easier to get a job now that I have a normal nose, normal ears, no manboobs and a lean body.


i hate you so much mucus man



Good move. If something as simple as surgery can fix the problem, definitely go for it.


Sorry of what happened to you but I don't think there is a correlation between the decline of mental health and accelerated aging.
Take me for example, I'm 30 and look 23 years old.
I spent a lot of time hiding in my room, being depressed and living in the dark.
And even after first getting out to meet my shrink once per week and then going to college to learn a profession, I'm still young looking (I have baby face plus genetics I guess. Plus having hair helps though It's thinning). -and I don't drink or smoke either.
should i say good bye to life? I >can't bear life like this, i want to be young forever.
You can't stay young forever, your body is aging.
Your consciousness too but at a slower rate.
Look, I'm a manchild, I'm supposed to figure things out now but I'm still immature af.
And you know what? I'm okay with it.
Men are immature, yes they have duties they have to do but apart from that: you can do anything you wish with your life.
It's your life, the only thing you really own.
Do you want to die? If you do I won't try to talk you out of it.
But if you want to keep on living then I'd say don't give up, not yet.
You can still do a lot for your wellbeing.
Healthy eating habits, skin care, and fitness helps keeping you retain your youth.
Those look the worst who eat like crap, don't exercise and smoke/take drugs.


Welcome to the entropic nature of all life, anons. Wish I could say I were entirely happy with it, but it has its advantages. Looking in the mirror reminds me that I'm fortunately not eternal and one day it will all be over for me and I'm happy with that fact.
Fuck living forever.


Microsoft AI estimates my age at 19 though I'm 30.

I didn't get any sun damage because I never went out. I don't have wrinkles or nasolabial folds because I barely make any facial expressions.

I have to occassionally go to job interviews. People have doubted whether I am of age (18) when I was 29 and 30.

I never indulge in alcohol or drugs. All I eat is salmon, vegetables, nuts and I drink water. My skin hasn't changed since I was like 13 or 14. My hairline is still the same it was when I was 13

It feels like my body stopped aging. It's a strange feeling. But my passport clearly states I'm 30. The picture on the passport looks like an adolescent.

This is not an advantage. People do not take me seriously. succubi also treat me like a juvenile instead of an adult.
It is not advantageous for a man to stop aging.


I'm 32 and still easily pass for early 20s.
I follow a daily skincare routine and I dye the grays out of my hair
When the time comes I am prepared to get fillers/surgery

For some reason I just have a great fear of aging
Just because I am a wizard doesn't mean I want to look like one


>I follow a daily skincare routine and I dye the grays out of my hair
>When the time comes I am prepared to get fillers/surgery
succubus mentality


cosmetic surgery, wow. truly wizchan 2022 post.


Your post is nothing but humblebragging. Fuck off.


Really? He seems quite confused and let down by his appearance. He rationalized how his actions effect his appearance and how his healthy diet did what healthy diets do by slowing visible aging. I don't see how that's a brag unless you can't afford whole foods or resist the temptation to destroy yourself on drugs and alcohol. Looking young is a disadvantage for any man not in the dating makret.


Is dying your hair difficult? I'm not happy with the way my grey hair looks but if it takes any more effort than just like switching your shampoo I probably won't do it.


I wish people would still treat me like a child. It's basically better in every way.


Don't care what you think
I'm a NEET and rarely leave the house, I just don't want to see an old man in the mirror.

It's pretty easy if you're just dyeing out greys. You buy the kit at the store mix the two bottles together shake it and rub it into your hair and wait a few minutes then wash it out.


Looking young is mostly genetic and yes its humblebraggin. Looking young is always better even if you’re not in dating market because you’re more likely to get hired in some jobs who wants presentability. People will also treat you better.


Yeah, I aged quite a bit over the last couple of years. I still look pretty youngish but definitely not like a teenager anymore. There is nothing we can do about it.

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