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286004 What does it take to add warmth, personality, and detail to my creations? No matter how hard I try my mind doesn't seem to come up with ways to make it not so empty and ridgid. It's frustrating to be in this cycle that I hope to break just to realize my subhuman brain/mind is still barbaric and too stupid and empty to come up with anything useful or be detail oriented. I'm tired of this so tired o[View]
285877Health Issues Anyone else got some sort of chronic health problem? I've got chronic fatigue syndrome and haemorrhoids that disables me from doing any sort of prolonged physical activity. [View]
285709 >my dad keeps accusing me of being rude and sarcastic[View]
285476wtf do you do with no talents? I've been feeling a lot of regret over being a 30yo NEET as the loop of consuming entertainment has gotten boring and unfulfilling and I got the desire to do something productive and creatively and intellectually challenging but the problem is that I am neither creative nor smart. I've been doing short internships in trade jobs and the simple mechanical work and the s[View]
285335 listen to this, it will heal your soul https://youtu.be/MXXwX3IPIhI?si=EY72_qVGtjJB7fhI[View]
285150Depression Crawl Thread LX Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
285114 I'm a male with the desire to look feminine, I am not gay with the need to express myself into submissive behavior due to my inability to be a man. But more to escape the practical ugliness of the world that beauty brings. Everytime I act aggressive there is this immense feeling of dread and guilt, tired, and slaved. Even if that aggression is healthily used to assert myself. I've imagined myself [View]
284856Rare disease ruined my life >have normal, happy childhood [View]
284830Bye I guess cvdzgd[View]
284698 Is it normal or common-place that, I want to cut off all my family\friends forever, move to a different country, assume a new name etc? Never to speak my own language again, or contact anyone I knew, or come back to this country.[View]
284529 Excuse the twitter post but it describes so well what is tormenting me.[View]
284449 Does anyone else feel a deep shame for fucking up the opportunity of being born in one of the best times in human history ever?[View]
284238Neurotypical parents are degenerate demons Neurotypical parents are degenerate demons who don't want to see you succeed. [View]
284217Depression Crawl Thread LIX Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
284083How to deal with narcissism? I got drunk and it put me into a very self-pitying mood and I ended up bitching about my life online and 3 different people told me that I'm a narcissist and it made me think because I never considered it because I have such a low opinion of myself but after reading some of the criteria it kinda makes sense even though some things like inability to take criticism and la[View]
282824 How many people have killed themselves on this site so far? [View]
282574It happened again You know those dreams that show you, your real emotions. How empty and helpless your truly feel under the masquerade of dopamine driven hedonism, as your consciousness falls into a dark hole of unconscious with only the feeling of sorrow and restlessness to validate your own existence by being taunted a few glimpse of beauty that you lack mentally and physically. Constantly drift[View]
282370 What's your magnitude of social isolation? Do you consider it voluntary or involuntary? [View]
281123Wageslave General The pursuit of happiness is a bunch of bullshit edition.[View]
281012Shame of being NEET How do you deal with this?[View]
280358 I am convinced i fit in literally nowhere.[View]
274245Highschool What was highschool like for you guys? I feel like highschool shaped me into who I am and not in a good way. Constantly getting the shit kicked out of me and being laughed at by my female peers is what set me on the path of wizardy to begin with, but I guess I can't complain, a friend of mine from Russia got cigarettes put out on him at school. The worst part is parents and teachers har[View]
268109 post your an hero music[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [View]