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272070 What are some good self-harm forums? Especially ones focused on cutting? I love you guys but I want to chat with folks who have my self-destructive habits. [View]
272051 Wake up, and it's one of those days,again, I woke up sad and wanting to die, another pointless day in a pointless life, things are bland and boring, people are strange and I don't know how they work, I feel like I hate everyone and everything. Fuck this gay earth.[View]
271744Euthanasia from oppressors - struggling My mum announced that she wants to euthanize after my 30th before Christmas. It was unthinkable and toxic. I suspect she does want to rape. I have an uncle out of prison that is on meth. I have never been anything but a suicidal threat to myself until recently when I had a leucotomy and got clean for me from the stuff. Now, she cannot stop with the genocide o[View]
270746 What do you think causes child prodigies to kill themselves in adolescene/young adult years?[View]
270687 >I don't want to read my books/manga[View]
270427Suicide I live with my parents and they are npcs, the only good part is that in a box they have plenty of meds, like nolotil. I am planning write a suicide note and then swallow all the meds and hang myself, if hanging doesnt does it, the meds will. Also, before of the idea of the hanging i had the idea to burn myself, put the lighter in my chest and wait to reach the heart and burn it. Who is the[View]
270419 I live with my parents and I'm an only son. I'm a psychiatric patient too, I need meds to function.[View]
270415coof I finally did it, I managed to get COVID positive. How can I weaken my immune system enough for this to kill me? I have enough access to viral load because my grandparents are sick. How can I end it finally?[View]
270269 I keep watching this documentary obsessively. There's something haunting about a abandoned Siberian city plagued by corruption poverty and rampant drug addiction. Everything in this video is so fucking depressing, from the buildings to the weather to the wasted lives and poverty. I guarantee that higher beings exist that cursed Russia as a frozen hell, it just doesn't even seem real that life is s[View]
270196Another new year of the same old shit Just seen the new year in but struggling to see much point in carrying on [View]
270052 I hate living with my parents. Every single interaction I have with them has an hostile tone. My parents know I'm a psychiatric patient and they just make things more complicated for me.[View]
270020sleep dep. for 72 hours every 2 weeks I decided I will pull off a "fast from sleep" of 72 hours,every 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks, I wont sleep for 3- days,then probably take 2 days of 10-hour sleep, and then resume my 4 hour a day sleep schedule.[View]
269934 I know we're all asking this, but I have to know. What is the best suicide meathod? I cant get a gun where I am. I tried sodium nitrite but I puked it all up. I'm a drug addict who cant get heroin.[View]
269843Christmas thread another shitty year, tell me yours problems anon[View]
269792I think I'm having sociopathic thoughts Sometimes I wish my parents would suddenly die so I can be miserable alone.[View]
269783Accelerationism / Ecosystem Collapse 1.) Use https://www.websitecarbon.com/ to find some of the worst-designed websites on the internet with the highest carbon footprint per visitor. [View]
269752 I used to beg my classmates in school for food because my parents wouldn't buy me food, they didn't care, they already ate out by themselves 3 times a day and that's all that mattered to them. My parents used to come home from work and just hit me for about an hour which was about how long it took them to get tired every single daye, for absolutely no reason. They would literally take turns hittin[View]
269579im not gay but im becoming a chickenhack And he (may Allaah have mercy on him) also said: [View]
269550Doing literally nothing all day I spent the last years doing practically nothing all day. Usually when people say they are unproductive they mean watching tv shows, playing video games or partying. But in my case I am literally just wasting the most precious resource, time. I can't even remember what I was doing years ago. I think I was mostly browsing imageboards reading about topics I didn't even[View]
269492 how do I LEAVE the INTERNET?[View]
269472Parental death Wizards whose parents have died: what happened? What do you do when they die? Any advice?[View]
269456GROWING OLD Growing old is awful, I'm a 28 years old NEET and I'm starting to get afraid of hitting my 30s, and the decline get even more awful after your 30s, I'm can't deal with it, bros.[View]
269378Depression Crawl Thread XLIX Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
