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chronic alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless schizos, career criminals, neets who are one or more of this options, all mixes of these: Are they actually correct? if life is absurd and meaningless: why play by the rules? Why not maximize pleasure at the expense of everybody else?
Serious discussion here. Every day, I DESPISE more and more family men, job-havers, preachy-preachy goody two-shoes, anyone who works for stability, governance, administration and organisation of communities.
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Non sequitur


Yes, and if you do get caught, the organization gives you money as compensation because it's part of the job.
If any inmate starts troubling the professional in prison, they get shanked or raped by associates of said organization until they commit suicide.

That's why prisons have a hierarchy, at the top you have people doing crime for a living, like those mafioso with billion dollar enterprises.
Then are the goons who do violent robberies or drug trafficking as middlemen.

At the lowest rung are unhinged loons who harm kids, are there due to traffic violations or for harming their spouse or a random stranger.
Child molestors are so low on the totem pole they usually have to be in PC (protective custody) to avoid being killed at random.


Sure if your average homeless is some sort of epicurean philospher who is maximizing their happiness, but they're not, they're just people with mental and emotional problems who don't have their shit together. Sometimes the realities of the world can be depressing, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to bow to them to improve your material conditions and quality of life. If you can't get a job and earn enough income for a house, it will suck, probably more than just working a job which is why anyone who is capable of working a job usually does that instead of choosing to be homeless.

Neets dependent on their parents are in a grey zone between the two where you don't have your shit together enough to afford a place of your own, which would be superior in terms of quality of life, but you're still not homeless so it's not that bad. It creates an easy and comfortable rut for people to fall into and waste away living limited lives of the same small set of limited experiences. If you want to do more, you will need money, it's the one hard truth of this world and few are so lucky as to have parents who will fund whatever hobbies they have so they can live a life of dalliance. Our society is ultimately a zero sum game, for one to prosper, someone else has to serve and money is the determining factor of whether you are the king or the slave in the situation.

Few are willing to give up their hard earned money so others can enjoy lording around many wage slaves and enjoy the fruits of their labor simply because it is unjust, and in a world where you will need to be able to earn money in order to survive letting your offspring do such a thing would be like a parent hawk continuing to feed the chick their entire lives without the chick ever leaving the nest to hunt for themselves. At some point the parent will die, and then what, will the aged and inexperienced bird still be able to learn the things that it needs to survive? Unlikely, the young have natural advantages built in that let them learn easier, the more set in your ways you become, the harder it is to change, and without mother bird around to teach you to fly and to hunt, to catch you if you fall, to feed you if you fail while you get some practice, how will you learn? The parents know the opportune time to teach their young how to survive on their own is now, so they will keep trying to get the child to be able to earn income and survive on their own, and giving the child whatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That's not true though, is it? There is always the option of suicide and escaping the game, thus nobody gets to exploit you.

Being reborn anywhere else in the universe probably wont make things better, but it's a temporary escape.
Any planet with limited resources, evolution will favor sociopathic creatures that hog them and exploit the rest of their species. War and exploitation is inbuilt in intelligent things.

If things get too bad, it's always possible to end my life and avoid 50 years of exploitation.


Being locked away is still being locked away, and you can be imprisoned for over 10+ years. That's a lot of time for a normalfag, and severance pay can't cover the lost time. You could even end up in there for life. And it's not just "if you're caught", you're sometimes expected to take the fall for something pre-planned.

It's also henpecky and humiliating in its own way. Imagine it being a weekend and the guy above you turns up to your house and demands your car for the next week. You can't just say no.

>That's why prisons have a hierarchy, at the top you have people doing crime for a living, like those mafioso with billion dollar enterprises.

Prisons are run by prison gangs, which are a separate hierarchy from the outside gangs. Yeah sure, if the mafioso pays big money to the prison gangs, he gets left alone in there.

>Child molesters are so low on the totem pole they usually have to be in PC (protective custody) to avoid being killed at random.

Child molesters are like 3/10ths of the way up the hierarchy, they're low but only because they've committed a "soft" crime. It's not macho to pick on the vulnerable. It's snitches, the elderly and teenagers that are typically at the bottom in prison.

File: 1706706294802.jpg (408.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, wiztopia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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Most guys lack the correct phenotype to pull off the bald look.


They're both right. Time heals. But in the long term, it kills you.


Can you stop pushing this go-getter narrative everywhere? Not everyone is a failed normalfag still looking to compete and "prove yourself" to your normalfag overlords


You're not strong or more willed it just shows you are more accepting of being subservient (to society) rather than yourself.


File: 1709232376831.png (14.28 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

It sucks.

