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21y old here. Missing being able to be alone and playing minecraft capture the flag all day without craving any social interaction. Now feeling like Ill turn into an attention whore. Why is this happening to me? Is it the demonic meds or is this normal with age? Atleast I dont crave succubi but Im feeling very lonely right now. I want friends who can understand me but Im a schizophrenic quiet weirdo with no social skills.
Throw me all your black pills fellow wizs. What will happen to me in 9 more years of virginity?


How can I get my wizard powers back?


where did they go?


You long for the days of enjoying solitude, only interacting with anonymous fellows online with whom you relate to in your interest in the current game… That's common for many young men. Seeking the attention of others won't replace these good times. If you strive to enjoy solitude again then solitude will forever be what brings you joy. You weren't driven to socialization then so your brain has not grown to enjoy such environments today.

Social relationships, especially romantic ones, always fall well short of fantasy. The fact is that most people aren't willing to put out the required effort to maintain a stable friendship, or involve themselves in a group endeavor. It's almost always a disappointment, a chore for all parties involved. The exception is of course those who are born and raised to be hypersocial, but once those types are alone they collapse in to a pile of fear and sadness. To enjoy solitude is a superpower.

Just try to find more things to do alone. branch out in to different hobbies and games. There's a whole planet of content out there made to be enjoyed alone. Whatever enjoyment you get out of it, know that you wouldn't have gotten if you were instead socializing with other people. And when you feel down about being alone, remember that being among others is no better for someone like you, or any of us here.


I think it was olanzapine. I no longer enjoy anything eversince. Reading 4chan and wiz is the only thing that makes me not want to kill myself


I've been trying to enjoy things again. But I can't. Whenever I try to play some vidya or watch anime, I just quit after 2 minutes. Meds fucked up my life


>Meds fucked up my life
Then stop taking meds and instead work to take back the parts of your brain that were suffocated. Exercising your body, challenging your mind, eating well, and diversifying your daily activities will all help to rekindle the spark that the pills have put out. To willingly continue being a robot slave to medications and false treatments is normalfag tier. Those doctors wanted to make a normie out of you, don't let them win.


My parents are forcing me to take them. If I dont Ill be sent to a Psych Ward. I talked to them that they make me feel worse but they seem to enjoy my sedated state and suffering.


Fake taking them. Flush them down the toilet. Replace the pills in the bottle with multivitamins. You're an adult so they have no dominion over what goes in to your body. If you're not hallucinating, being violent, or having obvious delusions, then even if they did get you institutionalized it wouldn't be long before you're discharged and your parents' perception for what is and is not normal will be brought in to question. Try talking to your doctor, tell him you've been not taking your meds periodically and when you forgo them you feel better and more stable, and that the meds are what makes you feel so down.


I cannot fake them. They dissolve into the mouth quickly. My parents are always watching making sure I take them. Fucking sociopaths


Well exercise, diet, and activity will still benefit you. If you can't stop the poison, at least build a body resistant to its effects.


Thanks, what do you recommend? Lifting weights, jogging or both?


Anything to get the blood pumping and oxygen absorbing. Long walks, short jogs, a few pushups or jumping jacks. Lifting weights is a good option if you don't want to leave the room, just make sure you're feeding your body enough nutrients to sustain growth so you don't end up worse off physically. Big muscles probably won't help you enjoy solitude more but it will increase the quality of your blood. A brain without fresh blood is an easy target for mood-altering drugs. Cutting out foods which sedate brain activity such as grains and empty carbs will also help. The same creative problem solving they introduce children to in school will still benefit you as an adult. Even playing simple puzzle games such as Portal has shown to elevate brain activity tenfold. If you have any interest in a creative hobby such as 3D modelling, writing, art, or programming, now is the time to start.

And by God if your parents have any opposition to you getting fit, getting creative, and being healthy and happy, then just kill them.


Do some physical activity youngwiz.
Jogging, lifting, sprinting, swimming, cycling, anything that makes you move.

You are 21, still in your prime. Your body needs to release some energy.


>why am I not allowed to post Pepes
the Reddit frog or “Pepe” as you call it belongs on Reddit and not here.


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>21y old here. Missing being able to be alone and playing minecraft capture the flag all day
Jesus christ. I wish this site had an age limit.


>laughs at a 21
i wish this site had a mental age limit


21 year olds are still children. You'd only argue otherwise if you're a child yourself.


no they arent


I've always said this site has been a LARP, so many wizkids and curiously so few 30+ wizards.


We know you think you aren't like the other wizkids, but you are. Fuck off.


You're naive.


File: 1652304051296.jpeg (5.31 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3742902-8342035-425235.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

YOU! YOU, are the SCUM of this fucking site. The crying baby. The faggot that comes out of the wood-works once two wizards in a thread start arguing over gate keeping limits. Then, in a completely hedonistic act of stroking your tiny ego, you pull the "I've always been correct about x (an assumption based off drama and lies), this website has always been shit but i'm still going to post on it; whilst never giving you a clear personal answer to a gate keeping limit (like your FUCKING AGE)." card.
Honestly, I bet you're 20, or maybe a 16 year old /pol/ tourist that's a failed normalfag. I really can't tell with you sub-humans.


Social attention is only required to gain power. March towards power instead, make your self desirable only for them to be shunned



I'm 33 years old. I can't imagine what it's like to be 21 anymore. That seems like such a long time ago. I'm an entirely different person now. 21 year old me is completely gone. It's a very strange feeling. Sorry to post a bit off topic OP, just something about your post made me realize that I'm getting old even though I don't feel old yet.


Wisdom. Remember to get regular exercise bros. Just taking a 15 minute walk every day is far better than nothing.


Oh no not a gatekeeper
Kys or go back to reddit

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