269351Suicide I´m planning to kill myself, the best option that i have is jumping of a fourth flat. It will kill me? I don´t want to remain like stephen hawking for my entire life.[View]
269261 I have been bouncing between a couple different ADHD meds lately with none of them having any significant effect on me, good or bad. I thought harder about what I really want out of them and I realized that all I want is for doing things to come naturally. And by doing things I mean anything that isn't simply laying down and slowly rotting. [View]
269171Murda Sui Murder/Suicide.[View]
269074getting my shit together Im literally mentally handicapped so Im stuck living with parents for a while(pls fuck paying rent)[View]
269007How can you waste so much time? How is it possible to be so aware of your problems and still not do anything about it?[View]
268443Any Canadians going to MAID themselves next march? Im thinking about it, dont have much to look forward too in this life. I work for no future, no friends, will never be in a relationship because im fucked in the head and look like a bridge troll. Whats there to stop me from maiding myself honestly? [View]
268307Vent Thread Its kind of difficult these days, living is naturally a pain unless you are ignorant?[View]
267956Wageslave General return to tradition edition [View]
267828Lack of motivation Lately I lack the motivation to do even the most basic of tasks, I spend most of the day sleeping and I often even forget about eating [View]
267756My life is hell, I broke my hearing 3 months a go I went to a loud festival and my ears got damaged. At first I didn't think much of it, some really loud sounds were uncomfortable, like alarms, but I was living my normal life.[View]
267732/hate/ general #1 Gentle wizards, I invite you all to talk about the subject of hatred on this general. Abstract hate, concrete hate, big hate, small hate, whatever you are hating right now, why you hate (the list goes on).[View]
267681Depression Crawl Thread XLVIII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
267625is my personal philosophy destroying my life? I have the philosophy that for an act to have moral merit,the opposite deed must be realistically attainable.[View]
267553My memory is getting bad. I’m blanking out Almost gotten into car wrecks at least 3 times this past month, twice I was turning right and was positive there was no one coming. [View]
267461 I can't fucking take people. I think if I was the only human alive I would at least lead a simple and content existence. But that's not the case and people just plague me. I hate them. I hate you. I've tried being open minded, I thought maybe I'm the problem. No, I just hate people. I can't stand their insipid thoughts and opinions. I want them to leave me alone. But as long as I'm here on the ear[View]
267431Energy How do most people manage to do so much in day, it would take me a week at best to do a fraction of what they can do.[View]
267345I still long for a friend I know it's something to be ashamed of, but I always held friendship in high regard. To have a true friend is to have a soulmate no succubus could ever compete with. And I had people I connected with, and thought of them as friends, but they always neglect and betray our friendship in the end. Forget the girlfriends, one could live a happy life without sex if only he'd hav[View]
266947sage it I am starting to accept and consider I could have schizophrenia. I already have Clinical Depression (severe and recurrent, not the episodic one) and severe BPD.[View]
266535dying from health problems I'm 28, when I was 16 I got into amphetamines and I've pretty much completely fried my brain. I managed to quit everything but the damage still remains. My body and mind are totally ruined. I'm a shell of my former self. I can't even enjoy rotting in my room all day, nothing is pleasurable, everything tastes like cardboard. I'm losing my hair and my dick doesn't work anym[View]
265905 I love you all, you're the closest thing to genuine friends I've ever had and I genuinely care and worry about every single one of you.[View]
265345Is suicide the best answer What is holding me back is I am religious person.[View]
265210"The problem is with you, anon" After being rejected overwhelmingly in several situation thru life, I cannot still understand the real motive, and thinking objectively cannot reach any other conclusion than it being due how stupid normals are. I usted to feel a shame that got vanished thru years yet I feel still that some of it remains in the deep zones of my mind... The toxic idea of "the problem [View]
264708Suicide General IV: fantasizing So, uh, state your best excuses to not suicide here. Seems like no one bothered to make a new thread[View]
263645 How do I cope with being unable to fap for medical reasons while being a virgin and an extreme anti social person?[View]