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Back in High School I tried to cope with doing hobbies outside, to participate in normalfag activities because I wanted to at least give the bluepilled advice a go, I knew in the back of my mind it would not work and to nobody's surprise, the expectations are exactly what occurred, it resulted in nothing but utter humiliation. I played for a football academy back in High School and whilst I was decent at it I was treated poorly by my teammates, did not make a single friend there even though I contributed a lot to the stats of the team, we even made it very far into the tournament, after that incident I was discouraged to make friends because no matter how much meritocratic value is under your hands you are worthless to everyone, unless you're a prodigy your efforts are worthless.

Going outside has not improved my health but only worsen it, it has done the opposite effect, it makes me feel more worthless, more worse overall, a complete abomination, it reminds me of what I look like which is the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. If you're an ugly midget subhuman like me then don't go outside and if you have to then try to limit it as much as possible because other people will remind you of your own flaws.

For ugly midgets like me, I think it's better to stay home and play video games. Don't go outside unless you have to. Make sure all of your hobbies are in solitude, experience surreal dimensions through novels, animes and video games. Outdoor hobbies can be selectively chosen, ones that don't include many people, walk through national parks in those isolating tracks because not much people are there, it's a great cope to view nature as a wiz. If you have the privilege, then work remote or at least hybrid, if you can't do this then get into a field of work that requires a limited interaction of others, if you are even more privileged then NEET but I would not suggest this as its damaging to your health in the long run.

There's no point going to malls, restaurants or visiting popular tourist sites like the Eiffel tower, it is super damaging to your brain being in places surrounded by normalfags. Just watch the YouTube video of it or visit the Minecraft version.
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>>how people perceive me.
>not a legitimate concern.

if people don't like you, they will treat you badly and you will be passed for promotions and fired as soon as possible. life would be easier if it wasn't a real concern tbh.


Do you have the inert skills to change how they perceive?


ever since i decided to go full wizc and just live selfishly but leading a healthy life, doing what's best for me, my life has improved and i've never felt better.

It's a lie that humans are social animals, they want you to believe that because then you're basically easier to control, it's another way to say that you depend on them to exist, which is partially true, but all your psychological needs can be met without the help of irl human interactions.

Avoid people. Avoid niggers. Avoid whores which is every female. Just take it easy wizfriends. people just bring more problems and if you're a wiozc like me then you don't need more problems. You need peace.



>It's a lie that humans are social animals

How is it a lie?


Not that poster, but it is a lie. It only applies to neurotypicals.
The only reason a neurodivergent needs other people is for food production, or should a grave illness fall upon them, a doctor.

Not everyone needs to be around people or talk to them, or spend time with them.
For a lot of people (like me), it's a huge energy drain which requires weeks of recharging just to be around a bunch of people for 3 hours.

I don't count wizchan as socializing. I just read it for interesting posts a few times a week for about 15 minutes and then I quit. I could live without it, it's just the only website that is worth reading.

I've gone years previously without talking to anyone or viewing any forum/imageboard. I didn't go crazy or feel pain or whatever normies feel when they are isolated for 24 hours.
It was peaceful, relaxing and ordinary for me.

File: 1700449170883.jpg (59.24 KB, 1264x945, 1264:945, There's no one here.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Death of the Uncool - End of the Wizards V

Watching Geekdom get absorbed into the monoculture over the last decade (and then some) has been a pretty demoralising experience.

Part of the process of commodification, streamlining and assimilation of geek culture into the all-consuming monoculture, is distortion and erasure of the original.

"These would be the successive phases of the image:

1 It is the reflection of a basic reality.

2 It masks and perverts a basic reality.

3 It masks the absence of a basic reality.

4 It bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum.

In the first case, the image is a good appearance: the representation is of the order of sacrament. In the second, it is an evil appearance: of the order of malefice. In the third, it plays at being an appearance: it is of the order of sorcery. In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of appearance at all, but of simulation."

I'm probably using Baudrillard wrong, but I think we're either between phase 2 and 3 or on phase 3. We're at the point where we have "gamers" who don't like videogames as the faces of videogames.
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File: 1708458022094.png (433.69 KB, 519x517, 519:517, 1706882193574.png) ImgOps iqdb

2014 seems to be the endpoint of all things geekdom and internet culture related. Things might have started dying 2008 but 2014 seems to be a fixed point.


File: 1709019448234.mp4 (5.41 MB, 360x638, 180:319, ukrainian_troops_storming_….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

You should take a look at the Russo-Ukrainian War. There's literal Russian and Ukrainian troops with anime succubus stickers on their guns, wearing anime themed patches, posing with waifu pillows, or posting anime memes on their telegram channels. Hell, there was even a Russian "anime squad" that managed to capture the first American lend-lease M2 Bradely that the Ukrainians got (and if you don't believe me, just look it up). It's just all absolutely fucking surreal.


