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I’ve always been bad at everything. I always worked the slowest and still managed to make it shitty. When I’m given the simplest assignment conceivable I draw a blank and have to ask for help. I’m astonishingly error prone. I make an obvious mistake and then immediately understand what I did wrong, but that never prevents the next one.

Anything “artistic” I’ve tried like drawing or blacksmithing literally looks like a child did it. My coach in high school tried to devise a plan with the team captains because I was “the least talented” and had to be compensated for. I’ve lost handball games to fourth graders. I cut my fingers off with a table saw (they were re attached).

I can’t enjoy anything because every time I try I just add another failure to my oeuvre. I used to think I just didn’t try hard enough because I was scared of failure, but now I’ve tried and failed again and again I realize trying is just a waste.

Maybe the worst part is that sometimes people don’t realize how incompetent I am until they see me in action. I can watch their faces change as they realize how stupid I am. They’re all nice about it, but they start treating me like a five year old.

I just wondered if any wizzies shared my experience.
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Not the guy you replied to but do you work or collect benefits? I feel like for talentless people we're kinda doomed for manual labor even more depressing jobs if we have to work.


Same here, except i'm probably worse off. Couldn't even graduate from high school because of mental illnesses and learning disabilities, spent years playing video games and browsing the internet instead…. Later, tried getting into woodworking and other hobbies where you make physical objects, but the results were horrible. I collected hundreds of dollars worth of old tools, hoping to use them, but my hand-eye coordination and intelligence just aren't really there. It's like i'm not good enough at anything.


I’m right there with you, except I worked as a “carpenter” for a theater company so now I have even more tools than you and people expect me to actually be able to do things.

I don’t know why but sometimes I even agree to do something and at the end it’s always them giving a strained “that looks great!” to be polite. I really painted myself into a corner.


The self expression exercises in school were living nightmare for me.
Teacher: Come up with <something> about yourself to share with the class
Me: *heart rate 200bpm*

Already know I'm fucked I had no interesting interests (still have none), I hadn't accomplished nothing (still haven't). Wouldn't you know it. The teacher always picks me.
Teacher: Little wizzie, share with us how special you are
Me: Umm… *silence*
Whole class: *stares*
Bullies: *choking back laughter*

One time the teacher got so pissed off at my perceived defiance. He spent rest of the time forcefully going to each student to make them all take a turn speaking. Though it was only supposed to be a few students then end of period. At the end he circles back to me.
Teacher: Well wiz, time to speak up!
Me: *dying inside*
I choked out some words I can't remember that didn't make sense. As the glaring eyes of ridicule, cringe, frustration from classmates stuck to my soul.

Of course it has to be like this in the real world. Can't get a damn job or career going (that isn't basic labor) without having to be a most special snowflake. I'm just a boring guy with nothing going on. Why does everyone have to a hero of the story.



At least you are intelligent enough to write an articulate post. You can't be TOTALLY incompetent so take some solace in that fact.

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.

Previous: >>269378
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Just do it.
Life is worthless.


Keep going lil' wizbro. You're gonna make it.


Why not?


What does it mean to "make it"?


Reach the point where your circumstances are acceptable.

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File: 1674780224563.png (2.1 MB, 1826x1080, 913:540, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why not become a drug addict?
We have nothing to lose.

>OP must be at least 75 chars.
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has anyone here taken kratom


you're retarded, so by all means develop an addiction.


what about an addiction to martial arts?
or to hiking\trekking\ice climbing mountains?


File: 1675529867441.jpg (38.94 KB, 634x599, 634:599, Fnl0AlDWYAQRthU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why don't you get addicted to giving me some m o n e y?


>We have nothing to lose

You can abuse substances without being an addict. Yes, wizards have nothing to lose, go ahead and do drugs. Only a small percentage of drug users are addicts (or develop an SUD, however you want to call it).

File: 1672444892084.gif (1.35 MB, 320x240, 4:3, hwhhshfs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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another year has come and gone edition

previous >>267956
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>When I went to college there were way more succubi than males, like 14:1 ratio if I recall, and a few year later that jumped to a 20:1 ratio.

succubi will go to higher education to just re-experience high school 2.0 without ever having the intention of getting a job. There's some succubi at my local community college approaching 30 who have done nothing but study for the last eleven years, just constantly doing undergraduate papers. Men can do the same, but it's always narcissistic bohemian artsy types or homosexuals. NEETs are no way near the fiscal drag of these 'varsity parasites. Men will study a degree and then leave and get a job, in and out.

>I often wonder what every other guy does and how they manage to thrive, I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

There's a lot of guys just working in factories that just turn up, clock in and go home. You'd never see them, but there's thousands of them in the industrial sector of town. succubi by comparison have more public facing jobs like cafe workers or check out operators. Guys typically avoid public facing jobs because they don't like to deal with people.

>I suppose most likely its that they are all working higher tier jobs, so I would never encounter them.

These jobs are a lot rarer than most people let on.


