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After being rejected overwhelmingly in several situation thru life, I cannot still understand the real motive, and thinking objectively cannot reach any other conclusion than it being due how stupid normals are. I usted to feel a shame that got vanished thru years yet I feel still that some of it remains in the deep zones of my mind… The toxic idea of "the problem being yours, anon" brought by peer pressure only gets you wrecked while normgroids are just being psychotically mean. Like pulling through my mind an idea like a stab, as if attempting to make me even more miserable while the numbers against me are an undeniable proof of me being… whatever I be, which they see and I don't. Blaming me for their malignity, for the sake of killing my already lowered spirit.

As an easy example: after earning low karma enough at reddit, definitely I don't come but to conclude that such place is a toxic pit of bitter, self-deceiving cattle, they just gather there knowing that numbers will support them, even within subreddits that are supposedly far far away from normalidiocy.

Share thoughts.




File: 1664047477906.jpg (37.89 KB, 573x429, 191:143, 1663798336716448.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


the post is quite self-explanatory. do you have brain-damage or something?


anyway, 100% agree with you OP.

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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Forgetting what I'm saying/thinking WHILE doing it is a daily occurrence for me, it has been since I was 13 years old or so. Interestingly enough I was just fine up until that age, maybe I just received brain damage at some point or whatever


thank you for using the expression "did my time" when referring to school, because that's exactly what it is, a fucking prison, if you live in a shitty area it can be nearly just as violent too


>Parents having friends over for dinner
>Leave so i don't bring the mood down or embarrass them
>Long night walk in other town over
>Walk past family on playground
>Dad chases after me and accuses me of asking his daughter "why are you here?"
>Loose it after being on edge for months now
>"Don't get hostile with me"
> realise i'm just making my self look worse but i don't stop sperging
>He "allows" me to leave and tells me not to come back
>Tell him to fuck off
>Get macdonalds for dinner
>Can here Mczoomers ragging on me through drive through window
>It taste like utter shit

Probably the worst Saturday i've had a in a while. Wish i could truly go hikki/neet again because i'm so fucking tired of having to be around people.


>I don't think to 'be' happy or 'be' unhappy is something people really 'decide' on personally
How you think and how your mind filters the world has a great impact on your emotional and mental well-being. Being happy is a decision because you can be the richest man on Earth and have everything but still be unhappy because of unrealistic expectations. "Why am I only king of the world, I want to be god, life sucks man…"

Have you ever thought that maybe you should hit people who believe in God? God is just a concept after all. You can fight God by fighting his followers on Earth. Go bully christians, I love to do that.

This existence is but one big illusion so I guess you are right.


A quick calculation. With 12 years of school, each year consisting of 180 school days, with school taking roughly 10 hours out of the day each school day, means that I spent more or less 21600 hours in school doing nothing but admiring the beautiful, smelly bright yellow walls.
For comparison, I started learning Japanese last year and spent roughly 600 hours for that purpose, including the time spent "immersing", watching anime to better my listening comprehension, reading novels and manga, and so on. I can currently do any of those without any effort and understand 99% of everything. Instead of slogging through all those schools filled with crackhead students and teachers, I could have learnt 36 fucking languages instead, at a carefree pace. Well, my brain wouldn't be able to retain all that though.

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Isn't all just so tiresome, the endless struggle for existence. Why is my existence such a burden, I don't even know what to do anymore. We just go onto imageboards just for stimuli, to absorb information for other reason then to distract ourselves from the fact that there is no meaning, we came here into the world from the will of another forced to suffer. The only solace I have is that I will no longer partake in the world, I will only be a passive observer, I will never be subservient to the will. It's just depressing that I am forced to partake in society, because my parents want me to be a wageslave. I wish I could just stay cramped up in my room all day, I hate going outside and seeing normalfags.
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>Removing suffering only matters if you are alive to reap the benefits of it. You can't justify suicide on rational grounds unless you are willing to believe in some kind of afterlife.
The point of committing suicide is to avoid suffering, but according to you avoiding suffering doesn't matter if you're not alive to experience the benefits of the lack thereof, so that makes you think suicide is irrational, but avoiding suffering is an end in and of itself, it's not something you strive for seeking its benefits, avoiding suffering is the benefit, it is an end because you don't want to feel suffering, and killing yourself will fulfill that desire, even if fulfilling that desire means you won't exist anymore. So for someone who has deemed potential future pleasure not worth the potential future suffering, preventing the suffering is worth it even if that comes at the expense of lost future pleasure, and suicide will do exactly that.
With your logic if you knew you would be tortured constantly for the rest of your life with not a lick of pleasure, but you had the option to die immediately and avoid all the torture, living through all the torture would be the rational choice, that's simply absurd to me, i mean maybe you would, the choice is yours, but not me.