>It's just all absolutely fucking surreal.
I genuinely don't know what to think here. You know I remember late 90s/early 00s Japan documentaries where minor celebrities and presenters would go to Japan to document the culture and every now and again they'd wander into some "odd" shop or stall selling japanese hentai or porn, and they'd have this incredibly confused expression on why there was cartoon porn with "pokemon" (pokemon being used in place of anime) characters.


It's pederasty, it's literally the return of pederasty. They've brought the collective self-esteem of young zoomer male nerds to such a low level and made degenerate porn freely available anywhere anytime, that "would-be" zoomers nerds have taken to dressing like a succubus and getting fucked as a form of positive attention.


There are lots of autists in slavic countries. One of my online friends lives in Ukraine and is a grown ass 30 year old man who posts anime memes and has anime pillows. He barely ever leaves his home.

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I relate a lot with old inc_els because most of them don't even want relationships anymore, they've accepted that past a certain point there is no coming back, once you've spent your entire life bullied and ostracized and mocked for how you look or being introverted and entered adult age not knowing real friendships or love from parents, there is really no rainbow in the dark or light at the end of the tunnel.

Your personality is shaped, your memories are painful so you want to erase the past or pretend that it didn't happen, you are like an abused and neglected kid who starts to sweat and becoming increasingly anxious as the time to go back from work for his dad approaches.

Lot of pain and trauma. You are better off alone at that point, engaging in hobbies, distracted with work or in some fantasy world.

There is no cure.

You can't even relate or feel an attachment for this world and what it has to offer. You are almost prepared to leave and don't care. How can you care when you carry a broken soul within you.

There is no return because the place you left was doomed to be hell for you, from the very beginning and you know it's best once you accept that it wasn't your fault and stop blaming yourself. What can you do when you are born a wiz.

Society doesn't care. You've been left alone.
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Be that as it may, I’d rather crab be filtered than inviting them here and having to wade through even more threads about retarded shit like lookism and people bitching about succubi.


based take. I've noticed this too. Back then the insult was "virgin" or "neckbeard" "basedment dweller", "loner" ,etc. now it's "in cel" I don't take seriously a single person who uses in cel to offend another guy. Normalfags who hate on in cels merely reveal their disdain for male virgins but they want to be politically correct so in cel has become the go to term to say "you're a loser virgin"


I never actually paid attention to what self-proclaimed "crabs" had to say, but I was under the impression most of them are pretty bois who come from well off, loving and emotionally healthy families. They refuse to settle for anything less than a 11/10, and they are otherwise emotionally healthy.

But if old crabs were like OP is describing (never met or heard of an inkwell that fitted these characteristics though), then by God I am a crab and wish for a crab world. Really sounds more like a traditionally spiritually broken (buckbroken even, kek) person..


Jesus fucking christ when did they add the filter? Inkwell I meant. Whatever, never got what they meant by "cr4b" either.

Much of the modern crab to me, looks like an identity to adopt. Talking points to regurgitate all day without thought. Just something to belong to. And that is far more fucked up than if they were the real deal, speaks volumes of how unbearably alienating the modern world can be.


I wonder why do we have the word filter as well. It's clearly insulting and demeaning virgin males, and it's ironic because this is a site for virgin males. Makes you even wonder if the people who run it are genuine.

File: 1698049633086.png (873.3 KB, 718x800, 359:400, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


In this thread, we shall discuss everything SSRi-related.

I've tried the following:

Fluvoxamine, Sertraline, and Fluoxteine are SSRIs.


Desvenlafaxine Venlafaxine

I'm going to talk about each of them and how I feel about them.


The first two weeks on Fluvoxamine are complete torture; I'm anxious, tired, and have terrible focus due to anxiety and panic episodes.


When I first started on Sertraline, I had no side effects, it was OK till it pooped out, but it truly works but it can screw with your motivation, plus the weight loss is fantastic on this medicine, I was 78 before taking it, and three months later I was 69-70.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1706928280124.png (64.42 KB, 750x332, 375:166, image (75).png) ImgOps iqdb

i take 80mg of prozac 10mg of haldol and 200mg of seroquel


Wow that's fucked up, i mean why haldol ?


I had two stretches of several months on that stuff and it was heavy on the stomach but nothing else. No effects, no side effects. Maybe I felt a bit more content? Probably placebo.