Wow, I'd never heard of this. This is incredibly fascinating.


Has any Wizard here worked as a data entry clerk before? If so what your overall experience?


I have repeatedly tried to ignore politics, and keep getting sucked into it. I wish I had heard something similar to this comment of yours 20 years old. I hope your comment keeps me from getting interested in it again.
>Without power, [politics is] basically like real life fan fiction.
What a great quote. Cheers anon.


>without ever having the intention of getting a job
I'm nearly 23 and I feel like that's kind of me right now (I'm not a homosexual though). I'm just stuck in a limbo where I try to postpone the moment I have to leave education and get a job because I know this is the closest I'm ever going to get to being a NEET. I do have some experience with wageslaving and I know I couldn't mentally handle doing that full-time for years. I also know I won't be able to get a real job related to my degree anyway because I lack the succifient social skills and can't make 'connections' so I'm probably just going to end up in a warehouse again, once I get my degree.

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File: 1674904012956.jpg (827.1 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 352091-Emil-Cioran-Quote-B….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I made this thread before and I'm making it again.
I can't take this anymore, bros.
If one day I kill myself it's simply because I was bored. I find life boring. Extremely boring. I suffer from boredom. No matter what I do, I always end up bored out of my mind.
When I was a child/teenager, I was never bored. Watching anime or browsing imageboards were enough for me, but I don't enjoy these things anymore as an adult. Nowadays I don't even know what I do from morning to night. I sometimes read books or watch films but I barely enjoy them. The last book I truly enjoyed was On The Heights Of Despair by Cioran because it was so relatable. I'm even having trouble getting hard when I masturbate because I'm not even horny and I'm doing it simply out of boredom.

Drugs are the only thing that could help me, but I know once I build up tolerance to them, I'd feel bored again.

I'm 25. How can I put up with this shit for 70+ more years if I don't enjoy anything?
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damn, you really showed those weebs you interacted with on discord who's boss huh? what a tough guy you are


A weeb crying to me that all taste is equal is the damnedest fucking thing


Ive found that over the past few years that just forcing myself to do things, without having any kind of expectation is the only way to get rid of the feeling of anhedonia/lack of interest. It takes a while to actually start enjoying the activty again though.


File: 1675186784030.jpg (202.9 KB, 796x1148, 199:287, Bodhidharma.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A day comes when there's nothing left to say, think, feel or do. The cycle becomes apparent, unbearable. Everything appears to you exactly as it is; completely empty. Then it's time to sit and just that. It's time to gaze at a wall and just that.


File: 1675573912873.jpg (4.96 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, 16755738051557264455250397….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been reading The Book Of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa lately and he talks a lot about tedium in his book. It's very releable.

File: 1674346932618.png (3.44 KB, 379x426, 379:426, cuter how to.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why do you want to commit suicide? What problems do you have? What is really stopping you from doing it?
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Most Christcucks do not read the Bible. If they read how evil and perverted your God actually is, they wouldn’t believe


Hypocritical religioustard. Ho away.


How is it hypocritical? I'm a covetous, jealous, selfish, sinful bastard.


get a dog


Get a dog they're wonderful creatures that help you.

File: 1664515543474.jpg (58.9 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 12523523234.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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A good portion of us are drug addicts and alcoholics. But no one talks about that. We know our habit is a big portion of our life, but we never talk about that here.

Let's talk about it here.

This has become my main substance of use. I started collecting the vials some months ago. I've probably trashed like 50 vials (over a few months) before I started collecting them.

I got something in my system as much time as I can every single day, I just do it in a sustainable and non-lethal way now. My immediate health has actually considerably improved. I'd prefer I wasn't using, but I love using so much and life just sucks, I can't bear being sober.
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Sinclair method


Try kratom if u want to quit drinking. It made me stop being an alcoholic. I am addicted to kratom now but I think its probably less harmful although no one can say for sure yet.


I need drinks to get all rosy. Doing it right now. It's a sort of careless spoofed happiness. I feel free from dread. I have a few beers in the evening to let the stress roll off, it's part of my coping routine of the week. Nothing wrong with it. Sex is not involved, binge eating and spirits are. I feel the pleasant aura of carelessness on the night of alcohol, it gives way to lucid wakefulness and easy cognitive impairment and embarrassment in times of indulgence . Too much and you are needlessly impaired and devoid of thought, a gregariously pleased idiot. Better less, less is more. I need you to chug an 8% tall boy and just live a little, for the breach of barriers.


Who tames the lion now?
Who smoothes Jove’s wrinkles now?
Who is the reckless wight
That in the horrid middle
Of the deserted night
Doth play upon man’s brain,
As on a wanton fiddle,
The mad and magic strain,
The reeling, tripping sound,
To which the world goes round?
Sing heigh! ho! diddle!
And then say—
Love, quotha, Love? nay, nay!
It is a spirit fine
Of ale or ancient wine,
Lord Alcohol, the drunken fay,
Lord Alcohol alway!