File: 1664017645632.jpg (192.28 KB, 1089x503, 1089:503, the formula.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At some point you might also hate your room and being confined to it…



So then why is it that people who argue for suicide in the loudest manner are still alive obviously? Confuses me always. If life is so hard on them how can they go on living?


>Why are all the people I hear argue for suicide alive!?
Why do you think, you fucking retard?

File: 1660830605107.jpg (46.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 109448025_155898386088420_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I cope with being unable to fap for medical reasons while being a virgin and an extreme anti social person?
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The key is to not accumulate sexual tension. Don't fantasize, don't look at anime succubi even. And if you feel like you getting hornier, walk 5 km or lift weights. I am not trying to gymratting or anything, but it is the truth - sexual tension can be killed by limited physical activity.


File: 1664017412114.jpg (574.08 KB, 932x821, 932:821, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You should already be knowing that low energy people like wizards can only get more and more weakened by ejaculation.

If now you come to say you have to actually cope with not doing something that is slowly killing you. I do weight lifts and sometimes take sunbaths in the morning, if you have energy enough for that.

How mean.

Where did I leave my old no-fap helpers list? It's not enough to restrain yourself, but what must be done to adopt such life routines that this energy gets depleted without going downhill into such inner tensions:
>stop eating stimulant foods like meat, coffee, pepper…
>research ayurveda pages to know how to regulate "pitta dosha"
>practice some exhausting (and it has to be so) sport, let it be resistance or HIIT
>keep your gaze away from whatever excites it
>use cold showers, specially into the genital area. Do not use ice if you do care for your skin.
>Stop eating industrial crap and dairies at least

After I entered a fully alcaline diet my pollutions are reduced notably. But I can't tell if I will be able to withstand this for long, it's told to have consequences in unprepared bodies.


Enough with your bullshit you no-fap schizo.


Also, having somatized issues might be a factor about erotomania and might pollutions.


Cool, more of this mystical norm-brainwashing. You dared to post this again. Nice. So you continue to preserve your semen until you finally meet "that special someone"? So cute.

File: 1662565246038.jpg (99.45 KB, 800x998, 400:499, 828ea2c5508aa78551d77952ad….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just have to get through this week edition

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I LOVE the gossip. I get to do some work up in the office now, where there's a few ladies up there including the manager who've been here for 15+ years and it's hilarious all the shit they talk about 'the downstairs people' I used to work amongst. I love getting the inside scoop about what's going on, who's fucked up, who's in trouble, hearing them make fun of people etc.
But it's also horrifying because I'm sure they used to talk about me too, but, that's just how things work. They talk about each other behind their backs too. I hear many things. Not just in the office, there's basically no truly private places in such a building. I hear shit all the time that shouldn't be public knowledge, it's actually pretty irresponsible sometimes lol but information is power. Sometimes I use it to my advantage or just plant it in places to stir some shit (in ways not traceable back to myself). Hearing them make fun of this other lady for being a 40 year old virgin, man, succubus are lethal….and the amount they love to burp and be gross, much more so than the men, because they know they can get away with it.


File: 1663868263585.png (38.35 KB, 174x188, 87:94, 1446436921035.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1663969969985.png (12.03 KB, 557x199, 557:199, works.png) ImgOps iqdb

So this is the real world. This is what the majority of humans are doing. They strive for this, they fight tooth-and-nail over the opportunity to do this.
This is what my life has been leading up to and what I will be doing for the rest of it:

Moving stuff to other movers of stuff so that everyone involved can continue to afford continuing the moving of the stuff.

There are people who aren't part of this endless circle of moving stuff to other movers of stuff so that the stuff can continue moving between movers of stuff.
I don't know who they are and I will never be one of them.
They never have to move stuff or worry about whether they will continue being able and allowed to move stuff.

One day I will be gone and my tomb stone won't even say "Here lies Anon, he moved stuff".
I'll just be ashes mixed in with the ashes of billions of other movers of stuff. There will be some grassy hill outside of town under which all these ashes of billions are buried. The hill will have a sign "People who moved stuff". The hill will be grassy for a few years until the neglect makes it a filthy dirt mount with a sign reading "Stuff". The cheap labor used to bury our ashes will lead to streams of black mud appearing on the outskirts of town when it rains. Nobody is completely sure of what this filth is; only that it is probably waste material and thankfully it drains into the sewers where it fucking belongs.