>Maybe I felt a bit more content? >Probably placebo.
Exactly my experience.
In the end, I think it was placebo because I was already in a better place when I felt like it worked; later, when I took it again and it didn't feel like it was having any effect, I was in a worse position (being a bored hikki again).


i have started taking it 2 days ago i feel fantastic like a motherfucker

my current meds
Venlafaxine 150mg
Amisulpride 50mg 2x
Vortioxetine 20mg half by morning

and sometimes clonazepam 2mg to make me feel more great


I used to be obviously depressed. I knew I was miserable, and it showed.
I've grown accustomed to my loneliness or something, but these days I'm mostly fine - I get on with whatever I'm doing, and am usually pretty content.
this can go on for weeks, I'm fine being on my own, then some sort of trigger event happens
then suddenly, I'm as miserable as i ought to be. I'm a 32 year old, friendless, khv with no prospects, zero drive to do anything worthwhile, just marking time. i realize how awful this is, and how awful the rest of it is going to be
and im crying, whinnying and my thoughts are racing at 4000mph and im going to kill myself - this time i'm actually going to do it, i make screaming noises and sometimes i punch myself
and just as quickly as it came on, i'm back to normal
it feels like stepping out of a sauna. very sudden relief
the box gets slammed shut and im completely fine again

i am fine, but i feel like one day i'm going to explode
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really good post


>I was never going to be a top level runner who would beat an untrained Usain Bolt even if I had the best coaches, nutrition and motivation in the world.

Just because you can't become the best at something doesn't mean you should give up trying to do anything. Just because genetics are a factor doesn't mean that effort doesn't matter. With mental things you can't even know your full potential until you try. If you think you have no potential then that just leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.


trying and failing at something would lead to more suffering than simply not trying to stick your hand in a fire
telling people to keep sticking their hand in a fire knowing they'll get burned is even worse as you're just trying to spread suffering on others


trying and failing is a learning experience
failing is part of life. no one does everything perfect right away.


>no one does everything perfect right away.
That's a normalfag lie. I've seen countless normalfags go through school - college - and become wageslaves months after getting their degrees. No one hired me after college after thousands of applications and I've been unemployed neet for 7 years from 23 to 30. You can't tell me I didn't try.


This is probably not big news, but you have much worse chances of getting anything done in life if you are not social. From jobs, to housing, to money. If you are trying to do everything alone, you will not be as successful. Except you have a godlike family and upbringing. But I suppose nobody here had this.
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Yeah i feel pretty much the same way. I keep thinking a decent mobile home is the only potentially realistic option at this point.


the video isn't an exaggeration. yes, that is the future, we're well on track i agree.


File: 1709029885984.jpg (196.78 KB, 1600x1202, 800:601, gandalf-853159757.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think people here should have stated that becoming a wizard is not something passive but something only few are capable of achieving. You need to be very intelligent to enjoy your own company. I hate myself and being alone with myself because im dumb and boring. Other people have interesting views and experiences.


You need high IQ to enjoy neeting. Typical wagecucks can't stay inside without getting agitated or angry for more than a few days.


Why are there female apologists here, on the only website dedicated to wizardly endeavors, the only place on the internet that defends and respects male celibacy of all places?

Females are the origin of all our suffering and all the suffering of the collective human race, proven by the irrefutable fact of their unique role as stinky fuck holes that shit out children for their personal selfish enjoyment, desire, status and primal urge.

To them in their self serving justification, children should be grateful, but in reality females have to carefully conceal their sadistic, uncaring and casual indifference in their role of throwing a baby into this evil society to be logs of worthless shit, helplessly abused, used up and treated like disposable trash to be thrown away once they no longer have value.

Females are the bane of all wizardly existence, the origin of all wizardly suffering, the origin and the beginning of unquenchable wizardly desires, the dawning existence of the humble unsuspecting wizkids with aspirations of deserving their fair share of basic wizlet happiness.

Wizkids are naturally pure, innocent, busy with wizardly endeavors, wand enjoyers who love to conjure magic in their rooms, some evolving into wizardly figures recognized as a lively house ornament with unending loyalty and as a silent background figure always providing company for the house occupants to stave off their feelings of loneliness, some wizzies composting and blossoming into wise loyal hermit oracles, some a cared for sheltered recluse that has invaluable wizardly virtues. Some having to partake in the dog eat dog normalfag world of cliqued up social hierarchies all orbiting around female gynocentric pussy worship. The wizkid is a rare treasure in the modern world and must be protected.

