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Why do I want to go to prison? I'm an autistic neet with OCD. The idea of excessive structure really appeals to me. I also want to meet someone who will take me under their wing and teach me to be hard. I'm 5'7 and 255 pounds. I think I would do well in prison. Why do I want this? What mental illness do I have?


you're merely ignorant and delusional.


Explain, fool.


this lol

because you are a 18 year old naive child


I'm 19, bud.


Sounds like you're trying to be funny.
If not then enlisting in the military would be a much better idea. Just don't tell them about any mental problems.


I'm not trying to be funny.


Depends on which country I guess. Mexico is different from Norway etc.


Just work on ships, the shitty ones will give you the jail experience, but you'll get paid and contracts won't last more than a year. You'll also realize how dumb of a fantasy this is.


How do you get a job on ships?




You seem impulsive and you're not old enough to really think things through. just listen to the other people in the thread and go into the military while you still have a clean record and conscience. You have your whole like ahead of you don't sabotage yourself.


I have autism, so they will not accept me.


You only think you have autism. Listen to the sheep on this website and you'll ruin your life in no time.


Depending on your country, you usually only need a Health Certificate (basic check-up), and a few STCW certificates, the problem is they don't always hire inexperienced people but I guess if you are lucky you'll be able to find work as deck hand or O/S. If you have a maritime school or STCW training centre nearby I'm sure they'll have a package of elementary courses needed to find work as deck hand.



He would be impulsive if he already had done something that could land him on prison. He's just naive and delusional as the other anon said. If OP isn't underaged then he probably does have some kind of mental handicap.


I already told you I'm 19 and have autism, damn fool. I'm not underaged.


It's rotting in a cage, there's no structure there, you can learn trades outside, there's gang fights, riots and lockdowns also food sucks.

Prison is where they send criminals for breaking the law, you'll be with rapists, murderers and thieves, you will waste time.

And hardened criminals, will smell your weakness, like sharks smell blood in water, it's like highschool bullying but worse and you could die, also POs dgaf about you and can make life harder, learn to value your freedom and do something with your life kid.

t.Fat problem child who nearly went to prison multiple times


Depends on your country. In Finland or Norway it looks pretty decent


you are going to get raped and beaten up lol


No, I'm pure evil.


tough talk isnt going to help you in the slammer. go and try it out.



try learning about bronson


File: 1631499569848.mp4 (11.76 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1631471527777.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

this awaits op


Tf is this shit? This has to be from some shitty movie.


>you will waste time
>do something with your life
Stop this dumb meme. I am doing something with my life right now by posting on wizchan. And time is only wasted if you consider being productive as the end everyone should strive for. Which is retarded because the inevitable end is death. Whether you spend your whole life rotting in prison or you spend it making bank and fucking succubi, it literally doesn’t matter.


File: 1633761667864.jpg (331.39 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, cookie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This has to be from some shitty movie.
no fren its actually rael you can tell by the dynamic changes with the camera and how everyone reacts to the camera


Based Camuswiz


you guys follow these philosophers like gospel while their real lives were totally different from what they put on the pages


Why does everyone think prison is nothing but hardened career criminals that torment people. A good portion of prisoners are Chris Chan tier retards that get along in prison just fine, like 20% of prison consists of this.


File: 1634016425326.jpg (36.95 KB, 720x608, 45:38, 1630014025662.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, OP, you will not have fun in prison.


Is this from a documentary?


It's from a mockumentary of the column….bine killers called zero day or something probably. Zj


lol i wanna die


Who doesnt


I love that show.


The idea of being stuck in a cage all day doing nothing isn't unappealing to me. But unfortunately, prison isn't like that. You're forced to interact with retarded drug dealer wannabee tough guys that never grew up past high school, and maybe occasionally make a "weird" friend that'll probably get killed by some nigger that wants prison cred. And btw OP, prison only makes you fatter. They feed you disgusting soy food that gives you moobs and AIDS.


I work on ships and can imagine how's prison a bit. The food bit checks out. You basically need to starve yourself since nobody will buy more expensive food than they need to. You eat stuff that feels like nothing, you're hungry all the time yet your weight won't drop. 20 000 steps a day, workouts, cutting out sweets, cutting down on carbs. I dunno how they do it.


you are a delusional nigger and you remind me of myself. you don't belong here and you're not funny. stop coming here or you'll end up full retarded like me. come again when you're 25 or something and still virgin


What about prisons in certain countries like nordic countries?

Do you guys think it's a good time or not?



Scandinavian prisons are just playhouses. You can browse wizchan all day in prison, which is what most people on this site do when they're not sleeping anyway.


You would really need to do your own research to what your prisons are like. Maybe your local ones seem great, but what if they ship you to a shittier one on the other side of the country? It seems like only Nordic prisons are good, but what if that's just heavily limited and most people go into ordinary prisons?


OP, I understand where you're coming from. But it's still an absolutely retarded idea. You just want to be taken care of while having structure in your life. Prison still isn't where you want to be though.


If I lived in Scandinavia I'd do my best to go to prison, from what I've heard, it would be therapeutic for me


Join the military you retard. Why get a criminal record and waste your time in jail? What a stupid idea.


It really sucks and I have been.
They harass you over .1 of bud and stuff. Cell extraction if you do ice. I used to get a lot of beatings too and a rape also. It is truly hell, call the sheriff and see if he will take you I guess



You probably have dependent personality disorder and a need to be cared for. You probably are a bit neurotic IRL, feel helpless, and are scared of the "real world" and adult responsibilities. Prison is a bubble in a way that protects you from the outside world. I always figured I'd just go to prison after my parents died, but now that I get autismbuxx I can just live off that.


Military is one of worst in general, most unwizardly choices wizard or autist can make.
What do you even forgot here?


Depends on the job you get. Be a weaponsmith sergeant and you are thrown into a warehouse to maintain rifles, oil them up, repair rifle and pistol parts etc. with no real contact. You might meet 1-2 officers daily but that's it.

In the US and UK this role is known as armorer. In the UK there is an entire battalion of them (REME battalion) most comprised of individuals who will do solitary work all day.


he wouldnt be accepted


Don't the UK disqualify those with autism from even joining up? I went to a school for autists so it wouldn't take them long to figure me out.


Every place on Earth hates people on the autism spectrum.

The trick is being HFA (high functioning autist) and completely hiding it, by successfully masking yourself as a normie.

Takes quite a bit of mental gymnastics and effort but it can be done in 5-10 years with enough willpower.


It's not worth it. You will always be a second class autist scum. There's no amount of hiding you can do to keep them from realizing.


Maybe not fully but if you transform to a complete normie looks/body wise and alter your behavior you can fake it 90-95% percentile.

The worst trash normies will still spot it and start antagonizing you but most wont notice.


ever watch 60 days in? you would get punched in the face like the other awkward weirdos that go on that show


I tried the whole masking it thing between the years of 2011 and around 2017 and it was exhausting and didn't even work.


>just be yourself bro
>wear normie clothes, talk, walk and act like a normie

>why is he so weird bro


I’ve been hiding this shit since day 1, and yet I still get called crab for playing video games.

Maybe you’re “normalfag adjacent” and can remain undetected but other people can not.


do you wanna meet up and kill me so you can get a free ticket to prison?
Let me know.

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