One day the unstable, polluted patch of cheap land from which toxic black goo once oozed will be purchased by Amazon or Walmart and they will construct another warehouse on top of it. The warehouse will be filled with stuff to be moved by people to other warehouses across the realm.


File: 1663973510149.gif (1.64 MB, 250x362, 125:181, 377C.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to reality wiz, you aren't the chosen one and you aren't special whatsoever like me. I think we both will end up being wagecucks till we die lonely and miserable, but at least when we die we will be free from this torture. No more thoughts, no more pain, emotions or feelings, just eternal peace…


What is it with normies and working for such massive shitty companies?
I would rather be, and have been, homeless because of my refusal to work for a company like that. I regret nothing.
I feel like working there would be a way of admitting defeat. Like I'm just rolling over and letting corporate America suck my soul from me and sell it back for a profit.

File: 1663878310526.jpg (15.47 KB, 480x270, 16:9, large-1498557041-10-rcm480….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


getting 10-12 hours of sleep, but still feel really tired all day,

I am absolutely exhausted all day, i find it hard to stay awake , all i want to do when i get up is sleep again.

Fuck this life.
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Try doing fasting. Most of the time I feel exactly like you describe, but I tried doing fasting for a few days to lose a bit of weight and I felt so full of energy. I think the chemicals in the shit we eat is what's slowly killing us.


to alert him fucking troll dickhead normalfag


It's told to acidificate the blood.


File: 1664016203717.jpg (102.54 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Phlegm Fighting Foods.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reading Ehret's book, you will find he says: Vitality is equal to Power minus Obstruction.

If you keep your diet the way it is, without paying attention enough to hygenist practices like fasting and enema, I'd pretty much say that you will die still feeling that way.


A few says are nothing. It's a long journey to take and not exempt of danger.


theres a lot of people on this site who hate their lives because they're trapped in dead end jobs or their family are literally abusive. if i were you guys i would meet up with some other wizards and survive as a homeless gang. i know it would be way too hard to do this alone. but i imagine if you were with other people you could make it work.

i dont live in america tho so i couldnt do shit even if i wanted to. but if you could get a plane ticket you could all meet up. better than killing yourselves.
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Mate, we are telling you getting a phone and a decent internet connection is not hard at all. Even slum dwellers have those, and I mean over 80% of them. We are mostly self-educated, you do not need a private school to learn english.

>but you're not all some haitian or indian slum dwellers

Yes we are, we are third wordlers. I am offended you can't grasp the concept that there are wizards that have it way worse than you. I genuinely despise pampered first-world wizards. You are the Karens of wizards.


>educated enough
You do not need to be "educated" to browse and post in english websites, all you need is to know english. Which isn't even that hard by the way, english is genuinely easy as shit and for example I became fluent in it by age 11 just by fucking around in the internet all day. And at that age I was having mental breakdowns every single day while living in a shitty fucking shack without plumbing or a shower.
>have the time
What do you mean by having time? Shitposting in the english web does not take any longer than shitposting in my native one.


If I ever travel there from the US I would definitely consider staying with you. I wouldn’t mind visiting NZ/Australia one day at all I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country
I don’t come on here as much as I used to although I’ve seen people talk about ideas like this but never knew any came to fruition if you wouldn’t mind would you care to elaborate on what occurred? Thank you


I hate my life because I have a severe anxiety disorder and I can not do even the most basic things without feeling some kind of nausea or stomach pain


>whites let non-whites into their spaces
>non-whites get jealous of the whites (due to their chimp nature)
>non-whites demand reparations or special treatment
many such cases!


This situation causes me a lot of depression. Wonder if anyone here has experienced the same and can help.

Years ago when I was a neet and had infinite free time, I indulged in fapping like a psycho. Was doing it ridiculously often and was chasing the "high" of finding new stuff to fap to that didn't just "do the job" but excited me, which was getting progressively harder as my tastes have never really deviated much from things you'd find on mainstream sites, there were just very particular qualities I was looking for, and the "stock" of new material that hit the mark was dwindling fast. One day I woke up after a particularly excessive multi-fap prior day and was having trouble getting hard. Could only fap until I came with a limp dong. Started freaking out. I waited a few days without porn or jacking and then my cock was behaving well and was super hard for a while. Went back to business as usual and by a month later my dick was shit again.

