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262074This world is Hell. Hello everyone, I would like to share my theological point of views with you :[View]
262048 How do I make myself reliably pass out in the water in a way that will look like an accident?[View]
261855No positive reinforcement/reward "Adjusted" people have an inherent desire and will to do new things, face challenges, and improve themselves. These come from constant positive reinforcement and reward (social, $, status) during childhood and teenage years. However, what happens to people who do not receive this positive reinforcement? Or people who were neglected at both home and school? No will [View]
261696My ocd rant My OCD was debilitating and I was in severe mental distress for two years while completely isolated, my cognitive abilities certainly declined. I was homeschooled and barely passed, It was a struggle to wake up. Every morning I would wake up and instantly think "Why am I living?", the thoughts were so painful that the only thing I thought I could do was shoot my head. Well suffice to sa[View]
261682 ITT: Post your post-nut clarity theme[View]
261664social conditioning and always feeling like I’m trash Everything I go outside and see other people I just feel like lower class than them since I’m unemployed and i compare myself to them. It sounds stupid but I do it automatically, I hate how it’s the first thing my brain does. I keep feeling like the bad one and i want to try and break it.[View]
261602fucking normalfags >living in a third world shithole[View]
261528living each day as the last,but seriously has anyone here lived even a SINGLE day,100%assuming it will be his last?not as a memetic motivational phrase or a self-hypnosis,being in word and deed,as if its the last day on this earth. Even 24 hours,the last 24,who has done it?how long did you keep it up?what were the results?[View]
261419wambam snackscontainenham got banned from fourtin because troll outside b[View]
261307 Can't win,can't break,can't even quit the game >Be me 25 years old[View]
261150reproduction is murder and all sex is rape from 40% to 60% of all fecunded eggs abort spontaneously. This means reproduction is murder:there is no way to cut it or say it politely, if an activity creates tiny humans just for them to murdered,its murder.[View]
261101urban hell survival+waiting for parent's passing I dont hate my old folks but its a fact of reality that my neetbux pension activates upon both of their passing,and its a lot. However, due to being...well,me, I cant travel alone except short distances:im stuck in the city.[View]
261066How do people make friends so easily I’m asking not because I can’t socialize I’m fine with that and can talk to people with confidence just fine but understanding how people just sort of get friends that they can regularly do random shit with and seemingly always have someone they can be with at all times seems unnatural to me. How do they do it so well, how come i can never find the time fo[View]
261003maladaptive daydreaming just lost 16 days to this bs. 15 days of just walking around my room, 19 hrs a day and dreaming of a life I will never attain. Ignoring everything in my normal life and imagining a better scenario. I wish I could just live like this but the outside world won’t let me. I’m at my wits end at this point. I sincerely hope there will be a way to live like this permanently. I[View]
260694 The fate of my life will either end in premature death or imprisonment. At this point i almost choose the later out of spite.[View]
260404 you guys do any kind of exercise or stretch at home to reduce the body pain from sitting and laying all day?[View]
260266Stagnation of the wizard archetype The archetype of the prototypical wizard has fallen into persistent decline. I believe, owing to the tendrils of technology and globalization having crept into almost every facet of everyday life, the perception of the wizard has degenerated into this weak, fallible shell. Wizards ought to be miserable and self-pitying, they ought to reject and ridicule themselves[View]
260234everything is fake, I despise everything money isnt real, vehicles and buildings are cages,we are automatons of flesh, social media is cancer. everything is just a fart of the big bang...we are a fart.[View]
259981 Im terrified of succubi models. I dont even think of s-x and Im squimish but im literally afraid of them.[View]
259572 if i dont sleep at least 6-7 hours a night i cant function properly the next day[View]
259007Esoteric subjects to evade reality Hi[View]
258891Chronic Pain Thread A thread for those experiencing chronic everyday pain, what is it like, how do you feel, and how have you come to accept the innate suffering of being alive?[View]
258852What does it mean to be happy? I believe a lot of us are familiar with feeling happy for a brief moment every once in a while, that sporadic stage that's usually a reward when something happens in a way we were hoping for, so essentially when you feel the direct effects of dopamine in your neurons. A lot of the time we achieve this by means which many see as unhealthy, things like masturbation, jun[View]
258307Psychotic Depression Thread for psychotic depression and other psychotic disorders[View]
258118The Only Thing Normalfags Will Ever Interact With You For is Their Own Benefit So be cruel to them, never fucking help them. I'm so fucking tired of normalfags trying to use me as a resource. The only thing I will ever give them now is my raw contempt.[View]
257958Parents nagging So I've been a neet for a while and it's all fine and dandy, until my mom mentions that I'm doing nothing. I don't know what to answer.[View]
257822 How are you supposed to cope with mental anguish if you're friendless?[View]
256818Feelings of disconnect and sadness I’ve felt disconnected from this world for the longest time now, thinking we were just living in this life for nothing and then that’s it, however I had a friend who was Christian and stressed that suicide was a coward action because god will see how pathetic you were on ur judgment day. Now I’m afraid to die, or do drugs because of this underlying fear tha[View]
256808I feel like a disgrace to my mother My mom is supportive of everything and doesn’t force anything upon me but I feel like I don’t deserve her. She’s a single mother who slaves her days to earn money, does the grocery shopping, makes food just so I could focus my time on studying or smthg but I decided to let her down. I’m unemployed, and currently in community college. She paid all the fee[View]
255341how do i get rid of my social anxiety once and for all? before i begin i am going to preface this post with the fact that evil psychopathic normalniggers are 100% to blame for my anxiety, and without their bullying and negative reinforcement my mind would be in a good place. i will never let anyone gaslight me and convince me otherwise. [View]
254369 How do you cope with being unwanted trash?[View]
254073Why do I hate women? Not all succubi of course like my mom and shit like that, but recently I have been filled with rage at just the sight of a female. I think it's because succubi are inherently valuable to society. The truth is they offer so much by just existing (breast, ability to have kids ect.) Men are expendable. I feel I try so hard to be accepted by society but I have been discarded. I see[View]
247746How do you deal with having no friends or zero social life? I remember in my 20s I used to have friends I hung out with and had a decent social circle.Now at 30 years old I really have no one.If I didn't live with family I would be completely alone.Life is tough living like this.[View]