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It seems my main and only contact disappeared, and I can't find how to communicate with this person. I'm extremely angry.

For the last months I've only been abusing cannabis edibles, they have immensely helped me not return to opioids and benzos. If this contact is gone, I might have to go back to opioids and benzos because I need a long-lasting high every day, and edibles were perfect for that. I extremely hate society. The only thing I enjoy is being high and alone, by myself. I can't even have that because weed is illegal here. Can't even use the darknet because I live in Central America, shipping shit and passing it through customs is complicated.

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File: 1673462553384.jpg (103.83 KB, 736x902, 368:451, 1670814904412765.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Nietzsche said: "Better to know nothing than to know half a lot!". this is my case, I wish I was a brainlet than knowings things that doesn't help me in everyday life at all. I wish I was a brainlet. it makes me depressed
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It's OP again. Can someone becme my fri3nd


Having enough introspection and IQ to ponder these things is a mental illness, not an advantage.
Most people who have any good philosophical takes on the world are crabs or never get to procreate because they are so awkward or physically repulsive. Hence, they hold unfavorable genes.

Humans are animals that kill over territory and resources, shit, fuck, eat and sleep. Just like all other animals.

There is no deeper meaning to any of it. Biological, self-replicating machines that try to go on as long as possible (before the sun of this solar system dies out) with no other reason than replication itself, and experiencing dopamine (from food, copulation, entertainment).


You also sound full of shit, why is 'truth' setting anyone free? What is this 'freedom' you speak of? Is there any freedom or truth to even be had?


Nice hook Marty


It's just a cope, fucking all of it. Religion, consuming, "finding the truth". It's all bullshit and I hate learning the truth. Why can't the truth be positive for once?

File: 1674064803789.jpg (3.05 MB, 4592x3056, 287:191, Hugh_llewelyn_180_(5553135….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Yes, another suicide thread.
You think that putting my head in the rail it will kill me? like beheading, is the only solution that is painless and fast and reliable. When i am thinking in suicide my tummy hurts, feels like vomiting but not vomiting. I live in Spain, and these are the type of trains, if the guards/police will stop me, i dont know what to do.
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>i want greatness in my life.

Me too, but how many people get there even after decades of trying?


Yeah that’s the thing. Basically I don’t see how people can keep on living. Their lives just seem so mediocre and full of unbearable suffering. They spend their lives wageslaving some shit job for shit pay, they get some mediocre roastoid to betabux and maybe she will create some spawn who will ultimately become social media addicted zoomers who hate him. If they have a daughter she will ultimately end up becoming a whore and will be getting pounded while her dad slaves away to pay for her meaningless degree. It slightly annoys me to think about this.

I’ve noticed normgroids like to differentiate themselves in devious little ways. Maybe one will have a slightly better job than most, or one will wife up a succ with slightly less mediocre tits than most. Or maybe one will go on vacation a bit more frequently. It makes them feel better within the confines of the rat race. But when you look at the totality of their lives it’s nothing and they are still miserable


They're on lots of drugs, at least in the US. Psychiatry has people on amphetamine and other numbing drugs to put up with their low position in the hierarchy. Even so, when I go into retail places, the people are so obviously depressed. They don't try to hide it any more, no fake tone of voice and smiles. Just monotone "I want to kill myself but I'll make the pizza because I'm a trapped rat". What a wonderful world!


When I was a kid I loved the harry potter books and cirque du freak series I was sure my life was going to be just as special as the characters in the those stupid books. So I waited for something to come along and make my life intersting and exciting, and I waited and waited but nothing ever changed. I thought life owed it to me but in the end I turned into some semi-hikki who lives with his parents. Real life is the epitome of torture I know now I'm not special and worst of all I'm expected to just get over it and scrub toliets or work at mcdonalds until I die. So I get you, may as well just call it quits sooner that later and save myself some pain.


let’s be honest. this all a troll thread.

File: 1668348584547.png (2.03 MB, 753x707, 753:707, 1663380136603528.png) ImgOps iqdb


Share your various traumatic experiences that still haunts you to this very day.
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>People are apes. If you look at chimps, high status chimps always bully low status chimps to show who is on top and who is on the bottom. Humans are no better.

Couldn't have said it better. It's sad how many people don't understand this.




File: 1675303191076.jpg (252.16 KB, 1280x1346, 640:673, 14843612346541.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

when I was 12 my mom and dad took me to one of their work friends house because they were having a party, I told my parents that I didn't want to go but they brought me anyway, when we got there I had a panic attack and started crying, then my dad drove me back home without my mom, screaming at me the whole 30~ mins back, when we got home he started viciously beating me up and throwing me into furniture and stuff, I got hurt really bad so I just curled in a ball on the floor and think I broke a rib and then he called me a pussy and left me there so he could sit on the couch and watch tv


>very specific triggers for anxiety
don't have a very good vocabulary but is it similar to the symptoms of that succubus from midsommar or the father from aftersun?

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