Ever since it's been pretty mediocre, hit and miss, takes a while for me to finish and is often an annoying amount of effort.

Urologists can't find anything wrong so based on how it all started I'm guessing I've fried my brain's arousal centers with porn.

Problem is if I don't ejaculate before trying to sleep it's really fucking hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, because as part of the shitty habit formation with this stuff I started cooming before sleep daily.

I hate being in this fucking hole so much and wish I could just stop with porn and fapping completely but then my insomnia gets out of control.

Anyone been through this? Any advice? It's driving me fucking mad. Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.
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But has it made you go limp?


Bros i just love to fap how the FUCK do i stop


reroll your will power stat


dont, just find other things to preoccupy your time with (like uh, videogames, and hobbies (lol))


For me having things to do/fall back on that are easy helps. Being healthy so I have the mental focus to do stuff is also important, if you are unhealthy and can't focus on things it'll be much easier to fall for that then find better hobbies.


I don't have positive reasons to live. I only have negative reasons to live, that is reasons only to avoid things. The negative reasons are that I'd make my parents miserable if I offed myself, and that I'd possibly end up in hell or some similar shit place in the afterlife if there is an afterlife and a hell or similar. I don't pretend to know with confidence if there is or isn't an afterlife, but I've spent enough time on philosophy, religious studies, and afterlife research (such as it is) to know that the possibility hasn't been ruled out by any means.

Do you have any positive reasons to live? What are they? Any advice on how I can get some? Some background info that might be relevant is that I have a job that pays decently and is easy, so at that level my situation doesn't need much improvement, although I do worry about losing the job and becoming a poorfag almost daily; if I don't this job, I will not have even one thing going for me in my life, and I doubt I could ever get another even half as good.
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I mean you can only read a post about how we’re all Boltzmann brains on the third karmic wheel of satan’s soul torturing virtual reality so many times.


Wizzies leave because of Boltzmann brain posting?


Come on, don't go, we love you wiz. Everyone should be allowed to speak his mind freely right, as long as they don't break the rules?

No problem, have confidence in yourself, you can endure many things. Life is too short and full of hardships for us to get worked up about it.


The only reason I have to live is my dog. I won't kill myself and leave him to be neglected or abused by my parents. If they keep him at all.
He's too sweet to go through any of that shit.


May you find peace in afterlife wizard. I also feel death is getting close to me.

File: 1663877342523.jpg (162.73 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, allislost.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I applied for a computer science scholarship where they teach you everything and make you job-ready in 9 months. I got rejected because I'm too dumb or something like that, I just didn't pass the interviews.
I'm 30 years old have been working shit jobs that require no skill all my life.
Lately I just became too tired of being poor. All attempts at learning something by myself online have been a failure, I just quit or get bored after a month. And when I try to apply for something more academic I get rejected because I have no idea how to talk to people.
don't know whats the point
fuck this piss contest of a life
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> squandered your 20s passively consuming media while being NEET/psuedo-neet the whole time
im halfway there
t. pseudo neeting


I just keep thinking how fucking unfair all of it is
If I was lucky enough to be born to good parents I would've had a chance at a career since a young age, I would've actually had the time and the resources to find something to do with my life
Why am I hit with this sudden realization that I will never do anything meaningful when I'm in the middle of my fucking thirties why was i born in this monopoly


> 30 years old
> smelly third world country
Even animals in 1st world country have better life, you just doomed for failure. at least you tried your best get over it.


The amount of parents that successfully push their kids into pursing a career is pretty fucking narrow, I've noticed. Everyone I knew from school had the "study what you want, it doesn't matter what degree you get", so inevitably everyone that got meme degrees ended up fucked and working at gas stations. Asian countries have the "doctor or engineer only", but they overkill it by being too inelastic with what's possible. Truth is most boomers are ignorant about the state of the economy and market and don't know themselves what the kids should do.

Ironically that 4chan jpg that floated around online showing which careers are god tier and which are shit tier would be useful if plastered in the classroom and given as career advice. But artfags don't like seeing English literature and meme degrees at the bottom in shit tier so they obfuscate the worthlessness of those degrees.


Trades is kind of a meme tho, reddit has been pushing the trades meme too hard like there's trades jobs everywhere.

It's like any other job tho, you need experience and connections to land it. My welder friend in california has been looking for a welding job for year with no luck

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