The wizkid serves as a naturally innocent benevolent force of objective moral good, the entire existence of the wizkid stands in complete contrast to the naturally wicked existence of the human female, creatures that are unashamed in their sadistic self serving primitive impulses, unashamed in their vile intentions to scheme, lie, cheat, manipulate and swindle, but are instinctually smart enough to keep it hidden deep within, but eventually the infectious bio-waste that fills their souls leaks out in subtle almost unnoticeable slip ups that stupefies you into disbelief witnessing their casual cruel intentions. Once you finally learn how to notice thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They can if deprived of attention (only those succubi with autism prefer peace and solitude and that's only 1%).

Why did you think social media, Instagram are majority female? Each one compulsively posting their stupid faces and behinds for the world to see like a primitive baboon (in reality a courting ritual through which they all hope to attract a physically and financially high tier male mate)

Normie succubi who don't get costant attention like little toddlers, freak out and get mentally unwell. They need constant validation from peers or social media likes, or their psyche crashes.




i cannot concur with this commentary and here is why. the wizardly way is that of benign indifference, i feel nothing toward the female except some sense of misplaced pity. they have wrought their own destruction and are breeding a race of weak and dysgenic peoples.

now believing the end times draw near as mythologized throughout the world since the very beginning of human history. we are in a cycle of rebirth, destruction and then recreation. God is real. magic is real. your mana is real. this world is only a shadow of a much more heavy substrate, how you live matters, how you spend your time matters, what you say and how you speak and to whom matters. all of this is affecting 'you' in a way you're not aware of, and you can live this life according to a great work if you choose. there is the middle path, the bible is energy to get you onto a path, words are frequency in specific order and combination, not just what science can make out and what we can observe. there is real magic and the world operates on this premise. aggregate consciousness. so many people obsessed with their genetic legacy which is a mere aroma to the essence of what you have an opportunity to create in your great work, to sacrifice this flesh, this body through the act of living out this life, in order to grow the spirit, walk to middle path, the narrow path, the wizardly path, the Godly path. that is what you're here for. someone will read this post and it will set them on a great journey they had already begun without knowing where the road would lead.

if you were a wizard i wouldn't need to tell you this. spending time doing serious reading and research and meditations to explore the nature of this existence. you can find plenty of breadcrumbs easily enough if you half-backwards know your way around a search engine. there are no real shortcuts, these are lived experiences only.

time is what you have more of than what you ever could have had, had you lived this life differently and were not destined for wizardy. do not think that this is an accident. you don't realise what you are, and why you have this life, and what you're here to do. you are seeing everything through a lens and filter that has been constructed for you and blinded you to the truth since you were born. this is by design, to keep you trapped and as Descartes proclaimed i think thereforePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


based. Females are niggers living on easy mode thanks to feminism and society which panders to them, there are now even more females getting a higher education, earning more than men, living longer. They are a protected class like niggers.


and coincidentally matthew 16:25-26 the sum of is 41 +1 for 25-26. 42 the meaning of life. that is maybe some fun or maybe some magic. you can decide for yourself.

File: 1697688423198.jpg (313.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wiz shrek.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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If my problems were purely emotional I think I could cope. But I have physical flaws that make me feel like a freak and hated by anyone who isn't family. I've got Seb derm on my face, and I've seen many dermatologists and tried every over the counter treatment possible, but nothing in the long-term has helped. It looks awful and the only option I have to is to wear cover-up (though I'm a guy), but that's noticeable too. I also have head tremors that look especially odd when I walk or drive a car. And on top of that i have a stutter, which can only be hidden when i don't talk (obviously), but is quite noticeable in most conversations. These things make me terribly anxious to be around people. I've tried to come to terms with my physical flaws, but I just can't. Every time I go outside I feel like everyone's eyes are on me. I'm jealous of people whose problems are just mental.
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Also, I have like $300 to my name so I will never be able to afford them. But if I was rich I'd buy them in a heartbeat. It's the ultimate escape from this shit reality we call life.

It's like stepping into a portal that lets you escape real life. The immersion is total. If only they also made Windows games support these glasses, I'd basically live inside the game worlds 24/7. I would start with the Witcher world with every graphic cranked to ultra.


I hate the fact, that I will going to be an adult.


Yes the first time you try VR it's crazy.
Then you get bored with it so quickly. These are simply incredibly useless devices. If you are an hardcore gamer, then ok you might get something out of it. But in all other cases, meh
It's years since I don't put my headset on.

And yes, not feeling touch and smell makes it pointless for any kind of waifu-related stuff, and it's not going to be possible in my lifetime anyway, and it's fake anyway. I need a brain modification, I need a psychiatric drug that actually works (they don't exist), not a fake 3D succubus in front of me, that doesn't do anything to me.


>That only works as a cope for sub 80 IQ individuals.
Pretty much.


apple shilling their products on wizchan

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