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Say you have:
>sufficient for comfort but not domination money, perhaps ~$10M
>the ability to have a biological child via surrogate that would get dropped off with you after birth
>guaranteed no genetic defect in the child, e.g. if you’re autistic and consider it a defect, the child wouldn’t be
>the ability to raise the child in an “ideal” environment, whatever that means to you — if it would require a mother you could hire one a la Truman show and it would go off without a hitch
Would having a kid be “worth it” to you? In theory you could basically give them a charmed life ramping up into joining the societal elite, but I would think that that wouldn’t even be a source of pride — Musk’s/Bezos’/[insert whoever you see as the elite here]’s parents seem more vaguely jealous and resentful than proud, and I’ve seen the same even with mildly successful acquaintances’ lower class parents. It seems like once the kid is an adult they’re no longer yours, and you don’t get much out of their accomplishments.
One could in theory do that stereotype of giving the next generation a nice setup to somehow “undo” or compensate for one’s own shit life, but in practice it doesn’t seem to work and is as fruitless a waste of a life as any other.


Sorry in advance I have not slept in about two days so my post will be the sloppy kind desu
i thought about this today kek because i could hear some rugrats screaming above me and i wondered what life would be like raising a child. if we assume you can love an adopted child or one not conceived in love/sex the same i think it is undeniable you would have some good times raising a carpet crawler. Why would you want to though because hell it seems like a lot of pain for nothing but an egotistical gain for a myriad of reasons and I am not even talking about the whole antinatalist view here.

maybe it could be fun to try it in a vr so you can just eliminate the child when you dont want it anmore but lolz i cant even look after myself anonski so no way i could look after a little squirt.


let me speak from the other side. im a child of middle class parents that divorced and then lived with a mother that gambled away every single penny of her several hundred thousand dollars settlement and im pretty resentful about that, given our reduced standard of living and having medical procedures that i'll need to pay for myself due to my parents shit genetics (not just shitting on my mom, my dad is shitty in his way too). so in my opinion if you produce children you have a duty to provide the best for them regardless if its worth it or not.


The most important thing for a human is to have healthy parents that are in love, and that are well-adjusted to society. Nobody on this website could come anywhere close to providing that to a child. It would be abuse.


I mean, that’s clearly a terrible upbringing and including genetic problems that in this hypothetical wouldn’t exist.
I’m trying to determine if it’s even worth it if we pretend it is possible.


it is up to you to decide if it is worth it. not the you that you are aware of


I place no value in this life and try to prepare for the next. Having kids is just a shitty ego thing.


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waiting for a genetic clone machine instead


I wouldn't want a child, let's say I could start some growth process in my tummy and poop him out a few months later. Let's also assume it's painless, I still wouldn't want it. I'd assume I would connect and form a bond with this kid, I'm not going to be able to provide a healthy upbringing for him. Also the way the world is.. It's shit.

I like this idea much more, It's just like making another you, hopefully you could take out feelings and just use it as a slave, but you know damn well elites are going to have access to that first and abuse the hell out of it if they get tired of us


Why the fuck do you want kids? More often than not, they just end up fucked in the head and the new punching bag for the next generation. I mean, think about all the hopes and dreams your parents once had for you kek.


File: 1636933942472.jpg (30.28 KB, 645x345, 43:23, misery true.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Weird. I made the same thread and I got a warning and the thread got deleted.

What is wrong with hypotheticals?


No I wouldn’t. Best case scenario the kid grows up as a rich single child, which may sound pleasant but will likely leave them emotionally stunted from lack of a mother and my own rather poor parental care. Worst case scenario I send them away to school or have someone else take care of them, in which case they are functionally no longer my child.

I realized that many people enjoy the idea of kids as a way to raise them better than how they were raised by their own parents. But this is a pipe dream, not only for wizards but everyone.


What the fuck OP? I'll take the 10 mil and finally live my life thanks. People are playing a needless lottery having kids. Most of the time they'll turn out to be fucked up in the head. They'll probably blame you for every parenting mistake too. Kids who turned out (read: genetically determined) to be ultra-normies with nice lives just-got-lucky. They're just as likely to have gotten fucked with a genetic mental illness.

Ego is the only real reason people have kids. Ego literally births new suffering into the world. I didn't mean to go the enlightened route, but unironically yes.


>Would having a kid be “worth it” to you?

Having kids is selfish, immoral and irresponsible. Whether it being worth it doesn't matter as much as it matters to the child, which can never be quantified. Bringing a child into this world is a lottery. You never know if they'll suffer more than they are happy and whether the suffering they do face turns out for their betterment. Not only that, but during their development they could traumatized by me running out of money, other people, world disasters, climate change, or myself. I won't burden them with this pain by not bringing them to life. They will never know hardship, suffering, pain, or pleasure and it will be okay because they don't exist.


Isn't it sort of presumptuous of antinatalists to suggest that subjective consciousness could be voluntarily eradicated by human beings, given that they didn't bring it into existence to begin with? In endless time throughout infinite space, when the next moldy rock has its ape-like species reach the brain development threshold for reflective human intelligence, where do "you" think you'll be, even if all life on earth has long gone extinct?

I recommend giving this a read.


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